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#129 Prophecy of a 'Horrible Religion' Resembling Islam will Lead Many Astray - Many Bishops will Enter the New Heretical Christian Religion

Ecstasy date June 9, 1881

Our Lord:

My deepest pain, it is owing to this kind of joy in Christian hearts--who were Christians, but who have lost grace – it is seeing this joy when the power of mortal men will order throughout the kingdom, a horrible religion, as opposed to that which exists today and that makes the happiness of My people.”

(Note: In other words, Our Lord sees many people who call themselves Christian but are not. They will rejoice at the introduction by men of a new religion that appears Christian, but operates contrary to the way Christ established his Church. Since it will be 'ordered throughout the kingdom' it will be imposed on the populace. The fact that Christ says they are not in the state of grace indicates those followers who are contrary to certain dogmas of the faith and wish to set up a religion that panders to their worldly ideas of Catholicism / Christianity. Basically a heretical faith.

Our Lord: "I am inconsolable. I see running there, to escape from death and rouse themselves from imposed suffering, multitudes of Christians.”

(i.e. Rather than face death or sufferings that will be inflicted on them if they stay in the True Faith, they will enter the false religion.)

Our Lord “I see them embrace the religion of a merry heart, without thinking about Me, on the Church, of their baptism and all that is good for the Christian soul ... by manifesting these signs to My people (i.e., the warnings and chastisements), I want to bring back My people, before the punishment, because I love them. I see eagerly entering this guilty, sacrilegious, infamous, in a word, a similar (religion) to that of Mahomet (sp. Muhammad)

(Note: this false religion will teach an 'easier path' that is 'merry' and therefore easier to follow. Probably a religion that will concentrate on worldly happiness and 'anything goes' if it feels 'good' rather than attaining everlasting happiness through sacrifice and carrying the cross. This new religion will resemble Islam, which refutes the godhead of Jesus Christ. Muslims believe Jesus is only a prophet but not the Divine Son of God. Here Our Lord reveals The 'Horrible Religion' will be Arian in nature, the Arian heresy will once more raise it's ugly head.)

Our Lord: “There I see Bishops entering. By seeing these Bishops, many, so many, and in their suite all their flock, and without hesitation to rush into damnation and Hell, My Heart is wounded to death, as at the time of My Passion. I am going to become an object of horror for the most part of My people. All youth will be spoiled and soon will fall in a putrefaction the smell of which will be unbearable. "

(Note: Many bishops will enter the false Arian-style religion and bring many to damnation with them. This could be the Great Apostasy Marie-Julie Jahenny was warned about. 

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(Also during that time, youth will be spoiled through sin and obviously sins of impurity as Our Lord's example of a pure virginal life filled with sacrificial suffering will be 'an object of horror'.  

Looking further into this prophecy, one may question how the dour religion of Islam could be made into a 'happy' false Christian sect to lead people astray, but we are already on the road.   Consider this:  Islam allows a man to easily divorce a wife, all he has to say is one sentence out loud he is divorcing her and she instantly repudiated.    We could have a religion that permits easy divorce, no longer will the true, Traditional Catholic teaching be upheld with regards to marriage, i.e. 'until death do you part'.   Also, in Islam, men are allowed to have up to 4 wives, i.e. polygamy.  Considering the recent controversial introduction of "Amoris Laetitia" (The 'JOY of Love') which has proposed allowing divorced Catholics who have civilly remarried to receive Communion without having had their previous marriage licitly annulled by the Church, is this 'sanctioning' their second civil marriage? If so, that means a woman or man can have more than one husband or wife and receive Communion!  We might dare to suggest this is a cunning form of polygamy.  Could we indeed be seeing the beginning of the a 'church' of a 'merry heart' that will permit people live an easy life with no regard for Christ's teachings that in the end will lead people into perdition?  Food for thought.)

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