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#108 D - The 30th Birthday of Marie-Julie – Our Lord Shows her the Last Cross she will Endure Before Her Death – She is Shown Her Heavenly Crown - Marie-Julie Admits Why She Does Not Want to Go Straight to Heaven but to Purgatory


#180 D – The 30th Birthday of Marie-Julie – Our Lord Shows her the Last Cross she will Endure Before Her Death – She is Shown Her Heavenly Crown - Marie-Julie Admits Why She Does Not Want to Go Straight to Heaven but to Purgatory


Ecstasy of February 12, 1880 (Source: “Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique”, Henri Boucier, pp. 82 -92)

The 30th Birthday of Marie-Julie Jahenny

(According to Henry Boucier’s text, Marie-Julie describes Our Lord sitting on His throne and the Most Holy Virgin Mary I placed next to her Son. A crowd of angels and virgins surround the glorious throne of Jesus and Mary.)

Jesus: “Now, My victim….”

Marie-Julie: “My Jesus, I would prefer another name than the one You give me! Only true servants and true perfect servants deserve this name. In me there is nothing perfect, nothing worthy, nothing capable of bearing this name.”

Jesus: “That is the chosen name!”

Marie-Julie: “I obey, my Jesus.”

Jesus: “My victim, I have come to speak to you three words.”

Marie-Julie: “My Love, whatever you want! But I am not worthy of it, Jesus!”

Jesus: “My victim, it is today that I write on this Cross that I hold on My Heart, it is today that I write the last word of love that My tenderness will give you.”

Marie-Julie: “O my Jesus! My Treasure, my Love, what is there in my soul that is worthy of receiving another gift, another name than the first?”

Jesus: “My victim, it is the portion (sharing) of My Love, it is all My tenderness that gives you this name.” (Then Our Lord Jesus Christ holding the Cross on His Divine Heart, Bright Cross, High Cross, Cross made golden by the love of His wounds, continued): “Here is your share and your reward, here is the last Cross, the one which contains all the gifts of My tenderness! Here is your pyre, here is the bed of love’s death.” (And with tenderness and love, He adds:) Do you accept this Cross, My victim, as a pledge of love and eternal union?”

(i.e. it appears He has shown her the last sufferings she would endure near her death as a victim soul.)

Marie-Julie: “My Jesus, I accept it with all the pledge of Your love.”

Jesus: “Do you accept it, My spouse?”

Marie-Julie: “Oh my Jesus, I don’t deserve this name which only belongs to the elect!”

Jesus: “Do you accept this Cross that I present to you with complete and perfect submission?”

Marie-Julie: “Oh, my Jesus, I accept it with the same happiness as if you gave the whole of heaven as a possession!”

Jesus: “Do you accept it, My spouse, this Cross, as a future deliverance and a future separation from this place of suffering?”

Marie-Julie: “I accept it, my Love, I accept it joyfully, as the Heart of my dear Mother accepted this death for my redemption.” (I.e. as willingly as Our Lady accepted Christ’s death on the cross),

Jesus: “Here is written on this Cross the fidelity of your soul and your heart forever.”

Marie-Julie: “Yes, my Love, forever, inseparably!”

Jesus: “This Cross, My victim, contains all the beauty, all the simplicity, all the candor of your thirty years.”

Marie-Julie: “In these thirty years of (my) traveling on this desolate earth, I cannot find a single action well done enough to give You thanks for a life so long without having loved, passed (through) without having suffered, (closing?) without having done nothing for You.”

(i.e. she sees all her imperfections and to where she observes it is as if she has done nothing for Our Lord for all her thirty years!)

She continues: “Adorable Jesus, our Love, enters the interior of the Cross and shows me thirty bouquets of flowers retaining all their freshness of perfume and color. I myself have only tarnished them with all my meritless life! Jesus shows me the bouquet that begins the year, it is the biggest, the most perfect and the most complete. ‘This,’ He said, ‘is what I am offering you today. I put it on My heart.’ He places it in the Cross to crown the thirty years.”

Jesus: “My victim, I leave it in the Cross; it is full, it is full.”

Marie-Julie: “I search and look to see if there is another vase of love to put in another bouquet. I only find filled vases, I do not even see a place next to these vases to place another bouquet there.”

(Our Lord Jesus Christ smiles, looks up towards the eternal homeland and says): “This other bouquet is not here. Its place is not in the Cross. This bouquet will not be picked in the garden where the others are. Rejoice with Him who invites you!”

Marie-Julie: “My Jesus, my joy is immense. My happiness is without dimension and without depth!” Jesus says to me, with extreme love and an ineffable smile: “My victim, here is the time and the solemn moment when the great and perfect total transformation will be accomplished on earth, in the midst of the triumphs and the songs of joy, in the midst of the canticles and the phalanxes of immortal glory.”

Marie-Julie continues: “My Love, to go to the divine altar, deign to sanctify me; my Love, deign to make worthy the most wretched and the last of all Your creatures.”

Jesus: “I have sanctified, I have prepared, I have adorned: there is nothing more left than to celebrate on the high altar the sublime ceremony of joyfulness, of sublime transformation. Keep this word in your soul, like the lily always fresh and always blooming in the love of the adorable Spouse…. You will be My spouse wounded by the fire of Love, you will be the martyr of Divine Love! It is the moment of the interior and exterior martyrdom; it is the moment of great martyrdom! Do you remember dying or suffering and still remained? What did you answer Me?”

Marie-Julie: “I knew well that my time was set, but having tasted the happiness of suffering, having seen Your bleeding wounds and so many sins to atone for, I asked You to live again.”

Jesus: “My victim, five years ago – around this time minus a few days, I left you, My victim. Now that time is almost over.” (i.e. the extra time she asked for.)

Marie-Julie: “My Love, You did not make me see the length of the years during which I had to suffer for our sins.”

Jesus: “No, My victim, in relation to the paternal love of My goodness, I see this length veiled, I see it hidden. Now I’ll let you see.”

Marie-Julie: “And Jesus shows me the era written with His Blood and Love, saying to me:

(Jesus:) ‘This is the length of the years that must pass since the moment you preferred to stay to suffer. Since that solemn moment, you became the lightning rod of sinners, especially of this poor beloved kingdom of the Heart of My Mother.” (I.e France.)

Marie-Julie: “My Jesus, I am not tired. That Your kinds of martyrdoms for these men redeemed so dearly. They remained as if in peace under this lightning rod of charity. The grace that I saw sent to them, their hearts were not opened to receive it. They did not understand the special grace of my love.”

(i.e. apparently, Marie-Julie sees the sinners that were spared through her victim sufferings up to then, it was as if she was a lightning rod taking the punishments of God and sheltering them from His wrath, but, they still resist God’s graces sent to them, and they don’t understand the graces she earned for them.

Our Lady next speaks next. This dialogue will sound strange at first, but I will attempt to explain: this is one of those examples where the context has to be looked at closely, and other ecstasies have to be taken into account, or things could be seriously taken out of context.)

Our Lady: “If I had to think to separate myself from you by death, my pain would be that of Calvary.”

Marie-Julie: “My dear Mother, be rather happy because, if by staying here for a long time I were to make my Jesus suffer, your punishment would be double.”

Our Lady: “I cannot console myself! Oh! Separated from you on earth! To not come down to this place so often!”

Marie-Julie: “Yes, my good Mother! Every day, if you want, you can go down there!”

Our Lady: “You will no longer be here!”

(POSSIBLE EXPLANATION: Our Lady enters into an unusual dialogue about being ‘unhappy’ when Marie-Julie passes away and will no longer be on the earth. This does not mean she is unhappy that she will finally enter her eternal rest, but, we see in a future ecstasy (May 10, 1904), Our Lady shows her loved ones the depths of her love in an extra special way by leaving the glories of heaven to come visit them on earth.

In the May 10th 1904 ecstasy Marie-Julie asks Our Lady to take her with her to paradise, she answers her;

(Our Lady) “My daughter, I’m not about to take you to heaven! My happiness is to come down here near you and, if you die, I will be deprived of this joy!”

This seems like an odd answer, since if Marie-Julie was taken to heaven she would be with Our Lady, so how could Our Lady be deprived of the joy of seeing her? Henry Boucier has added some context to this by pointing out what St. Padre Pio once said about Marie-Julie, and also what Our Lady told him regarding her visits to him, which I will include here, although I have not yet found the date when this occurred:

Padre Pio, upon receiving Madame Petit, the guardian of Marie-Julie, said to her: “Marie-Julie, on earth, she seemed only a humble violet”. Jesus promised to take him, (I.e Padre Pio) to the earth to visit with the friends of the Cross. Our Lady herself constantly showed her love for him: 'I love you,' she said (to St. Pio), 'since I leave heaven to come see you and talk to you every day!'”

So, Our Lady would be deprived of the joy of making an act of love and also be deprived of showing the depths of her love by not being able to leave the absolute bliss of Heaven to visit Marie-Julie on this sad earth! Love is an action, and love gives. Remember Our Lady didn’t simply stay alone and bask in the news of learning she was to be the Mother of God, she quickly went to visit Elizabeth as well when she heard she was miraculously favoured by God as well. Therefore, imagine how much she must love us indeed considering all the times she has left Heaven to warn and encouraged us through her approved apparitions! This is what she seems to be saying here – she would be deprived of this great happiness in leaving heaven to see Marie-Julie on earth once Marie-Julie dies.)

(Continuation of the ecstasy of February 12, 1880):

Marie-Julie: “My memory will remain there (I.e at La Fraudais); all my friends will stay there, my good Mother!”

Our Lady: “My dear child, coming down, finding the pyre of the Cross empty.”

Marie-Julie: “Oh, my dear Mother! The Cross will be there, more precious than the dust wherein – it’s true – my immortal soul (currently) lives.”

Our Lady: “When going down, to no longer find a generous soul or heart, consumed with charity, ready to suffer as soon as my Son threatens.”

(OBSERVATION: here we also see Our Lady is sad that such a generous victim soul will not be on earth anymore, someone so willing to offer themselves as soon as Our Lord begins to threaten the chastisements and thereby delay them.)

