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#121 St. Michael and Our Lady Visit – St. Michael's Conversation on the Coming Persecution, Judgement after Death, and Details about Heaven

This is perhaps one of the longest texts that have been published from the archives of the “Friends of Marie-Julie Association” and reveal fascinating details about a soul's particular judgement after death and details about Eternal Life in Heaven. St. Michael and Our Lady also give warnings about what is coming on earth, and to be prepared for battle against the Enemy.


Ecstasy date September 28, 1880

Saint Michael: "Here is my fiery sword, I want to lend it to the friends of the Sacred Heart and offer them this sword for the fight because the time is not far off when all of you faithful people will have to take up the arms of faith and courage to fight against the relentless pursuit of Hell and the vengeance of men..."


Ecstasy date September 29, 1880

Marie-Julie: “I contemplate the great Archangel Saint Michael on his magnificent throne of glory that shines and glows with a heavenly brightness. The Holy Archangel said:

I am here today on behalf of the Lord by His command and His eternal will. I come to speak to the hearts of the friends of my Divine Master and give them a word that is from the Lord as with every year.” (i.e., it seems St. Michael was permitted to give a message or a warning through Marie-Julie on his feast day each year.)

Marie-Julie: “Thank you Archangel, a thousand times!”

There,” he says, pointing to the Sacred Heart of Jesus that he himself brings, “the door of the Divine Heart is open, it is so broad and so large that they can enter all at once. There, dear friends of the Divine Heart, the door of the shelter opens, the prison of love to shelter all His children that He wants to preserve in the midst of the storm.” (i.e. St. Michael shows the Sacred Heart is to be our refuge in the times of the persecution about to break forth in addition to the other chastisements.)

Marie-Julie: “Thank you, Holy Archangel.”

St. Michael: “Here is a flaming sword, shining, I come to share it with the friends of the Sacred Heart, to offer them this sword to fight for the hour is not far off when all you, faithful people, must take up the arms of faith and of courage to fight against the implacable fury of hell and the vengeance of men. I place, by order of the Lord, my sword at your service without fail.” (I.e. we must pray to St. Michael.)

And he said, “Friends of the Sacred Heart, I stay with you, your company is that of Jesus, you are generous and brave soldiers. The Lord desires me to tell you these words: 'Get ready brave servants of God as the Divine Master will soon come first in His Mercy, secondly in His righteous anger and vengeance. He wants me to say this word to His present friends and I have done my duty.”

(Note: REVELATION: God will come with a period of MERCY first, then, His righteous anger via the chastisements. Also, see The Divine Mercy Messages given to Marie-Julie Jahenny, click here.)

Marie-Julie: “Thank you, Holy Archangel.”

St. Michael: (He shows her another sword next to his) “This is the sword that I delegate to the friends of God, this is mine, they are similar, they both bear the seal of the Lord, it is the Name of Jesus written on the blade, well engraved. Dear friends of the Lord, we are here on the threshold of Mercy and the threshold of the justice of God.

(Observations: another reminder, the Name of Jesus means 'Saviour' – apparently devotion to the Holy Name Of Jesus shall also be our weapon of defence. Also, notice the similarity of the sword that proceeds from the mouth of the Son of Man in the Apocalypse represents the 'Word of God' – hence the Gospels, and also Jesus Himself Who is the Word of God as St. John taught, the Logos. The Apocalypse also shows a great King on a white horse with a sword who is called 'King of Kings', and the 'Word of God' - St. Michael could be hinting about the coming of the Great Monarch who will smite the evil ones who will be persecuting the Church - the Day of Justice.)

St. Michael: This is the door that the Lord has reserved for His friends, there is another way that is for the unfortunate that the heavens threaten by blast of His anger. This is the time when we will all fight, to be witness to things that the eye has never seen, mortal ears have never heard what the Lord reserves for the times (yet) to pass on earth.

Marie-Julie: “Holy Archangel, you are all powerful, so take the defence of these poor wretches!”

St. Michael: “They are raising,” he said, “the criminal weapon, despicable and treacherous against God and His ministers, they will raise the trembling banner, (and) under this standard, they will wrap him whom the Blessed Virgin loves so much, for whom She has taken so much trouble.”

(The Great Monarch to come who is loved by Our Lady will be wrapped under their evil banner for some time? The evil ones will try and make him do their will?)

Marie-Julie: “Not all, Archangel, from the tree there will still remain some branches where the standard of hell will not pass.”

