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  1. Can you advise as to where one can obtain the blessed beeswax candles? Thank you.

    1. Hello! Yes, you may try on Amazon.com (marketplace sellers section), or, you may support a Catholic family in the Ukraine that makes handmade beeswax candles. (You will have to get them blessed yourself of course.)


  2. in remedy #3, what does glass of water twice blessed & twice purified mean? Exactly.....

    1. Hi - from what I can understand, Our Lord asked for two images to be placed in the water - one of his Sacred Heart, the other an image of the Cross - these two means the water is doubly-blessed. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to make sure the water is already holy water blessed by a priest.

  3. To follow up from the other thread...

    "No it need not make a difference where becoming Holy Roman Emperor is concerned because the prophecies refer first to the Great Monarch as a King of France, and, the name and number of "Henry V" indentifies him as which king from France."
    While he would be Henry V of France, technically satisfying the requirement, upon becoming HRE, he would be known by his primary title of Emperor Henry VIII, as emperors outrank kings.

    "However, the interesting thing is, the last Orleans who had a true legitimate claim to the French throne as Henry VII just died in 2019. If Henry V was to return now, (and the prophecies seem to indicate he is coming 'soon'), it would be interesting if it would be possible for him to become known as both the 5th and the 8th Henry of France, and then, the 8th Holy Roman Emperor named Henry. He could certainly hold the number 8 then, both as King of France and Emperor."

    Another interesting thing is the irony that "Henry VIII" would bear, considering Henry VIII of England. I would guess though that if Henry V was to reclaim his title, he would take on Henry V of France since he would still be the 5th person named Henry to hold the title, even if it was in different stints, as has been done before. Generally the multiple numbers feature are attributed to titles of the same rank.

    As you can probably tell, I've only recently heard about this - and find it rather fascinating, albeit with cautious skepticism. First rule of prophecies: Watch out for false ones.

    1. Yes, it would be interesting to see a Holy Emperor Henry VIII cancel out the unholy King Henry VIII of England.

      About the prophecies: the Great Catholic Monarch and Angelic Pontiff prophecies are authentic, but yes, there are false ones. I'm gradually weeding them out on another blog dedicated to the real Great Monarch and Angelic Pontiff prophecies. The fakes are not too difficult to spot when you do a little digging on them. Sadly people keep spreading them as real.

      Here is the Main Page with a prophecy event timeline made from the authentic and credible prophecies (if you haven't seen it already):


      And, here is a list of the unapproved visions, fakes, hoaxes and also accidentally misattributed texts: