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#223 Recap of the Early Days when Marie-Julie Jahenny Received her Mission of the Cross and the Various Stigmata




(Image: Left,:the stigmata on the hands with the nail wounds, the cord wounds and the betrothal ring of blood. Top Middle: inside Marie-Julie's cottage today. Middle: presumably the cloth that was used to wipe the blood stains from the heart stigmata. Bottom Middle: representation of the Gothic lettering stigmata on her chest in the shape of a cross that reads 'Deliverance of the Holy Father' and 'Immaculate Mary'. Top Right: Marie-Julie, and the image of the Crucifixion that miraculously bled during an ecstasy. Bottom Right: her bed.)


January 6, 1873, Marie-Julie fell seriously ill.

February 15, she received Extreme Unction.

February 22, apparition of the Blessed Virgin occurred who announced her healing that would happen May 2.

March 14, the second apparition of the Mother of God occurred and asked her if she would accept the Wounds of her dear Son.

March 21, Marie-Julie declared: “I fell ecstatically on my bed of pain. The Blessed Virgin is there. Our Lord appears to me with His radiant wounds. 'I am coming, my dear child,' He told me, 'to bring you My adorable Wounds.' From each wound, a ray of light came out which struck my hands, my feet and my side.” (NOTE: the family witnessed miraculous light emanating from her stigmata as predicted.)

October 5, she received the Crown of Thorns.

November 25, she relates: “I saw Our Lord carrying His Cross on His left shoulder. I saw Blood flow from that torn shoulder.” At that time, Our Lord imprinted this sacred wound on Marie-Julie's shoulder.

December 6, she received the stigmata on the hands and feet.


January 12, 1874, the stigmata appeared on Marie-Julie's wrists, to represent the cords that had bound those of the Saviour.

January 14, 1874 other stigmata on the ankles, legs and forearms as signs of the flogging.

February 20, stigmatic ring appeared on the ring finger of her right hand, a sign of her mystical betrothal. Marie-Julie becomes the bride of Christ.

December 7, 1875, the inscription "O Crux Ave" appears on her chest with a cross, plus other inscriptions and a flower (the lily).

Years Later

It was on Thursday, May 24, 1883, at 6 A.M. that the transformation of Marie-Julie's crown took place. She had been told that she would receive a prettier, brighter, intertwined crown with three diamonds on each lace. The Archangel who announced it said to her:

"My sister, I am Saint Raphael and it is I who will be the master of angelic song when this gift is made, in your cell, the King's palace."

At six in the morning, the old crown suddenly disappeared to make way for the new one. The transformation was immediate. At this moment, the family, the only witnesses, heard the music of the angels twice. The (visible stigmatic) stripes on the new crown made entirely of coagulated blood were smooth and ruddy like coral.

Unlike the other stigmata, that over her heart continued to develop. “On the left side,” said Dr. Imbert, “there are, behind and below the breast, three small bars one inch long, two lines wide, not parallel, very close together and formed of dry blackish blood ”

The Lord had revealed that the wound of the heart, at first small, would grow larger and penetrate more and more. This wound was photographed in 1936: and it was found to have grown and be six inches long. Marie-Julie asked that she be shut away. (I.e. hidden away? She didn't like the attentions).

Then it appeared to shrink. They photographed it again, in 1937 it was only seven centimetres. A cloth applied afterwards presented a bloody stain three centimetres in diameter.

Two of the main stigmatic inscriptions in Gothic letters on Marie-Julie's chest recalled her mission: “Deliverance for the Holy Father”, “Triumph of the Church”. The Marie Julie Jahenny Association also mentions other stigmatic writing that appeared on her breast over her heart at other or various times – and “IHS” An “M” interlaced with an “A” (for Ave Maria?) Also “Come, My Victim”.


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#222 WOE to Those who Leave the True Faith for the 'Modern Movement' of the Times – However, Do NOT Judge Weak Priests as God is Their Judge


Source for this vision: Yves Dupont's 'World Trend' Newsletter, 49b – 1877? (Part III?). His source, the books of Marie-Julie Jahenny's revelations by Fr. Roberdel.


Undated fragment.

The Holy Ghost says: "All those whose faith in God will grow lukewarm and who will follow other Movements that are far remote from the Faith and not pleasing to God, that is, Movements of modern times, all those will receive great and terrible tribulations from the just and perfect Divine Freedom."

"The wrath of Heaven will pursue those who left the faith in order to follow the Movements of our "modern times."

Marie-Julie says: "I would rather go to prison than say everything I know about priests; I would rather be dragged by the neck than reveal these things."

(NOTE: The respect that Marie-Julie had for priests was such that she did not in good conscience want to repeat the warnings regarding corrupt and weak priests unless Heaven pressed her to reveal them.   In one message Our Lord said to still respect his priests and not to judge them as He was their Judge.  Good example for us not to be tempted to 'bash' weak or erring priests, but pray for them. We must still respect the office of the priesthood they hold and not judge.  Our Lord will judge them.)


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#221 - KEEP WATCH and PRAY: The Wrath of God is Coming – Pray the Rosary, Offer the Precious Blood to Appease God – The Punishment has been Held Back so far Thanks to Our Lady's Intercession - Pray for Priests, Many Are Delaying Our Lady's Work instead of Helping Her


Mixed-date messages printed in Yves Dupont's newsletter 'World Trends', Issue 47b, July 1976, his sources are the books about Marie-Julie by Fr. Pierre Roberdel.


(Circa 1930-1937) Our Lord:  "Pray, pray, pray; be converted and do penance.  Do not fall asleep like My disciples in the Garden of Olives, for I am Coming.  The wrath of the Father against the human race is very great.

If the prayers of the Rosary and the offering of the Precious Blood were less agreeable to the Father, an indescribable misery would have already visited the earth.   But My Mother intercedes with the Father, with Me, and with the Holy Spirit. Because of this, God has relented.

Give thanks, therefore, to My Mother, because the human race is still alive.  Render honour to her with the respect of a child - I gave you this example - for she is the Mother of Mercy.


