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#167 B - If People do Not Repent or Recognize God during the Period of Mercy, the Wars and the Fire of Heaven will Fall




Ecstasy June 27, 1916 (Source: “Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique”, Henri Boucier, pp 99-100)


The Sacred Heart: “I come to bring you My divine peace, I open My Divine Heart for a long time. I welcome your prayers. I eagerly drink the perfume of your faith…. I am going to leave (off) for a moment. I will suspend My Justice which lowers itself every day, (which grows) more and more heavy. At the end of this time marked in My tender mercy and in My most tender love, (i.e at this merciful suspension of his justice), if I do not see souls return, nor return to their faith, nor penetrate (i.e perceive) My Divine power which holds everything, graces and justice, justice and graces, My Justice will manifest. Do not forget this promise. The furnaces of heaven will upset the earth, and Satan, the great tyrant of the underworld, with his awful howls and fearsome blows, will be victorious. It is for this great moment of salvation and misfortune that I leave My Divine Heart open.

You, Marie-Julie of the Crucifix, the beloved spouse of the Blessed Sacrament, do not forget this, you the confidante of My Sacred Heart, do not forget! I complain bitterly, I find so few souls to embalm My raw wound and so pitifully torn. Tell them! If there was only the power of men to stop this chastisement, it would be of infinite length and, in withdrawing, it would leave few living, few harvests! You oblige Me to tell you that the Divine Justice is continually doubled by so many offences and errors.

(OBSERVATION: As Our Lord mentioned the 'furnaces of Heaven', no doubt He is talking about the Three Days of Darkness which will be a rain of supernatural fire, not just darkness that will cleanse the earth, the time of God's great Justice. Hell will also be let loose and every demon will be permitted to slay all those not prepared for this time. This will be Satan's great but short victory as he lays waste and claims the souls of sinners. Our Lord seems to be saying here that if the withdrawing of the chastisement were left only to mankind's prayers and sacrifices, it would not be enough nor would be effective: mankind's efforts could not make enough reparations for the sins committed, they are so great. The chastisement would have to be extremely long to make any sort of reparation, and then, the long duration of punishments on the earth would leave so few souls left alive, and, very very left to be saved as well. Our Lord told Marie-Julie in other visions the world had grown so corrupt, everybody would fall and be lost, not one soul would be saved if He did not step in with the chastisements. His mercy will shorten the time for the sake of the elect lest they too should fall because if He left it go too long, there would be very few souls left alive on earth when it is all over, and corruption will even win over the elect if left unchecked.)

(Our Lord's message continued:)

Spouse of My Blessed Sacrament and Sacred Heart, I would not want to hurt your great soul that I love so much, where I like to remain its support, its help, its peace and its heaven. The men in power want to make this state of affairs last. They have sold out the kingdom of My holy Mother to Satan. (France.) They multiply the blasphemies and the insults to Our Lady and to My Divine Majesty. My Divine Justice will take measures without measure, if My Divine Father does not yield, if He does not give His Divine Mercy for this poor land. Oh! What a miracle it shall take to save such a guilty world! It is worse than My first Passion for the salvation of men! It takes miracles, yes, to save My poor children! It is justice struggling in the face of mercy. When the blood from the cannons stops flowing, the blood from the knives will complete the decimation.

(NOTE: no doubt a reference to the civil wars in Paris and France that will be part of the chastisements – people will be killing each other in the streets and it will be an utter decimation before the Three Days.)

Our Lord: “Confidant of My Sacred Heart, in My joys and in My sorrows, do not be afraid of suffering. I will appease the holy anger of My Father. But for that. I need your faith.

Serve Me without consolations, serve Me in your faith, without signs. Serve Me with the holy confidence you have in Me. If I find it in you, this holy faith animated by total confidence, nothing will happen to you without My allowing it. I withdraw My love from the hearts of the souls I have set ablaze. I gives them suffering to pray and atone. The heart that loves Me can have no joy when My Heart is offended, blasphemed, forgotten, betrayed and misunderstood.”

(NOTE: i.e. a spiritual dryness and / or a 'dark night of the soul', with no spiritual consolations. Our Lord is promising protection if the soul still serves in faith. And, it was also revealed to Marie-Julie when Christ is served like this in all holy confidence, He perfects the soul even more, and the soul earns more merits than when serving with consolations).

Our Lady: After my Jesus, I come to tell you: do not be discouraged, leave everything in my virginal hands. I can do everything by my grace for the dear children whom I love.”


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#113 B - Prophecy of New Feast Days that will be Declared and a Prophecy of a Chosen Soul to be Raised up in France




Prophecy of New Feast Days that will be Declared and a Prophecy of a Chosen Soul to be Raised up in France


Ecstasy Date, April 27, 1880  -  (Source: “Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique”, Henri Boucier, pp 363-363).

Marie-Julie: “I see in the dazzling light of my mystical Sun that, at the beginning of the century which will follow this one, there will be held in Rome two solemn feasts of the Most Holy Sacrament, in addition to the two which already exist to celebrate the Lord. These two festivals will be instituted in honour of a prodigy which will take place towards the beginning of the next century. I see in the Mystical Sun that this prodigy will take place on the lands of Naples, towards the beginning, that is to say on this side, starting from the frontier. The details of this prodigious feast will be given to a religious soul aged forty-seven. The institution of the first feast is marked by the Sun on the Thursday before Holy Week. Five years will elapse between the first feast and the second. The number of the second feast is marked on the Thursday before the feast of Christmas. This second feast will be instituted as a vow made to Our Lord Jesus Christ during these painful days.

The Lord marks a time in our country of France when grace will flow abundantly into a chosen soul, a soul at the flowering of age, and who will receive the mission of prophesying (about) the last times (after) which will follow the judgments of God. I see the figure for this year, but the Sun does not say to make it known.”


(NOTES: there will be a new feast days after a great miracle takes place in Naples, and apparently, will be linked to the Blessed Sacrament, and, a chosen soul will be given details on it, obviously, to promote the cause of these feasts that they may be instituted. It will happen during 'painful days' so, when the chastisements begging to break out? The prophecy seems to point to the early to mid 1900s, but, since timing of a prophetic event can be put off if enough penance is done, such as what happened when France built Sacre Coeur according to the visions of Marie-Julie, this miracle and new feast days might be reserved for this century.  It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

Regarding the future 'chosen soul' that would arise in France: while the mystic Sun did not say she could reveal the person then, we can make an educated guess who this might be, (that is, if there is not another person who has not yet been born or made known yet in our times.) Marie-Julie did mention a very interesting mystic in another prophecy, (if that text was transcribed properly.) Later in March 1882 she gave the name of a mystic who would fit the description of 'flowering in age' as that chosen soul never aged and miraculously remained like a little child. Marie-Julie apparently mentioned the mystic before she was even born, and, this mystic was given prophecies regarding the last work Our Lord wished to spread on earth before the end of time, namely, the universal recognition of His Kingship over the earth and all nations. The mystic is Sr. Olive Danzé of Brittany, also known as St. Marie of Christ the King (1906-1968). Click here to read more about her.)


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#140 B: Prophecy Marie-Julie's Work will be Brought to Light – Prophecy of the Heavenly Cortège of Mystics that Will Accompany the Great Monarch to the Walls of the National Assembly




Ecstasy March, 21, 1882. (Source: “Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique”, Henri Boucier, pp. 95-97)

(NOTE: Jesus and Mary spoke to here in this ecstasy, but Herni Boucier leaves out this part of the ecstasy, unfortunately. He continues straight to a message given by the Holy Spirit Who comes in the shape of a Dove.)

Marie-Julie: “At the foot of the throne of Jesus, I adore my Savior from the depths of my soul. Now, I listen to the Dove of the Holy Spirit speak to repeat all his words well.”