Marie-Julie: “My Mother, from heaven, it is much easier to obtain this dear Love than on earth.”

Our Lady: “My dear child, seeing the shelter of the sinner collapse where my Heart has so often come to ask for sacrifices….”

(NOTE: not sure if this is referring to Marie-Julie’s death, and / or perhaps a prophecy her little cottage will come to ruin and nearly collapse before the promised renewal and construction of the sanctuary? There is indication in Henry Boucier's book that such a prophecy was made, that the cottage would disappear or become a ‘tomb’. I shall quote what Boucier says about the cottage and those who knew Marie-Julie and spoke with her, etc.

(Boucier): “Miss Trioullier tells us that, in May 1947, Marie-Julie's cottage was temporarily closed, the roof having holes in several places. Later, it was the Cluzeau family, from Vitré, who paid for a new roof. In a letter to Mademoiselle Jambu, Mademoiselle Trioullier relates a word from Marie-Julie to Mademoiselle Imbert, the daughter of the Grenoble doctor who so well described Marie-Julie's case (I.e the doctor who declared the stigmata authentic): "Everything will disappear! Everything will disappear!" And Mademoiselle Imbert adds: "The cottage will be a tomb, afterward will be the triumph. I think that the tomb of France and that of Fraudais will go hand in hand." (pg. 170)”

(Continuing with the ecstasy:)

Marie-Julie: “Oh! My Mother, the sacrifices of heaven are more beautiful and more perfect than those of earth!”

Our Lady: “My dear beloved child, choose in my Heart your last testament.”

Marie-Julie: “I don’t know what to choose…. For my eternal testament, I choose for my part your chaste virginity without stain, this is my testament!”

Our Lady: “From this moment, my daughter, I give you the right to possess it with all its sublime beauties. What will you choose in my dearest Son, your heavenly Spouse?”

Marie-Julie: My Mother, I chose His Cross a long time ago.”

Our Lady: “Today is a new testament.”

Marie-Julie: “My Mother, I don’t know yet. When I am in my Treasure, I will search.” (i.e. she seems to mean when entering the Divine Heart of Christ.)

Our Lady: “What are you going to do for the father victims chosen by love? What will you choose as a testament in your heart?”

(I.e. this apparently is in reference to specific priests who were described as fellow victims with her in her mission of the Cross: first, Père David, her confessor and spiritual director. Second, possibly Bishop Fournier who was also considered a ‘victim’ in some texts, her local bishop who favoured her cause, and third, another priest who is not identified in the texts.)

Marie-Julie: “My Mother, I am not worthy of it, but I obey all the same! I choose for them the center of my virginal heart which served as a home, a sanctuary, a throne, to the God of Love, my good Mother.”

Our Lady: “For all your brothers and sisters?”

Marie-Julie: “My good Mother, I am afraid of not choosing well…. I’d rather it be you!”

Our Lady: “Choose from my Heart!”

Marie-Julie: “My good mother, I choose for my testament all the kindness and all the protection of Your maternal Heart for all.”

Our Lady: “Me dear child, what are you most thirsty for?”

Marie-Julie: “Yes, my dear Mother, I thirst for a great torrent, I thirst for my Jesus, I thirst for His Love, I thirst for His Divine Body and of His Precious Blood! This thirst cannot be quenched, nor even be moderate its ardor, my good Mother.”

(Note by Henry Boucier: Throughout this scene, Marie-Julie sobs.)

Our Lady: “To console you, my dear child, my most dear Son, in a short time, on the road to Calvary, will come and give Himself to your soul.”

Marie-Julie: “O my dear Mother, I am very happy. Thank you! Deo gratias!

Our Lady: “Console yourself, you don’t have long to wait. In the road of Calvary, descending from the heavens, piercing the walls of your solitary prison, under the radiance of His ravishing majesty, He will give Himself to your soul.”

Marie-Julie: “Oh, my Mother, I thank you, but I have not lost all desire. It is my Jesus of the most holy tabernacle that I desire!” (I.e. she was hungering for the Holy Eucharist. Apparently, this was around the time she was refused the sacraments. We can see in the next line Our Lady confirms she cannot hope for the local vicar in Blain to bring her Holy Communion.)

Our Lady: “My dear child, I love you! All my tenderness is for you! Do not hope in the father who hears your confessions, do not expect anything, do not hope for anything from him! (Note from Henry Boucier: this is Father Rabine, vicar in Blain.)

Marie-Julie: “Good Mother, it’s still very hard!”

Our Lady: “But wait for his hopelessness, heaven is rich! Wait for that mysterious repast! Wait for Easter with confidence!”

(OBSERVATION: ‘But wait for his hopelessness’ - this seems to mean that the vicar of Blain’s resistance will be brought down to nothing, he will find it hopeless to resist against the divine plan regarding Marie-Julie. Our Lady then tells her that in its turn Heaven is rich in graces and favours during this time of persecution, and to wait with confidence.)

Marie-Julie: “I also wait with confidence, my dear Mother!”

Our Lady: “Your greatest thirst is that of your Spouse.”