(Circa 1930-1937) Our Lord: "Could it be that some of My priests would like to be more pope than the Pope? - (i.e. they would make decisions that are the prerogative of the Pope alone)These will crucify Me because they will cause the work of My Mother to be delayed.  Pray much for them whom My Heart loves quite especially - the priests. A day will come when My priests, also, shall understand all this."


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#220 Marie-Julie Jahenny's Spiritual Education - God Loves Her Childlike Ignorance


 When she was a child, Marie-Julie Jahenny only had six months of formal schooling, so she could barely read and write. It was impossible for her to even read a letter. Apart from her catechism, she had no education. This ignorance is often mentioned in Father David's diary, (i.e. her spiritual director), and is even affirmed from Above:

Our Lord: “My spouse, do not seek for yourself great words but seek humility in words. I want to draw you to Me with humble words.”

Marie-Julie: “O my dear Bridegroom, I know nothing, I am ignorant.”

Our Lord: “Know, my spouse, that I have always sought the ignorant and the little ones to confound the great. I will bring forth great lights from a poor ignorant, I want to raise you above all their science,” (i.e worldly knowledge).

Marie-Julie: “What I know, it was You who taught me, I had no intelligence or memory and You gave them to me. I didn't love and You taught me to love. You schooled me, and after this sweet mysterious school, You handed me over to Mary and Mary gave me to St. Francis who works my intelligence. Nothing came from me, everything came from You.”

One day, the Blessed Virgin said to her: “You are very ignorant and it is this ignorance that made you merit Heaven. Blessed are the hearts which do not know how to sin and which have only one thought and one desire, that of loving. ”


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Sunday, 13 June 2021

#219 - Marie-Julie Jahenny's Obedience to Unjust Church Authorities


After Bishop Fournier passed away, the same bishop who agreed everything that happened to her was supernatural and authentic, she was then persecuted and denied the sacraments by the superiors that came after.

Of interest, Our Lord tested her with regards to this.

February 28, 1878 -  Our Lord had said to Marie-Julie: “Why don't you say in a loud voice, everywhere: 'authority keeps me in iron chains, depriving me of Holy Communion?'

 Marie-Julie Jahenny replied: "My good Master, they are the authority. ”

We see Our Lord tested her very obedience to His Church authorities, even when they were in the wrong. Eventually, Pope Leo XIII overturned the unjust ruling and Marie-Julie was allowed the Sacraments again.

But notice, Marie-Julie never complained against the unjust treatment because the authority of the Church had spoken. This is the mark of a true mystic – OBEDIENCE, even when the Church itself seems to attack Heaven's work with regards to visions at times.

Marie-Julie was told that we would know a work truly comes from God when it suffers all kinds of attack, especially from the Church itself, which she was told is the 'Persecution of the Enlightened' (See post #65 click here) – it is the greatest persecution and the most meritorious she was told.

A work from God will be persecuted from BOTH the Church and the world she was told. If it is not, it is not a work of God.

When a work seems dead and buried, if it comes from God, it will again spring forth to show it is indeed from Heaven, nothing will be able to stop it, even the Church. If a work seems to flourish without any crosses, persecutions and attacks or hindrances, it does not come from God.

St. Francis de Sales told Marie-Julie he had to witness the first building of his order fall before his very eyes due to superiors' orders, and he accepted the setback – it was God's test.

 We have also seen this happening through history, such as St. Louis Marie de Montfort predicting his book 'True Devotion to Mary' would be lost in a chest for nearly 100 years before it would be discovered and spread, which came to pass. St. Benedict had a sorrowful vision showing his famous monastery of Monte Casino would one day be reduced to ashes, and indeed it was nearly completely destroyed. St. Padre Pio was silenced for many years.  Our Lord told St. Faustina that the revelations of His Divine Mercy would nearly be completely suppressed, but when they would seem buried and finished they would burst forth again – proof that they did come from God. The same for Marie -Julie: she has relatively gone unnoticed until now. Our Lord foretold 'the secret' i.e. her revelations, would only begin to spread at the 11th hour – I.e. before the chastisements would come.


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Sunday, 6 June 2021

#218 Marie-Julie Jahenny's Prayer to Christ the King


(Undated Text)

O Jesus, the only King of the universe, we bow down at Your feet to worship You and to take You for our King and our Guide. Yes Lord, to You all nations are subject.

You are the true King alone, You are the true Peace alone, You are the Light alone. We only worship You!

You are our support, You are our wealth, You are our Master, oh great God of Heaven and earth. We firmly believe that You are really present in the Holy Eucharist.

You are there, alive, loving. You want to feed us the Bread of Life. Yes, come and feed your children.

Your eyes are fixed on souls, you watch over all nations. Your Heart is for us a haven of rest. We therefore dedicate ourselves to your Heart of King and Prince. To You alone Lord, all glory, honor, love be returned, until the consumation of the centuries and in all eternity. So be it. Amen.


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Sunday, 30 May 2021

#217 Revelations of the Rosary of the Holy Wounds to Marie-Julie Jahenny


Although there are only few texts, we see in the visions of Marie-Julie Jahenny that Heaven further encouraged people to say the Rosary (chaplet) of the Holy Wounds that was first revealed to the mystic Sr. Marie Martha Chambon (1841 – 1907).

Sr. Marie Martha Chambon began to report visions of Jesus in 1866 telling her to contemplate His Holy Wounds. Our Lord asked Sr. Chambon to unite her sufferings with His in the 'Rosary' or chaplet of the Holy Wounds as an Act of Reparation for the sins of the world. He told her that, “when you offer My Holy Wounds for sinners, you must not forget to do so for the souls in Purgatory, as there are but few who think of their relief... The Holy Wounds are the treasure of treasures for the souls in Purgatory.”

This chaplet was approved for the Institute of Visitation in 1912.   Sr Chambon's Mother Superior kept a chronicle of her life, which was published in 1923 and sold widely. The next year in 1924 the Vatican granted an indulgence to those who said the following prayer, based on her reported visions:

"Eternal Father I offer the wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to heal the wounds of our souls.”

Sr. Marie Martha Chambon

Sr. Marie Martha Chambon's cause for beatification was introduced in 1937.  The chaplet was authorized by Decree of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on March 23, 1999.

