Marie-Julie Jahenny - The Great Catholic Monarch Prophecies of Henry V "The Miracle Child"

For centuries saints, mystics and learned theologians have foretold that near the End Times, God will raise up a mighty monarch to restore Catholicism that will be ravaged by a great apostasy and persecution.

This Great King will also become the last Holy Roman Emperor, establish the last and greatest militant order of the Church called the 'Cruciferi', the 'Cross Bearers', and will restore order from the West to the East in union with an 'Angelic Pontiff'.

The multitude of Christian churches will convert from their various schisms and heresies and unite once again into one Holy Catholic Church under the Pope. Many Jews and Muslims will convert. He will establish a glorious Age of Peace under the Cross, the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This reign will last for about thirty years. Only when the King's reign ends will the Antichrist finally appear and the End Times commence. 

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According to tradition, St. Remy (438-533 AD) who baptised the first king of France, Clovis I, received a vision wherein he was shown that in the distant future the last monarch of the kings of France would be specially revealed to the world and re-establish the Holy Roman Empire at the end of time. Of interest, it was foretold many times by the true mystics of the Church that the Great King and Emperor to come would be the last and greatest of the French monarchs, there would not be another like him, nor would another king rule after him.

The interesting detail that emerges when placing the Great Monarch prophecies together is that certain mystics such as St. Francis of Paola and Bl. Catherine Racconigi reveal the King will come in the mid 1800s - while other prophecies reveal he will come after the great chastisements sometime in the late 20th or early 21st century.

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Marie-Julie Jahenny is perhaps one of the most important messengers regarding the coming Great Monarch: for not only has she been granted the greatest amount of revelations concerning the time and manner of his appearance, and where the Great Shrine of the Cross will be situated, but was also given the remainder of his identity:

Our Lady confirmed to Marie-Julie (March 25, 1874) he was ‘Henry V’.

Our Lord then declared: (March 22, 1881)This flower is the lily, O King, miracle child, do not prepare to come from exile under a thick dust stirred up by the fury of the murderers of your country.” (The Great Monarch will come from his exile, which is also part of past ancient prophecies.)

St. Michael then added much later: (September 6, 1890) “The one who waits, it is the one that they call the “MIRACLE CHILD”. This kingdom has not yet known his name, but much later it will know the depths of his heart. He is reserved for the great epochs."

Furthermore, this could be none other than Henri V, the Count of Chambord, the last direct descendant of the Bourbon line, who technically was king of France for only a week as HENRI V and was called "The Miracle Child" and "The Gift of God" by his supporters. He was exiled twice, and, suffered a limp after a riding accident as the ancient prophecies said he would. And, no other pretender to the throne of France has ascended that throne since his death - he truly is the last of his line.

He was as St. Michael said, the king the country did not want then, but ONE DAY would accept him, for he was 'reserved for great epochs'

Therefore Marie-Julie Jahenny was graced to disclose the identity of the chosen King who would come in the 1800s that would RETURN at a later epoch as the Great Monarch prophecies of the saints and mystics also foretold.

Why was the King rejected in her time? Because he insisted on the country accepting the White Flag of the Absolute Monarchy of Catholic France rejected by the Masonic French Republican Revolutionaries. Of interest, the restoration of “White Flag” features in many of Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies,and will one day come to pass amidst miraculous events the like of which we will not see again until Judgement Day.

Henry V: The Once and FUTURE King?

(Portrait of Henry V, Count of Chambord by Adeodato Malatesta.  The God Given Miracle Child)

The French Revolution (1789-1799) brought many upheavals upon the political sphere. After the dissolution and decimation of the monarchy, a turbulent battle for power between the various democratic factions and attempts to restore the monarchy continually erupted, all compounded with the rise of Napoleon and his self-appointed coronation as Emperor of France in the early 1800s. For years, three factions were at odds in the jostle to restore order to the country; royalists called Ligitimists attempting to restore the absolute monarchy, republicans favouring a full democratic republic, and those supporting the Napoleonic house called the Bonapartists, who now believed these imperial descendants had a right to the throne of France. Our Lord said to Marie-Julie on May 28, 1877: “Ever since Louis XVI died on the scaffold, France is threatened with danger and misfortune.”

Henry the Count of Chambord (full name Henri Charles Ferdinand Marie Dieudonné d’Artois, Duke de Bordeaux, Count de Chambord) was born on the feast day of St. Michael September 29, 1820. Of interest, St. Michael appeared to Marie-Julie with several of the Great Monarch prophecies, including the Great Monarch's identity, HENRY V, the 'MIRACLE CHILD'.

His birth was declared a miracle by the Royalists for he arrived seven months after his father Charles Ferdinand, Duke of Berry, the youngest son of King Charles X, was brutally knifed to death by a Bonapartist on February 13, 1820.  Of interest, St. Ceasarius of Arles foretold circa the 6th century that a leader would come before the Great Monarch who would be called the 'father of the people' and he would die from a stab wound.   Marie-Julie also revealed the Great Monarch would descend from King and Queen martyrs. 

Henry’s father, the Duke of Berry was the last direct male heir to the throne in the Bourbon line and the royalists waited with trepidation, not knowing if a male heir would be born. If not, the direct branch of the heaven-blessed line of the royal house would become permanently extinct. Hope flamed again with the birth of Henry, he was given the name Dieudonné, ‘God-given’ or ‘gift from God’, in recognition of the miracle sent from heaven.  He was also called the ‘miracle child’ by his supporters. Water from the Jordan River was brought specially for his baptism. 

Bronze medallion struck in 1820 commemorating the day
of Henry V's birth, the 'miracle child'. Designed by F. Gayard.

Top Image: front image displaying Princess Caroline Ferdinand Louis holding up her newborn son. Divine Light shines from above while to the right stands a bust of Henry's father, the Duke of Berry. The words encircling the scene from the left to the right say: 'DIEU NOS L'A DONNE' ~ 'God has given him to us.' The smaller words underneath say: 'Noe coeurs et nos bras sont a lui.' ~ 'Our hearts and our arms are to him.' (Image: coinworldtv)

Bottom Image: reverse side showing St. Michael, commemorating the feast day on which Henry V was born. St. Michael crushes Satan. Note the symbolism: Satan holds a dagger in one hand and a smouldering torch in the other. Despite the assassination of Henry's father by dagger, St. Michael has triumphed over the evil designs to end the Bourbon line, that murderous flame has been extinguished with Henry's birth. (Image: Eternity Gallery, Tampa Florida)


(Image: Picture of young Henry as Duke de Bordeaux)

When his grandfather, Charles X, youngest son of Louis XVI, abdicated the throne after the July Revolution in August 2, 1830, his son Louis XIX, Henry’s uncle, abdicated twenty minutes later. Henry therefore was technically King of France for a week from the 2nd to the 9th of August 1830 as Henry V, although he was never officially proclaimed as king by the government or the majority of the people.

The National Assembly declared that Louis Philippe, duc d’Orléans should assume the throne, and after he had usurped it with the support of the Assembly, Henry together with his family went into exile in Austria on August 16, 1830.  Apparently, this was a vile act in the eyes of God, for the Chamber of Deputies in Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies is referred to as the 'Chamber of Hell'.

 Of interest, the apparitions of Our Lady in Rue du Bac to St. Catherine Labouré happened around this time, and indeed, seem to point out Henry V as the promised Great monarch, however, the visions also revealed trouble ahead. (Read about the Miraculous Medal and Henry V, click here.)

After Henry and is family went into exile, Louis Philippe ruled from 1830 to 1848 until he was forced off the throne during the next upheaval of the Second Republic, a democratic government which lasted until 1852 when another Napoleon ascended the throne, Napoleon III, nephew of Napoleon I, who introduced the Second Empire. This new imperial regime collapsed following its defeat in the Franco-Prussian War at the battle of Sedan on September 1, 1870.