Marie-Julie: “Yes, my good Mother, I thirst with many desires, I thirst for love, I thirst for suffering, I thirst for contempt, regrets, pain, sacrifices, obedience, humility and charity. I long to be reunited with my Beloved!”

Our Lady: “Oh! I love you, my dear child!”

Marie-Julie: “I love you also, my good Mother, you are my soul and my heart!”

Our Lady: “My dear child, look at this dial on which all the Christian vows are written.”

(I.e. it appears she shows Marie-Julie her life with her vows and promises laid out on a symbolical sun dial.)

Marie-Julie: “My Mother, for a long time this point which bears the distinction of our existence has been advancing rapidly under the eternal Sun.”

Our Lady: “Are you not afraid of death, my dear child?”

Marie-Julie: “No, my good Mother, I see it as sweet dew which, from the earth, makes us enjoy eternal happiness. Why should I fear it? Good Mother of Heaven, it has nothing that makes it frightening, nothing that appears to cause fear.”

Our Lady: “Dear child, it will be under the sky of a beautiful day that it will descend, singing with joy the song of deliverance!”

Marie-Julie: “O my dear Mother, I would like to sing with it! If our heart and our tongue are frozen, our immortal soul can sing in place of the earth which remains lifeless.” (I.e. her soul will sing even if her lifeless body will not be able to.)

Our Lady: “My dear child, look at this rise, this ladder which leads to happiness.”

Marie-Julie: “May I already join with this ladder and bring it closer to my ardent desire, my good mother!”

Our Lady: “My dear child, look what shines brightly in hands of the virgins!”

Marie-Julie: “Oh! My good mother! I see a beautiful diadem, an immortal crown, but it’s not for me, I haven’t deserved it, I haven’t yet earned a single pearl!”

Our Lady: “It is all finished, all that remains is to bless it and place it at the altar of the feast!”

Marie-Julie: “It’s not for me, my good Mother! I want one of thorns to take with me to my tomb. This is my choice, my good Mother of Heaven!”

Our Lady: “My dear child, below the crown of thorns, heaven will place a more beautiful one on your forehead, a more beautiful one formed of halos and love.”

Our Lady: “I will come, my dear child, to take you by the hand, to lead you to the altar where the nuptial mass will be celebrated by the Eternal Spouse.”

Marie -Julie: “Oh my dear Mother, how will I manage to go all unworthy and all miserable, without having anything to offer to my Jesus?”

Our Lady: "My dear child, your dress is prepared, your cloak and your veil, everything is ready; all that remains is to bless them."

Marie-Julie: “Oh my good Mother, I will go to the wedding, a feast of love, with my habit of the third order of Saint Francis, blessed by Mr. Fournier!”

Our Lady: “Your father bishop will also be present,” said the Holy Virgin weeping, “but you will come with your wedding dress.” (I.e. this is a prediction Bishop Fournier would be in Heaven.)

Marie-Julie: “I want my habit of a tertiary!” (i.e. Marie-Julie was a Third Order Franciscan and wanted to also wear this at the heavenly nuptials.)

Our Lady: “Yes, you will have it too.”

Marie-Julie: “Thank you for saying yes!”

Our Lady: “And you will be freed from this mortal life of trials and sacrifices, introduced into heaven, in perfect peace.”

My good Mother, I don't want to go to heaven right away. I want to go to purgatory.”

Our Lady: “For what purpose, my dear child, if your darling Spouse finds you worthy? He calls you and He invites you.”

Marie-Julie: “I won’t go right away, my good Mother. I will turn right. I know where purgatory is.”

Our Lady: “What would you do?”

Marie-Julie: “Suffer, my good Mother, with my brothers, my sisters, with all the dear souls who are there.”

Our Lady: “To Heaven, my dear child!”

Marie-Julie: “Oh my good Mother, you will let me go all the same. Here is the cause: you love the souls in purgatory so much that I want to go there too.”

Our Lady: “My dear child, your sweet simplicity pleases me!”

Marie-Julie: “My good Mother, I am very bold with you!”

Our Lady: “What do you ask of me?”

Marie-Julie: “My Mother, many things! I first need my salvation, the grace to do it. This is my greatest martyrdom, my good Mother.”

Our Lady: “You have it, my daughter, it is assured!”

Marie-Julie: “Oh good Mother, you who know the greatness of sacrifices, see mine too!”

Our Lady: “It is because that he was great that he amassed very great rewards.”

(i.e. she seems to be speaking in the manner of a proverb (?) – those who do great things amass great rewards.)

Marie-Julie: “You who can do everything, good Mother, give me my Jesus, prisoner in the tabernacle! … If Jesus had only given Himself to a partial (number of) souls, I would say nothing, because I would be among those who would not deserve this grace. He gave Himself to everyone equally. He didn't separate a single one. See how great my pain is! He put Himself in the form of an adorable host to give Himself to all equally... He put Himself in all our churches, and all the faithful can approach Him. This is why I would like to participate in this Divine happiness, in this joy of the angels... Love consumes me and ignites me in its delicious fires. My Mother, see my martyrdom, take pity on it!”