The Dove: “Dear friends, a little more patience on earth, and all will enjoy profound peace altogether! For you, Marie-Julie of the Crucifix, spouse of Jesus, receive the light you need to faithfully accomplish the designs of the Lord! Dear friends, in His infinite wisdom, the Lord has gathered His faithful instruments. He intends for them to keep His words in silence, before the voice is given to all the hearts present in a day that must not be long (in coming?). Do you consent, my daughter, to change your painful thorns with those that I offer you and which are different in their pain from those of today?”

Marie-Julie: “Divine Holy Spirit, the crown that you offer to the gaze of my soul seems to me to have been so great that all that I have suffered may not be enough to efface them.”

(i.e. from the context, it seems she is saying all her sufferings are not enough to erase the crown of thorns she is currently wearing, the new crown shown to her by the Holy Spirit is too beautiful. She deserve the thorns.)

The Dove: “Contemplate well this precious offering which you will carry only a short time, but enough to let the heavenly ones see the glory and the reward that there is in this divine gift. This crown is not comparable to the one you wear for the love of Jesus. I have a part in all the divine works, but in this one particularly. I make myself the Director, the Comforter. In a word, it was I who gave these lofty instructions. To the crown that I bring today, I want to add a more distinguished radiance, various pendants and finials. This crown, I place it straight on the middle of the forehead, with a fairly visible trace and marked in width.”

(NOTE: there are times when Heaven exchanged crown of thorns Marie-Julie wore, and the change in the stigmata on her head was always announced in advance. People could witness the stigmata of the crown of thorns changing to the shape of the new crown she was given to wear.)

Marie-Julie: “Holy Spirit, I'm not commanding you, but I wouldn't like our dear interlacers to see it. May it be only for our dear friends!”

(I.e. Odd literal translation, Marie-Julie in her humility does not want this new change in the stigmata to be made to the general public, but only to those close to the holy mission.)

The Dove: “My daughter, I speak to you in front of the souls present, under the eyes of these men of merit who are helping to move everything forward at this moment.”

Marie-Julie: “Divine Holy Spirit, I willingly submit to your wishes.”

The Dove: “My dear friends, the Lord has plans for His victim. Her tongue will no longer be sealed with the bond of stillness, and the people who have never seen or heard the story of so much pain and immolation for the work of Calvary, this people will see with their eyes a new creature born of the love and wounds of her God. The dear friends could say: a new creature was born by the gifts by which He took away all resemblance to serve the joy and the good of His people, God has transformed, formed and reformed (her).

(i.e. an odd phrase that I'm finding difficult to translate, but basically, Our Lord is saying in the future people who had never heard of her sufferings will see their fruit – He is removing her former resemblance, and through her victim-sufferings is making her a 'new creature', completely renewed and transformed spiritually.)

(The Holy Spirit): Dear friends, the Lord deposits in her what He wants to let fall in hearts and on the world to save and protect it. Now take a rest, before entering the Book of gold!

Loyal victims and servants (I.e a reference to the designated victims souls suffering for the Work of the Cross and the scribes taking down the messages), you waited until the midst of the pain, the transformation of the earth....This time has existed for nine years under the empire of my power. I activate with fire the beautiful ripening, in the middle of spring.

(NOTE: Bourcier notes this indicates the years 1873 to 1882, but the 'nine years' could refer to some other time period as a prophecy is now about to be shared).

The Dove: “There must be a procession of spouses who have prayed for the reconciliation of this land lost without Me, a procession of spouses who go in triumph to seek the illustrious saviour (I.e the Great Catholic Monarch, Henry V) and lead him to the walls which form the hall of hell. (I.e the National Assembly of France). It is he who will make good and Christian families, children and old people happy. The procession of spouses is made up of Mélanie de La Salette, of Louis Lateau, of Sr. Oliva Marie du Christ-Roi, of Marie Martel, of Estelle Faguette. Of course, of Joan of Arc and St. Teresa of the Child Jesus, and hundreds of others.”


(OBSERVATION: this is an astounding prophecy, if the scribe transcribed the text properly and assuming Henry Bourcier printed the text correctly. A heavenly procession will go forth to meet and then accompany Henry V, the promised Great Catholic Monarch, as he makes his way to Paris to fight the enemy, he will go to the National Assembly. This procession or cortège will feature spiritual spouses of Our Lord, saints, and those who are mystics or to whom Our Lady appeared to. In several cases, this text to Marie-Julie seems to be added proof that the several of the mystics who were in question at the time are indeed authentic.

Mélanie of La Salette of course needs no introduction, and also Estelle Faguette is also not completely unknown, her vision was approved under the title of Our Lady of Pellevoison.

Louis Lateau from Belgium (1850-1883) was a mystic and stigmatist, and while she was deemed authentic, that her stigmata were not fake, and she is listed on the Miracle Hunter's site as 'authentic' under Marian apparitions, on March 5, 2009, strangely, the Vatican gave a negative answer to an inquiry wishing to further the cause for her possible beatification. However, this prophecy given to Marie-Julie seems to point out she is indeed authentic, and her cause will be made known by Heaven in the future.

Another interesting mention is Marie Martel, the main visionary of the Apparitions of Tilly: of the date of Marie-Julie's ecstasy is correct, 1883,  this set of visions which occurred in 1896 was predicted a good decade before they occurred!  The case of Marie Martel and these visions strangely was left to stagnate by the local bishop of the time who apparently did not want to cause trouble with the French government, but was never officially condemned, even if not officially approved. St. Pius X himself believed in this apparition, and so did officials at the Vatican, but were disappointed in how the bishop handled the case, which left it stymied. So it is still unapproved but not officially condemned. If this prophecy given to Marie-Julie is true, then the visions of Marie Martel are indeed authentic , again, foretold a decade before their occurrence.  No doubt this is a sign her case will also one day be cleared up. (Click here to read more about the Apparitions and prophecies of Tilly.)

The most surprising mention is Sr. Oliva Marie du Christ-Roi, a mystic from Brittany, who, similar to Marie Martel, her case was left to stagnate. Oliva Danzé was born in 1906 and she died in 1968. If this ecstasy attributed to Marie-Julie was accurately transcribed as dating from 1883, then that means she made a prophecy regarding Sr. Oliva before she was even born. Her case regarding the apparitions of Christ the King was not officially condemned, but strangely, she was continually persecuted eventhough she was received favorably by the Archbishop of Paris, and Pius XII was personally favorable to her visions and gave orders she be permitted to return to her convent. Again, Marie-Julie's ecstasy would point out Sr. Oliva is indeed an authentic mystic and she too will be vindicated when the Great Monarch comes. (Click here to read more about Sr. Oliva Marie of Christ the King and her prophetic visions.)


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#139 B The Promised Great Monarch will Pierce Through the Blows of Death – A Star Will Appear and Shine for Three Days Announcing His Arrival



The Promised Great Monarch will Pierce Through the Blows of Death – A Star Will Appear and Shine for Three Days Announcing His Arrival

(Source: “Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique”, Henri Boucier, pp. 318-320)

February 28, 1882

The Sacred Heart: “The faithful people will not say longer now that the days drag on and that this slowness is a throbbing pain. (I.e. Not for much longer will the faithful say the coming of Our Lord's promises is slow and painful to wait for.) The true friends of the Lord wait in trust, though under clouds and in darkness. The rest of the faith is extinguished, the strength diminishes, evil makes great progress. And behold, the one who is called the oracle of the word of God will cause the weakness of faith to re-germinate and flow back. (i.e faith will grow once more, the tide will turn). It is he who will raise the courage of the people. It is he who will rise to an admirable degree of virtue. The Lord has his designs on him; he will pierce through the blows of death. God's friends will no longer have to wait to finally receive all perfect contentment in the glory of God.”