Our Lord also attached magnificent promises to this chaplet and devotions to His Holy Wounds, (listed below at the end of the page).



Marie-Julie Jahenny later received a few messages c. 1939 to 1941 regarding devotion to the Holy Wounds and this chaplet:

(November 14, 1939) Our Lady: “Don't forget to say this Rosary of the Holy Wounds that I love very much! I bring to my Divine Son the sweet words that you say in this rosary.”

(June 10, 1940) (Speaking?) It takes a lot of prayers to obtain your liberation. Add the Rosary of the Holy Wounds to your Rosary.”

(Observations on 'obtain your liberation': as we see in the previous post #216, Marie-Julie added this chaplet to her prayers. We note World war II had just started not long before this when Marie-Julie recieved this message, this chaplet would help bring peace, but it would take much prayer. Also, considering one of her spiritual missions was not only to pray for souls but to pray for the triumph of the Church, one of the promises attached to the chaplet is that the invocations of the Holy Wounds will obtain an incessant victory for the Church.)

(January 21, 1941) (Speaking to Marie-Julie? Possibly Our Lady:) “Console yourself, the Holy Wounds are the way of salvation. Tell the little souls how much I love those who spread devotion to the Rosary of the Holy Wounds.”

(Undated Text): The devotion to the Holy Wounds will be a lightning rod for the Christians who will have kept it.” (i.e. those faithful to the devotion will be protected as a lightning rod protects from lightning strikes. Seems to indicate they will be protected from the blows of Divine Justice.)


How to say the Rosary of the Holy Wounds:

The chaplet is said on a standard five decade rosary.

  1. Make the sign of the cross.

  2. On the Crucifix / cross, pray: “O Jesus, Divine Redeemer, be merciful to us and to the whole world. Amen."

  3. Next, on the three beads that come after the crucifix, pray on the first bead: “Holy God, Mighty God, Immortal God, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Amen.”

  4. On the second bead say: “Grace and mercy O my Jesus, during present dangers; cover us with thy Precious Blood. Amen.”

  5. On the third bead say: “Eternal Father, grant us mercy through the Blood of Jesus Christ, Thine only Son; grant us mercy, we beseech thee. Amen.”

  6. The five decades come next. On the single large 'Our Father' beads pray: “Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ to heal the wounds of our souls. Amen.”

  7. On the 10 smaller 'Hail Mary' beads, pray: “My Jesus, pardon and mercy through the merits of Thy Holy Wounds. Amen.”

  8. Conclude by saying the prayer of the large beads three times: “Eternal Father, I offer Thee the wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ to heal the wounds of our souls. Amen.”


THE PROMISES given by Our Lord to those who practise this chaplet as revealed to Sr. Mary Martha Chambon, plus promises for devotion towards His Holy Wounds:

I will grant all that is asked of Me by the invocation of My Holy Wounds. You must spread the devotion.

With My Wounds and My Divine Heart you can obtain everything.”

The sinner who will say: ' Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ, etc.' will obtain conversion.”

The Holy Wounds are the treasures for the souls in Purgatory.”

The Chaplet of Mercy (i.e. the other name of the Holy Wound chaplet), is a counterpoise to My justice, it restrains My vengeance.”

At each word that you pronounce of the Chaplet of Mercy I allow a drop of My Blood to fall upon the soul of a sinner.”

Each time that you offer to My Father the merits of My Divine Wounds, you win an immense fortune.”

Souls that will have contemplated and honoured My crown of thorns on earth, will be My crown of glory in Heaven!”

I will grant all that is asked of Me through the invocation of My Holy Wounds. You will obtain everything, because it is through the merit of My Blood, which is on infinite price. With My Wounds and My Divine Heart, everything can be obtained.

From My Wounds proceed fruits of sanctity. As gold purified in the crucible become more beautiful, so you must put your soul and those of your companions into My Sacred Wounds; there they will become perfected as gold in the furnace. You can always purify yourself in My Wounds.”

My Wounds will repair yours. My Wounds will cover all your faults. Those who honour them will have a true knowledge of Jesus Christ. In meditation on them, you will always find a new love. My Wounds will cover all your sins.”

Plunge your actions into My Wounds and they will be of value. All your actions, even the least, soaked in My Blood, will acquire by this alone an infinite merit and will please My Heart.”

In offering My Wounds for the conversion of sinners, even though the sinners are not converted, you will have the same merit before God as if they were.”

When you have some trouble, something to suffer, quickly place it in My Wounds, and the pain will be alleviated.”

This aspiration must often be repeated near the sick: “My Jesus, pardon and mercy through the merits of Thy Holy Wounds!” This prayer will solace soul and body.

There will be no death for the soul that expires in My Holy Wounds; they give true life.”

Those who pray with humility and who meditate on My Passion, will one day participate in the glory of My Divine Wounds.”

The more you will have contemplated My painful Wounds on this earth, the higher will be your contemplation of them glorious in Heaven.”

The soul who during life has honoured the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ and has offered them to the Eternal Father for the Souls in Purgatory, will be accompanied at the moment of death by the Holy Virgin and the angels; and Our Lord on the Cross, all brilliant in glory, will receive her and crown her.”

The invocations of the Holy Wounds will obtain an incessant victory for the Church.”


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#216 A Day in the Prayer life of Marie-Julie Jahenny


No date is given for this text, or if this was her routine every day, but seems to be at least one example of her constant life of prayer and meditation, or, a prayer vigil.

One hour after midnight: I transport myself to the Garden of Olives, where Our Lord drank the chalice of the same sins. (i.e. 'transport' – spiritually contemplates being there). About a quarter of an hour, I pray there over the sadness that my sins have caused to Our Lord. Then I transport myself to the feet of the Blessed Virgin. I ask her for humility, obedience and the secret of loving the good Lord. Then I recite the “Memorare”, the Salve Regina and I rest while thinking of Jesus and Mary living on earth (i.e. When they lived on earth).

