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* Marie-Julie Jahenny and the Holy Novitiate of the Cross -What is It? *

Not long after after Marie-Julie Jaheny's mystic gifts were increased by the addition of the 'mystic sun', (See #56 Marie-Julie Jahenny - Mystic Gifts are Increased - the Mystic Sun)  we find in the texts that come after how  she is prepared by her heavenly visitors to enter into what they call the "Holy Novitiate" or the "Holy Novitiate of the Cross". 

Many saints come to teach her heavenly lessons on  the true love of the Cross and how to enter that rich treasure of grace - for only by suffering and loving the Cross may a soul enter Heaven. It is through the Cross that the true friends and children of God are known.

The saints teach her through revelations of their own lives on earth how they embraced their crosses, and how their sufferings were transformed into merits and eternal riches beyond count or measure.

Marie-Julie had to learn this path too, for it was her great Mission  ~ Our Lord had specially chosen her as a mystic spouse and victim soul to spread the Great Work of the Cross as seen in the new name he had given her -  'Marie-Julie of the Crucifix'.

Our Lord explained earlier to  her that the Triumph of the Age of Peace would come through the Sacred Heart in France, but after it would follow the Victory through  the Great work of the Cross:

 The Sacred Heart speaks to both Margaret Mary and Marie-Julie (Oct. 27, 1877):

“Victim of My Sacred Heart (St. Margaret Mary) and you, victim of My Cross, (Marie-
Julie), you are not chosen for the same work.

Blessed Margaret Mary was chosen to publish the glory of My Sacred Heart, and you, you are
chosen to publish the glory of My Cross. She is the victim of My Sacred Heart, you are the
victim of My Cross.

The Work of My Cross is beautiful and grand, it will quickly follow the Work of the Sacred Heart.”

Marie-Julie's mission of revealing the Holy Novitiate of the Cross was to prepare for the future the days when Our Lord would begin to manifest his Divine Miracles as Our Lady declared to her November 5, 1878:

"My children, this way of the Holy Cross, the novitiate of love was opened by my Divine Son for a great cause, a great glory, to manifest His divine miracles, (i.e. the prophetic mission entrusted to Marie-Julie Jahenny) ... This path will be understood by the chosen souls that my Divine Son has called to His service."

(Click here to read about one of these chosen souls inspired by Marie-Julie Jahenny's mission of the Cross -  Ven. Madre Teresa de la Cruz of Peru, Foundress of the Canonesses of the Cross.)


A great part of Marie-Julie's Mission was to prepare the world for the coming of the Great Catholic Monarch of prophecy who is destined to restore Christendom as foretold by many mystics and saints: he would arrive amidst war and a host of miracles that will not be seen again until the Day of Judgement. This promised Great Monarch of France would triumph through the Cross (May 11, 1877):

"The Cross will defeat the greatest heroes (of the enemy).  They will bring it to the face of the enemy and it will give them (God's people) the victory ... You Christians, who will spend a terrible moment, take the Cross for support ...

When the elect King and Saviour of France (The Great Catholic Monarch) has seen the triumph of France, he will write everywhere “in hoc signo vinces;” by this sign you will conquer! (i.e. The sign given to Emperor Constantine.) France will be under the banner of the Sacred Heart, the Cross and Mary" (See more about Henry V, the chosen Great Catholic Monarch here.)

Sadly, Marie-Julie predicted during her lament for sinners (Jan. 2, 1874):

One day Our Lord will say: "I gave you examples, you do not want to follow. Yes, My Mission will be a great prodigy."  (i.e. a prediction people will not follow the examples given to them by this Great Mission of the Cross entrusted to Marie-Julie Jahenny, but it will be a prodigious work for the salvation of souls..)

In addition to all the stories the martyrs give her of their gruesome deaths, no doubt the lessons on the necessity of carrying one's cross as taught to Marie-Julie are some of the most difficult lessons in spiritual perfection revealed, it may seem discouraging, but the "Novitate of the Cross" was also meant to be a spiritual prepartion for the days of the chastisements, for before the destined Great Monarch comes, the earth must be warned and cleansed through war, persecution, bloodshed and the Three Days of Darkness. 

These 'lesson texts' of the "Holy Novitiate of the Cross" are also sublime examples for us and sources of consolation on how to enter that Great Victory - to learn how to love the suffering of the Cross and thereby become the Victorious children of God, now, and when the days of persecution come.



St. Pamphilus explained to Marie-Julie what the "Novitiate of the Cross" is and how we must ALL into enter into it:

"Live in God's love. Love is then at the foot of the Cross. Make the Novitiate of the Cross, Novitiate of peace, novitiate of love, cloister of Hope before making your profession in the Heavens, eternal profession. The Christian life is as the religious life. Before pronouncing final vows, (i.e.) the (final) profession, a religious should learn in a novitiate, like a good worker must first be an apprentice, then afterwards confirmed as a professional. In the novitiate, there again, is change. This refers to the old man who must make way for the new man in us all. In this we are all novices and have a lot (that needs to be) converted in us. The cross is made for that. The cloister is a place of silence and prayer, away from the busy world. The novitiate (i.e. the Holy Novitiate of the Cross) is a school of meditation. Enter the School of the Holy Wounds of Jesus Crucified, that is where we learn, that is where intelligence (i.e. spiritual wisdom) develops.  
To enter the Wounds of Our Lord means understanding that He loved us to that point. (I.e. He loved us to the point of enduring torture and agony.) He who, as God is unchangeable, wanted to show us in His suffering humanity evidence of the truth of His love: "I carved your name in the palm of My Hands and in My Heart."

And, in your development, this Truth becomes Divine because the flow of the grace of Our Lord gives life, qualifies, makes fragrant, converts and transforms... The Cross is the portion of God, it was then the portion the Saints, it is your portion! Cherish it, plant it in the most beautiful garden of your heart, that is to say, in the most beautiful place, the more ornate, the richest! ...


Also, St. Francis of Assissi revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny that God has reserved great graces of protection for the Friends of the Cross  who defend this Mission of the Cross:

September 17, 1878: "  The small number of Friends of the Cross is chosen and blessed. It is God who wills it. It is for him (the friend of the Cross, are granted) the most beautiful divine promises ... God said: "It is above you, over you and around you that I rest My adorable glance. I want you to be devoted to My designs. I choose you to support, to defend the beginning of My work. I place you up in My work as a solid pole. (I.e. as a pillar.) You will lean it up, you will support it, you will carry it on your shoulders, when it will be under the greatest threats ... "

THE LESSONS of the CROSS taught to Marie-Julie Jahenny begin with post  #61 Visit of St. Alphonsus Liguori - "The Love of Suffering",   click here to start


Having problems accepting and loving the Cross?  Don't fret!  Our Lord gave Marie-Julie Jahenny additional promises to the "Wound of the Shoulder" Devotion, which includes the new promise:

  • “I will give them a tender love for the Cross. I will come to assist them at the time of death, with this cross and I will introduce them into My Heavenly Kingdom.” (April 12, 1878)

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 Prayer of Protection and Love of the Cross given to Marie-Julie Jahenny:

(It would be good to venerate / hold a crucifix as you say it).

“I Salute You, I Adore You, I Embrace You,
Oh Adorable Cross of My Saviour!
Protect us, guard us, save us!
Jesus loved you so much!
Following His example, I love You!
Your Holy image calms my fears,
I feel nothing but peace and confidence.”