Yes,” said the Archangel, “in several parts of this poor Kingdom, (i.e. France) various protections are written into the Adorable Heart. Here is the Heart that is going to fall to pieces on the Cross, it will be pierced by the criminal lance of men, It will be, It is going to be desecrated. Soon the side of the Lord will open and the Divine Blood will flow in abundance and Its Drops will line up with His victims who will fall under the instrument of the murderers. Yes, this realm is the realm of murder, crime, all sorts of hypocrisies and injustices. Her good name is lost (i.e. the good name of France) but one man is destined to bring her to flourish as before, Saint Louis.

(As we have seen in an earlier ecstasy, St. Louis IX told Marie-Julie he would protect and aid the Great Monarch to come and he shall reign as a saintly king like him. See post #13 Vision of St. Louis IX, King of France. )

Marie-Julie: “Saint Michael Archangel, speak then to the Lord to stop them in their decision so that He will not permit so many crimes under the eyes of His beloved children.”

St. Michael: “Ever since the day Lucifer was cast into the abyss, afterwards, this epoch is written in the Sacred Heart, this present epoch that follows a frightening course, yes, without the hope of the Sacred Heart, a fatal one without the hope of the Eternal Power. I tell you that the epoch (or time) of this year and next, is written in large letters in the afflicted Heart of Jesus and his august Mother.”

Marie-Julie: “Saint Michael, if all those who want to war against the Lord, if they convert, it would not exist.” (i.e. the dreadful epoch of punishment.)

St. Michael: “It must pass, (this dreadful epoch ) it is close, they move, they conspire, they plot secretly and decide their course. They fix for it (to occur) in a very short time, be sure, dear friends of the Cross, that Hell is not going to rest from now on. There is almost no more than two days of rest for him. For her, (France) this is not a rest but it is still calm and then they will commence their horrible project and they will come without measure, without delay, to begin their ugly, their cruel vengeances, they will attack everything, not one thing will escape them. This month which passes (i.e. September?), since we are in the end, the Lord has said these words to Satan, "You will not move, you will not show more than I by your power, I still hold you in chains."

Saint Michael said that Satan answered the Lord: "My chains will be free at the end of this month, you will leave me at liberty and I will first come as a great conqueror to the kingdom threatened to perish."

The Lord said to him:It will perish much, and in perishing much many will be saved and will have a shelter under the Cross and in My Heart.”

At these words, Satan, cursed before the Lord and he swore (with) a great hatred that was ever so infernal. Saint Michael said that Satan was vomiting his rage before Our Lord, saying:

I will attack the Church, I will throw down the Cross, I will divide (or cause division among) the people, I will deposit in hearts a major weakening of the faith and there will be a great betrayal.”

He finally said to the Lord: “I will become for some time, the Supreme Master of all things, I will have everything under my empire, even Your temple and (all of) Yours entirely.”

St. Michael says that Satan will also be given a permission for some time over everything and that he will reign fully over all things that do good; faith, religion, all will descend into the tomb of deep mourning. Satan and his own will triumph joyfully but after this triumph the Lord will take His turn. He will triumph over evil and will make rise from the tomb, the buried Church, the ruined cross, prayers seemingly disappeared, all the people appalled by the empire of massacres but the Lord will bring forth the sun to console after it has been obscured. (See the Two and Three Days of Darkness, click here.)

It is impossible, that the poor French people will be saved without a shining miracle from heaven, because all of this poor kingdom will descend into the last limits of shame and evil, an evil without remedy. St. Michael said:

I have my sword, for the hour of battle is going to sound, the voice of God will speak, the vengeance of men will burst. I will be on the side of the righteous, I will march with them under the banner of the Sacred Heart, we will confront the standard of hell, which one will triumph? Ours will fall to the ground but we will keep it all the same. That of hell shall not flinch, it will be lifted when ours will be prostrated and (fall) around the children of the Lord that He wants to protect with His grace.”

(i.e. the forces of God will seem to be defeated at first, Hell will have its time of triumph.)

Marie-Julie: “Saint Michael, all our dear friends who are on earth, I have been far, there are a few very close today, I want to say this to you before you go because I may never see you again, maybe not any more?”

St. Michael: “Do not worry, I know, from the height of Heaven, marching on the ramparts of grace up to their homes and I protect them with my flaming sword. Do not worry, they are a good number destined to publish (make public) the wonders of the Lord. (Do) you (not) see they will not perish?”

Marie-Julie: “I want you to tell me something else, I know, there is a secret, I know that you have one, I saw it but I have not seen inside it, tell me what is in the interior.”

St. Michael “See, they have a special protection since all, from near and far, are expected to attend the beautiful planting of the Cross, my whole secret, this cross will be blessed in the parish church, friends, your brothers will bring it to the church just inside this place on their shoulders, presided by a number of vivid personages whose height and grandeur will show that many come from the Eternal City.” (i.e. a prophecy about the Sanctuary of the Cross that will be built at La Fraudais in thanksgiving after the persecution and chastisements.)