About two o'clock (AM): I transport myself to hell and, arriving there, I enter the cave where I contemplate the horror of sin ... I take all the sins of my life that I tie, like a fagot (wood bundle), with the link of Divine Mercy. I present this bundle to the Blessed Virgin so that she can give it to her Divine Son. I imagine myself seeing Our Lord descend, and I beg him to set it on fire, but a fire of love, mercy and forgiveness. After it is reduced by the flames, I collect the ashes and I have them blessed by the Blessed Virgin, and I pray that each grain will publish the mercy of Our Lord. I say three times: love, love, love. I still meditate, and I pray for all the enemies of the goodness of God. Then I make my Spiritual Communion and I enter the Five Wounds of Our Lord. I study his immense love for all of us, poor sinners. I still meditate and I see the day passing by the window.

(NOTE: it seems she medetates on the horrror and the eternal rewards due sin which is Hell, and, seems to make a spiritual exercise of seeing this picture, renouncing sin and having her sins burn in hell instead, that she is saved from her sins thanks to the chain of Divine Mercy which binds her sins like a wood bundle and reduces them to ashes theough the Fire of Love Mercy and Forgiveness, and that the ashes are an example of the mercy of God. Then she prays for God's enemies, i.e. sinners.)

At around three o'clock (AM): I am transported to Calvary and, there, I make a prayer for all the good fathers of the Church, especially for those who are our friends. Then I pray the good Jesus to take a hammer and strike on my heart to drive in all the virtues ... I pray to the Blessed Virgin to water all hearts, like a garden, with all the drops of love that are in her own Heart. I pray for the Holy Church and for the Holy Father. I do a quarter of an hour of prayer on the Passion, and I remain in the presence of God.

Around four o'clock (AM): I transport myself to Heaven, and I greet the good Angels who are at the door. Then I send them to greet all the good friends of Our Lord and mine. Then I become a beggar, covered in rags. I take my heart like a small bowl and I offer it to the good Jesus. I ask Him for charity and, when it is filled, I go to the Blessed Virgin and I ask her to have this small alms carried on all sides. After that, I make an examination of conscience of all the miseries and distractions of the past time, and I say the 'Miserere'.

At five 'o' clock (AM): I transport myself to the foot of the tabernacle and there, in my heart, I teach a little lesson to the Good Lord. I “preach” and ask Him to send His graces to the priests who are going to go up to the altar. I ask the Cherubim to accompany them from the sacristy to the altar. I make myself like a little niche behind the altar. In my little niche, when the priest celebrates the Holy Sacrifice, I hear the Angels singing and, when Our Lord descends on the altar, I cover myself with all the same miseries; I implore; I ask for mercy and forgiveness and I return to the bottom of my niche. When the priest gives Holy Communion, I make myself a little reptile (i.e. she abases herself spiritually and considers herself like a lowly reptile); I follow him to the holy table and I open my mouth to pick up the crumbs that could fall. I accompany him again to the holy altar, and I remain at the door of the tabernacle where I pray to the Holy Eucharist, for myself and my friends. I attend the holy sacrifice. I imagine the mountain of Calvary and I see Our Lord charged with His Cross through the priest. I ask all the holy ministers of the Lord for a drop of the Precious Blood. I pray for all those who do me good on earth and for the souls in purgatory.

At seven (AM): I am doing my morning prayer. I recite my rosary and I rest a little.

At eight o'clock (AM): I say my rosary for Fathers Étoile and Providence. I beg my good Angel to go and say hello to you for me. (I.e her spiritual directors, or, perhaps her parish priests.)

At nine o'clock (AM): I pray in reparation for the outrages they do to the Blessed Sacrament and for good deeds to be done during the day. I visit the Blessed Virgin, and I impose myself some small penances.

From ten to eleven o'clock: I rest and at noon I make spiritual communion. I recite my rosary of the Five Wounds. (i.e. The Chaplet of the Holy Wounds).

At one o'clock in the afternoon: I am preparing to enter into ecstasy through the Veni Sancte (Come Holy Spirit) and the litanies of the Blessed Virgin. I invoke her in the Holy Spirit, I do an act of humility and, from two to five hours, I remain in ecstasy. I say a few small prayers to thank the good Lord. I do my self-examination (of conscience), and I rest a little more.

Around eight o'clock (PM): I say the rosary in common, the evening prayer, and I sing a little hymn as a good evening to the good Lord. After that, very small, softly, with Angèle (her sister). of our happiness, of our sorrows and a word on Heaven. After she falls asleep. I stay alone. I make a big prayer for about an hour. I put myself in the presence of God; I say my rosary and weep for my sins. It is almost midnight. I stand at the foot of the Cross. I pray for the victim fathers, for the brothers and sisters of the Cross. I thank Our Lord for all the good that He allows me to do, through you my father and through all the holy priests. I recite the 'Parce Domine' and the 'Cor Jesu Sacratissimum'.


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Sunday, 9 May 2021

#215 Our Lady of the Lillies - The Blessed Lily Petals




(From 'The Breton Stigmatist', pp. 63-65)

On Tuesday 23rd of June 1936, a young girl from Blain had brought Marie-Julie a lily that had been placed before the Blessed Sacrament at the parish church during the feast of Corpus Christi. This lily was placed in the arms of the big crowned statue of Our Lady of Lourdes which dominates the bedside of Marie-Julie and it remained there during the entire ecstasy.

During the ecstasy, replying to a total offering of Mare-Julie in her name and the name of all her friends, Our Lady said:

As a reward I have in my arms this beautiful white flower which recalls the most beautiful of my virtues...scatter this spotless flower...Everyone take a small bit home, it is I myself you will carry away, the Queen of Lilies, the Queen of Peace, the Queen of Prodigies, the Queen of Miracles.”

Then at the end of the ecstasy, at the last blessings, Our Lady said to Marie-Julie:

Give a small piece (of lily) to all my small children, it is the flower of my Jesus, with a delicious scent blessed on earth... There must be many lilies for Jesus.”

People present were under the impression that the lily placed in the arms of (the) Our Lady of Lourdes (statue) during the ecstasy took on the same freshness as when if it had just been cut.