(i.e. the promised Great Catholic Monarch, Henry V.)

Marie-Julie: “The love of the Sacred Heart fully promised the return of the savior and the resurrection of the earth. The triumph of the Cross will prelude this resurrection of the land and the return of the saviour of France. The pain will be all the less felt as you have suffered before. It will be the coming promise of the savior of France who will be the man of all gifts. He will not be present at the start of the events. The days of weeping will be shortened, because God has listened to the prayers and complaints of his people. The hour of miracles will break out with the clash of arms.  The intervention of St. Joseph and of St. Michael will be announced and will come true with the brilliant star that will come out at midday. It will leave the sun shining for three days. Everyone will turn to where dwells the man whose cloak of St. Louis must cover his shoulders. The luminous star will represent, will illuminate with its rays the true fighters and the elect of heaven who will accompany St. Michael, leader of the armies of heaven. The angelic troupe will support the fighters as King Henry V of the Cross approaches.

Our Lord: “The most beautiful lily that My Heart could give for the king of my choice, the most beloved of My Sacred Heart. The victorious Archangel St. Michael will receive the call for peace.   From the fight he will bring back My glorious soldiers, bringing back the standard of the lily, the most beautiful emblem of My designs.  He will stand low above the soldiers whom My voice, My commands and the lines of My divine words will guide, while hell is unleashed.

When the king Henry V of the Cross will have arrived on the stone posed by My gifts, that is to say on the step of the altar of the cathedral, the consecrating bishop will cover him with a cloak of gold. My Will having spoken, his army will follow him to the sanctuary where My prodigious Cross will have gathered my elect at his feet. On their knees, in tears and giving heartfelt thanks, the hand of the victims will trace on the forehead the victorious sign of the Cross, mark of the victory given to the few who will bring back to glory the man of My Heart. Under a pure and serene sky, I will give an awakening to all My creation. The angel in charge of the harmony of hymns will charm the heart of Marie-Julie under the clear sky and the cloudless day.

I make my just ones wait, I will largely reward their patience which I apply to the redemption of sinners; not of all, for many will perish and will not return to My sweet mercy.”


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#166 B – The Powerful Intercession of St. Joseph



The Powerful Intercession of St. Joseph

Ecstasy date April 1, 1913. (Source, “Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique”, Henri Bourcier, pp. 225-229.)

Our Lady: “My children, I leave (with you) my holy spouse, the glorious St. Joseph.”

Marie-Julie Jahenny: “The good father St. Joseph appears with a multitude of souls, some larger, others smaller. There are all sizes, all the riches!” (i.e. he appears with a host of souls from Heaven, their sizes and different 'riches' denoting their merits and graces.)

St. Joseph: “My children, this very sweet name which I give to you, I receive it from the holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary…

It is enough to invoke me once for me to answer this call with a heaven of graces given to me by Jesus and the Blessed Mother. You who are my devout servants, I come to the threshold of heaven with as many graces as the Beloved (Jesus) has power, as much as He has goodness, as much as He has love, for He loves without being loved. (I.e. Our Lord is not loved in return.)

Today, I can assure you of my powerful protection. My power is so strong. Invoke me and pray to me with confidence, you will be the first to reproach me.

(NOTE: an odd expression that does not translate well into English – it almost sounds like St. Joseph was trying to make a joke! Possibly, he means anyone up to now who invoked him all these centuries has received his aid and have never had to reproach him regarding unanswered prayers, and if he failed now to answer them, they would be the first to ever have to reproach him! Basically, he is saying I have never left anyone down all this time, why would I do so now?)

St. Joseph: "I have more desire to give you than you do asking me. For my feast day, (i.e. March 19, or perhaps May 1, the feast of St. Joseph the Worker), I promise to assist you in the midst of battles, hailstorms of fire, shrapnel of stones, in the midst of thunderbolts from heaven. Everywhere, I will assist you. I will be the torch that will guide your path, that will bless all your efforts, that will sanctify all your steps, in the midst of the ruins of justice (of the) Sovereign of Heaven. 


(NOTE: this seems to be a prophecy of WWI which was just about to strike, he promised his protection. Also, this could be a promise he will be there with the faithful during the catastrophic chastisements.)

St. Joseph: "You, my children, my servants, you and your families, your children, you and your friends, I will be your assistant during this life and in your last hour. You will seem to catch a glimpse of the sweet and ravishing figure of St. Joseph.  I will only keep a very short distance, and you will all be able to feel the effect of my presence, the effect of my gentleness. You will especially appreciate this word: “Do not be afraid, my servant, do not be afraid!” The last sleep (death) will be as sweet as mine in the arms of beloved Jesus, of the Blessed Mother and of mine.

I promise you a holy death, a sweet death. You will have in your soul, in your mind and in your heart the very sensitive feeling of my holy presence and, through the obscured veil of the sight of your eyes, I will pass a drop of my sweet smile which will give your souls a lively joy to see your Beloved (Jesus), His Father, the Creator and the Divine Eternal Love. You will receive this grace for yourselves, your families, your friends, all devout souls.

Here is a great power that the Holy Church did not mention: often on the Wednesday dedicated to me, (I.e the first Wednesday of the month?)  I deliver blessings and protections to a multitude of souls of my children.

My children, often I take 'bail' to the feet of the Judge (Who is) so gentle for the righteous. My prayer, my surety touches this Heart so much that I loved so much, that I carried, that I nourished, that I protected, that often I obtain hours less for expiation. (i.e St. Joseph shortens a soul's time in Purgatory). Sometimes, the Divine Bridegroom shortens up to seven hours of expiation in honor of my seven joys and seven sorrows.  Often I obtain such great favors for my devoted children.

My children, I am also the terror of the perverse spirit. (I.e the terror of the demon.) I am the great enemy of hell, of the eternal abysses. Oh! What miracles I have wrought, often in the last quarter of an hour of the life of so many souls! My children, the Enemy, furious because of my presence and my power, often accuses me at the sovereign Tribunal and disputes with me the souls that I have snatched from his hell.   (i.e. he and the demon battle for souls during their particular judgements, St. Joseph intercedes for them and succeeds in snatching many away form the demon and assuring them salvation. Satan is furious with him!)

If you knew my power and my power with Jesus and Mary! It is so great! Come to me, I am on the left of the beloved Jesus who gives me His heavens of grace. I am here for you, for your spiritual and temporal needs. I have a particular providence, bestowed by my Divine adoptive Son, by my Blessed Immaculate Spouse, for temporal matters, for all your needs. Come to me, you will give joy to Jesus and Mary (by doing so). Come to me, I will give to you, I will grant you, I will console you, I will relieve you!

With my Blessed Spouse, I promise to carry your beautiful souls, not to the Divine Judge, but to the Divine Father, to the Divine Spouse. (i.e he will present those devoted to him to God who will not be a strict Judge to them). And at your coronation in heaven I will attend and, by the command of the Divine King, I will start the joyous hymn of the divine banquet of eternal love where we will sing together of the savor and the sweetness of your eternal nourishment, nourishment of love, eternal feast of rejoicing.

With my Blessed Immaculate Spouse, I bestow all our titles of graces, of power, protection and assistance to all your gifts, every object of piety and all your prayers; the same powers and the same graces as those of Immaculate Mary, to all souls to the ends of the earth exiled by injustice: the family of Henry of the Cross. (i.e. St Joseph's powerful intercession and protection extends to Henry V of the Cross and his family, the promised Great Catholic Monarch destined to restore the French throne during the Age of Peace.)

All my strengths and my powers, my smile, my protective gaze, I extend it to everyone and for you. My children, when my Blessed Spouse is going to give you her holy blessing which contains all the gifts, mine are joined there, my graces to her graces, my gifts to her gifts, my protections to her protections, my wonders to hers.

