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#169 Our Lady's Month of May – Prophecy of WW2 and Possibly WW3 – Faith will Diminish - France will Pass Evil Laws and the Arts will be Changed into a Horrible Form to Further Diabolical Aims

Published Texts for 1920

Ecstasy Date April 15, 1920

The Blessed Virgin: “Oh! my little children, in the next month that will be dedicated to me, (i.e. May was approaching), by your holy prayers, your fervent and holy communions, I will bring many souls to heaven.”

(NOTE: this text is shows that Our Lady can intercede and save many souls by our devotion to her through through the month of May by our prayers and the Masses we attend. May is particularly dedicated to her.

Of historical note: many interesting Marian events happened in that May of 1920:

*) May 1, 1920. Pope Benedict XV recognised the Marian image in Senglea, Malta under the title of Maria Bambina honouring the nativity of the Virgin Mary, granting the decree of its canonical coronation on 1 May 1920, subsequently crowned by Archbishop Mauro Caruana on 4 September 1921. The image which once adorned a Catholic galleon was shipwrecked in 1618 near the Dalmatian islands and was rescued to the present town, which also celebrates its feast on September 8.

*) 1920: Our Lady was proclaimed the Queen of Poland by Pope Benedict XV. The feastday was set to May 3.

*) May 13, 1920: Pilgrims in Fatima defied government troops to install a statue of the Virgin Mary in the chapel. Also on this day, St. Gabriel Possenti, (St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows) who was devoted to Our Lady and her Sorrows was canonised on this day.

*) May 16, 1920 – Blessing of the Land of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, USA. At 9:30 a.m. on May 16, 1920, Archbishop Giovanni Bonzano, Apostolic Delegate to the United States, celebrated Mass and blessed the site of the future National Shrine. More than 6,000 people attended the event, including 1,500 Knights of Columbus and 500 Daughters of Isabella. This significant event marked the beginning of the National Shrine’s construction process.

*) May 20, 1920: St. Pope John Paul II was baptised. He was particularly noted for his devotion to Our Lady, and Fatima.)


Ecstasy of November 16, 1920 

Our Lord noted bitterly to Marie-Julie:

I filled the whole earth with My blessings, I sent sufferings, the chastisements to bring back My poor people to the faith. (i.e. WWI had ended just a few years previously.) Very few were affected, very few have understood the greatness of the punishment that strikes the poor land (France) that was once the beautiful Kingdom of My Blessed Mother.”

(NOTE: Our Lord apparently is saying so few have understood why they were punished by war / chastisements at that time, so few have repented and come back to Him and His Mother. The next revelation on the same day shows another punishment was going to be sent – WW 2, also, the text seems to hint at WW3).

Our Lady: “Oh! my dear children, I lean towards your hearts to me so dear. I weep constantly over the great evils that threaten more and more my Kingdom, poor Kingdom, (i.e France) so beautiful in the past, when souls loved me and glorified me.

My little children, I always come with my black veil that I have not taken off since the great punishment that fell on this poor land that gave us so many martyrs to crown in Heaven, so much suffering of my poor children! (i.e. WWI)

My little children, I want to say: still today the cruel and barbaric souls have not disarmed their rage, their fury against the poor children of my kingdom. (i.e. the Germans). My little children, a hatred in the heart leads them, an insatiable vengeance is still against the poor children of my Kingdom, an ambition at times terrible. There is an agreement among themselves as to renew the terrible sufferings that have passed. (i.e. They want to start another war – which was WW2) But I guard my Kingdom. In their efforts and their vengeance I will drive them back. They will come back again. My divine power (i.e. divine because it is granted by God) will stop their anger but they will do much harm. My little children, I want to warn you so that you will not be surprised.”