Marie-Julie; “But they are very tired, Holy Archangel, because it is very far.”

St. Michael: “Never is there weariness in such a beautiful procession, never such weariness when you walk in the harmony of hymns and prayers, that is my secret.”

Marie-Julie: “I knew a little well, but not all.”

St. Michael: “Friends of the Lord, after the standard of hell has prevailed a few months, the banner of the Lord will rise in turn to also win but again it will fall. And in the second round, the effect will be so great that most of the people will live as before without priests, without Masses, without receiving the Adorable Divine Heart.” (i.e. it appears the Persecution will enter a second more brutal phase, the Church will be forced underground. It will be like the days of the early Church which had to hide in the catacombs, also, like the days of the French Revolution when priests where on the run and in hiding, doing their best to continue their ministry on the run underground.)

Marie-Julie: “O Holy Archangel, it is still very sad!”

St. Michael: I affirm that there has never been a like epoch despite the many anxieties that have passed on earth, so many victims have succumbed, but never has there been a time so cruel as that which is commencing and that follows slowly to the end, his terrible revenge. But more rest, we should expect and be prepared, not be surprised.” (i.e., not caught unawares).

Marie-Julie: “Oh! No, holy Archangel! My dear friends will bear the shield of faith, hope and confidence.”

St. Michael: All the demons will come and assemble: there are many in the form of man and who after a long time would like to throw brightness (i.e., make seeming miracles?) but they have held something back so far. Consequently freedom will open (to them) and this brightness will run up and down through the entire kingdom.

There it is, dear friends, poor (evil) times, spoiled, corrupted, polluted to the last depths. All these men are under the habit worn by even the true servants of God: they are fierce demons, they have a strange hunger to feed and to be fed, they need victims, they need the flesh of the ministers the Lord, the flesh of His Christian children, the blood of their veins where the faith is flourishing.”

Marie-Julie: “Do not leave, Saint Michael, do (say) it all!”

St. Michael: “It is the Lord who sent me and charged me with all His warnings, I am obliged to obey.”

Marie-Julie: “I would rather not hear, but like you, I want to obey the Holy Will.”

St. Michael: I am directed to the poisoned centre, threatened with lightning from the sky, its fate is fixed as of today: Blessed are those who will abandon its walls to take refuge in the remoteness away from this pitiable place where the victims will be heaped and the squares stained with blood like the rain that falls into the storm.” (i.e., the prediction of the destruction of Paris. Paris is described as “The Centre” to Marie-Julie during her ecstasies.)

Marie-Julie: “It is very sorrowful, Saint Michael!”

St. Michael: “This needs to happen, it is inevitable, sin and crime are the cause, the prayers of the righteous will be put to use for reconciliation with the God of Mercy toward His avenging people. I am going to take over the bottom of hell whose source is under the earth. All the servants of Satan and his zealous servants will not perish in the first fight: to them will be the victory and to the just will be the pain in seeing and hearing these horrible crimes.

But after that, the enemies will have their vengeful punishment, not all but a great number. At this point, to you, faithful people, you will rise up under the burden of sorrows to enter the throne of glory and to raise your voices to acclaim the one God destined for the peace of His people. (The arrival of the Great Monarch.)

Today, the promise of the Divine Heart is insulted, it is not believed, that by the small number of those predestined by the grace of protection, it is the faithful people. Today the miracles of Heaven are blasphemed, rejected, insulted. You, dear friends of God, you are destined to live to see accomplished great miracles, great prodigies among the plagues, great justices, great calamities that the Lord has promised. You will be well protected, but observe well all that the eternal voices (i.e.
endless voices) have commanded.” (i.e., no one believes in the chastisements, and have forgotten or cast aside the predictions concerning the Great Monarch that saints have made over the centuries. We must observe what they have told us.)

Marie-Julie: “St. Michael, be sure that we are faithful to obey the eternal voices.”

St. Michael: “Dear friends, you will also have your trials with all the righteous, but these tests are very sweet compared to the cruelty that extends its arms to attack without any respect: to attack (with?) the blasphemy on the lips, the hypocrisy in their hearts, the blackest hypocrisy to attack what is most holy, most real and most respectable. Dear Friends of the Cross, do you know why until now, the Lord's Hand has not struck?”

Marie-Julie: “No, Holy Archangel.”