Henry lived a quiet life while in exile, refusing to press any of his rightful claims to the throne during the first periods of political instability during his exile. A staunch Catholic resistant to all the ideals of the previous democratic Revolutions, it was not until Napoleon III grew hostile to the church with his antipapal policies that Henry decided to act. After Napoleon’s fall, he issued a proclamation on Oct. 9, 1870 inviting all of France to reunite under the Bourbons, and his call was heeded. Events quickly became encouraging for Henry as the royalists gained the majority in the National Assembly. The Orléanists, Legitimists who supported the descendants of Louis Philippe, agreed to support Henry’s claim to the throne with the provision that at his childless death he would be succeeded by their own claimant, Philippe d'Orléans, Comte de Paris. Henry found himself in the favourable position of becoming the supported pretender for both the Legitimists and Orléanists, the prospects of restoring the Bourbon monarchy in France never before looked more promising.

Then, just when the throne was within his reach, Henry made a courageous stand for his Catholic faith and for the true restoration of his throne, proclaiming his famous Declaration of the White Flag on July 5, 1871 at Chambord, announcing he would never abandon the White Standard of the Kings, the emblem of his ancestors, the flag of Henry IV, Francis I and Joan de Arc. He rejected any compromise suggesting that the fleur-de-lys would be only his personal royal standard while the tricolour of the Republic would remain the national flag.   In all, his defiant position symbolised a return the Ancient Régime: he would rule as the absolute monarch, the leader of a Catholic country as French royal tradition upholds, not as a sham figurehead held bound by a secular democratic constitution as was currently presented to him. The white flag of the absolute monarchy of France was to prevail throughout the land or not at all.

As heaven revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny, democracy was sent straight from Hell.  (See post # 5 Democracy: Straight from Hell, click here).

This refusal to bend to a democratic compromise cost him the throne for he lost his supporters, the Republicans quickly assumed power and commenced the Third Republic, a temporary measure to wait for Henry’s death and thereby secure his replacement by the more liberal Comte du Paris as originally agreed. Henry and his family were once again forced to leave the country in exile.

For years Henry was a source of disappointment or viewed outright as an incompetent ruler for many of the royalist Legtimists who couldn't understand why he refused to make one seemingly insignificant compromise on the 'little' subject of a piece of cloth, a white flag, while for others like the Replicans this unwillingness became a source of jeering and mockery, often 'thanking' him for actually handing them a Republic.  It became a double mockery. Even Pius IX who aadmired Henry was incredulous with Henry's refusal to relent, remarking, 

"Whoever heard of a man giving up a throne for a napkin?"

Indeed, historians continue to  shake their heads at his unwillinginess to accept the Tricolor or a constitutional monarchy when the throne was so close within in his grasp, but as the prophecies to Marie-Julie Jahenny show, Our Lord revealed the King of His Choice would defend the Catholic Christian Tradition of France, the land that gave birth to the 'Divine Right of Kings' symbolised by the White Flag, and those who followed the King would be mocked like He was in his Kingship.

(Image: Christ Before Herod, Nikolaus Knuffer, 1609-1655.)

Of interest, the only time Christ is mentioned wearing white in the Gospels is when King Herod, a usurper to the throne of David put in power by the Romans, draped him in a white garment and mocked His kingship before sending Him back to Pilate. Afterwards these two enemies became friends.  It was vicious injoke between them as Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen pointed out that when someone was first presented to take a seat in the Roman senate, they wore white. Our Lord's authority was therefore double-mocked by two usurpers, Roman invaders and a pretender to the throne of David.   Our Lord explained to Marie-Julie (July 21, 1881):

"This same land (France), I am preparing for him who is despised of men and regarded as incompetent, because he is Christian and believes in his return to the land of his cradle.  His shoulders will bear like Mine the mantle of abomination, as with those who hope to see him restore peace."  

In some the prophecies of Marie-Julie, the King is shown wearing the White Flag draped like a cloak.

Henri V died without issue on August 24, 1883 at his home in Frohsdorf, Austria. He was buried with his grandfather Charles X and the Bourbon exiles in the crypt of the Franciscan Kostanjevica Monastery in Gorica, which used to be part of Austria. It is now in the Slovenian city of Nova Gorica.

Marie-Julie Jahenny predicted his death March 15, 1882 further stating that the ‘impure colours’, an obvious reference to the Tricolour flag of the Republicans, would rise in triumph and spread across the whole country. (See post here.)  She was proven correct: the Third Republic became the government in France upon the Count’s death, for by then the majority of the French people were no longer in favour of restoring the monarchy. Although there are other offshoots and less direct royal claimants, (today the Count of Paris claims the direct line, while Spanish branch of the Bourbons claims the next direct line through Louis Alphonse, Duke of Anjou), there have been no sincere attempts to restore the French monarchy since that time and the tricolour of the Republic has remained the national flag.

Henry V, the ‘God-given miracle child’ was the last true legitimate Catholic King of France from the French house of Bourbon. Marie-Julie explained later on October 17, 1883 that Henry had been removed from the earth as a punishment to France for the country proved unworthy to receive him at that moment in history, it was the first chastisement to strike the earth.  People did not pray enough to receive the king.

Not only that, it was revealed to her that by rejecting Henri V at the time, the clergy and the French people had ACCEPTED THE ABYSS and had opened the way for the chastisements to strike the earth, so dire did Heaven consider this rejection.  (See post # #130  Rejection of Henry V Opened the Way for the Chastisements)

Marie-Julie’s life as a victim soul began on March 21, 1873, a little more than a year and eight months after the Count du Chambord made his Declaration of the White Flag in 1871. From the beginning, her life as prophetess and victim soul were united with the centuries-old promises of a Great Monarch and the chastisements to befall the world, and in a special way, connected with the Count, Henry V, the 'Miracle Child'.

Marie-Julie also said the King would be a descendant of the 'King and Queen Martyrs', and as mentioned earlier, his father was brutally murdered by a Bonapartist. It was the Marquis de Franquerie who assumed she meant Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette according to his book “The Breton Stigmatist”— to date we have no confirmation of Marie-Julie herself using their names, but they probably are the 'King and Queen Martyrs' considering what happened to them during the French Revolution and Marie-Julie's prediction Louis XVI will one day be officially recognised as a saint.

Nevertheless, the Count does descend from them when we consider the ancient Jewish manner of reckoning bloodlines in families, first cousins were considered the same as brothers. The name of a family and a bloodline went to the next brother in the family, therefore, Heaven may regard the children of Louis XVI’s brothers as though they belonged to Louis XVI himself. Charles X, Henry V’s grandfather, was Louis XVI’s youngest brother, therefore the Marquis de Franqueries' assumption that the promised King would descend from Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette is still accurate in Henry's case from a Judeo-biblical point of view. 

In fact, the prophecies of Bl. Catherine Racconigi reveal that this is exactly how the lineage of the Great Monarch will occur, through a brother / nephew, yet he will still be considered in the 'direct' line according to the Biblical way of recognising a blood-line, to see her prophecy, click here.  Also, the Apparitions of Our Lady to Marie Martel in Tilly France during the late 1800s and early 1900s recognise the line of Charles X, Louis XVI's brother and Henry V's grandfather, as one of the last officially crowned kings of France, meaning the brother-blood line was indeed recognised by Heaven as the legitimate line of France.  (See more about the Tilly apparitions, click here.) 