I tell you again: to almost every soul in the land of exile by injustice (Henry V), all heaven bears graces and, on this beautiful day of my feast, all the angels and saints will be my servants bearing my graces in all places of the earth.

In the corollas of my lily I have a more extended grace of purity for each one of you, and this grace is poured into these prodigious lily corollas by the Heart of the Divine Master and His Holy Immaculate Mother. It is a double grace of purity, it is like a garment, a nuptial robe for your beautiful souls, like a spotless robe to cover your bodies, to keep them intact, with the beauty of the beautiful soul that gives them life, activity and movement.

In another corolla, I give you my blessing which preserves from a sudden and unforeseen death, my blessing which gives the grace to die, or rather, to fall asleep like me, in the arms of Jesus and Mary, in blessing and grace, in the peace of Jesus.

Pray for Holy Church whose persecutions are not over. I am the holy patron of the Church where Jesus resides; Peace in the great storm that is moving towards the earth. I have immense power for all of you, near and far, for my dear protégés whose protector I am.

My children, Friends of the Cross, the Beloved establishes me guardian of your chastity, guardian of your virtues, by the graces that I receive from the Beloved and His Blessed Mother.

Now I stop, covering you with my protective mantle. You who suffer, come to me, you who cry, you who need graces, pray to me, I am full of tenderness! My children, with the Beloved and His Holy Mother, I have all the gifts for all the afflicted, for all the exiles, for all the young souls, the young plants growing (seminarians preparing) for the priesthood. My face is just a ray of light that repeats to you with its word: 'Yes, yes, yes, my little children!'

I am also the great protector of the souls in Purgatory. Often I inspire devotion for these suffering souls. They are so good, these expiating souls! Their desire is so ardent to enjoy heaven that I often gather immense graces from the prayers of my servants, and I send them to these poor captive souls. Their joy for their benefactors, their joy, I could not repay.

Children of the Divine Bridegroom and of His Blessed Mother and protected by me, I bless you with my Holy Spouse, according to all your desires. These graces will have their realization in time promised by the Beloved whose power is infinite; these graces will be great, powerful and without proportion for the salvation of souls and the propagation of an ardent faith.”




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#167 C - Our Lord speaks of the Treasures of the Cross – the Cross and Sacred Heart will Work Warning Miracles Announcing the Chastisements



Our Lord speaks of the Treasures of the Cross – The Sacred Heart and the Cross are One – Devotion to Both Repairs the Outrages against Christ – the Cross and Sacred Heart will Work Warning Miracles Announcing the Chastisements


Ecstasy date September 13, 1917 - (Source: Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique," Henri Boucier, pp. 113 -115.)

Our Lord: “By My Cross, it is I who lives in you, it is I who breathes in you, it is I who loves Myself in you, it is I who gives Me thanks in you, it is it is I who make you all shine in (her) beauty, all of you shine in (her) goodness, all of you shine in the mysteries of My divine Cross. My little souls, by espousing My divine Cross, I bequeathed to (her) My immense loves, My treasures of grace, My divine breaths (i.e inspirations).

(NOTE: I have kept the French reference to the cross in the feminine as Our Lord is specifically pointing out His cross as His mystical Spouse here).

It is Love which made me choose the Cross, it is Love that formed and wove it. This adorable Divine Cross, it seemed so beautiful and resplendent to Me that I chose it. I espoused her and, in espousing her, I chose a little bit of her for each of you. This parcel has passed through all My loves: love of peace, love of purity, love of sacrifice, love of all tenderness and the love of knowledge.

My little souls, I invite you, come to My feet. The Adorable Cross is planted in My Sacred Heart.

Come and listen to Its delightful language. Come learn of the divine knowledge of a generous love that surpasses all sacrifices. Come listen to Its enchanting appeal, come study Its great and sublime knowledge, knowledge that rises to the summit of the highest mysteries and the most admirable wonders.

What does My Divine Heart say? It is Love that invented the Cross. It is the generosity of the Divine Heart that formed it. It is the light of My Sacred Heart which made the study of knowledge, of elevation to the most sublime mystery, which reveals Itself before Its splendor, becomes Its beauty and all Its glory.

Oh! (My) little beloved souls, listen to the wonderful language of the Cross. She will teach you the wonders of Love. Each marvel has its divine language to operate, to melt, to sanctify the soul in love. I forget the offenses. I forget the insults, I forget the ingratitudes, while I speak to your souls, I speak only of love, only of soft and sweet delights. See how deep your love for Me goes, it makes Me forget the insults, forget My Justice, forget the continual contempt that rises from the earth to My Divine Heart.

I want you to celebrate with Me the glory of My Holy Cross. Cross despised, cross rejected, cross insulted and rejected by so many souls who loved her and who today despise her.

In heaven, when you are with Me, your Divine Spouse, (note: obviously speaking to Marie-Julie here), I will give her to you as a palm, My Cross purer than gold, My Cross, the marvel of prodigies, My Cross, the bed lined by suffering, My Cross, the lightning rod of My Justice, My Cross, the rebirth of a new, purer and more Christian love in living faith.”

(NOTE: apparently, at the same ecstasy Our Lord also said):

I want to tell you that in the mercy reserved for the earth by my tender goodness, this resurrection of a very guilty world will only come through My Divine Heart. This resurrection will be joined to the great resurrection that My Sacred Heart has in store for you.

The Sacred Heart and the Cross will operate miracles, astonishing prodigies, a few hours before the great fatal blow where souls fall into the abyss through their sins. For so long I have warned the sinner who does not want to change his life; I will rise in My Justice and in a second millions of souls will be harvested after many warnings. My patience has borne everything, My goodness has given to the just and to the sinner My blessings, My light, health, life; My little souls, yet I get weary. It is you who prolong the existence of grace, the life of the guilty by your love for Me.”

(NOTE: Our Lord is speaking of the Age of Peace, which will only come through the Sacred Heart. It will come after the great chastisements to cleanse the earth, which will terminate with the Three Days of Darkness. However, Our Lord said to Marie-Julie in another ecstasy, He does not wish to send the chastisements as a great multitude of souls still obstinate in their sins and who have ignored all warning sings will be lost, therefore, He wishes the time of MERCY before it to be prolonged in the hope the world converts, which is only done through prayer, repentance and sacrifices. Here, we see Our Lord at the time accepted the sacrifices, it was helping to Him forget the insults and outrages of the world, and thereby hold off the chastisements. Devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Cross, a life of sacrifice and penance help hold off His justice and prolong the time of mercy. 

 But note: He warned even then He was getting weary by the outrages. The chastisements will eventually come as the sins of the earth will become too great, and, Our Lord warned in another ecstasy devotion to the Sacred Heart will wane, and even be terribly attacked. Our Lord foretold His Cross and Sacred Heart will warn the earth by various miracles a few hours before the chastisements break forth.)

* Click here to see the other prophecies given to Marie-Julie regarding the Period of Mercy before the time of God's Justice and the chastisements.




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Thursday, 11 August 2022

#149 B – A Witness Account of Marie-Julie Suffering the Passion – A Miraculous Communion – Predictions of the Torments She would Suffer next in Reparation for Sacrilegious Communions




The following account of Marie-Julie suffering the Passion of Christ was recorded by Abbé Barillé, who was the vicar of Saint-Sulpice de Fougères. (Source for this text: Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique” by Henri-Pierre Bourcier, pp. 30-48.)

Abbé Barille was hoping to convince the then current Curé of Blain, Abbé Bachelier, that Marie-Julie was indeed a true mystic, but she suffered from the local clergy who believed she was a fake. She was unjustly denied the sacraments for a long time until Pope Leo XIII demanded she be given them. In the meantime, she continued to receive Miraculous Communions in addition to her prophetic visions.