(NOTE:  "My divine power" - there could be a typo 'ma' - 'my' instead of 'mais' meaning 'but', however, as 'ma' is in the text, I've included 'my'. Even so, this may still be the correct wording.  'Divine' can be used here as her power is granted by God who is Divine, she is NOT saying she is Divine.  Even St. Louis de Monfort sometimes used 'divine' when describing Our Lady's intercesory power, the 'divine Mary', (and yes, I've seen it in his books) it was explained by his biographers / editors that of COURSE he knew she wasn't divine! It was automatically understood this was NOT an indication she was Divine, but that all her power came from the Divine, as she was the Mother of the Divine and therefore has a unique grace as Mother of God and Queen of Heaven of calling on the Divine power of God in a way no other of His creatures can, and that is how the term was meant. It is possible the French use this term and understand all this - St Louis de Monfort was French, Marie-Julie was French, bother were from the same region of Brittany, and, Our Lady may have deemed it was all right to say this as people from France would or should understand this.

About the wars: Our Lady said that when they renew the war, which was WW2, she said she would drive them back, and the Germans did lose that war too. But note she also said right after she would drive them back that 'they would come back again' – is this a hint of WW3?   Other mystics have foretold the Germans will one day again invade France around the time when the civil war and the major chastisements will hit in earnest, then the Great Monarch will come. See the other Great Monarch prophecies by thesaints, click here. Marie-Julie also mentions several times there would be THREE major punishments over France, etc, and that the King would come in the THIRD.)


Same Day:

Our Lord: Our Lord: “I want to tell you again how much I suffer, how My Divine Heart is afflicted. I see a multitude of very guilty souls, well corrupted when there is no longer the smallest seed of faith. My little faithful friends, they are the souls that I pronounce the name with sadness that are in power, whose meetings are in the Hall of Hell, (Chamber of Deputies) in this capital city (Paris) where I have yet many beautiful souls. But I will save them, I do not want them to perish.

Right now I want to reveal to you that a work opens, it is done with the blackest ingratitude,  with the refinement of an unprecedented evil against the holy Religion, against the Holy Church, against the clergy and against the pious, My little loving souls. All the demons of hell are attending this deliberation to destroy everything, to erase everything, even up to I who Am eternal, Who is infinite. When you see these new wicked laws come out, you will say with sadness: "This is the very goodness of our Father who has us prepared in advance, for His Divine peace and His divine love, to support these horrible laws." They will go to the point of effacing the arts and to remake them under a hideous form, terrible and all that they prepare and approach.”

(NOTE: Our Lord mentions the 'terrible laws' that will come out – this must be another warning about the evil 'Red' government that will rise up that was mentioned to Marie-Julie, and that will suppress the Church and all her moral teachings. Our Lord also warns they will destroy the arts to achieve their purpose of effacing God and His laws from the minds and hearts of the people – and it is obvious this is not just the plastic arts, but the other humanities and liberal arts – such as theology, philosophy, history, law, etc.  The evil is described as 'refined' - meaning so smooth and subtle, we will hardly notice how it is being slipped in until it is almost too late.

We are seeing this take effect in the world right now to pave the way. Universities have become ultra left liberal breeding grounds, and many so-called Catholic universities are anything but Catholic! Theology and philosophy courses have become liberal and slanted away from anything resembling the conservative side. You can now be 'any gender you want', and we see now history is being rewritten or erased, statues are being pulled down.  If someone doesn't agree with a historical figure, they are now being 'air brushed' from history.   Socialism and even Communism are now becoming popular among the younger generation. We are told to hate Columbus for his 'tyranical destruction' of the indigenous peoples' pagan worhsip and to be ashamed of our Christian missionary history. Even literature departments are not spared – several years ago I browsed every major college website in the USA and the UK with an English department, and all of them either have a professor whose main subject is 'Queer theory or culture', or, their department offers courses on 'queer' culture and literature, etc. Parents who think English Lit is okay, or the arts, probably have no idea what colleges are teaching these days! If you are conservative at all now, you will hardly stand a chance at a university campus.)