Marie-Julie also predicted the descendants from the Orléans branch of the family would never have the throne, the Great Monarch will not descend from them since their ancestors had turned traitor and supported the first Revolution.  She was also told that none of Napoleon's descendants were the chosen Great Monarch, nor were the other Bourbon pretenders, which would include today's 'Louis XX, Duke of Anjo', nor will the Great Monarch come from the descendants of Naundorff who today claim to be from the lost branch of Louis XVII. (See post 4 B)  According to these interpretations, Henry V fulfils all the predictions sent from Heaven through the centuries.

Of course, the reader may be asking that if he was the Chosen King, have all the prophecies come to nothing since he died without having fulfilled his mission?

No, they have not!

Our Lord emphatically declared to Marie-Julie that ALL of the prophecies acclaimed “The MIRACLE CHILD", and that HE WOULD BE RETURNED TO HIS SUBJECTS. She continued to receive prophecies concerning him even after his death.  Also, as already mentioned, the other Great Monarch prophecies of the past already revealed he will come in the 1800s AND sometime in a future age when the great chastisements have cleansed the earth.

Our Lord to Marie-Julie Jahenny, March 22, 1881: "All My veritable prophetic words, O King of exile, call you and acclaim you. Without deferring too much, I will return to your subjects and your people he who bears on his head the same flower that you love. This flower is the lily, O King, miracle child, do not prepare to come from exile under a thick dust stirred up by the fury of the murderers of your country. You will prepare to come on the edge of this land that was foreign to you. From the north But, as the day of darkness, their eyes will be veiled, the exile will be returned and My Justice will be accomplished. You will pass to reclaim the sceptre of glory. You will temper the tip in the blood of the Romans, in the defence of the Sovereign Pontiff, the bond of all the faithful. I have profound words of life and encouragement. I have found on the earth wise messengers ready to obey, to carry these words ... "  (For more information on this particular text / prophecy, see post  #127 The “Miracle Child” and “Exiled King”, Henry V, once more CONFIRMED to be the Great Catholic Monarch - The Murderers of France will Raise a 'Thick Dust' Against Him )

The prophecies that continue to mention Henry V, even after Henry V's death, St. Michael appeared years later after his death and declared the King would be the one called the 'Miracle Child'. Other prophecies foretell he will arrive amidst the chastisements, and these too must also be fulfilled. He will be a ‘hidden’ king and command great armies, and this is where Marie-Julie’s numerous prophecies begin to fill in the seeming anomalies, his death becoming part of the great mystery that will be unveiled in the future.

Notwithstanding the Count of Chambord's death, Marie-Julie’s many predictions continually mention the return of the White Flag of the fleur-de-lys and a golden fleur-de-lys crown, that the King to Come—the one called the ‘miracle child’ and ‘miracle king’—would one day come out of exile in the midst of wars and trample down his enemies, bearing a great banner of the Sacred Heart. After the deliverance of France, he would fly to the aid of the Pope in Rome and restore Christendom. The strange part is, these details concern the days of the future chastisements, yet, she mentions these details while the Count was still alive, confirming him as the promised Great Monarch, and continued to make the same prophecies after his death in August 24, 1883 along with the similar descriptions of the chastisements of the future. The most curious revelation we find is St. Michael’s message dated September 29, 1890, several years after the Count’s death:

St. Michael: “The one who waits, it is the one that they call the miracle child. This kingdom has not yet known his name, but much later it will know the depths of his heart. He is reserved for the great epochs.” (Possible interpretation: the people of France don’t know his name because he was not officially recognised as Henry V and legitimate king, yet, he will be recognised and is reserved for the future.)

In fact, one text hints that Marie-Julie would not see the triumph of ‘Henry of the Cross’ until she was in Heaven, which means not until after her death: Our Lord declared (February 14, 1882): “From Heaven, you will see the triumph of the Church hovering over the forehead of My true servant Henry of the Cross, (The Great Monarch) He will comfort the destitute, renew the devastated priesthood, weakened and fallen like a branch under the saw of the worker. His charity will renew the priesthood, he will raise the statues of My Mother, he will remount the crosses (that were) insulted and cut into pieces.”

Considering that the Count du Chambord, Henry V, the Miracle Child, was still alive when this text was written, Our Lord must be revealing in this passage that his great victory as the Great Monarch would not happen until some time after her death, which occurred in March 4, 1941!

Also, we know he will not come until AFTER every corrupt system set up by the Freemasons via democracy is swept away - which will include a leader called the 'Pillar of Mud', the King will come sometime after this weak indiviudal is long gone - people lately have realised the 'Pillar of Mud' could mean PRESIDENT SARKOZY OF FRANCE: (See her prophecy here.)

In all, we may deduce that the man who was alive, Henry V, the Count du Chambord, and the king who is to come, ‘Henry of the Cross’, are one and the same. He is reserved for the future, for great epochs as St. Michael said. When revealing how the armies would march on France the archangel also repeated the following message twice, once in September 29, 1878 while the Count was alive, and again in September 6, 1890 years after the Count’s death: “The days of exile will still have been hard and cost dearly to this faithful King, Catholic, but he will be most greatly rewarded. Let them say and affirm to men that he will never return. Listen to them and ask them if they are prophets!

The prophecies of Marie-Julie continually mention a 'return' of the king, a 'return' of the fleur de lys , a 'resurrection' of the fleur de lys , and that France would be 'resurrected'.

In other words, we cannot help but notice the numerous predictions concerning Henry by Marie-Julie that were made before and after the Count of Chambord's death. The only difference is after his death, the name ‘Henry’ is not used according to the texts that have been released so far. Instead, through Mare-Julie, Heaven describes the Great King to come as a ‘hidden king’, a ‘hidden Saviour’, a ‘mortal Saviour’. Of importance, she also used the title ‘Saviour of the earth’, and ‘new Saviour’ while the Count was still alive. In fact, the title ‘Saviour’ is a great grace as God declares there is no other Saviour but Him: “I Am, I Am the Lord, and there is no other saviour besides Me.” (Isaias 43:11) “...thou shalt know no God but me, and there is no saviour besides me.” (Osee 13:4)

Despite this, we find the title 'saviour' has been granted to a very few chosen souls: for instance, the patriarch Joseph who saved Egypt and consequently other nations with it (Gen. 41:45), the Judges Othoniel and Aod who delivered the children of Israel from their enemies, (Judges 3: 9, 15), and also St. Joseph who is sometimes described as the 'saviour of the Saviour' as he protected Our Lord during the slaughter of the innocents and saved both the future Church and the world by protecting the Divine Saviour.  So, if the Great King to come is described with the august title of 'Saviour' so many times in Marie-Julie's prophecies, what does it mean? The title ‘Saviour’ not only points to the deliverance of nations and the Church, but can also point towards the promise of a resurrection. As  many of the Prophets and heroes of the Old Testment were symbolical types or representations of the Messiah's coming, it is possible that Great King will resemble Christ the Saviour who rose from the dead and renewed the whole earth and saved His People through the establishment of His Church.  The Great King will do similar wonders through the power and grace of God, but restore the earth and the Church in a temporal manner, the Age of Peace we have promised through many other mystcs and approved apparitions.   The appearance of the Great Monarch and the miraculous Age of Peace may be a new 'type' or symbol representing the fast-approaching Second Coming of Christ's Eternal Kingdom at the End of Time.

Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser (1613-1658) said the Great Catholic Monarch would be called, "Help From God".  Of interest, the name Lazarus means "God has helped" or "God is my help".  The Great Monarch may be recognised as a new Lazarus of our times.

Then, the mystic named Marie Martel was told during the apparitions of Tilly (1896 - c. 1900s) that the French Monarchy would be RESURRECTED(Learn more about the apparitions of Tilly in France, click here.)

In the end, there is only one conclusion to make—Henry V, the ‘miracle child’ will be raised from the dead in order to fulfil these future prophecies. This apparently is the first time it has been suggested.