St. Michael: “You, good and faithful servants, your prayers, your devotion, your faith and trust that so far, with suffering, has sustained that Arm that carries the angry vengeance. Your shoulders have sustained It. Your prayers and your suffering is like a strong pillar that rises from the ground and goes up to the angry Hand of the Lord. Remark, dear friends, until now the Lord sent a lot of suffering, of crosses, many sorrows, privations of all kinds. This was only an extension of days for the poor sinner, and he has not benefited. The suffering, the sacrifices, the penalties will soon end and the sinner is still in a poor and awful condition!” (i.e., God has sent many sorrows to try and convert sinners,but they have not changed.)

Marie-Julie: “O Holy Archangel, he (the sinner) does not know this, if he knew, he would return to the Lord!”

St. Michael: “Many will not come back.”

Marie-Julie: “Oh! What more is there to do?”

St. Michael: “I do not see much that can been done, there is more to receive than to give.” (i.e., there are more sinners who need sacrifices than those who are willing to give them to save them.)

Marie-Julie: “O Holy Archangel, (we?) should rather give up to the end and not receive (anything ourselves?) until the last day.”

St. Michael : “Here the time is approaching when the victims will close their mortal eyes to the land of this lower world, to go with the Lord enthroned in glory. All will rejoice, they will tremble with happiness, joyful because His Hand will soon place (on them) the merited crown for having suffered and having followed the road to Calvary without complaint, without a murmur, but always joyful.”

Marie-Julie: “O Saint Michael, to think of such a high existence, what have we to offer the loving Spouse who is so good?”

St. Michael: “All the merits from the tests and virtues gained in the pain of abandonment.”

Marie-Julie: “It is hardly enough, Holy Archangel, I will borrow from my friends something, and I will make a return to them (repay them) when they come to heaven.”

St. Michael “I will make the donation.”

Marie-Julie: “Archangel, I would like that, I would like that.”

St. Michael: “It is I that hold the scales.”

(Note: St. Michael is depicted in art holding a pair of scales as he weighs the souls to be judged. He may be reminding her that he will keep her to her promise and weigh the returns she makes for his help.)

Marie-Julie: “Yes, I think often of when you will weigh our souls, you will pay attention and justly place the good and the bad.” (I.e., everything will be justly weighed, all the good and the evil we have done.)

St. Michael: “I intend to let pass all my friends of the Cross who are the chosen friends of the Lord, all, I think of them, I will send them into the heavenly Jerusalem.”

Marie-Julie: “Saint Michael, those who you weigh, if you place them, when there is a small crumb missing (for them) to go to Heaven, if you place a small weight to bring these hidden souls who sometimes have only three hours, one hour of atonement, it is a charity, my good Archangel!” (I.e., She pleads that he spares the pains the friends of the Cross must still undergo in Purgatory by adjusting the balance in their favour.)

St. Michael: “It must be just.” (His scales must balance correctly.)

Marie-Julie: “I know that well, but if I weighed them myself, I would speak to the Good Jesus for them to give them that grace, I would cherish them, I would beg for them, I would comfort them, I would kiss His Adorable Feet.”

St. Michael: “They must go for the time they are set, to be purified and sanctified.”

Marie-Julie: “Where do you weigh such beautiful things, tell us?”

St. Michael: “In a day, where there is no night.”

Marie-Julie: “Who weighs during the time you are with us?”

St. Michael: “I am there.”

Marie-Julie: “Saint Michael, you cannot be in two places!”

St. Michael: “The Eternal Power is great.”

Marie-Julie: “How many souls do you weigh in a day?”

St. Michael: “Sometimes 10,000, sometimes less.”

Marie-Julie: “O Saint Michael, you have the book all the same!” (The Book of Life, where all the names are written?)

St. Michael: “Sometimes, I suffer much when I see a criminal loaded with sins.”

Marie-Julie: “Oh! I know that, yes, you have little taste for that.”

St. Michael: “No sooner is it weighed, that soul, when the demons are with a net and ready to take it.”

Marie-Julie: “Do you hear?” (I.e., either the frightening sentence of damnation, 'Depart from Me, Ye accursed,' or, when the demons come.)

St. Michael: “No, but the soul can hear them well, it very painful for it to go there, but it must be, because its place is assigned.” (This is an unusual admission, St. Michael is not permitted to hear the sentence of damnation, or, to see the demons drag a soul to hell?)

Marie-Julie: “Will there be rosary (beads) in Heaven?”

St. Michael: “Yes, and books too.”

Marie-Julie: “And books too! Those who use them, to read, they learn? So who makes this school in Heaven?”

St. Michael: “The Good Jesus, His Angels and Saints.”

Marie-Julie: “Are they letters written by pen or by print?”

St. Michael: “They are glorious letters that have nothing in common with those of the earth.”

Marie-Julie: “Are they difficult to read?”