On Tuesday February 2nd 1937, the Feast of the Purification of Our Lady, during her particular morning ecstasy, Marie-Julie thanked her for all the graces of protection from accidents, of preservation in accidents and cures granted to people who had recourse to the fragments of the lily.

Our Lady then confirmed her words of the preceding 23rd of June, when Our Lord interrupted her saying: “Remember My Mother, that I had given My blessings before thine.” (I.e. Our Lord blessed the lily placed before Him exposed in the Blessed Sacrament first before Our Lady.)

Then Our Lady continued: “I blessed this lily after my Divine Son, it will do many marvels...” and she asked Marie-Julie to have her invoked under the title of Our Lady of the Lilies.

Two days later on 4th of February, during the usual ecstasy, Our Lady said the following words:

Little friends, give me this title; Mother of Purity, Lily of Purity without stain. Spread my love on earth by this Lily which has adored Jesus in the Holy Tabernacle, by this beautiful Lily where Jesus has placed His purest graces, the most glowing love. I will give many graces, I will even work prodigies, I will give health back to the sick when they are touched by this beautiful Lily of purity.”... “Oh, little children of the earth, come to my heart, invoke me as Our Lady of the Lilies, Mother of Power, Mother of Prodigies...”

Then Marie-Julie said: “It does not surprise me, good Heavenly Mother, that a shower of graces overflowed from thy heart to fall on this Lily which thou hast watered with thy favours, this Lily the white corollas of which thou distribute to encourage us to have recourse to thee, predisposing us (to trust) to tell us that this Lily will take us to Heaven, as it took the Most Holy Virgin with her beautiful virtues, to the Kingdom of her Divine Son, to love and adore Him eternally. Jesus has said many times:

Mother, give thy graces to thy small children on earth, I give Mine, I mingle them with thine, thine with Mine, is it not the same things, so that it is two great blessings that flow on them from this blessed Lily; their eyes do not see them but the eyes of the souls, their souls are not unaware...”

Blessings and promises were renewed on different occasions, notably on 8th of April 1937, by the Blessed Virgin:

Oh, my little children, I bless you will all my heart, I bless you with the heart of Our Lady of Lilies.”

On 10th of June 1937, by Our Lord:

Little friends, I give your Lilies the same blessing that I gave those which protected you and which made you find the name so dear to My Gentle Mother of 'Our Lady of the Lilies', distribute them...I will work miracles, I will do extraordinary prodigies for My chosen ones on earth...”

And again on 18th of July 1939 - (Our Lord): "I bless the Lilies and give them My powers to relive poor suffering.”

During an ecstasy, Our Lord having spoken of roses, violets, etc., that were presented during ecstasies and which received blessings and graces, He added that nevertheless it was to the lily, as being her privileged flower, that Our Lady reserved her greatest benefits.

The bulbs of the lilies that were in the small enclosure behind Marie-Julie's cottage were removed on her request on 8th of December 1938. They were blessed by Our Lord, some during the ecstasy of the day, the others during the Way of the Cross the following day.

Our Lord promised that the lilies of those bulbs would be blessed as soon as they appeared (i.e. bloomed) on earth and it would be enough to present the flowers of the petals before the Blessed Sacrament exposed to have the same blessings and privileges of the preceding ones and that in this way the devotion to Our Lady of the Lilies would be assured and continued after the death of Marie-Julie.


NOTE: As the blessed petals must come from the specific lillies that bloom at Marie-Julie's cottage, it seems one must be present to be able to get a lily petal. I am not sure how this is done, or, if the 'Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny Association' continue to distribute the lily petals, but you may try to contact them about it. Please note, contacting them is not easy to do – sometimes they answer, other times they don't.  Sad to say, they are not an official diocese-sanctioned pilgrim association or site, so things just aren't running right there at the moment.  

Their e-mail:

However, even if you cannot get a petal, it is obvious Our Lord and Our Lady would like her title of Our Lady of the Lilies to be honoured, and that we can do.


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Sunday, 2 May 2021

#214 The Fourteen Miraculous Communions of Marie-Julie Jahenny


The Fourteen Miraculous Communions of Marie-Julie Jahenny

UPDATE POST: this vision not in the book “We Are Warned: The Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny.

In April 1876, Marie-Julie saw in symbolic vision a Host surrounded by fourteen flowers. On that day it seemed to be understood from the words of ecstasy that she was to die after the fourteenth Miraculous Communion occurred. The actual Communions then started in the first days of May of 1876. The thirteenth Communion took place on January 27, 1877.

Below, is an ecstasy that occurred in April 24, 1877, about three months after her Thirteenth Communion.   This vision reminds Marie-Julie of the prediction regarding the Fourteenth Communion – she would die not long afterwards. This Communion did not occur until years later, on the day before Marie-Julie's death in 1941, thereby fulfilling the prediction.


April 24, 1877:

Our Lord: “Do you believe in your fourteenth communion and the triumph of the Church?

Marie-Julie: I look forward to receiving You in my fourteenth communion. My death would deliver Monseigneur (i.e. the bishop) and my Father (confessor) from their anxiety.

(NOTE: 'Deliver from their anxiety', i.e. her visions and mystic experiences were still relatively new at this time, and, the investigation had just started – if she received the fourteenth Communion and died as predicted, then this would prove her visions were real and they would be relived of all anxiety as to their legitimacy.)

Our Lord: Do you really trust your fourteenth Communion?

(NOTE: i.e. Our Lord is asking if she believes in His revelation regarding her fourteenth miraculous Communion.)

Marie-Julie: Yes, Lord, yes, yes, You who instituted the Divine Eucharist. Yes, I believe in everything the Holy Church offers me to believe, she is not mistaken. Yes, I believe in the Eucharist in my fourteenth Communion, I feel great happiness when I think about it.

Our Lord: Do you believe in all the revelations that I made about your death?

Marie-Julie: Yes, I believe in all of them, after the judgement of my Father because I am ignorant.

(NOTE: She believes in the revelations after she confirms then with her spiritual director, she does not trust her own judgement. Sign of a true mystic.)

Our Lord: Do you believe in the triumph of the Church? (i.e the future triumph = Age of Peace)

Marie-Julie: Yes, Lord, because You revealed it to (St.) Margaret Mary, because for me, I would not have confidence in myself alone.