The thought is astounding, but heaven repeated over and over through Marie-Julie that those who would live to see the future days and the regeneration of the earth would witness miracles that would not be seen again until the Day of Judgement. The Sacred Heart promised during the great renewal there would be, “great signs in this reign, there will be resurrections, there will be wonders of protection for My souls that I want to guard to raise up the good, to flourish once again.” (November 13, 1924)

As we recall, our Lord wanted to astound the Jews by bringing the Great King out of exile in a miraculous manner that resembles the day when he died on the Cross. Again, it is another prediction made before the Count’s death: (February 28, 1882): “The wicked eye of all these souls will remain open, because I want it that they see My power. (The Jews) I reserve for them to see, with their eyes, the radiant star that I will make to exit from the depths of exile, in a terrible storm of fire and under the signs of My anger. All the firmament will have similar traits to those that My Father launched over the world, when I offered to redeem My people.

In the Gospel of St. Matthew (27: 45, 51-53) we read that when Christ died on the cross for our redemption, the sky darkened, the earth shook, mountains split open, and the dead arose and appeared to many.

In another text, St. Benedict explained to Marie Julie on August 26, 1878: “All these signs are the arrival of the Lord, the arrival of a joy and great sorrow. (i.e. The signs announcing the chastisements and the great renewal.) The Evangelists also marked these facts for the great day of the General Judgement. Ah well! It will happen before the last (day), it will be terrible, a judgement of Justice, a judgement of anger and at the same time a glorious resurrection in peace, in hope for the friends of God.

Other mystics of the Church have also foretold these days will be similar to the General Judgement. Therefore, if the chastisements and arrival of the Great Monarch shall resemble the Day of Judgement, it stands to reason that the same miracles will also occur—the dead will rise.

Of interest, on several occasions in the early years of her ecstasies Marie-Julie was shown several allegorical visions of France as the Eldest Daughter of the Church. In one vision, France appears as a haughty queen, but is black and putrid because of her sins, having rejected Christ and His chosen government of an absolute monarchy. France rejects Christ again and His appeal to convert and therefore she is placed in a tomb surrounded by thorns representing the punishments she must undergo for her purification. Christ comes to inspect the condition of France in other visions, opening the tomb, but she is not yet purified. Christ consoles her and places her back in the tomb. At last in one vision Christ eventually raises her up and she is once more beautiful and radiant, clothed all in white adorned with golden lilies for she now has accepted Christ, Our Lady and the promised King symbolised by the White Flag and the golden crown of the fleur du lys. She is once again the beloved Eldest Daughter of the Church. It is a prophecy for the future. These unusual allegories of France call to mind that in the ancient days it was believed that the king of a country was mystically tied to his kingdom and to his people: if the king was good and just, the land reflected his goodness, the people prospered and were virtuous. If the king was beset by enemies or was an evil ruler, the land suffered, the subjects grew evil, and wars and famine prevailed. In connection with this allegory, is the image of France rising from the tomb another sign that the Great King of France will be resurrected? We cannot help but notice that when speaking of the renewal of France to Marie-Julie, Heaven used the word ‘resurrection’ and spoke of a ‘resurrection’ numerous times.

In conclusion, there can be no other greater revelation of those days than this—Henry V, the Count of Chambord, was and remains the chosen Great Monarch. 

Although he was alive on the earth, he is hidden from the eyes of the world in death, thus fulfilling the prophecy he would be ‘hidden’, completely veiled from his enemies who will not know who is or from whence he came, not until his identity is confirmed and ratified by the miracles God has promised to send. He will be sent back to earth by God to renew France, the world and the persecuted Church. Surviving branches of the royal house will attempt to claim the throne, but will not succeed, God alone will secure Henry’s throne. Christ did say repeatedly to Marie-Julie Jahenny that the Great Monarch cannot and will not come by human means or plans, that the restoration will be entirely beyond the power of man.

Also, the Great Monarch’s coming will seem impossible, especially to the spiritually blind who don’t understand God’s ways, nor those who wanted to have anything to do with the restoration of the monarchy: (July 19, 1881) “After they (God's enemies?) will be avenged on everything, there will come the one that the wonderful goodness of God has elected through all the dark clouds, although it may seem impossible. It is so veiled, (the means of his arrival) that there is nothing apparent to the blind and for those who would never wanted to know his name ... .” (See post #130 Rejection of Henry V Opened the Way for the Chastisements – His Miraculous Return will be Unforeseen and Cannot be Stopped)

Christ stated repeatedly to Marie-Julie that only He can bring the King back, and if we consider the possibility of Henry’s resurrection from the dead, that indeed would explain Our Lord's words declared to Marie-Julie in her last recorded ecstasy of February 1941: 

France will be saved by means out of all human knowledge. God has reserved the secret for them until the last moment. I make light of the projects of men, preparing My right wonders. (...) And the more the world will be hostile to the supernatural, the more marvellous will be the events that will confuse this negation of the supernatural.

Our Lord affirmed it pained Him that Christians did not believe in the coming chastisements as the time seemed so far off, nor trusted in His promises to bring the Great Renewal and the King and the Reign of the Sacred Heart because of the long delay (August 5, 1879) “Do not expect anything of the rulers of today (...) I warn you, you, all My servants to wait in trust and hope. What pains Me the most is that many Christians refuse to believe in the Promise of My Divine Heart, and that many souls go so far as to say: “If the Heart of God had wanted, this miracle would have happened long ago before now.’.

Our Lord also wishes us to trust the revelations given to Marie-Julie and her mission to preach on the coming chastisements and the promised victory through His Holy Cross, also the great plans He revealed concerning the future for the world and for La Fraudais (November 26, 1875): “Wait in confidence and hope. To doubt would be to offend Me. ... Be sure, France, the days and hours are marked in My Heart; a little time and I will fulfil My promises!”


Will Henry V Truly Come Again? Points to Consider

The proposal that the Count of Chambord is the Great Monarch of ancient prophecy and will return from the dead may appear radical, and no doubt the reader may be tempted to conclude that Marie-Julie's prophecies have been interpreted in a fanciful if not fanatical light in this article, but not so. At the risk of sounding extremely repetitive, once again here are the main points that indicate that the Count of Chambord, Henry V, was and continues to be the promised King as revealed to Marie-Julie.

*) According to other Church-approved mystics, the Great Monarch will be of the Royal house of France, he will be the last French King, will suffer exile and walk with a limp: the Count of Chambord, the last of the direct descendants the Bourbons, fulfils all these prophecies, and in fact, suffered exile twice.

*) Marie-Julie was told by Our Lady that the King who was destined to renew the world and liberate the Pope was indeed Henry V, St. Michael affirmed he was the one they called the 'Miracle Child': this can be none other than Henry the Count of Chambord who was alive when these prophecies were made and who completely fits these descriptions. Heaven and Our Lady have never been known to make a pronouncement and then refuse to fulfil it, in other words, to make a false promise. Since it can be safely believed that Marie-Julie is not a false mystic, her pronouncements and prophecies are not false. Our Lady specifically declared Henry V is the specially chosen King, and did not retract that declaration simply because he died—he was only 'removed' according to Marie-Julie's revelation of October 17, 1883. Henry V had been 'removed' from the earth through death because France and the world did not prove worthy of him then, however, a different or new king was not promised. If the Count de Chambord, Henry V, was not going to be the future king, it is logical to assume Heaven would not have named him at all ~ to do so and then refuse to fulfil that pronouncement would be giving false hope and would indicate a false prophecy. As St. Paul declared “For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance,” (Rom. 11:29), that is, God does not retract what He gives, “the promises of God are unchangeable, nor can He repent conferring his gifts.” (footnote, Douay-Rheims Bible). In fact, Heaven literally describes the promised Great Monarch as: “chosen from his birth to give back to France the Lily and the white flag,” a prophecy given in December 6, 1877 when the Count was alive: he suffered much in defending the White Flag of the monarchy just as Our Lord's kingship was mocked with the colour white as He explained to Marie-Julie.   Hence, as we may safely believe the prophecies given to Marie-Julie, a mystic approved by her local bishop, we may also believe that the promises concerning Henry V, the Count of Chambord, the 'miracle child' and 'exile king' 'chosen from his birth' who is 'reserved for future epochs', will still be fulfilled. God has called and proclaimed him, therefore He will not retract His promise. “Be sure, France, the days and hours are marked in My Heart; a little time and I will fulfil My promises!” (Our Lord to Marie-Julie).