St. Michael: “No, nor are the dear brothers who can fluently write them.”

Marie-Julie: “I do not know writing, do not have me read them, I would be confused.” (Marie-Julie Jahenny is humbly admitting her lack of education. In fact, she had only 6 months of schooling to learn her catechism but was illiterate.)

St. Michael: “No, we do not confuse.” (This is a beautiful revelation of Heaven: no longer will ignorance or the tiresome nature of work hinder our eternal activities in Heaven. The writers are all 'fluent' in what they do, everyone will be able to read, write and understand the sublime mysteries of Heaven. And, we see Heaven is filled with activities devoted to the love and praise of God.)

Mare-Julie: “But (how) do they rest when they will never sleep?” (I.e, how do the saints enjoy eternal repose without sleeping?)

St. Michael: “We never sleep, we live only for love, prayer and worship.”

Marie-Julie: “Oh! How beautiful! But to go there, I must bring my good works, but I do not have any.”

St. Michael: “The Good Jesus will find some.”

Marie-Julie: “Ah! I forgot, I saw musicians in heaven, big and large. (i.e., groups/choirs of musicians) Who leads them?”

St. Michael: “These are the Seraphim, Cherubim and Archangels.”

Marie-Julie: “You lead them, Holy Archangel?”

St. Michael: “Yes.”

Marie-Julie: “Will you teach me in your music some beautiful canticle of love?”

St. Michael: “Soon when the Good Jesus will come to celebrate Holy Mass in your cell, you will sing with the music.” (Note: If I have translated this correctly from the French, Christ Himself came to say Mass for her!)

Marie-Julie: “Ah! Lady, (Our Lady?) I do not want to get involved, I do not know how to sing. Holy Archangel, they will sing the Creed in music, and the Gloria in music by all the little angels, and the Creed by the Saints and the Virgin.”

St. Michael: “And the Communion will be sung by the most harmonious and the most delightful music, the Eternal High Priest will sing it Himself with the Holy Virgin and also you.” (I.e. Our Lord and Our Lady also sang at this Mass!)

Marie-Julie: “Oh! I would rather pray than sing.”

St. Michael: “We will do both.”

Marie-Julie: “Thank you, good Archangel. What must be given to you for this (favour)?”

St. Michael: “Five little medals which belong to me.”

Marie-Julie: “I do not know if I have any, I think, and to whom should we ask for them?”

St. Michael: “Who you like, your friends. These medals will be as five gold pieces that will be included in the Mass of thanksgiving and blessing, four in the corners of your cell and the other in the middle, which is opposite the door through which you will leave and never enter again.” (I.e. the door her body will pass through on her death? Apparently, Sr. Michael asked four medals be placed in the four corners of her room, the fifth opposite the main door. It might be a good idea to do this in our homes: have five medals of St. Michael blessed, but them in the four corners of our homes and facing the main door to protect our homes.)

Marie-Julie: “Ah! I see it well, Saint Michael.”

St. Michael: “This is the piece of gold that will be changed into a sun and accompany you to the sanctuary.”

Marie-Julie: “If I do not have five, Saint Michael?”

St. Michael: “Ask, I will find them for you.”

Marie-Julie: “I have some, but not five, another is of Jesus, or otherwise Mary.”

St. Michael: “I will accept them as the same, I will bless some you have in your box in your drawer.”

Marie-Julie: “I will not recognize them!” (i.e. which medals he plans to bless).

St. Michael: “I will make them known to you, rest tranquilly.”

Marie-Julie: “I am very happy!”

St. Michel: “I also, now, the Holy Virgin will come for a moment in Her turn.”

Marie-Julie: “Oh! I am happy to see her.”

St. Michael: “I am going to withdraw. This evening, I will bless all my children. Rest, relax until the hour of pain and joy; things that are close will melt the heart of pain, the crisis of all disorders is gathered near its brightness, (i.e., referring to his prediction about the possessed men and their evil plots) but do not be discouraged, the Lord loves you, He will protect you all to find your (way) to the blessed Shrine.”

Marie-Julie: “If you see my Jesus, tell Him many things for my dear Father and my friends. Tell Him for me that I want to love Him and to grant me the virtue not to offend Him.”

(Marie-Julie Rests).

(It is 4 - I / 4 or so. The arms of Marie Julie remained all the time extended along her body with considerable projection of tendons and remarkable weight loss in the hands. - Note from Dr. Imbert, the assistant present.)

Marie-Julie continued: “I contemplate and I honour the Blessed Immaculate Mother on her throne, she said:

Our Lady: “I salute you, my beloved children, I can not ... without you visiting me tonight or I leave without saying a word.”