This particular witness account is important as Abbé Barillé was specifically allowed to see the Miraculous Communion she received were not fake caused by sleight of hand as can happen with demonic cases – demons have been known how to teach fakes mystics to do such things. He can also cause seemingly fake miraculous 'communions' too.

(There are two cases – one in the 16th Century,  Sr. Mary Magdalen of the Cross(1487-1560)  who made a pact with the devil, and one in our modern times, Julia Kim of Korea.   Click on their names for details.)

This witness account is also striking in that as usual, Our Lord gave Marie-Julie prophetic descriptions when she would suffer the next round of torments of expiation that those around her would be able to see. Such prophetic descriptions of her coming martyrdoms always came to pass on the days predicted showing she was not a fake.

Abbé Barillé describes certain scenes or makes comments, which will be indicated – my own notes will by marked out with (NOTES or OBSERVATIONS).


(September 24, 1882) – Account by Abbé Barillé:

This Friday, at one o'clock in the afternoon, five priests, including Canon Mauclerc, parish priest of Savenay, Father Martial, a Capucin, the Abbé Goupil of Jouré-les-Tours, and the Abbé Coquet, all at number of fourteen people – men and women – entered the room of the privileged child of La Fraudais. Upon entering, one could see her, seated at the foot of her bed, on a chair, her hands on her chest, a cross in her right hand, her eyes closed, and already under divine power. The blessing was given to her by Father Martial, Capuchin, in deference to Monsieur the parish priest of Savenay.

Immediately, she uttered in a low voice the blessed words: “Et Verbum caro factum est!” Then an invocation to the Holy Spirit.

Marie-Julie: “I adore You, My Jesus! Treasure of the Cross, Increase the pains and the sufferings, provided my love is more ardent!”

After these words, Marie-Julie fell face down on the floor and distinctly pronounced the announced honourable amends. (NOTE: act of amendment as a victim soul for sins ?) Among her admirable words, I am permitted to retain this vow:

(Marie-Julie): 'Adorable Jesus, if we had been the spearhead, we wouldn't have gone out! But if the iron came out, it was only to open our hearts! Now I will take up my Cross and walk the road to Jerusalem!'

(NOTE: sometimes her words do not translate directly and the context has to be looked at. This seems to be a desire of Marie-Julie that she and all of Christ's followers could have been the spearhead that opened Christ's Heart, for she never would have left His Heart once she was within It, but since the spearhead could not stay, it was for the greater grace that all hearts could be opened with and for love like Christ's was.)

Everyone can see Marie-Julie getting up, making unspeakable efforts to put her crucifix on her shoulder.

(NOTE: when making the Way of the Cross, she would put her crucifix on her shoulder, no doubt in imitation of Our Lord carrying His Cross.)

While on her knees, she pronounces the following invocation, to draw strength from it. 'O Crux Ave!' And she sets off. She walks on her knees twenty-three times the length of her cell; she falls horribly. We hear her heart beating with haste and violence. She heaves a deep sigh, then is silent, then again three sighs, and she begins to speak with extraordinary vigour:

(Marie-Julie): “My Divine Jesus, I adore You and I love You! I unite myself with all those who adore and love You... It was for love that You espoused the heavy Cross that overwhelms You. The hours which separated You from taking it as your spouse were painful to You. But, when the time came, You espoused it with tenderness and love. Was not the Cross clothed with all charms, more brilliant than all the stars? On espousing it You cried out with keen love:

'O Cross! Jewel of My Father, crown of saints and their school in Divine favours, ciborium of love! ... Oh! Your flame and your ardour urge towards love!'

Ah! Lord, Your Holy Cross in its ardour has charms... Heaven of delights! The love of the Cross cannot satisfy the immensity of the desires of my heart. I, who am most miserable, see this love as a fiery arrow that strikes me in the heart. Oh! Jesus, draw back that arrow!' (The voice of Marie-Julie dies down,) O desired Spouse, You are the Bread of angels, Manna of love which is beginning to appear! O my heart, do you not see the Beloved approaching? Come, my soul can't take it any more! Come, Heaven of graces, Spouse of the angels! Come, Wheat of the elect!”

Marie-Julie is silent, sighs several times, kisses the relic of the True Cross. O Crux Ave! Suddenly, she lets these words escape from her lips: “Overwhelmed! ... Overwhelmed!” There is an expression of fatigue and searing pain on her face. She 'walks' on her knees again. She then makes a final turn. Turning towards the window, in the middle of the cell, she experiences a revival. She adheres her mouth to the crucifix (in a kiss), she places her hands on her chest, the left hand supporting the right hand by the wrist. We are all eyes and all ears.

(Jesus arrives.)

Jesus: “Here is the Divine Tabernacle! My Adorable Heart is open. Take your Nourishment! Come and be satisfied at the Eternal Source of all graces!”

Marie-Julie: “O my beloved Jesus! After this invitation, I cannot refuse. But to go there, angels of heaven, lend me your vestments, so that I can go up to the tabernacle!”

(NOTE: Apparently, Marie-Julie begs the angels to cover her with their graces and merits so she may be more worthy.)

Jesus: “Here is My chalice of love!”

Marie-Julie: “I see It with the eyes of the soul, without worrying, without fear, without apprehension! O my dear Jesus, my only Treasure!”

Jesus: “I have wounded your heart by (keeping it) waiting too long. Come to Mine and seek a remedy there!”

Marie-Julie: “No, no, Jesus! I want to carry this wound without it healing. It will be in repentance for my imperfection.”

Jesus: “I want to meld your heart in mine!”

Marie-Julie: “O Jesus, remove mine from its place! Put a fibre of Yours in it! Thus, it will be more than my heart in scope and grandeur. I would rather You treat me like the lowest of creatures!”

Jesus: “How this is no cost to Me! Come to this open tabernacle!”

(Marie-Julie Prepares and then Miraculously receives Holy Communion.)

Marie-Julie: “I adore the Holy Host, Living, Eternal, in this Divine Tabernacle where the Heaven of canticles has descended. Oh! I love! Oh! If I could fly there without delay on the wings of holy Love! I sigh after Him. O moments, how long you are! Your minutes are months, your seconds are days. O Sun, my brother, hasten your march! Make me arrive at the desired time! How slow you are in your course, O Sun, my brother, while I wait, floating in love!”

Jesus: “Come into the tabernacle, because I want to exchange your heart, put Mine in its place until the last breath of your mortal life!”

Marie-Julie: “O my dear Love, for that, I would have to live the life of angels, the life of cherubim and seraphim. But on earth, I am only imperfection, misery and flaws!”

Jesus: “You are a hidden creature (one) of the dearest gifts of My tenderness, which lives on earth the life of angels. Suffering has purified her, ordeal sanctifies her, the Cross every day rekindles fires there. In My works, she is the throne where I live in the shadow of outrages.” (NOTE: she is a 'shelter' from the outrages He receives in the world.)

Marie-Julie: “Oh! Thank you for preparing and inviting me!”

Jesus: “If I spoke thus, it is to spare you the suffering of the heart. A heart in which grace descends is always found humble. Come and contemplate!”

Marie-Julie: “Yes, I see the nuptial robe. The name of Jesus and that of His Mother are found on the breast of this unworthy creature that I am.”

Jesus: “Look at this bouquet! The stem of each flower is tinted with My Adorable Blood! It is complete, this bouquet! Now do you want to possess it?”

Marie-Julie: “O my Love! I want nothing, I wish for nothing, I expect nothing! ... May Your Holy Will be done! It is in It that I live; it is It that I want to die!”

Jesus: “Enter, My spouse!”

Marie-Julie: “I only want to focus my gaze where Yours is! I only want to see what You see! I only want to love what You love!”