Of interest, Marie-Julie is not the only one who hinted the Count de Chambord was and is the chosen king. 

  The mystic Ven. Mother Marie Josepha of Bourg confirmed even before Marie-Julie that Prince Dieudonné, the child Prince exiled in the 1830s was indeed the Great Catholic Monarch chosen by God and that St. Michael would be sent by God to bring him back.

 Another generally approved mystic called “The Ecstatic of Tours”, apparenlty a member of the Third Order of St. Francis, made the following prophecy in 1872-1873: “The French people will ask for the good king. He who was chosen by God. He will come; this saviour whom God has spared for France. This king who is not wanted NOW because he is dear to God's Heart. He WILL ascend to the throne. He will free the church and reassert the Pope's rights…” (Catholic Prophecy, Yves Dupoint, Tan Books and Publishers, 1970. p 37).

Since this revelation was made when the Count was alive, and indeed was the true King whom France had rejected at that point in time, this prophecy by the "Ecstatic of Tours" also reveals that the Count of Chambord, Henry V, was and remains the promised King.  She also declared when God showed her the king destined to restore France and bring the Peace after the chastisements, it was always the same King - she stated she was not shown anyone else.

Sr. Marie

*) St. Michael declared to Marie-Julie Jahenny even after the Count's death that the 'Miracle Child' was reserved for 'the great epochs', and that 'he' the 'exiled king' will return. Henry the 'Miracle Child' and 'exiled king' is continually advised through Marie-Julie on how to bring his armies through France then march on Rome to save the Holy Father: The Count, Henry V, was alive when many of these predictions concerning an 'army' were given, even Marie-Julie specifically said in one prophecy that “Henry V” will lead the armies to quell the unrest, which we have yet to see fulfilled. These predictions of the 'exile king' and 'miracle child' leading armies continued after the Count's death, therefore, these texts concerning his armies must all be future predictions concerning his mission.

*) Of importance, we must keep in mind the prophecy given to Marie-Julie by Our Lord on March 22, 1881 before the Count's death saying He would 'return' the exile: the king and 'miracle child'. Also, as we recall, Our Lord emphatically declared that ALL of His true, Prophetic words were about the 'King of Exile' and 'Miracle child', not just some or part of the prophecies given to Marie-Julie, but ALL of them:

ALL My veritable prophetic words, O King of exile, call YOU and acclaim YOU. Without deferring too much, I will return to your subjects and your people he who bears on his head the same flower that you love. This flower is the lily, O King, MIRACLE CHILD, do not prepare to come from exile under a thick dust stirred up by the fury of the murderers of your country. You will prepare to come on the edge of this land that was foreign to you. From the north of the borders your noble person will pass through the legions who only wait for you to rise up a vengeance. But, as the day of darkness, their eyes will be veiled, the exile will be returned and My Justice will be accomplished. You will pass to reclaim the sceptre of glory. You will temper the tip in the blood of the Romans, in the defence of the Sovereign Pontiff, the bond of all the faithful.”

The above prophecy literally addresses the 'King of exile' first, that is the Count of Chambord, then Our Lord mystically refers to his, the miracle child's, mission in the future concerning the 'return' of 'he' who also loves the lily, which is also referring to the Count: Our Lord begins to veil Henry V's future destiny while yet referring to him while alive. Christ used the same method of description when He veiled His Own Identity and mission on earth by referring to Himself as the 'Son of Man'. Also, Our Lord has promised to return a particular person, 'the Miracle Child' that will come through enemy legions, the 'exile', which Heaven had already confirmed was Henry V: Our Lord did not refer to the French monarchy in general in this prophecy. How can Christ 'return' someone if they had not yet been born? The birth of a new person who had never been on earth before, which indicates the creation of a new soul at conception, would point towards a new identity, but Henry the Count of Chambord has always been referred to in Marie-Julie's prophecies as 'Henry V', 'Henry' the 'exile', 'King of Exile' and the 'Miracle Child' both during his life and after his death, there is no indication of a new identity or a new person coming to light through a hidden bloodline. Even St. Michael mentions 'the miracle child' and 'he' in other prophecies as we have seen, declaring 'he is reserved for the great epochs'. So, Henry will be returned. Of interest is Our Lord's use of the words 'without deferring too much' in conjunction with His declaration that ALL of His prophecies concern Henry: his return will be 'deferred' but not for too long. Henry was 'removed' from the earth as the first chastisement towards France and the world, therefore Christ can 'return' the king when it pleases Him: the only means to do this is by resurrection.

*) Christ's promise that the 'lily' will be resurrected. Throughout all the prophecies of Marie-Julie, the absolute monarchy and throne of France established by heaven is referred to at the 'lily' i.e., the pure fleur-de-lys, symbol of the French kings first given to Clovis I by the Holy Ghost, a unique apparaition that saved France from becoming a heretical Arian Kingdom. The passages in reference to the 'lily', and the white flag 'of the lily' are numerous.  Of importance, the Great King to come is also described as 'The Lily'. For example, in one of the allegorical visions of France as the Eldest Daughter of the Church, France receives a reprimand from Christ Who shows her a lily on December 26, 1877: “Guilty France, do you recognise him?” France admits her guilt, Our Lord continues ...”Guilty France, accept this Lily, I give it to you." (Represents the arrival of the Great Monarch who will restore France once she recognises him. Notice Christ specifically used the word 'he'.) On December 26, 1877, Satan wanted to crush the 'Lily'. Satan: "It is necessary to crush the Lily." Marie-Julie then declared: “Satan does not love the King. Ah! I am not like him (Satan) because I love him! (The King.)” So we know from this that the symbol of the Lily not only represents France, but also the Great Monarch.  Our Lord then said in August 5, 1879 that the 'Lily' represents France resurrected: “This lily will be France resurrected after many troubles, many penalties, many fights.” Yves Dupont, a native French speaker who also had access to books on the prophecies translates the following passage revealed on the same date: “The Lily shall resurrect in France. After many evils.” (Yves Dupont “World Trends 48b”, July 1976, The Prophecies of La Fraudais). Throughout Marie-Julie's prophecies, France and the absolute monarchy are always described as being 'resurrected', not simply 'restored' or 'renewed'. Since France will be 'resurrected' through the 'resurrection' of the monarchy vis the 'resurrection of the lily', it stands to reason that the Great Monarch, Henry V, also represented by the lily shall be resurrected.

*) Hence, there is no other other conclusion to make but that Christ will 'return' the King by resurrection. Christ promised Marie-Julie she would see Henry V's victory when she was in Heaven, and that there would be many resurrections, not just one, during the days of the Chastisements. Christ said the return of the exiled king will resemble the day when He offered Himself to the Eternal Father on the Cross: the sky darkened, then earth shook and split split open, and the dead arose and appeared to many. Other mystics have said the days of the Chastisements will resemble the Day of Judgement. As every faithful Christian knows, the dead will rise on the Day of Judgement.