Marie-Julie: “O good Mother, I salute you, throne of love, eternal Queen of the Universe.”

Our Lady: “My children, listen to the lamentations of a Mother who loves you and can not contain her grief!”

Marie-Julie: “Speak, Mother of Love, since our hearts are sensitive to the sufferings, we are changed, they alone have the gift to make them sensitive.” (? Closest translation I can make from Marie-Julie's patois.)

Our Lady: “My children, I can do nothing more, not for all, but the (hardened?) sinners and ingrates. I cannot stay the Hand ready to strike, I can not support it, (to) prolong the time of sorrows. O! my children! My Divine Son is angry, He is so offended that I am very concerned that His arm will be let go before the triumph of Evil, to spread Its justice in plagues and another misfortune.”

(If I understand this correctly: certain punishments prophesied to Marie-Julie depend on how angry Our Lord is and if we make enough reparation for our sins. It is predicted that evil men shall flourish and spread evil, but if sin is not atoned for, God will send His great chastisements sooner, which may be more frightening than the evils planned by God's enemies. Our Lord and Our Lady would like to postpone these promised Great Chastisements despite what evil men plot so souls may still have the possibility to convert, but if things get too bad beforehand, God will have to step in.)

Marie-Julie; “Ah! if we could help you?”

Our Lady: “My children, I can not hold Him! For Grace, pray with me, I cannot be consoled when seeing the loss of so many souls who have cost so much to the Holy Victim and I, His loving mother. He launches shafts of His anger and His Eternal Father said:

'My Son, launch without further delay, the shafts of Justice and spread Your blessings to Your people.' .”

Marie-Julie: “O good Mother of Heaven! Beg yet, ask again!”

Our Lady: “I cannot obtain, the time has stopped, the eternal word is given, and the great road is open: this road is the road to the triumph of profound evil.”

Marie-Julie: “O good Mother, you have pleaded for a long time and still kept it back, (the) justice hovering over the earth!”

Our Lady: “I cannot, my children. I cry at Calvary as before and my heart is pierced by a sword of sorrow and is rended because I see all the evils that weigh not on you, but on the one I loved so much and to whom I gave the flower of the Lys (lily) I carried in my heart; she (France) is immersed in crime, she blasphemes her Maker, she is eaten by worms, soiled by the most infamous crimes.” (i.e. France)

Marie-Julie: “Yes, dear Mother, but Heaven will resurrect it, it will be baptised in the blood of Christians, their prayers will form the crown, their tears in the horrible flood of evil, they will form a diamond cross. Yes, it will rise again, good mother, but after many evils and a very long period of time by the depth of suffering and bitter anguish. Yes, it is heavy when these sinister scenes are presented.” (i.e. France will be resurrected, but only after the blood of martyrdom is shed for its purification during the coming persecution.)

Our Lady: “Poor France! And I so loved it and had woven for it a beautiful wreath! And today, its crown is blasphemy, its sceptre is the spear of the impious man to half-open (or leave ajar) the Body of my Son.

(Next sentence difficult to translate / interpret because of possible typo in the French...)

It is not hard there for a Father, (referring to a Pope?) my children! I gave him a (road?) without stain, she (France) threw it away to possess another that is nothing but the (road?) that must travel the whole of France, breaking everything.)

[The word given in the text is “ chaussure” = “shoe” or “footwear”, but this could be a typo,“chaussée” seems more correct, meaning “road” or “causeway” when we consider Our Lady was talking about a spiritual path that is open to the good, and the 'roadway' of evil men wish to travel upon. Apparently, Heaven has shown the Holy Father a path, but France chooses to disobey the Pope and the Church to tread her own evil path of destruction.]

Our Lady: “And (there will be) a strange crucifixion … like that (suffered?) by the Head of the Church but not on the cross, but on the tree that grew under the eyes of my Son. My children, I promise you my support, I will keep you and your dear children under my protective mantle.”

(My personal interpretation assuming the text is complete: France will be punished with a 'strange crucifixion', but not on the Cross given to the Holy Father. If that is the case, France will suffer on a peculiar scaffold in a similar manner to Christ, but it will not be sent by Christ, only permitted by Him. The cross given to France is described as a “tree that grew under the eyes of My Son.” Christ died on the cross to atone for the sin of disobedience of Adam and Eve after they ate the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. The Tree of Knowledge grew under Our Lord's eyes at the beginning, so this 'strange crucifixion' must come from this Tree used by Satan to bring pain and death to the world.

