Medal of Our Lady of Bonne Garde ~ Protection against the impurity that would infect the earth. 

Revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny.

“My children,” repeated the Holy Virgin, “I tell again to the father and mothers that it would be good to have their children wear, small and big (i.e. children or young adults), a medal, (...) big or large, as they like. This medal should bear these words:

“Oh you, Holy Virgin, who crushed the head of the serpent, guard our Faith and the innocence of our children.”

The Holy Virgin wore the medal on her heart, it was round and white. "It is not necessary," she said, "for it to be expensive," (i.e., of valuable metal like gold or silver), "its efficacy will be the same."

It will be to guard innocence, in the difficult times, when corruption will spread everywhere. Every Christian can take it to arm themselves, as a defence and a weapon of faith.


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