(Image: Angel holding the royal fleur-de-lys coat of arms.)

*) Is there a reason why Christ will return King Henry V through resurrection? Yes, taking the prophecies given to Marie-Julie and comparing them with the history of the French monarchy, we may offer a logical theory. According to one of Marie-Julie's prophecies “France would become Muslim and deny the Divinity of Christ”, a Great Apostasy would occur, and we may safely assume this error will spread world-wide, (and indeed is already happening). In addition to Islam, which declares Christ is a prophet but not Divine, we may also discover in those turbulent days that another ancient heresy will arise, Arianism, the heretical belief that Christ is not Divine, or He is all Divine and not human. It is the heresy that will be spread by the Antichrist and his precursors as St. John taught, those that 'dissolve' Our Lord in their denial of Christ's dual nature – God made Man (1 John 4: 3). In order to attack this Eternal Truth, the devil may use the growing influence of Islam and Antichrist Arianism to cast doubts in the minds of the populace about Our Lord's Resurrection, and therefore, the entire doctrine of the resurrection of the dead, the cornerstone upon which the Catholic Faith rests. As St Joseph told Marie-Julie, in the days of the chastisements and the Great Apostasy we will need ALL our Faith to survive.

In order to bring back an erring world to the truth, Heaven will work great miracles confirming Christ rose from the dead by accomplishing resurrections of the dead. St. Joseph said to Marie-Julie the miracles in those days will have to be great because unbelief will be so great.

 (Image: the Baptism of King Clovis I with the appearance of the Holy Spirit. St. Remy who presided over the proceedings prophetically declared the last of the French Kings would be the 'Great Monarch'.)

It would be a fitting miracle to bring back the Great King representing Christ's Eternal Kingship through a miracle of this kind. As we recall, France nearly fell to the heresy of Arianism at its beginning, that is, until the miraculous conversion of King Clovis I at his baptism, which was blessed with the appearance of the Holy Spirit bringing the Fleur-de-Lys representing the Trinity, also brining sacred oil for the king's anointing.  It was a rare sign: Christ's identity as the Saviour was ratified with the appearance of the Holy Spirt at His Baptism, and therefore the annointing of the first king of France and his royal line was singled out from all the rest by God from the begining.  In fact, Tradition declares the French Kings descend from the House of David and the Tribe of Judah.  Hence,  France was granted the unique privilege as Eldest Daughter of the Church to defend the Roman Catholic Faith and the rights of the Pope in Rome, and the White Flag of the French Monarchy represents the Catholic Royalist heritage of France and the Absolote Divine Right of Kings, a holy tradition verified in the visions granted to Marie-Julie.  So, in the last great period of France the last King will most likely be raised up as another sign combating Arianism and similar heretical doctrines.  Our Lord promised Marie-Julie that the Holy Spirit will appear once again and confirm the identity of the last Great King of France.  Therefore, the last days of the monarchy of France may be similar to the beginning.

*) So, what's going on about the theory of a 'hidden' and 'unknown' bloodline'? It was the Marquis de Franquerie who assumed the 'hidden king' would descend directly from King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, and therefore put forward the idea in his book “The Breton Stigmatist” that the king to come would come from a hidden and unknown direct bloodline, further suggesting Heaven wanted him to remain 'hidden' this way because there would be enemies such as the Freemasons who would try to assassinate him and eradicate the royal bloodline before God's plans came to fruition. However, according to the released texts, Marie-Julie herself never mentioned Louis XVI or Marie-Antoinette, she only stated the “hidden king” would come from the “King and Queen Martyrs”. Of course, Louis XVI and Queen Antoinette are considered 'martyrs' by Heaven according her and are the likeliest candidates for this description, but she never mentioned a hidden 'bloodline'. As we have discussed earlier, Henry V the Count of Chambord, was already named, and Heaven will not make a false revelation, give false hope or retract a pronouncement made about a chosen soul. The Count of Chambord, Henry V, the 'exiled king' and 'miracle child' was continually referred to before and after his death by Marie-Julie, no new person with a new identity was mentioned by her, so there is no unknown bloodline suggested in her prophecies. We must state again: it was the Marquis de Franquerie who assumed this, for the Marquis concluded along with other devotees of Marie-Julie that the Count of Chambord was no longer part of Heaven's plans because of his death and obviously did not notice how the later prophecies concerning, 'Henry of the Cross'  the 'exiled king' and 'miracle child' were still connected with the prophecies concerning the Count, even after his passing. Henry V is indeed 'hidden', but hidden in death.

Perhaps Marie-Julie probably used the general term “King and Queen Martyrs” to prevent the assumption of a direct bloodline being made, as there is the Judeo-biblical method of fraternal bloodlines as mentioned earlier, which are indirect. As we know, the “King and Queen Martyrs” could refer to other members of the family as well as Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette: we must not forget Henry's father was assassinated for being the next direct descendant in the French royal house historically recognised as a defender of the Catholic Church, and therefore he could also be considered a martyr by Heaven along with Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. There is also the 'white' or 'dry' martyrdom of the spirit. The whole Royal Family of France since the time of the Revolution could be considered martyrs either by blood or by the hidden spiritual sufferings they endured. Of interest, the only ancestor Marie-Julie mentioned by name from whom the Great Monarch would descend was St. Louis. The royal family of France descend from him via Antoine de Bourbon, Duc Vendôme, a descendant of St. Louis IX in the ninth generation and father of King Henry IV, the first Bourbon King. Therefore Henry V, last French King of the Bourbon Dynasty, is a descendant of St. Louis IX and fulfils this prophecy.

(Image: St. Louis IX, Sainte Chapelle, Paris.)

We must further note that Christ continually stressed to Marie-Julie that the King cannot be returned by any means except by Him alone, the Great King's appearance in the world will be completely miraculous, mankind cannot and will not be able to do it. Now, if there was a hidden bloodline, mankind would eventually be able to discover it, prove it by DNA analysis for example, then start a campaign to restore him either by public approval or by force, but these are all human methods that sound humanly probable and could be carried out by a human government. Christ said the king's return will beyond all mankind's knowledge and power. We cannot and must not expect anything from man, nor expect any government to bring this restoration about as Christ foretold. As we recall Marie-Julie was told: “... there will come the one that the wonderful goodness of God has elected through all the dark clouds, although it may seem impossible. It is so veiled, (the means of his arrival) that there is nothing apparent to the blind and for those who would never wanted to know his name...” God has already elected a King and provided a name, Henry V but nobody wanted to recognise it. Hence, the only way for the king to 'return' in a miraculous way beyond man's understanding or power and ONLY through the power of Christ is Henry's resurrection from the dead. In all, Our Lord will give the 'sign of Jonas' to a faithless and blind generation that no longer believes in miracles or in His Divinity. Again we recall Our Lord's words to Marie-Julie: “France will be saved by means out of all human knowledge. God has reserved the secret for them until the last moment. (...) And the more the world will be hostile to the supernatural, the more marvellous will be the events that will confuse this negation of the supernatural.”

*) To recapitulate on the points just discussed: “Henry V” was specifically named by Our Lady, Marie-Julie also said Henry V would lead the future armies to liberate France during the chastisements. The promised king was 'chosen from his birth', the one 'they call the miracle child', all this points to Henry the Count of Chambord and no other. The prophecies continually refer to 'Henry', the one they called the 'Miracle Child', the 'exile', the 'exiled king': Christ stated that ALL of His prophetic and veritable words to Marie-Julie were about the 'exiled king' and 'miracle child' ~ no one else has been promised through Marie-Julie and God will not retract a pronouncement, so there cannot be another 'hidden bloodline' or descendant waiting to be revealed. The 'miracle child' is 'reserved for the great epochs'. Also, Our Lord pronounced that only He will be able to 'return' the King: no man, government or any human endeavour will be able to accomplish it, nor will mankind perceive the idea of how it will be brought about. It will seem impossible and veiled from the eyes of the spiritually blind and those who never wanted to know his name, Henry V. The 'return' of this king will be completely miraculous and beyond the power or scope of mankind. Considering that Christ promised many resurrections and that the miracles during the days of the chastisements will resemble the day He died on the Cross and also the Day of Judgement, resurrection from the dead is the only means of 'returning' the king beyond all power, hope, scope and thought of man except by Christ alone according to the prophecies given to Marie-Julie. “Let them say and affirm to men that he will never return. Listen to them and ask them if they are prophets!” (St. Michael to Marie-Julie.)

*) If this is the case, why would Heaven and Marie-Julie not state clearly without using any veiled words that the Count of Chambord was still the chosen Great Monarch even after his death and that he would be raised up? Why hide or veil the fact after the Count's death? We may suggest that 'hiding' the identity of Henry V after he had been announced is part of the Divine plan. “It is the glory of God to conceal the word, and the glory of kings to search out the speech.” (Proverbs 25:2) Marie-Julie's mission featured making continual revelations, openly confessing the works of God, while at the same time helping to 'conceal the words' . And again, “For it is good to hide the secret of a king, but honourable to reveal and confess the works of God.” (Tobias 12:7) Marie-Julie already declared who the King was, also revealing there would be great miracles and resurrections, then, hid the promised King's 'secret' so to speak and refused to give any more details about the king's identity. After the Count's death it would be up to the faithful to see the veiled clues hinting towards the Count's resurrection when the time was right since those who truly believed in the resurrection of the dead as professed in both the Apostles and Nicene Creeds would be able to see God's Plan with the eyes of Faith. Our Lord said His plan of 'returning' the King will be veiled from the eyes of the blind. Only an evil and adulterous generation demands miracles as proof as Our Lord said Himself (Matt. 12:39), and only promised the faithless, heard-hearted Jews of His time the 'sign of Jonas', referring to His resurrection from the dead. St. Paul also affirms Our Lord's words, declaring that wonders and signs such as the speaking of tongues is not for the faithful but unbelievers, while prophecies are not for unbelievers but for faithful believers. (1 Cor. 14:22) The faithful trust God's Words and promises, believing without having to see miracles.

Hence the identity of the Great Monarch will still remain completely hidden to a blind and unfaithful generation until God returns him with the spectacular miracles and signs that he foretold to Marie-Julie. As the prophet Amos declared: “For the Lord God doth nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7) Through Marie-Julie the faithful have already been told who the king is and that he will 'be returned', Henry V, while the unbelievers will never be able to understand the prophecies concerning the future days until the chastisements are almost upon them, the 'last moment' as stated above when the Great Monarch, the 'mortal Saviour', the 'Saviour of the world' the 'new Saviour' and 'hidden Saviour' as Marie-Julie described him will finally be returned to deliver France, the Church and the world. “Verily thou art a hidden God, the God of Israel, the Saviour.” (Isaias 45:15)

Of interest, we cannot help but note that God often hides His greatest mystics, chosen souls and saints in obscurity, almost to the point their works and revelations seem dead and buried, then, they are brought forth in all their glory in the times when they are needed most to show that their works truly came from Him. To cite a few examples, the glories and merits of St. Joseph, the 'saviour of the Saviour' and the next greatest saint in Heaven after Our Lady, seemed almost 'hidden' until Bl. Pope Pius IX proclaimed St. Joseph the Patron of the Church in 1870. St. Louis de Monfort's beautiful book True Devotion to Mary was lost in a coffer for well over a hundred years then discovered by accident and finally published, an event that St. Montfort predicted would happen.  St. Faustina's mission concerning Christ's Divine Mercy was almost eclipsed, then was raised up and spread throughout the Church, an event that Our Lord foretold to St. Faustina, explaining this near destruction and subsequent revival was a sign that the revelations concerning His Divine Mercy and the Age of Mercy before the Time of Justice was of His doing.

Trusting Marie-Julie's words, no doubt Henry V, his 'eclipse', his 'removal' in death, and his promised return, is following a similar pattern: he has fallen into oblivion except for a brief mention in the annals of history, but during the Chastisements and the Great Apostasy he will eventually shine forth in a triumphant reappearance just when all thought and hope of him becoming the Great Monarch is lost and believed completely impossible. Of interest, the same was also foretold about Marie-Julie: the work of the Cross would begin to spread after her death and the true greatness of La Fraudais would be made manifest in the latter times, showing her revelations were indeed the work of God. Similar to other great chosen souls, she has remained in relative obscurity, the importance of her prophecies are only coming to light once again and spreading outside of France. Of course, we are not required to believe any private revelations made by the mystics and saints, but if they are sanctioned by the Church as authentic and worthy of belief, it would be wise to pay heed to their words.


To Recap – a Summary of Henry V and the Credible Great Monarch Prophecies Point by Point:

Marie-Julie Jahenny has been given the most details about the Great Monarch and was told he would definitely be the exiled Henry V 'whom they call the Miracle Child' – note it was in the present tense she was told this, and not future tense 'they will call'.

Marie-Julie Jahenny was told she would see him reign after her death, and she died in 1941. So, the Henry V who was alive during her lifetime would be sent back. She was told seven years after he died in 1890 that the 'Miracle Child' was 'reserved for the Great Epochs', and in the same year was told by St. Michael to ask those who question the prophecies about his return if they are prophets!  All her prophecies hint to a resurrection, the 'lily' would 'resurrect', and the king was literally referred to as 'the lily' in one of her visions. 

Of interest, Sr. Marie Letaste's prophecies also hints to it too, she was told in symbolic terms regarding the monarchy of France that the tree would seem to be dead but a branch will then sprout, showing the tree to be alive. The “Ecstatic of Tours' also said in the 1870s it was the king France had rejected in her time who was the one chosen by God, and, that God did not show her any other king – this was Henry V, the Count of Chambord.  Ven. Josepha of Bourg said the exiled child Prince of the 1830s, Prince Dieudonné, (Henry V) was the chosen king and would bring the promised peace, and that St. Michael would be sent to bring him back. 

 Of interest, Our Lord told Marie-Julie when the time comes to call the king, He will send St. Michael to the 'resting place of the head of France' with a lily. "“I will send St. Michael, prince of victory, bringing the lily to the resting place of your head. You will see, day by day, I will become reconciled with you, as you flower little by little ... I will come visit you, and RAISE YOU UP MYSELF." (Sept. 18, 1877)  That could be a coded prophecy of the TOMB OF THE KING as France is several times in her visions shown as the Eldest Daughter of the Church in human form and laid in a tomb for her purification until the time is right to resurrect her, this is one of those visions.  Eventually, she appears radiant and is RESURRECTED in Marie-Julie's visions when the country at last accepts the true king.  The 'head of France' obviously refers to the true head of France, which is the King.  Remember, Our Lord said in another revelation to her that the 'lily' would 'resurrect'.  This must indicate St. Michael will be sent to his tomb when the time is right.   It all ties together.