Jesus: “I love this immolation, the last of the martyrs!”

Marie-Julie: “In this cell of love. My Jesus makes me see all that He requires of me. I only see Him through His eyes. I only hear Him through His ears. Crosses, sufferings! ...”

Jesus: “Do you want this Cross of love?”

Marie-Julie: “Yes, my Beloved!”

Jesus: “It is through this that I will descend into your cell, your cell of martyrdom of the most complete submission, of perfect obedience, model of humility and object of contempt.”

Marie-Julie: “Where is this ladder going?”

Jesus: “Into the cell of your soul, in the garden of your heart!”

Marie-Julie: “O my Jesus, open the doors that may still be closed!”

Jesus: “They are always open and prepared to receive the adorable victim.”

Marie-Julie: “What will I give you back for so much happiness?”

Jesus: “Your sacrifice is near. I do not want to ask you until after I've given Myself to you.

Marie-Julie: “My Beloved Jesus, as you wish! Oh! Come without delay! My martyrdom is extreme!”

Jesus: “Do you want to hear My grievances?”

Marie-Julie: “Give me the strength to hear them without failing. For myself, I am insensitive to suffering. The only occupation that takes my mind off it is to think of You, my only Love!

When I think about what He is suffering, I forget everything I possess except the love He gives me. That is what I am talking about. The thought of His love alone is my continual occupation. It is for Him that I live, that I speak, that I suffer, that I immolate myself, that I accept all the burdens, that I drink all the bitterness of humiliation. It is for Him that my heart beats, that it sighs, that it groans! It is for Him that my eyes cry! It is for Him that my soul cries out from the depths of its solitude: 'Lord, how sweet is my exile! My only nourishment is to think of You daily. Thanks to this, my exile does not seem long to me. What makes me lose the bitterness is to see You, to taste, on my lips, the Bread of angels, the Manna from Heaven.”

Jesus: “Tell me, My spouse, what are you most attached to, what do you hold most dear when you are on earth?”

Marie-Julie: “I have nothing but You, my Jesus! I don't see any other ties that attach and bind me down. I am attached to the sisters of my soul who pray for it and offer the Bread every day to support it in its solitary prison.”

Jesus: “Oh! Precious attachment that makes Me smile with tenderness and takes away the bitterness of the crimes of sinners!”

(OBSERVATION: While God wishes us to have nothing worldly attaching us and drawing us away from Him, we see here that does not include any charitable attachments we have for His sake – she loves and is 'attached' to those who pray for her soul and offer their Communions for her as she was currently deprived of the sacraments. Christ loves charity shown! Charity is eternal!)

Marie-Julie (crying): Oh! My dear Treasure! If I were allowed to drink without rest the bitterness of all crimes, how happy I would be to imbue my soul with iniquities, in Your place and for You!”

Jesus: “My victim, your desire is very close to being realized. When I have given Myself to you in Holy Communion, you will be very faithful to me!”

Marie-Julie: “Oh! What have I, oh my only Treasure, what have I before the love of all hearts to go and mourn them! I would like my soul to be a stoup fixed at the foot of the Cross to collect all the love that flow from the wounds of My God, and to drown in it all the suffering that rises to it! I would like a burning tear from my beloved Mother to write in the wounds of my God: 'O Love, Love to Jesus' That these words take away from Him the thought of my sins, offences and ingratitudes.”

Jesus: “Receive He Whom you yearn after without ever resting!”

Marie-Julie: “My beloved Jesus! I say with you: open up, my soul! Poor prisoner, open yourself, captive, under the eternal sun of your God! Oh! Fly to him, fly to the edge of the Divine Ciborium! Go nourish yourself at His inebriating table! Go and quench your thirst at its Eternal Source! Adore this noble Tabernacle where you have taken your repast so many times, where you will take It again! I love in the Host my dear Love which makes my heart beat with happiness. I adore the Manna of the angels, the Divine Nourishment of the poor traveller, his Eternal Bread, It is the Body of my Beloved, it is his Precious Blood present in the eyes of the elect, the Wheat of delights, the Nourishment of virgins, the glorious Bread, the spotless Host which enters the Christian and changes his miserable life into a life of grace. 'Come', my Beloved says to me! 'Come sit by the side of the One who loves you!' (Marie-Julie weeping the whole time): I dare not say it, but I have such an extreme desire to love the Lord that it is a painful martyrdom not to be able to love Him as much as one would like.”

Jesus: “Look at that nuptial ring! Soon you will receive it in all its beauty, never to leave it. It will become a sublime heritage for earth and for heaven. I come without making you wait any longer. I am the ferment which makes virgins germinate and shine. I am the Eternal Bread that guards virginity and watches over it. I come to give Myself to your soul. This Bread Eternal will keep it for eternal life and carry it to heaven, glorious and still all imbued with My Blood.”

Marie-Julie: “Oh! How did the earth not swallow me up? How has heaven not cast its thunderbolts on my heart? How could you, O Holy of Holies, still think of a miserable and vile creature, yet dead to the world, entirely separated? My Jesus, I have lived without pleasure, I will die without regret!”

Jesus: “Only one regret remains in the depths of your soul that you ignore....”

Marie-Julie: “No, I'm not ignoring it! This regret is that of no longer suffering, that of leaving my Cross an orphan, of leaving it on the arm of my faithful friends. But I will ask you to bury it with me. Until Judgment, we will talk about the streams of love that watered it, during our passion.”

Jesus: “My victim, prepare to make this sacrifice. The day is near for you.”

Marie-Julie: “My Jesus, what you want! I want nothing more than what you want yourself. But before leaving under this roof where I lived, I will write everywhere on the walls greatness of my sacrifice. I will leave a Cross there that will bear this regret.”

Jesus: “I myself will frame this Cross at your bedside in an image of love. It will be visible and imbued with sublime rays.”

(NOTE: a cross will be left as a sign of Marie-Julie's victim soul life there. Also, a prophecy that light will miraculously shine from it. No doubt this is one of the wooden crosses visible today in her cottage.)

Marie-Julie: “My Love, I will only be asleep. Death cannot destroy this immortal germ that lives in my soul!”

Jesus: “During this sleep, I will leave you your faithful friends as through a mirror... Prepare yourself! ... I am going to descend into your soul with the same delights as if I were descending with all the seraphim gathered together.”

Marie-Julie: “My beloved Jesus, have mercy on me, on my lack of humility! Forgive me all my trespasses. Oh! I would like to love as all heaven loves! You are the One we hope to see. I would like to love You as the Most Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph love you! I would like to love You without measure. I love my Eternal Love, my Eternal Spouse, my Jesus!”

(Description of what happens next during the ecstasy by Abbé Barillé):

Marie-Julie is resting. She cries and pronounces a few more words that I didn't catch. She kisses the wounds of her crucifix. She makes a big sign of the cross. She recites the 'Confiteor' with the 'Miserature' and the 'Indulgentiam', then, striking her chest, she pronounces three times the 'Domine non sum dignus.'

We are all attentive, with an attention that I had never known. I'm fifty centimetres from Marie-Julie's face, which is lit by the light from the cell window, her two hands clasped on her chest. Suddenly she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. I bend down and I can see the back of her throat: there is nothing. She closes her mouth, opens it again, she shows her tongue again: there is nothing yet. Her lips come together again, then she sticks out her tongue for the third time: there's nothing there. Make no mistake, the proof is given one last time. But, O prodigy! Marie-Julie opens her mouth, modestly sticks out her tongue. A Host of a brightness whiter than snow is there, visible to our eyes. A cry of admiration springs from all our hearts. Marie-Julie closes her mouth twice in a row. She always shows us the Holy Host. Doubt and illusion are impossible. Finally, her lips part one last time. Her tongue appears: there is nothing left. The marvel is consumed!