Our Lady: “Mu children, it is the time of crosses, it is the time of suffering, and the time of atonement. It is the times of menaces. But time is stronger than hell. Time will vomit out the henchmen of hell. I have in my Heart the flower that I keep and that I look at with a smile. This flower, it is the mouth which repeats this sweet and consoling word.”

(OBSERVATION: ‘But time is stronger than hell’ – Our Lady is not saying not that time lasts forever and hell does not, rather, she is reminding that hell’s plans are of a certain duration on this earth, hell is not granted all time on earth – we have the promised Age of Peace to look forward to. In this sense ‘time is stronger than hell’ because hell has only been granted a short duration of time to do its worst, but this duration won’t last forever.)

Marie-Julie: “The lily and its freshness floated on my cradle; they will float on my tomb.”

Our Lady: “It is this heart that I keep, that I esteem, this heart which will only be one heart with all my true and faithful children. I bless you all!”

Marie-Julie: “I ask for graces for my victim fathers, in particular for the good father of Nort sur Erdre (the priest Guimard), all the graces for his Lent and his entire parish, and above all a big golden thank you for the precious favour that his father's heart gave me; for all the other fathers, for their Lent, their entire parish and their recommendations, all the graces in reward for the blessings they have so often given me (fruitfulness of blessings). Bless all the victim fathers and also the fathers of l’Etoile and Providence (I.e Fr. Vanutelli and Fr. Daurelle); for all the dear fathers and sisters, their families and their children.”

Jesus: “I spread my adorable blessing on everyone and that of my holy Mother who will accompany Mine.”


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TABLE OF CONTENTS:  The Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny




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#108 C – A Christmas Vision: Marie-Julie Jahenny is Given Gifts by Our Lady and the Child Jesus – Prophecy of the Nail and Her Miraculously Perfumed Heart





Ecstasy date, Christmas Night (Dec. 25) 1879

(Source: “Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique”, Henri Boucier, pp. 165-166)

Marie-Julie Jahenny: “I felt in my soul a great warmth of love which set me ablaze. I felt my soul leave and go into the middle of a multitude of angels who were going to the Divine cradle. When I was at the cradle of the Holy Infant, I felt this same conflagration, as I have rarely experienced. Immediately, the Holy Infant said to His Good Mother:

  'Give me, Good Mother, the beautiful garment that you and I have prepared!' 

 The Holy Virgin gave me a white dress, and the little Jesus put a white cloak over my shoulders. He said to me: 

‘I want to rest on your heart, in your arms!’ 

I wanted to save myself, (I.e. prevent this from happening) and not take Him, because I was not worthy. He said to me:

 ‘Stay there, I want you to carry me!’ 

 I started crying; His little hand wiped my tears and there, in a cradle of flames, I received the Holy Infant Jesus. I held Him in my hands and His adorable little head was leaning over my heart. As I held Him, He ran His hands over my cheeks. He placed a little kiss, there, in the middle of my forehead. Afterwards, He had a gold nail in His right hand. He put it like that, directly on my heart, and He said to me: 

'One day, this same gold nail will remain engraved where I apply it. At the place of this nail, it will come out of the tomb before the resurrection.’

 I don’t know what that means and I didn’t ask Him.

 ‘The wonders of perfume,’ He said to me,’ during your life will be the same after death.”


(OBSERVATIONS: Apparently, Our Lord and Our Lady prepared her betrothal gown and have given it as a Christmas gift earlier than expected? She is also shown the nail that will piece her heart in the future spiritual betrothal. It is noted during her life that her body would emanate heavenly perfumes. Several other ecstasies also give predictions about her heart that would happen after her death, and, that she would be found incorrupt. In this ecstasy, it is foretold her body will be exhumed before the last day, i.e. the resurrection, and as a miraculous sign, the same perfumes that were witnessed during her lifetime would once again come from her heart.)



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 TABLE OF CONTENTS: The Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny 

Thursday 2 November 2023

#165 B - The Charity of the Souls in Purgatory – Importance of the Due Respect and Attentiveness Expected of the Priest when Saying Masses for the Dead – Holy Souls we Help Release from Purgatory will Intercede for Us at Our Death and Protect us from Satan's Last Attacks


Ecstasy date November 14, 1905

(Source: “Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique”, Henri Boucier, pp. 272-274)

Our Lady: “The souls of Purgatory are admirable, confirmed in grace. Their patience in their tortures is always equal. Their ardent desire is the longing to see their Divine Spouse. In this holy place, they recognize each other, they often console each other because they see the sorrows, the pain, the suffering of those they have left behind. They also see the ingratitude of those (i.e. on earth), the complete forgetfulness of those souls they left behind in the midst of tears and who had promised not to forget them.”

(OBSERVATION: in the next section Our Lady gives an example of what it is like for the souls in Purgatory).