The other major Great Monarch prophecies state he will be:

  1. The last of the French Kings, a descendant of St. Louis and would be of the Legitimist (Bourbon) line: Henry V the Count of Chambord was technically king for a few days, and the last direct descendant of the Bourbon line – the throne was never restored after his death, making him truly the last king of France.
  2. He would walk with a limp: Count of Chambord fits this with his injured leg.
  3. A leader before him, a 'father of the people', whom people would mistake to be the leader to bring back the Catholic absolute throne of France would die from a stab wound - Henry V's father was knifed to death by a Bonapartist assassin, which …..
  4. Made Henry V an orphan even before his birth: the prophecies state he would be an orphan. In the old days, if you were fatherless, you were considered an orphan. The Bible uses the term 'fatherless' to describe orphans. Also when his father died, they didn't know if the direct Bourbon line had died with him or not, until Henry's birth afterwards, hence he was called.....
  5. 'The Miracle Child' when he secured the Bourbon line – and also given the name 'Dieudonné' at baptism as already mentioned– fulfilling two prophecies the promised King to restore all was the one called 'the miracle child' and a prince named 'Dieudonné'.
  6. He would be HENRY V – (fulfilled!) Note that no other heir whoever he may be can take the number 5 – right now two other heirs with the name Henry have been born in the cadet branches of the French royal family, Henry VII in the Orleans branch recently passed away– so, no matter who comes next, unless they have Henry V as their official royal name, they cannot be the chosen king, and that has been rendered impossible in the French royal line. No heir can take that number. The Count of Chambord was Henry V, 'Prince Dieudonné', the 'Miracle Child'.
  7. He would be exiled. Henry V was exiled when his throne was stolen from him by Louis-Philippe I.
  8. The Great Monarch would descend from the royal line continuing through a brother according to the Jewish reckoning of bloodlines (Prophecy by St. Catherine Raccogni): this occurred when Louis XVI was killed and his son Louis XVII died in the Temple Prison. The French royal line eventually passed to Louis XVI's youngest brother, Charles X – Henry V's grandfather. (The Apparitions of Tilly also recognize the passing of the line to Charles X, so Henry is indeed the true heir to the French throne.)
  9. Marie-Julie was told, ALL the prophecies refer to HENRY V.
  10. Marie-Julie was also told the Great Monarch will not be from Louis-Philippe's line or any of the Orleanist branch, nor a Bonaparte, nor another Bourbon pretender (other then the named Henry V). She was also told none of the Nuandorff claimants or their descendants who claimed they were descendants of Louis XVI would be the Great Monarch. So this pretty much knocks out all the other valid pretenders to the French throne living today and also a few of the charlatans still rattling around out there! And, Louis XX does not have the right to the French throne due to the Treaty of Utrecht.
  11. A number of the Great Monarch prophecies refer to the king coming in the 1800s AND ALSO sometime in the 20th /21st centuries. Basically, several prophecies are clear in stating that the king France rejected in the 1800s will one day rule France and is still the chosen king. Henry V has fulfilled the first part, and Marie-Julie foretold how he will fulfil the rest through God's power alone. God said to her only He will be able to bring this king—no human undertaking whatsoever will be able to do it, and that would mean finding a 'hidden heir' and raising him to the throne, that is a human endeavour and can be accomplished by man. However, resurrection is the one thing left completely to God and only in God's power, and, Marie-Julie was told the miracles before and during the coming of the King would be spectacular, the like of which we will not see again until Judgement Day – the coming of the King will be like then and also the day when Christ died on the cross, meaning the dead will rise, and that those who lived to see those days would see many resurrections. Marie-Julie was informed that the miracles would be so great in order to rouse a world that refuses to believe in the supernatural.
  12. Of interest, it is predicted by Ven. Holzhauser the Great Monarch will also be known as 'God is my help' or 'my God has helped' – which is exactly what the name Lazarus means. So, there are many indications that the Great Monarch will also be a 'great Lazarus'.
  13. Also, if the idea of God literally resurrecting Henry V is too hard to credit, consider the biblical commentaries of the Servant of God, Don Dolindo Ruotolo – he wrote that the prophecies in the Bible referring to the return of Enoch and Elias, that is the two olive trees, the two candlesticks and the two witnesses in the Apocalypse, also doubled as prophecies for the arrival of the Great Monarch and Angelic Pontiff as he noted the mission of the Monarch and Pontiff will be similar to Enoch and Elias in that they will be sent to preach and convert a sinful world. The Church teaches Enoch and Elias have not died, they have been 'translated to Heaven' and miraculously kept alive for thousands of years until it is their time to come to the earth at the time of the Antichrist in order to preach and convert the wicked. The Antichrist will kill them, place their bodies for three days in public view before the Temple, then, they will be raised from the dead by God and will rise miraculously to Heaven in view of all. If we can believe this, and it is Church teaching, why is it so hard to believe God will raise a man who has been dead only a few centuries? If the prophecies of Enoch and Elias also double for the King and Pontiff, it is apparent God will work similar great miracles in their regard as He will for Enoch and Elias. And, God has indeed promised huge miracles when He plans to bring in the Age of Peace.

All the creditable prophecies so far point to Henry V the Count of Chambord and no other, (click here for all the other prophecies.)  So, the concept of a hidden heir of any kind is now out of the question, including any possible heir of Louis XVI. No matter how crazy 'resurrection' sounds, we have to keep reminding ourselves it is not about what we think, but what the prophecies reveal. Marie-Julie was told that unbelief in God and the true Faith will be so great in those days, we will need all our faith, and that also includes in our belief in the future resurrection of the dead. God will cause such great miracles in order to bring back a completely atheistic and sinful world that those who see those days will see 'many resurrections'.


Our Lord to Marie-Julie Jahenny, the last recorded ecstasy before her death in February 1941:

I will break all the obstacles and reverse all the projects of those that prevent the light to be,

France will be saved by means out of all human knowledge. God has reserved the secret for them until the last moment. I make light of the projects of men, preparing My right wonders. My Heart will be glorified throughout the earth. I appeal to confound the pride of the wicked. And the more the world will be hostile to the supernatural, the more marvellous will be the events that will confuse this negation of the supernatural.”


The Reign of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary is coming, the Great Age of Peace through the Reign of the Great Monarch of France who descends from the House of David, represented by the Fleur-de-ly of the Trinity! But not until the Chastisements pass, which is why Our Lord emphatically declared to Marie-Julie Jahenny for those who would pay attention to be prepared and to pray for the coming of the King: "I want My people warned!" 


And there shall come forth a rod out of the root of Jesse, and a FLOWER shall rise up out of his root. And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him: the spirit of wisdom, and of understanding, the spirit of counsel, and of fortitude, the spirit of knowledge, and of godliness. And he shall be filled with the spirit of the fear of the Lord. He shall not judge according to the sight of the eyes, nor reprove according to the hearing of the ears. But he shall judge the poor with justice, and shall reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: land he shall strike the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips he shall slay the wicked. And justice shall be the girdle of his loins: and faith the girdle of his reins. 
The wolf shall dwell with the lamb: and the leopard shall lie down with the kid: the calf and the lion, and the sheep shall abide together, and a little child shall lead them. The calf and the bear shall feed: their young ones shall rest together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp: and the weaned child shall thrust his hand into the den of the basilisk. They shall not hurt, nor shall they kill in all my holy mountain, for the earth is filled with the knowledge of the Lord, as the covering waters of the sea. In that day the root of Jesse, who standeth for an ensign of the people, him the Gentiles shall beseech, AND HIS SEPELCHURE SHALL BE GLORIOUS. And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand the THE SECOND TIME to possess the REMNANT OF HIS PEOPLE, which shall be left from the Assyrians, and from Egypt, and from Phetros, and from Ethiopia, and from Elam, and from Sennaar, and from Emath, and from the islands of the sea. And he shall set up a standard unto the nations, and shall assemble the fugitives of Israel, and shall gather together the dispersed of Juda from the four quarters of the earth.” (Isaiah 11: 1-11)

(The Bourbon crypt at Kostanjevica. Henry V’s tomb is on the left, in the middle.

 Photo by Viator Slovenicus, 2008. CC BY-SA 3.0    Bottom Image: Tomb of Henry V)

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