About the Texts

About these texts:

Unlss otherwise stated in a post, the texts of Marie-Julie Jahenny's ecstasies and visions have been taken from the English translation of "We Are Warned: the Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny", a document that used two sources:

1) The English book "The Breton Stigmatist" by the Marquis de la Franquerie, (referred to as “The Breton Stigmatist” in this work), and,

 2) The original French texts as preserved and published online by the Official Site of Marie-Julie, The Breton Stigmatist, 'webmastered' by the Association "Le Sanctuaire de Marie-Julie Jahenny" (also called the "Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny Association") founded and chaired by the Marquis de le Franquerie.  He was entrusted with many of the original writings and documents on Marie-Julie's ecstasies by Our Lord and Our Lady. 

 In an ecstasy dated August 24, 1939, Our Lord and Our Lady warned that a “conflagration” was about to break out, i.e., WW II, and Our Lord declared that all the texts of Marie-Julie's ecstasies were to be given to the Marquis de la Franquerie to ensure they would not be seized by the Germans. The Marquis founded the Association "Le Sanctuaire de Marie-Julie Jahenny" in 1959 and was chairman until his death in 1992.

Therefore, these texts are authentic. 

However, the only thing is - we are required to be 'cautious' with the texts as they have been printed by the "Friends of Marie-Julie Association" without permission from the Diocese of Nantes. Nevertheless, Marie-Julie Jahenny is not condemned, neither are the texts.  We are simply called to be 'cautious'.  See 'Is Marie-Julie Jahenny approved?', click here.

About the English translations featured on this blog: as the translator of "We Are Warned" (yours truly who is managing this blog!)  is not fluent in the French language, I have not made any attempt to hide my lack of fleuncy, the French originals are featured next to the English translation in the book so those who are able to understand French may read and compare the messages in their original context.  However, the original French texts are  not included here on this blog. (Click here for the various links were you may download the book with the French texts side by side with the English if you wish to make your own translation / comparisons.)

Hence, it was more prudent to keep the messages as close as possible to the French expressions so important revelations would not be lost in the crossover from one language to the next.  However, this  means the more literal translation may sound and look 'strange' to English ears and eyes when reading them, however, I apologize beforehand for any mistakes that appear in the translations, they are my own errors. 

Regarding any translation errors on "We Are Warned: The Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny".  To date, a native French speaker has found only one mistake regarding an interpretation, which has been noted / corrected.  An English speaker who studied French during their school years also said it was near perfect regarding the actual sense of the messages despite the literal interpretation, except for a line that was omitted in the FRENCH section of the "Litany of Love", but was included in the English side - so, despite the typo, it turns out you are not missing anything there.  Also, it was brought to my attention one herbal remedy was left out of the book by accident, the 'ground ivy', due to an erroneous identification by the English translator of the book "The Breton Stigmatist", but it is not my original error. The herb is now listed on this blog. (See Chastisement Plagues and Remedies, click here.)  

* Commentary that has been offered by the Friends of Marie-Julie / Association Le Sanctuaire de Marie-Julie on the texts are indicated with the phrases “Webmasters of the Sanctuary Website” or "The Friends of Marie-Julie".

* Other comments, explanations and observations are my own unless otherwise stated. In some cases, additional texts, information and observations since discovered about a vision or revelation has now been provided that is NOT in the book "We Are Warned" Texts in bold, different colours on this blog, etc.  have been added for emphasis.

Please note, this document does not contain every text of Marie-Julie's ecstasies, there is much more that we are not yet aware of, but it is an attempt to present what has been made public in chronological order in a way that is easy to access.

  Our Lord pleaded again and again He wanted His people warned: this blog is an effort to fulfil that call.
We can only hope that a full account with complete documents will be published sometime in the near future.


Note regarding the Great Monarch prophecies in the back section in the book "We Are Warned: The Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny" -  as I had souced many of these from Catholic sources, I had assumed they had researched the prophecies fully, but it appears they did not.   Several of the them are FAKE or HOAXES, and Catholics are falling for them.    I have also discovered in the meantime other TRUE and approved visions and prophecies about the Great Monarch that are not in the book.  

So, in an effort to correct this error - for the present I am placing all true Great Catholic Monarch prophecies on a blog and pointing out which are the fake prophecies.  Hopefully, I plan to do a revised edition of "We Are Warned" with the fake prophcies removed and include the true ones I have since discovered.  Click here to visit the Great Catholic Monarch and Angelic Pontiff Prophecy Timeline blog.