Two souls are side by side; There's only one hour left for purification (for one of them): 'What joy! Only one hour left and I will see the Divine Spouse face to face, full of tenderness, whom I glimpsed during my judgment!´ The other still has three months of suffering left. It is not alone; this soul has lost several of their loved ones who preoccupy them, who form the basis of their concern. They cry, they as themself: 'Where is my father? I haven't met him!' Or else, it's a brother: 'I didn't hear his voice!' The one who goes (i.e. is released to heaven) says to them: 'My sister, courage!' Your father is here. He is not in the same place as us. We are in the place where souls complete their purification of the slightest imperfection. My sister, look at this oven, this dark prison! It is immense, it is an expanse that our eyes have difficulty defining and plunging to the bottom, on all sides without width.´

If you could see, my dear children, what tender charity! And this soul who is soon going to heaven adds: 'Do not cry, beloved sister! When I am in heaven, by the grace of the Divine Spouse, I will inspire my dear benefactors to pray to transform your three months into three weeks!' Sometimes as soon as the judgment is made, Jesus says: 'Dear soul, it is for six months that you have condemned yourself to suffer.' The Holy Virgin Mary is there, St. Joseph, the Guardian angel, the patron saints who say: ´O Divine Son, O Divine Spouse, if the good souls of the earth are multiplied, (i.e. if enough good souls pray for them) you will shorten the expiation!´ And Jesus responds: 'To the extent of the holiness of prayers, to the extent of indulgences well earned, to the extent of the Holy Sacrifice worthily celebrated! But the priest must think many times about the soul for whom he is celebrating. His thought in the holy mysteries will (then) have a double fruit.'   Often, many souls still remain (in Purgatory) because the Holy Sacrifice is celebrated sometimes without even a thought for the soul for which they pray, for whom they apply all the merits of the holy Passion. Oh! They will pay dearly for these distractions, these failures of faith at the holy altar! They don't think about their responsibility.

During this entire month dedicated to these dear prisoner souls, (November) I assure you that heaven has crowned an innumerable multitude of these holy souls. (i.e. many are released during this month.) Rejoice in it! In heaven, the first request they make, after thanking my Divine Son, myself and my holy spouse Joseph, is to ask for the graces to assist you in your life and especially on your deathbed. They beg Divine Love. They ask Him to come and get you, you who opened the gates of heaven to them with the Immaculate Queen ... ”

Jesus: “I grant it to you, even before the last breath. ...

(NOTE: i.e. He grants the request of the released souls, even before the last breath of the person they are interceding for. The next lines seem to be Our Lord's directions to the souls in Heaven we help to release from Purgatory – He tells them to help us in our last moments and they will be a fortress for us against Satan's last attacks upon our souls as we come before our Judgement).

Jesus: “ ... Approach the souls that I love, you will make them feel the grace that you carry. You will be a fortress against the last struggles of Satan who will not leave them before arriving at the Holy Tribunal. There he will try again, but he is pushed back to the bottom of the abyss.”

Our Lady: “My beloved children, you who have the consolation of knowing those you love are happy, (i.e. for those who may have received the signal graces of knowing their family members souls are saved), (also remember to)  pray for the souls who no longer have anyone of their own on earth! Because often, these poor souls don't have a prayer (said for them). Finally, let the charity of my dear children think about this. If you saw them in Heaven, these radiant and resplendent souls! (i.e if we could only pictured them released from Purgatory and as saints interceding on our behalf, this should excite our charity for them even further.)  They are suns, globes of love and beauty. The soul is reflected in these braziers, as if the Face of Jesus were encompassed in a sun. They are splendors of glory, all bearing the palm. It is according to how they pleased the Divine Spouse. Sometimes it is the palm of the cross, sometimes it is the palm of love, sometimes it is a torch of love, sometimes it is a luminous book. In these pure souls, all the lights, all the knowledge are arranged. These dear souls (in Purgatory) are much more with you (i.e closer to you) than they were on earth. They see your crosses, your pains, nothing is hidden from them. They have a clear vision of all your tenderness for them and, in blessing you, they bless you with me.”



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Sunday 15 October 2023

168 B - Marie-Julie Jahenny Prays for A Good Death – A Short Daily Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory that Will Release a Soul Each Time it is Said: This Prayer will also Sanctify those Who Say it and Apparently Promises a Happy Death




Ecstasy November 13, 1919

(Source: “Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique”, Henri Boucier, pp. 271-272)

Marie-Julie Jahenny: “Good Mother, give me a sweet, holy and pure death on the virginal pillow of purity of your Immaculate Heart!”

Our Lady: “My little children, you will pray this beautiful prayer to me every day.  It is very short but it delights me, it transports me, it delights the whole of heaven, and it consoles the blessed:

I now unite with all the angels and all the saints to deliver those souls who had such little desire to see you, who worked so little to conform to the desire of thy Divine union!”

Each time, I will smile at you and I will take from Purgatory a beautiful soul that I will introduce to heaven; a soul who has lived holy and pious and to whom some imperfection still remains. It is a little prayer that will sanctify you on the pillow of my Immaculate Heart, it is this little prayer that will deliver the souls of Purgatory who have lived in purity but remain imperfect. I have introduced a good number of them, crowned with glory; they pray for you and love you. Have this great charity. Offer your exercises of piety for the poor abandoned souls, poor souls who suffer without being relieved by their poor parents. Let souls arise from their dark fury, and I carry them into the heavens to the eternal Throne to be crowned. There are so many forgotten, abandoned souls! I promise to come with them to look for you on earth.

(OBSERVATIONS: Marie-Julie had asked for the grace of a pure death on the 'pillow' of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that is, with her head resting on her Immaculate Heart like a child with its mother, and, Our Lady said by this prayer we can sanctify ourselves on the 'pillow' of her Heart. Therefore, helping the Holy Souls this way obviously ensures a pure and happy death Marie-Julie asked for.   Also, it is interesting Our Lady mentions the souls of forgotten children, apparently, parents who have lost children don't think to pray for them, perhaps thinking they are 'innocent angels already', but we cannot judge. Many souls are left in abandonment in Purgatory because people do not pray for them, or think certain souls are in 'no need' of prayers! We have to beware of that and remember to pray for all who have died.)

Our Lady: “I return to the great joy I have through you holy prayers, the fruits of your Holy Communions, of your work in the duty of (your) state (in life), of your pain and your sufferings. I bring them to my Divine Son. He doubles them with grace and blessings; and I then carry them into the holy place of atonement. (Purgatory). I pour out all these graces on the holy souls closest to heaven. If you only saw the joy and gratitude of those closest to heaven! (Who are released?) It is a joy that resounds throughout heaven:

'Thank you, dear benefactors, liberators! Thank you, kind souls! When you come to share our happiness, we will come to meet you, we will witness your glorious coronation, and we will give you the eternal kiss of peace.'

Think of yours that I have crowned! These beautiful souls smile at you from heaven to earth.” (I.e. 'yours' - souls either related to us, or whom we knew on earth.)




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Sunday 8 October 2023

#159 B - The Graces of the Brown Scapular – Graces for the Souls In Purgatory who Wear the Brown Scapular – The Sufferings In Purgatory and the Various Means to Help the Holy Souls.


(NOTE: I have discovered the previous post regarding the power of the Mass was only a short clip taken from the text dated July 16, 1901. I have found more of this text, and, this reference to the Mass was made at the end of a discourse on the Brown Scapular and Purgatory, so, I have made a new additional post featuring this part of the text. Of interest, this ecstasy encouraging more devotion to the Brown Scapular is proof the Purple Scapular shown to Marie-Julie was never meant to replace the Brown.)


UPDATE: (New section added here to this post February 11, 2024)

  It is a pity Henry Boucier did not keep this text together in his book, I've just found it and now and so I am placing it here in the proper sequence.) 



Ecstasy of July 16, 1901 – The Graces of the Brown Scapular - Our Lady Confirms the Promise of Salvation and Mentions Extra Graces She Grants at the Moment of Death for Those Devoted to this Scapular

(Source: “Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique”, Henri Boucier, p. 184)

Marie-Julie: “I salute You, O Queen of Heaven, Our Lady of Mount Carmel! I salute You, all radiant with beauty, with goodness and with glory! I salute You in union with all of heaven prostrate at Your feet who repeats to you the eternal ‘Magnificat’ that the earth cannot understand.”

Our Lady: “My children, it is the Queen of Heaven Who comes to visit you by her graces and her presence. I come to speak with you and console you.”

Marie-Julie: “Our Lady bears on her chest the scapular of Mount Carmel. It is nothing but light and splendour, like a sun shining with all kinds of rays. I see a multitude of souls wearing the scapular on their chest.”

Our Lady: “My children, if you only knew what protection, what graces this precious habit spreads in souls! I present to Satan this holy image: it is enough to make him let go (of a soul) at the moment of death. I assist them all and, often, I obtain for them in their last moments immense graces which shorten years of purgatory. I have never allowed a soul who has worn it all its life to perish and fall prey to Satan. My breast is its last pillow. (i.e. the dying soul has the grace to rest their head on the Immaculate Heart). This is where I support it. This is where I remind it of the sufferings of the Passion of my Divine Son and my maternal love at the foot of the cross. I myself close the eyelids of my consecrated children. I clothe the soul with the holy habit of my purity, to present it to my Divine Son.”



(Continuation) Ecstasy date July 16, 1901

(Source: “Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique”, Henri Boucier, pp. 269-271)

Marie-Julie: “My good Mother, before going into communicating our intentions and our needs that we have on earth, I ask you to grant us the grace of Saturday, of the Sabbatine Privilege, to all of us, the friends of the Cross.

(i.e. the Sabbatine Privilege is an additional grace revealed by Our Lady for those who wear the Brown Scapular: those who wear the Brown Scapular and fulfil the extra requests to receive this privilege will be released from Purgatory on the first Saturday after their death. Marie-Julie seems to be asking for this grace for those who are friends of the Cross, which usually means those who support the mission that has been revealed by Heaven to her. I do not want to try and read too much into this, but it seems she is asking that they may receive this privilege even if they don't manage to fulfil the necessary obligations attached to the Scapular for it. So, she is asking for a big request! It is hard to tell if Our Lady grants this, as it seems she speaks generally of the Saturday grace. Maybe this polite evasiveness is a 'no'! The conditions have to be fulfilled.)

Our Lady: “My children, often this favour is granted on the Saturday after the departure of the soul. I introduce many souls into heaven, but others are a little further away. However, always on Saturday, I have special tenderness to introduce my children into the beautiful heaven of eternal love.”

Marie-Julie: “My good Mother, do the faithful who wear the Brown Scapular stay in purgatory for a long time?”

Our Lady: “My children, sometimes at the end of Friday, I introduce my elect the following Saturday. Sometimes it is only fifteen days before; sometimes, for less pious souls to honour me on Saturday, I leave them for a month. But this fire is not very severe. Their greatest suffering is to see the beauty which charmed them, dazzled them, delighted them, this holy Face of Jesus which flooded them with delight.

My children, I cannot give these great graces to the souls who wear my holy scapular with so much indifference and carelessness and, often, leave it aside. I suffer from this contempt, and the torment of these souls in Purgatory is very great, very painful because of this abuse.”

(OBSERVATION: it appears Our Lady gives the various degrees she can help release a soul in Purgatory depending on how devoted they were to her and the Brown Scapular. Those who were devoted and fulfilled the conditions for the Sabbatine Privilege are released on the Saturday as promised. Others, while not fulfilling the Privilege conditions but were devoted to Our Lady get a shorter sentence in Purgatory, others, who are less devoted to her may remain a month. Also, it seems those who died with some fervour of devotion to Our Lady suffer less from the fire there. In all, the graces we gain depend on our faith and fervour. She cannot give much help to those who are cold and indifferent to her, or treat the scapular with indifference, and do not habitually wear it. The worst pain the souls have Purgatory is after seeing the Adorable Face of Jesus, they are unable to enter Heaven and are separated from Him until they are purified.)

Marie-Julie: “Good Mother, grant us more and more this devotion to your holy scapular! Tell us if, in this fire which is not cruel for us, the desire to repay Jesus brings about a respite for negligent souls.”

Our Lady: “My children, Purgatory, it is a day without night, without rest for the soul which purifies itself there. The soul must have a day without night. The flames must penetrate its immortal being.”

(i.e. There is no rest there. Workers on earth can work at night from the their labours, but in Purgatory there is no period of time for rest or repose. And, the souls cannot help themselves, they must be purified.)

Marie-Julie: “Does the soul praise Our Lord Jesus Christ during this time?”

Our Lady: “The soul praises Him in itself through ardent desires to enjoy His presence.”

Marie-Julie: “Its praises must soften the fire that purifies it...”

(I.e. it seems Marie-Julie is wondering that surely, such praise earns some relief for the soul? Either Marie-Julie herself is still trying to grasp the state of helplessness of the souls there with regard to themselves, or, she might be asking this for the benefit of the witnesses present so they can hear an answer?)

Our Lady: “The soul thus restrained has admirable patience. The soul knows that this time of purification must be accomplished. It adores the Will which makes it suffer to deserve the reward. The time seems long to the soul, because of its ardent desire to see Jesus. The more it advances towards heaven, the more its desire increases, the more it is purified, the more the soul's desires for heaven cause its torments.”

Marie-Julie: “The souls of Purgatory must not be sad despite their sufferings to purify them?”

Our Lady: “My beloved children, go and enter these furnaces where the heat is excessive. Without being led by Jesus, myself and Joseph, a soul by itself could not resist it. This gentle presence is necessary so that souls can endure these burning heats. I assure you that, every morning, the freshness of the Blood of my Divine Son always falls on these souls, as many pray for them. This drop of the Adorable Blood softens the fire so much! Often I pass through this place of suffering. I approach the foyers where all souls are purified. I ask them: 'Did you feel a little freshness?' And they answer me: 'Oh! Heavenly Mother, look to the degree to which the holy mysteries have elevated us! We were on the burning stone of the hearth, and the holy sacrifice (i.e. the Mass?) brought us more than halfway up the path of purification.' If souls are on the surface (of Purgatory) (above) of their past deep pain, all it takes is a few more prayers. Then, they leave the fiery hearth to immerse themselves in eternal freshness.

Often, the crown of 'Ave' of a rosary (i.e. a rosary said for a depart soul) makes the soul fly to heaven. Only one Communion, (i.e. offered for a soul), and the soul white as my purity flies into the bosom of the Eternal. Often, it takes even less than an invocation, a 'Pater' (Our Father) or an 'Ave' (Hail Mary) in honour of the holy (brown) scapular. It is an immense wealth, these are graces so abundant that I cannot enumerate them. Ah, my children! What power is the holy sacrifice of the Mass! It is only in heaven that you will penetrate the immense effectiveness of this prodigy of power, happiness, wonder and deliverance!”

(OBSERVATIONS: Our Lady lists the help and the consolations the holy souls receive They receive grace from Jesus, Our Lady and St. Joseph to endure the torments of Purgatory. Those who pray for the Holy Souls, those prayers make the Precious Blood to fall on the souls and give them great relief, and, also helps to lessen their sentences, depending. Sometimes a Holy Communion offered for them may release a soul, or a few prayers, but most important of all is the Mass and the Rosary. These help the most.)

Marie-Julie: “My good Mother, thank you with gratitude!”



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