Of interest, several Masonic and gnostic scholars have proposed that the serpent's temptation was not a temptation, but an invitation to acquire knowledge that God was 'selfishly' keeping as a secret and refused to share with Adam and Eve. In this twisted context, the serpent is seen as a symbol of occult wisdom, a benefactor presenting enlightenment to mankind! We note it was the Freemasons who championed the ideals of the Enlightenment that helped to further the French Revolution and destroy the monarchy loved by Heaven.

However, Marie-Julie was told in an earlier vision that Satan's rage would be so great, he would eventually turn against his own, obviously 'his own' are the men he uses to usher in his time of terror on earth. According to the words of Our Lady here, it seems Satan will betray them with the very system he ensnared them with, that is, their Masonic path to 'Enlightenment' that seduced
them to forsake God and the Church will in some way become the 'strange cross' of France.

Marie-Julie: “Thank you, dear Mother.”

Our Lady: “Think of Heaven, my daughter.”

Marie-Julie: “Ah! Good Mother, the thought of heaven is for all souls, but that place is reserved for those made elect by grace. I am but a ground worm, a pasture of worms and unworthiness.”

Our Lady: “My daughter, as of now, I must speak clearly.”

Marie-Julie: “Mother, all that you wish, I will obey.”

Our Lady, “You see, my daughter, my Divine Son ordered me to bring to His throne, a word from each of His victims. Yes, I heard Our Lord, I have not seen Him, I heard (Him) from here:

'My Mother, bring Me two words that I want first, and then you bring Me the others: from the sister in a foreign land and the other from the source of the Kingdom of France, or rather of Brittany.'.” (i.e., these two souls must give some message to the Lord, the 'source in Brittany' must be referring to Marie-Julie Jahenny.)

Maire-Julie: “O dear Mother, what do you want me to tell you? If I had one (the word) of my foreign sister, I would be able to model what to say on hers.”

Our Lady: “My daughter, you must give one to me, seek (for it) there in your heart.”

Marie-Julie: “Well, tell my Jesus I love more than I suffer, I suffer much less than I would like, that is my word.”

(Marie-Julie: “She smiles, my good mother and she has put in her heart something like a flower full of sweet dew and she said...”)

Our Lady: “Do you see coming the end of (your time of) exile?” (I.e. her death.)

Marie-Julie: “I am not saying I see it because they see it only in the love of suffering and I do not have that sublime virtue, but I see it, I feel the weakening of human strength.”

Our Lady: “How can I come and make you say it? Say goodbye to your family, your parents, your friends and to the land where you have lived?”

Marie-Julie: “O Mother, do not worry, it will do me no harm: on the contrary it makes me happy
as my joy becomes jubilation.”

Our Lady: “Yet this is the approach of separation. Me, I will come down again to this place, but you will not be there any more.”

Marie-Julie: “O my Mother, I will be there again because I will be wherever you are, I will follow you everywhere, I will love you so much until you will be unable to go without me.”

Our Lady: “My dear child, when I see hanging from the golden hook of my Son's Throne, the completed crowns (intended for you), when I see the treasures of the last gifts of grace, I say, (there will be) hardly any visits (made) to the place I love, where I often descended.”

(Note: It is curious that Our Lady would appear sad to bring Marie-Julie to Heaven after all Her messages concerning the spiritual prerequisite of detachment from the earth, however, it appears Our Lady is sad because once Marie-Julie's time on earth is complete, there will be one less victim soul on earth to make atonement via earthly suffering to hold up the arm of Her Son. Our Lady also seems to imply that when Marie-Julie is gone, many pilgrims to La Fraudais would stop coming and making prayers of reparation for a time.)

Marie-Julie: “In heaven, (we will be?) together, my Mother, all my dear friends will stay here, you will come to see and talk to them, I will come back with you.”

Our Lady: “More than time of pain, (more) than a few days to rest our hearts, one on the other.”

(Those on earth are given more opportunity to after the chastisements.)

Marie-Julie: “Oh! yes, that will comfort you much, good Mother!”

Our Lady: “My children, I will leave now, but will stay with you always.”

Marie-Julie: “I am poor, my mother, I do not have in my possession, a speck of dust of the earth, please give me something.” (A spiritual gift so she had a gift to offer Jesus as we see form the next sentences below.)

Our Lady: “Go to the door of the hearts of all my children and friends.”

Marie-Julie: “What if I take them all! I am so hungry to have something (to give?) for Jesus, I would be capable of taking everything.”

Our Lady : “I will share.”

Marie-Julie: “Already my friends give me more than they keep (for themselves), how can you want me to take the rest?”

Our Lady : “There will be plenty more.”

Marie-Julie: “O good Mother, you are rich in heaven, everything is there! Deign to give me something.”

Our Lady, “I am willing, but 'sell' me your crucifix.”

Marie-Julie: “It is all my wealth, my home, my furniture.”