It is impossible to depict for you, Monsieur le Curé, my emotion. (It is the curé of Blain he addresses). It is an ineffable gratification. I bless the Good God! What a prodigy of power and goodness! What a prodigy of love! Lord, how admirable You are in your benefits!

But it is now that Marie-Julie offers us the most delicious spectacle. Her face lights up with a soft splendour. Her hands are joined on her chest, the left holding the right which carries the crucifix. The crucifix is resting on her chin, and her face is turned towards Our Lord Jesus Christ Whom she sees. The eyes are weakly closed. A tear gently rolls down her cheeks. A smile then parted her lips. The delight increases. What happiness! It is paradise, and it lasts a quarter of an hour. At the end of this quarter of an hour, Marie-Julie speaks again.

Marie-Julie: “My only Treasure, I adore You and thank you! ... My failing soul can no longer hear my beloved Jesus nor support the incendiary measures of Your Divine Love. Oh! I have Him, I possess Him! He is mine, Divine Spouse! My soul is a pyre of fire. Why can't I die at this moment! However, I hope to die on the way to Calvary, and not on the stake at the Cross where I am every day, except Fridays. Yes, to expire of love on the road where I walk following my Love! Despite my death, I hope to stand prostrate. Death alone will not overthrow humanity. The strength of love will sustain me dying, eyes fixed on my Beloved that I never want to lose sight of. I have in me a heaven of happiness! I would like to be able to open my heart and let the blessed souls who are the cause of my abandonment (I.e. her persecutors) understand that the Beloved Jesus has not abandoned me. I would like to show them the happiness that consumes my soul. Seraphim, you who can depict heaven, let them see the portrait of my burning soul, the portrait of my consumed heart!”

The Seraphims: “We cannot. Pray rather to your dear Furnace Who has given you this happiness. This Furnace will depict your soul drowned in this intoxication.”

Marie-Julie to Our Lord: “Come, my Love! Paint this portrait Yourself to express my happiness and let it be seen to share it.”

Jesus: “My spouse, you are Mine forever, now and always. No more separation, but resemblance in sacrifices and reparation.”

Marie-Julie: “My Love, the palm that I cherish is deep and profound suffering!”

The Exchange of Hearts

Jesus: “My spouse, I return your heart and leave Mine to you.”

Marie-Julie: “My Beloved Jesus, I dare not tell You, do not give me the wound which is in Your Heart: I cannot praise it enough, nor (do I) envy the happiness of the souls who make it their cavern of love... . Give me Your Heart without the wound, lest I be unfaithful to it, lest I know not how to love it enough.”

Jesus: “My wound and My Heart are for you, My spouse. I take your heart which is immense.”

Marie-Julie: “It is so small!”

Jesus: “Your heart is as wide as a river, it is charity, compassionate love, generosity.”

Marie-Julie: “I don't know these virtues, I don't know anything, I cannot live!”

Jesus: “Even so in complete ignorance, smile with Me and forever give Me your mortal hand.”

Marie-Julie: “I will never dare, my dear Treasure!”

Jesus: "I am going to ask you to hold it in Mine."

Marie-Julie: “I would never dare!”

Jesus: “Promise it to me!”

Marie-Julie: “You will take it yourself, my Beloved Jesus!”

Jesus: “I want to adorn it today with a brighter beauty, now that I have begun to impress My Wounds in you. I want to fulfil My Divine promises. Offer me that pious prayer that you made on the day of your First Communion.”

(Continuing with Abbé Barillé's account):

At this time, Marie-Julie remembers the place she occupied in the church (the old one) of Blain; she was on the second step, near the holy table, (the altar) opposite the door of the tabernacle. It was there that she received her God. Returning to her pew, in the midst of her companions, she made her consecration to Jesus without understanding what she was saying.”

Marie-Julie: (recalling her consecration that day): “Today, day of my First Communion, joy of heaven passing over earth, I consecrate myself to Jesus, my Spouse, whom I possess and hold in my soul. I would never have believed that it was so sweet, for the first time, to taste so much love and happiness in the peace of the Holy Eucharist. My lovable Jesus, today you espouse my soul. I promise You, at the foot of the Blessed Sacrament at the tabernacle, to You who rest in my heart, to consecrate my youth, to consecrate my years to you, until death. I only want one Spouse. I choose Him, in the presence of the angels who adore Him, descending into my heart. It is under His gaze that I promise to be faithful to my Beloved Jesus.

I tell Him that I consecrated myself to Him from my First Communion until the second. I asked Him to inscribe my name at the foot of the holy tabernacle, because I wanted to adore Him night and day, with the angels, the cherubim and the seraphim. I told Him that if I could not see Him again as often as I would have liked, at least I would try, wherever I would be, to see the church steeple and to prostrate myself on the ground, as soon as I could. saw, to renew my consecration. I promised Him to live only for Him.

After my second Communion, I will receive It (once) every month. A voice seemed to say to me: “It's a long way off!” I saw myself in great joy. But, without my asking, heaven admitted me more often: every fortnight. I thus end my thanksgiving: “O my vermilion chalice where you could descend to rest while I tormented, wept or suffered! I would like that at all my moments, it was a communion of love!”

I then made a consecration to my Mother. (Our Lady.) Then I kissed the cross I was carrying, and cried out: He is mine! I will never leave Him.”

(NOTE / OBSERVATIONS: there is also a similar account of her First and 'Second' Communions with an earlier date – September 24, 1880. Either Our Lord asked her a couple of times to relive this special event, or, the “Friends of Marie-Julie Association” got the date wrong. However, since Our Lord may have indeed had her repeat the experience, I will leave the earlier account, which is post # 120 B - this post also contains an explanation of why Marie-Julie was prepared to receive Communion only once a month, and Heaven complaining it was 'too far a time' to wait, click here to read post#120 - B)

Jesus: “You gave me so much delight that I wept.”

Marie-Julie: “I saw You well, so I cried with You.”

Jesus: “Now come with me to the feast of love!”

Marie-Julie: “I prefer to rest in Heaven!”

Jesus: “My spouse, I still ask that you continue to share My sufferings.”

Marie-Julie: “My Jesus, whatever You want!”

Jesus: “The sufferings and the pains that I require, I want them continually.”

Marie-Julie: “My Beloved, whatever you want!”

Jesus: “Monday, it is of My tenderness, do not disobey it, to expiate the guilty offences that I am going to receive, I will reduce you in such a way that all your limbs will be shrunk by suffering. I will reduce you so small that you will have no free limbs (which was noted at the time when it happened). Your head will be sealed to your bones and you will be like the worm that I am reducing. In this pain, you will suffer very violent pains in all the joints of your limbs.”

Marie-Julie: “My Jesus, I am willing. Your will be done!”

Jesus: “There will be a burning fever that will make you suffer badly. Your tongue will be swollen, very large, from the start of the raw palate. With this, you will experience a visible and very fiery heat. My spouse, on all the points, there will remain a visible swelling which will mark how strong the pain will have been. Everything will seem to come out of the place of its first creation.” (i.e. apparently, her limbs and joints will be supernaturally moved from their natural position.)

Marie-Julie: “I want to!”

Jesus: “Tuesday, my spouse, Marie-Julie of the Crucifix.”

Marie-Julie: “I would rather...”

Jesus: “I say My victim!”

Marie-Julie: “I'm just a miserable Magdalene!”

Jesus: “My victim, I need reparation for several sacrilegious Communions, (committed) yesterday, in the holy temple, and not long ago.”

Marie-Julie: “O my adorable Master!”

Jesus: “I have been drowned in blasphemy! The blasphemy drowned the very particles of the Host!”

Marie-Julie: “And you did not say it any faster!”

(NOTE: Marie-Julie is upset He didn't mention this sooner – she is ever ready to make reparation for the outrages against Him.)