(NOTE: Again, she is wary of trusting in her private revelations alone and feels more confident trusting what she is told when they conform with confirmed Church-approved sources and visions.  She follows the AUTHORITY OF THE CHURCH.)

Our Lord: Do you believe in the infallibility of the Church?

Marie-Julie: Yes, yes, my dear Spouse. The Church cannot fail, Our Lord said it to Saint Peter. Yes, I believe in the triumph of the Church.

(OBSERVATION: This is interesting, she is speaking to Our Lord directly, but then says 'Our Lord said it to Saint Peter' – we know Christ told St. Peter the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church, but here we must be seeing confirmation St. Peter as pontiff is guided by the Holy Spirit, who is also 'Our Lord' as God, the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity. This is similar to when Christ revealed He was the Son of God and also 'Lord' like the Father and together they act in unison as seen in the prophetic passage: 'The Lord said to my Lord: Sit thou at my right hand: Until I make thy enemies thy footstool' (Psalm 109:1). )


Later on May 3, 1877: Our Lord showed an ecstatic vision of the 14 Communions, which came out of a ciborium, the last two Hosts were larger than the others.


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Sunday, 25 April 2021

#213 – Continuation: The Sanctuary of the Cross - The Mystical Vision of the Fourteen Stations




In her revelations, Marie-Julie Jahenny foretold there would be a special set of the Stations of the Cross that would lead to the path of the future Shrine destined to be built over the site of her cottage, a huge church built in honour of the Cross.

She received a mystical vision of the establishment of these stations, with Our Lord leading them in a mystical 'boat', representing several things at once it seems from the context of the visions, and not only the traditional Way of the Cross:

(*) The physical placing of the traditional Stations on the path to the Shrine, which show they will be placed in a 'right, left, right left' pattern leading up the main path when they are built.

(*) A progression in a type of 'ark' representing His Sacred Heart as their shelter leading the victim souls chosen for the work, He steps out of the boat at times and also accompanies them on a mystical Way of the Cross. Christ leads the work.

(*) The mystical steps of the Mission of the Cross given to Marie-Julie Jahenny, also, the fourteen steps on the path to spiritual perfection through the 'Novitiate of the Cross'

(*) In some instances we see the different stations also represents the different sufferings that Christ endures, depending on the classes of sinners.   Reparation is being made for them by the Victims as the Mission of the Cross progresses. Some stations are shown as phases of their work, also rewards, and also promises of signs and wonders that will happen at the Shrine.

Much of this particular vision is still a mystery – no doubt it will only make sense when all that is shown is finally fulfilled in the future.


(+) First cross on the right

Our Lord standing, said:

This is the first cross of the Sanctuary.”

The first three victims descend from the boat to go to the fourteenth cross. Our Lord accompanies them, blesses them and made them kiss His sacred stole. The first Victim rises to the first cross. Our Lord leads them, then He goes back into the boat, stop(ping) in front of the first cross, He gives to the First victim a golden censer, then He passes it to the neck of a small cross floating across (his) chest. (?) The cross is very short, but wide, the name of Jesus is in the middle, topped by three crosses. (Marie-Julie will give the exact description because it is the cross that the victims of the Cross will bear).

Our Lord told the first victim:

You have the Holy Doctrine in your heart that tells you everything you need to pass in front of the cross(es).”

The first Victim prostrates himself, the second Victim is at the second step, the third in the third step. The first is at the foot of the cross. The third victim deposits the censer at the foot of the cross. The first turns and says:

In the name of Your power and Your glory, I call here under my care the poor sinners to give them repentance and contrition. And (she, or it) bless us all.”

The second victim said:

I am at the foot of the cross, my heart is overflowing for the salvation of souls who will be entrusted to me. I accept the second place of victim. I leave my love and my faith at the foot of the cross.”

Our Lord said:

My children, that is where the poor sinners will prostrate themselves face against the ground. The blessing of incense and of love will spread in their hearts and contrition will be given them.”

(NOTE: Our Lord seems to say sinner who come to the First Cross on the site will prostrate on the ground in front of it to beg forgiveness of their sins, and God will grant the grace, this seem to indicate that of perfect contrition.


(+) Second Cross, on the Left

At the second cross, on the left, two other Victims meet with the first three. Our Lord appears in the figure of the Ecce Homo. The first Victim embraces the cross three times and bows deeply. Our Lord goes to the altar, passing across the Victims. The first took into his arms Our Lord in the shape of an Ecce Homo, our Lord said to him and other victims:

My dear children, I present Myself under the figure of suffering.”

And He rests his head against the heart of the first Victim, and He raises His hand over the others who remain on the steps, and He said:

The heart of the first victim, large and generous, will have the greatest love for sinners, he will do what I did to Myself. (i.e., offer himself up as a sacrifice?) It is charity for the poor sinners who leave the heart.

Our Lord placed him between the first two Victims and said to the third:

I took you for My glory and I will count you in the number who will make the great works.”

The third victim responds:

Lord, I obey”

The first Victim said to the friends of the Cross:

I immolate to my God my heart, and happily accept the thorns that have served for the glory of God.”

Our Lord says to the second and third Victim:

You are chosen by My tenderness, you will assist the first victim and you will share the glory and the great work of salvation of souls.”


(+) Third Cross

The Victims always follow on foot, while the boat and its procession moves from one station to another. The boat always stops in front of each cross. Our Lord is back in the boat. The first Victim lies at the foot of the cross as on the stake. The second and third are standing at his side. Our Lord said:

Here is the Victim of sacrifice, immolation of his will, his desires, his mind, his heart. I have sacrificed everything, now it is Love that will make a second sacrifice.”

Then, addressing the first Victim:


And the four other Victims come forward to the cross. The first stands up, arms folded across his chest, his eyes to heaven and said:

I will make descend from Heaven, holy and sweet penance for the sheep going astray.”

And, turning to the servants and the servers of the Cross, he adds:

I will make descend upon the altar of the Sanctuary, the Victim of Salvation for sinners and I will have nothing more dear than the glory of God.”

