Words of Our Lord to Marie-Julie on (July 20, 1882):

"I wish that My male and female servants, and even small children can clothe themselves with a Cross. This Cross will be small and will bear in its middle the appearance of a small white flame. This flame will indicate that they are sons and daughters of the light."

Words of Our Lord:

“My little beloved friends, you will bear on yourselves My Adorable Cross that will preserve you from all sorts of evil, big or small and later I shall bless them.” (Ecstasy July 20, 1882)

“My little beloved friends, it is to give you an idea of what I endure at the thought of so many souls deprived of endless happiness. My little beloved friends, these past days have left so much evil, but those that come will be even more terrible because evil will take a terrible intensity, extend soon with greater measurements.
 My little beloved friends, you will carry on yourselves My Adorable Crucifix which will preserve you of every sort and kind of evils, big or small and later I shall bless them.

- Firstly, they will carry the name of "Cross of Pardon."

- Secondly, they will carry the name of "Cross of Salvation."

- Thirdly, they will carry the name of "Cross of Holy Protection."

- Fourthly, they will carry the name of "Cross that Calms Plaques."

- Fifthly, they will carry the prayer:
 "O God, Crucified Saviour set me ablaze with love, faith and courage for the salvation of my brothers."

"My little children, all souls that suffer and those sieved out by the blight, all those who will kiss it will have My forgiveness, all those who will touch it will have My forgiveness. The expiation will be long but one day there will be Heaven, Heaven will be opened. I have warned you beforehand, My little beloved friends, so that you are not surprised, so that you have all the time to inform your loved ones and families." (i.e, of the coming chastisements) --

 PLEASE NOTE: this promise of forgiveness by simply kissing this cross is first resevered for the times of the persecution of the Church when priests will be on the run, churches will be closed, and we won't have the Sacarment of Reconciliation.  It will also be for the time when the "burning plague" spreads so fast people will not have time to see a priest and desire to make a perfect Confession / Act of Contrition, etc.  

While we have Confession, we must still go to Confession!  However, we are promised protection if we wear it now, and of course, there is nothing stopping us from kissing it now in the meantime and asking for the grace of a perfection confession before we go confess our sins.  God promised His forgiveness, so of course, we can have faith He will help us make a very good confession.

Ecstasy of January 17th, 1922

Our Lord reveals this prayer to be recited often, and especially at the time of the "big deluge of evil and fears":

"I salute you, I adore you, I embrace you, O Adorable Cross of my Saviour. Protect us, guard us, save us. Jesus loved you so much, following His example, I love you. By your holy image calm our fears. That I feel only peace and trust!"

Our Lord adds that by this request "You will feel so many graces, so much strength and love that this big flood will be pass you as something unobserved. It is a grace of My tenderness."

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