Our Lady: “How much do you want to sell it (for), I will give you another, how much?”

Marie-Julie: “You will not buy it because I want to sell it dearly.”

Our Lady: “How much?”

Marie-Julie: “One hundred and twenty million.” (Souls saved!)

Our Lady: “It is too much!”

Marie-Julie: “I will not diminish (the price) because I have told you.”

Our Lady: “I will take it.”

Marie-Julie: “My account was not right when I made it, it is two hundred million, I want a just price.”

Our Lady: “I will take it.”

Marie-Julie: “Oh! you do not want it. You say you love your children and you love them well, their souls, but you want to take what is their strength?” (i.e., she is wondering why Our Lady would take away a blessed sacramental which is a source of spiritual strength?)

Our Lady smiles and says: “To test you.”

Marie-Julie: “I am willing to test you, me, you love me?”

Our Lady: “And you, do you love me?”

Marie-Julie: “Oh! I love you, you are my soul, I love my soul for the good of God. I love you (so much) I want to break in to you this second if possible, I would like to see me in your mouth, in your eyes, in your head immaculate, your heart, your virginity sublime, that would be my cell.” (Odd expressions, she possibly means that she wants to be so close to Our Lady by the power of her love that she would become one with Her that very second if it were possible.)

Our Lady: “Soon, forever.”

Marie-Julie: “Thank you, my dear heavenly Mother, thank you!”

Our Lady: “Courage, my dear children, to all, carry your cross, it is heavy at times. There is great difficulty in this world, tears, deep wounds in the poor heart, I will heal, do not worry.”

Marie-Julie: “I ask you, on behalf of the Holy Trinity, if I am not in the sincere ways of the good God; for this, my Mother, I beg you, I would rather die soon because a voice from heaven pronounced this word. Deign to reassure me yourself!”

Our Lady: “Listen, my daughter, I have great difficulty about this, (i.e., the salvation of souls), (but) console yourself, you are well on the path of grace, rest in peace, I command you by my eternal Son. Man(kind) does not have immortal light, he too can be wrong.”

Marie-Julie: “I have the intention to finish well the rest of my life in the way of the Lord, if I knew that there is a heartbeat not given to Him, I will throw (my heart?) far away from me.”

Our Lady: “Remain at peace, we have no reproaches to make.”

Marie-Julie: “Since I have no one to complain to, I do so only with you, I seek no consolation, I want to be reassured in the truth, (this) is my only desire.”

Our Lady: “(This is) proof that you are the enemy of the infernal serpent. Get ready for big fights and terrible struggles from his part. In this time, he (Satan) wants only those who are the friends of heaven, he leaves his family in peace in their hypocrisy.” (i.e., Satan will not turn on
his own as of yet, that will come later.)

Marie-Julie: “Is there something that my friends have seen and I would not notice?”

Our Lady: “No, be assured, rest in peace.”

Marie-Julie: “Have I made a mistake in (an) ecstasy?”

Our Lady: “Rest in peace.”

Marie-Julie: “Have I said anything wrong?”

Our Lady: “No, I command you to keep my word of assurance and peace. You did well to open up your soul, I am very happy, I am going to thank you.”

Marie-Julie: “I will never suffer you to abase yourself (i.e., to me).”

Our Lady: “Do you remember the name that will comfort you when my Son told you: 'I take you as My victim and spouse until the end. The name I give you is Marie-Julie of the Crucifix. Will you love Me forever?”

Marie-Julie: “I remember! I said, 'Always! Forever'!”

Our Lady: “Do you remember this word when He said: 'When thou shalt make the small portion to your friends, you shall put (or add) these words: 'Marie-Julie of the Crucifix, victim, friends of Jesus; a gift she delegates to her friends,' and such.”

Marie-Julie: “Yes, I remember.”

Our Lady: “Remember that, and you will enjoy a very deep assurance.”

Marie-Julie: “Thank you, good Mother, I am glad, I have but a few friends, I would not want to hurt them, I say to you.”

Our Lady: “Go and rest, I leave the victims and dear servants, saying this word: One day, dear children, you will see proof that she worked well in conformity in the way of grace of my Divine Son how she was in complete agreement with Him all her life. I leave you this word, I will help you understand more easily, wait a few days.

May the rest of your dear family find peace in poverty. They will never be rich, but heaven will never abandon them. Your friends, meanwhile, you will remain a little longer.”

Marie-Julie: “Thank you, good Mother!”

Our Lady: “I bless yours, and all families from near and far. I know the desire of all my children, I will satisfy them.”

Marie-Julie: “I ask you all the graces for the fathers, victims, brothers of the Cross, for all my dear friends near and far.”