The other four Victims unite in saying:

Our strengths and all in us is united with the first victim.”

Our Lord did not descend to this cross.


(+) Fourth Cross

Our Lord descends from the boat, sinking under the burden of the Cross. The first Victim mounts to the foot of the cross, the other four are on the steps. The first takes a torch and presents the Children of Calvary. Our Lord comes forward, the other Victims take the foot of the cross and help Our Lord to rise to the foot of the Cross. He said:

I write your names on the Cross.”

The first Victim takes the Cross on the Shoulder of Jesus and presents it to us saying to Our Lord:

My Adorable Lord, I have carried my cross in my soul and You have crucified it. I accept for myself the heaviest crosses and I will share them with the Friends of the Sanctuary. I will bear the sign of God in my soul and on my heart and I will speak everywhere on the Cross of my God, I will make a garden in the souls of sinners to lay the cross there.”

The other four victims bear the Cross to the fifth cross.


(+) Fifth Cross

The boat still moves in front of each cross. Our Lord goes to the fourth and the fifth cross, leaving traces of His Blood. He remains at the bottom of the steps of the cross and the first Victim mounts to the foot of the cross. (The Victim) takes a red flower and a white flower. Our Lord holds out His hand.

The first Victim said:

I prostrate at the foot of the cross of my dear Jesus and I give my heart and those of my beloved Victims.”

(The first Victim) rises and places the red flower at the foot of the Cross. Our Lord calls the Friends of the Cross to come to rest in His Love and asks them for their hearts.

Come and rest under the wing of the Cross.”

Our Lord places the Cross on the heart of the first Victim, who is at the feet of Our Lord who offers Him a white flower and places it three times on His Heart.

This seed that I will give,” He says, “will produce abundant harvests.”

The other four Victims come in their turn to the foot of the Cross and drink from a small spring in the hollow of the rock at the bottom of the fifth cross.

Our Lord said: “You drink the love of your Father, the love of Jesus, the love of the Cross.”

The four Victims take up the cross that had been at the end of the steps.


(+) Sixth Cross

The Divine Jesus moved towards the sixth cross, on the left. The first Victim advances the last. The other four are with Our Lord Who rises to the foot of the cross. He forms a cross and a large source (spring?) is discovered. The four Victims rise at the foot of the cross (next to the source). They each receive a small light, the victims fall to their knees.

Here is the invincible weapon to carry everywhere, the streets and roads, poor sinners falling from exhaustion.”

The first Victim is at the foot of the altar, one of the Seraphim cover him with a white mantle. Here our Lord pronounced great words that could not be transcribed.

Our Lord said: “It is in this is the heart that I will raise a tabernacle of strength, courage, faith. I call this heart the tabernacle of wonders.”

The Seraphim uncovers the first Victim, (who) ascends the steps and Our Lord marks (the Victim) with the sign with the water from the source. Our Lord uncovers His Wounds and said:

It is here at the sixth cross that I put on insults and outrages; no peace for the sinner before it is washed!”

(NOTE: this probably means that sinners must undergo the penance of humiliation before they can be cleansed of sin, perhaps the Victims must suffer this on their behalf so they are converted.)


(+) Seventh Cross

Our Lord extends Himself on the Cross, the Victims are prostrate; the Wounds of Christ, shine like suns. The Divine Jesus sighs and the five Victims say:

Our hearts are open and unite with You to join in Your suffering, give us a part.”

Our Lord replied: “At this cross, I will have under the eyes of the souls who will say (they are) in My grace and who crucify Me in their hearts. Dear Victims, many sinners will resist you at this cross.”

(NOTE: this probably represents sinners who claim they of God, that they are doing nothing wrong and say they are in God's grace yet are not in God's grace at all, they are hypocrites. This cross of suffering represents them, its seems.)

A book of gold is open to the right of the Cross. The first Victim reads the first three lines. They are written in threes. The first Victim said:

I find in this book, a profound knowledge. Jesus Victim of Love, Jesus the Tree of Love.”

The other four Victims say: “We promise to propagate the sublime doctrine of your Cross, as with Your Holy Gospel.”

Victims, take Me down from the Cross,” says Our Lord.

The Victims take down Our Lord from Calvary and dye their lips with His Blood; they receive in their hearts, great blessings.

I pass next to your hearts,” says Our Lord, “to dig a source (spring) of tenderness and blessings.”


(+) Eighth Cross

Our Lord rises at the foot of the cross, in agony, overwhelmed. He is crushed in pains. The first two Victims support Him. The other three prostrate before Him, they soften the torments of His agony. The first Victim brings his lips to His Heart in agony. Our Lord makes a cross for him over his heart and this cross will float in this channel of graces.

Our Lord told the second Victim: “I will plant in your heart, the greatest pain of My agony and you will suffer for the souls who are dear to Me.”

To the other Victims, Our Lord says: “Give me the breath of your hearts, kindled by the Holy Eucharist, to warm Me in My agony.”

The other three Victims warm Him with their breath.

At this eighth cross, Our Lord said, “I will work the wonders that you see with your eyes, you who are here. At the foot of this cross, I will gather all My faithful friends and My enemies that make Me suffer and I will paint a luminous clarity.”

Our Lord remains at the eighth cross while the Victims go to the ninth. The Angels decorate this eighth cross with lights.


(+) Ninth Cross

There is, at this cross, a dove that comes to rest on the shoulder of the first Victim, and says to him:

First Victim, I come to unite with thee, thou shall call sinners through your consecrated voice, and I will go by the Earth to search for them that you may convert them. Let me rest on your left shoulder.”

It leans its beak and continues:

Will you give me, tender brother of the Cross, a small place in your heart to draw rest on returning from my trips and my fatigue at traversing the Earth?”

Then, addressing all the victims: “It is I who will bring you all the consolations and also the pains, I want to unite with you. I myself will make the list of those I will bring to you to convert and I will show it, written by Jesus, after having run through the Earth.”

Our Lord said:

From the eighth to the ninth station, My Victims will suffer because sinners will return to a disbelief that nothing can shake. But I will bring them to the light.”

