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STAY OUT OF PARIS ~"CITY of SODOM" will be destroyed through CIVIL WAR / HAIL OF FIRE

(April 6, 1877)  Our Lord: "I turned My eyes to this wicked city, ungrateful city, (Paris) are you not  built on a mountain of sins? Have you not spilled rivers of blood? In the past, you gave Me martyrs. Today, you populate Hell and depopulate Heaven. Yes, My Justice will visit you!

You, Christian families, who still bear the Cross at the bottom of your heart, the memory of My blessings, STAY AWAY FROM THIS UNGRATEFUL CITY that will PERISH BY MY JUSTICE!


(April 16, 1877) "All the sorrow of Jesus, is that the Fathers of the Church will BETRAY the Divine Saviour in the midst of the chastisements."


(April 27, 1877) "The CRIES OF ALARM AND DESPAIR rise up to Heaven. The month of the Sacred Heart (June) and My Blood (July), it will be the signal of punishment, CIVIL WAR." 

"When the government will see these changes it will be like a bird, it will fly to another country and France will be free in its revolution. It is at that moment when it will flee Paris."


(April 27, 1877) "When the government will see the turmoil and rebellion, it will be like a bird! It will take flight and go to another country and France will be free in the revolution. The first uprising will be in the city of Paris and the throne of bad kings (i.e the Republic / 'Presidential monarchy' of France) will collapse as the city and its victims will die within its walls ... Many times the flames and the fire were shown in this criminal city, but this time it will be a HAIL OF FIRE and that will smother the culprits.

Here, they will violate the Tabernacles. Here they will pursue the Fathers of the Church with rage. Many will not come out. (Many will not escape) I will receive the blood of martyrs to aid the true French to obtain the Victory. (Note: Christ considers those who are 'true' French who are faithful to the Church and the absolute monarchy established by Heaven, and not to the anti-God Republic which brought about the separation between Church and State.)

This is where the flames will devour the churches, the statue of Mary will be broken and thrown into the fire ... France will have no support for it. It will be left alone and why? Because it does not have a King."


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