Jesus: “Tuesday: you will suffer deep agony. All your limbs and your whole body will be paralysed, cold as ice. You will suffer more without your soul, you will suffer the bitterness of blasphemies, in expiation of sacrilegious Communions. Above all, you will suffer that of a rejection.”

Marie-Julie: “I didn't know, My Jesus! I didn't know!”

Jesus: “On Wednesday you will suffer a cruel martyrdom in the centre of your soul, like a piercing spear, the blade of crime that tears your God.”

Marie-Julie: “I want to begin gladly, with all my heart!”

Jesus: “From the wound of your heart plunged in sadness, as from a mouth, there will come out streams of blood; the beating of your heart will be weak and at times it will cease (beating).”

Marie-Julie: “I gladly accept! I don't mind!”

Jesus: “Thursday will be the beginning of exile with a terrible vengeance that will hang over you. Your soul will be drowned in sadness. It will see before it all the crimes that must be committed until the end of the world.

Marie-Julie: “My Jesus, I don't know if I will be able to!”

Jesus: “Hell will be unleashed against you.”

Marie-Julie: “My Jesus, I accept! But if discouragement gets to me, come to my aid!”

Jesus: “That same day, you will see all the infernal torture being prepared against My temple and My apostles. You will see the shape of the souls whose life....”

Marie-Julie: “I gladly accept!”

Jesus: “Friday will be another suffering. You will know before the day comes.”

Marie-Julie: “Why not say it, my Jesus?”

Jesus: “So as not to frighten you because you would tell Me 'enough'! In the midst of these sacrifices, expect to live without a word of consolation.”

Marie-Julie: “My Beloved Jesus, I am ready to suffer so much! ... Separate myself from suffering, I would rather die!”

Jesus: “For you, not a consoling hand... in the midst of all these sorrows, I will give you the gift of tears which will end up throwing you into the most complete weakness.”

Marie-Julie: “I gladly accept, my Love!”

Jesus: “You will spend two days in the sleep of death, but (your) red face will be full of freshness, although during these two days tears of blood will flow from your eyes, from your mouth continually. At the end of these forty-eight hours, you will find nothing but emptiness and a deep desert, not abandoned from within, but abandoned. Grace will not be far away. Listen, My victim, you will bear many painful wounds, not counting those you already have, wounds of suffering and deep pain: a moment before leaving this world, you will be nothing more than a wound.”

Marie-Julie: “I accept with all my heart!”

Jesus: “What if you don't have the patience to bear it?”

Marie-Julie: “My Jesus, I will have patience!”

Jesus: “This is what you must accept in exchange.”

Marie-Julie: “You do not give me anything for nothing. I wish I could pay for everything, but my misery ....”

Jesus: “Misery is changed into grace in the midst of your interior sorrows, violent, deep and without consolation. Hell unleashed will have its revenge, but fear not, I am with you!”

Marie-Julie: “I accept it willingly and without fear!”

Jesus: “Is not your courage avenged? Is it not enough?”

(NOTE: Odd translation – apparently, He asks if her courage is enough payment, and if it is enough?)

Marie-Julie: “No, only the grace of loving You and seeing you, but for the fathers of faith.”

Jesus: “Now, My victim, take the road to Calvary.”

Marie-Julie: “When You want and what You want!”

Jesus: “I am comforted!”

(After that, Our Lord Jesus Christ left to ask her what seemed to be pleasing to her. The poor child expressed the desire to receive the Sacrament of Penance of which she was deprived. She cried thinking that she was not going to confession.)

Jesus: “Reassure yourself, My victim, it is I who fulfil this duty!”

(From the resumption of the Stations of the Cross, Marie-Julie speaks familiarly with her Divine Spouse.)

Marie-Julie: “O my Divine Spouse! If you want me to love You, wound my heart like yours. Love, put me in the fire, I am just a flaming coal.”

(Abbé Barillé continues with the following description:)

On the road to Calvary, the personal features of Marie-Julie take on an expression of pain and fatigue, so I am not surprised to hear her say:' 'Overwhelmed, I am overwhelmed!' She falls to the floor and prays in a low voice, then suddenly she raises her voice. She speaks for twenty minutes in terms of astonishing elevation. It leads us to heights that the soul, without a Divine Spirit, could never reach: a language as admirable as it is edifying. She finally gets up and resumes walking. She does a few turns... She recognizes the flowers which, in the morning, were placed on the altar of the Holy Sacrifice. Turned towards the back of her cell, lit by a small lamp, she makes her recommendations to her Divine Spouse. I hear them: it is delightful in tone, strength and charity.

Then she turns around and falls again, worse than the other (falls). From our unanimous lips comes a cry of terror. Her hands are no longer on the top of her chest, but on each side of her body, towards the ground that she no longer touches. She preaches again on the adorable Jesus and talks to us about the grace acquired by death and the delights of Heaven. Suddenly Our Lord Jesus Christ said to her, “Follow me to Calvary!”

Marie-Julie consents to this, but first she renews her recommendations. She especially prays for those who weave the crown of her merits (these are her persecutors). She ends by saying: 'Love, love, love to Jesus!' She reveals that, for the future, her name will be, on behalf of Jesus her Spouse: 'Marie-Julie of the Crucifix dead to the world and nailed to the Cross, by the same nails that nailed Jesus. Here are her last words: 'O Crux Ave!' After a short silence and some sighs. She appears to us standing on her feet, although staggering. It is easy to understand that she would soon fall.

Turned towards the back of the cell, she asks for her relic of the True Cross. She kissed It and said: 'O Crux Ave!' She claims the small flowers already mentioned and she falls backwards on her back, her arms raised. She intones her hymn, 'I see heaven open...', but she cannot continue; her heart heaves violently.

It is six o'clock in the evening. The lance to the heart is given to her, then comes the 'death'. I will not remind you of the circumstances, already known by my first letter, Monsieur le Curé, (i.e. Addressing the Curé of Bain).

Soon, Marie-Julie gets up, she kneels, her face turned towards the window. She raises her gaze to the sky. She sees her Divine Spouse going away.

She asks Him for a blessing that we all receive on our knees. She falls back into the arms of her mother who places her in her armchair. She returns to her normal state. Her heart beats fast and she feels a little cold. Everyone greets her before retiring.

The humility of Marie-Julie shines through the sufferings she asks of Jesus; she declares herself unworthy of the mission that Jesus presents to her. She is afraid and she fears not being able to assume them, while being ready to accept the Will of the Good God and to realize It at all costs. When she offers herself entirely to suffer, she conditions her requests to Divine Goodwill; she feels reluctance to accept a title: 'I'd rather not!', she says to Jesus.

The exchange of the heart which Jesus offers her leaves her reluctant. She loves it, as she has the zeal for it. (But) she scents out a trap of the devil in everything she senses official and honorary. However, Jesus said to her: 'My spouse, you are Mine forever, now and always. No more separation, but resemblance in sacrifice and reparation!' (I.e. Jesus reassures her.)

These words of Jesus clearly mark the mystical Incarnation of Jesus in her person. Jesus uses Marie-Julie of the Crucifix as an 'extra humanity.'

(NOTE: this is Abbé Barille's odd expression. Perhaps he means Christ uses her as an 'extension' of His humanity – she is a living 'host' for Christ as St. Paul prayed - she is one with Him and He is one with her.)

(Continuation of Abbé Barillé's words:)  By His choice, Marie Julie of the Crucifix has become what I will call the transparency of Christ. This was made possible for Jesus Christ only on and in the humility of Marie-Julie, as much as by reciprocal love and the desire for redemptive suffering.

We will continue to scrutinize these spiritual riches in the mediation of two complementary Ways of the Cross.

(End of Abbé Barillé's account).



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