(NOTE: this seems to represent the Mission of the Cross will be doubted again, but God will enlighten those who doubt about it. Possibly, this also represents a period of time on earth, sinners will lose faith again, but God will send grace. We are forewarned in other texts that the Mission of the Cross would grow through times of persecution and corruption running rampant on earth.


(+) Tenth Cross

Our Lord mounts up the stairs, covered with His red cloak and is holding in His Hand that which he bore on Good Friday (probably a reed). A crowd of sinners follow the Divine Master. Our Lord can not go up as He suffers so much, so many Sacred Members (of His Body) are so weak. The first two Victims support Jesus on their arms at the foot of the cross. The third come to take the reed.

Our Lord falls at the foot of the cross and said:

My children, there will pass here the sick, the suffering, the lame and also the lepers. They will do for them what they do for Me. At the foot of the cross I will receive outrages, they persecute Me, but such persecution will pass like shadows. My Blood will flow in front of the eyes of the Victims and the Friends as the blood of a living person. I will work wonders. You will study this doctrine from Heaven at the foot of this cross.”

(NOTE: this seems to represent the sick and suffering that will come to the shrine and will receive aid. There will be persecutions of the Work, but God will perform wonders.)

A big torch is close to the cross; There crosses on each side of the torch. The Victims greet our Lord, and the first Victim speaking to others, said:

Dear brothers, so here is the open house, we will be crushed but Heaven will support us.”


(+) Eleventh Cross

The boat always advances and it stops at the cross. The Divine Saviour mounts to the eleventh cross and the five Victims circle around Him. A soft light surrounds and covers the cross and the Victims. Our Lord raises His arms and the light falls on the Victims.

Our Lord said: “My Dear Victim, this cross, I will permit from time to time that your foreheads and your faces be transformed like those of the Seraphim; they have on their forehead, a shining reflection. I see it as a consolation, as I am good and kind to those I love.”

The first Victim said:

It is here where I will return; I dream of (?), the souls who have tasted the direction of a Father of the Cross.”

Our Lord said to the other Victims: “Pray Me to pick the flower; the sooner it is picked, the sooner it will be offered, and the sooner you will be gathered here.”

The cloud is separated into five beautiful parts in five flames to the Fathers of the Cross.

Our Lord said: “Here is the cross where I will shine forth My power for My Victims.”


(+) Twelfth Cross

There, united and gathered together are all the Victims and the Friends of the Cross. Our Lord mounts to the foot, He offers it to us in His love, in His tenderness and goodness, and He says:

Here, I will gather together My Victims.”

The Angels bear flowers to the foot of the cross. Our Lord said he would prepare garlands for His Victim and His faithful Friends. He added: “Offer to Me for it, the most beautiful thoughts of your hearts.”

Our Lord receives five crowns from the Angels. There are two more perfect, there are more flowers, the flowers are tighter (together).

Our Lord said: “I pluck one soon, she will hardly see the triumph.”

The five Victims offer this Victim, saying: “Take (her), Lord, give us souls.”

Our Lord places the beautiful white crown at the foot of the cross and said: “In the most beautiful day, (he) will leave Earth.”

Victims renew their gift by saying, “Take (her), Lord, give us souls.”

The second crown is equally perfect. Our Lord said:

I will change the bitter cross and I will give him the cross of all My sweetness.”

The other three crowns are behind the cross because they are delayed. Our Lord shows to the Victims a beautiful ray which leaves Heaven and comes to the cross.

That,” He says, “is the open way for souls who want to come.”

The first Victim returns his cross to our Lord who accepts it and said;

I offer you and return this other cross, which will be the salvation of souls and the conversion of sinners.”

Filial acceptance for the first victim. The four others say: “Our heart is open to receive whatever You want.”


(+) Thirteenth Cross

Cross of pain, abandonment and shame. Our Lord is at the foot of the cross, He has His arms extended, His Wounds are open and also His Heart, He suffers much.

Our Lord said: “This is where I will receive the opprobrium of the passersby. My children, you know that all of this Work is being persecuted.”

Our Lord, on His right, a flower red and white is on the first stem, among thorns, and on His left there was by the cross (something) like a furnace. He said: “Here I will bless and I will punish. I will strike at this cross, those who come to insult Me just up to this fountain. I will strike to show My Mercy and My Justice.”

Lord, provided you do not strike until after the pardon!”

(NOTE: this seems to represent sinners who will come to the future Shrine, but not in belief, but to mock – these will be struck visibly with God's anger as a sign so they may convert, so they will be struck out of Justice and also Mercy. The next phrases seems to show those who come as Friends of the Cross will receive blessings and be invited into the garden and be given graces represented by flowers.)

There, the five Victims bless the boat where the Friends are. Our Lord told them all to get behind into the Garden, to the right, to look for grace, happiness and peace, and to pick flowers for all Friends in the boat. The five Victims present to us the flowers; There is a flower for everyone but with a lot of leaves. The angels sing the triumph of Jesus the Victor.

Oh Dove, here is then the Garden of the sighs of those who demand forgiveness, mercy and love.”


(+) Fourteenth Cross

At the fourteenth cross, the five Victims lie prostrate.

Our Lord extends His Hands and said: “You are today, more than ever before, the blessed ones of My Love, the beloved of My Father, the intimates of My confidence. I take you for My Apostles and I will come talk to you. You will pass near Me at night in (during) the works and I will dry your sweats.”

The Victims respond: “Lord, how Your Adorable Sacred Wounds are for us and our sheep, sources of grace!”

Our Lord writes in large letters the names of the Victims, then He goes to the entrance of the boat, with His brilliant vestments; He goes to meet with His Victims; He makes us all descend from the boat by steps of gold.

My children,” He says, “here we have reached the top of the mountain; Here is rest. This is the fourteenth station that is the Sanctuary.”

St. Michael places us in two rows. At the head of the procession are: St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Bonaventure, St. Paul of the Cross, St. Francis of Assisi.

The Seraphic Father (St. Francis) said: “Little Sister, when you are no longer, we shall not return to the Earth.”

Marie-Julie: “Heaven is more beautiful, Father St. Francis.”


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