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#67 St. Vincent Ferrer - the PLAGUE of DEGREDATION - Pastors will be Punished by Scandal - Inner Peace Amidst Crosses

St. Vincent Ferrer visits Marie-Julie Jahenny - SOULS WEAKENED because pastors and ministers are INFECTED with the "PLAGUE OF DEGREDATION" - God is preparing the punishments but waits for sincere wills to return to Him - Pastors and Ministers will be PUNISHED THROUGH SCANDAL - A WARNING WILL BE GIVEN FIRST - God more comforted by single people living in the world who live the Faith rather than priests who fail in their duty in the care of souls - we know God is within us when we retain and feel peace within while amidst Crosses and Persecutions

Ecstasy August 5, 1878

“That,” he says, “is what comes (or, why it is that) souls today are much weaker than before. The faith of the Pastors is not entirely pure, because their charity is not single, it is accompanied by a kind of evil called the plague of degradation, it is the lack of charity, it is the lack of respect we should all have for each other since we are all children of the same Father and of the same Mother, the Blessed Virgin. 

God does not strike yet, He waits and in waiting, He suffers from all sides, but He prepares and He waits for a long time for the return of sincere wills.

 I begin by saying a word, it is this: if the Pastors and the souls entrusted with the painful responsibility of those souls created by God, (i.e. to lead souls to salvation through Catholic Truth) if they do not change, they do not conform in perfect faith, if they do not conform in charity ordained by God and order it especially (with regards) to themselves, God will soon make seen in and by them, a subject of scandal. This is how God is preparing. In the great surprise of His inscrutable designs, God will send them by His Divine Power, a serious warning that will be everywhere at once, it will be found even with those souls who have to follow the straight line given by the Pastors. 

God will strike in secret, He will strike in public for God complains for some time so strongly that it is impossible to understand the manner of these complaints as they are rigorous and mixed with justice.

 I pronounce this word which is very terrible, because God calls me, and God wills it. Here, at the foot of the Cross, I can affirm on behalf of God that God is a thousand times more comforted by the many souls who have no dependants, who living in the world are not in the priesthood but live well in their state. (I.e, single people who live the Faith.) God is a thousand times more comforted by this part than He is from many of his servants engaged in the painful paths of the direction of souls on Earth, I speak of God's ministers.  (i.e He is comforted more by those single inthe world who truly live and practise their Faith when compared with priests who fail in their duty and lead souls astray in the process.)

God cannot suffer for much longer so many injuries and so many injustices, so many infamies and so many veiled crimes. If you knew today how on earth how many iniquities there are veiled to the eyes of souls and the eyes of the body of this world, you would be in a terrible fright. God sees, God knows, God will judge. 

Take courage, they do not frighten us, but God's word will not be held back much longer, (i.e the promised punishments) mind this word. 

Oh! How sweet are the ways of the Cross when one has God as their Father and for support! What can we fear when we do the will of God and when we mind peace amid the waves of persecution and anguish? This is the true character of the operations of God in us, it is peace and the enjoyment of peace, it is the calm and courage that exist within us. I wish that all those who persecute God and His Cross, might know the peace and courage of the friends of the Cross because they are upset and confused, they would be in a kind of  astonishment which I will call an almost amazing and miraculous faith in midst of all this desolation. 

Courage and perseverance, God will accomplish it. God lets pass this effort, this terrible effort in a short time, His adorable Voice will pronounce an end and give to those who have suffered, the happiness of rejoicing in peace and in joy.  This is my last word that I extend to the victims
and to the faithful and devoted friends of Jesus.”


Notes: Sy. Vincent Ferrer (c. 1350-1418) A native of Valencia, Spain, he entered the Dominican Order at an early age and soon became the advisor of the King of Aragon and of the Avignon Pope, with whom he sided in good faith.  To heal the schism of the papacy he travelled through Spain, France, Switzerland and Italy, preaching pennance, working miracles and converting thousands, being endowed with the gift of tongues.  When it became clear to him that the Avignon party was not in the right, he turned his efforts towards bringing them into obedience under the ligitimate pope.  It was St. Vincent, who under God, was the primary cause of the cessation of the papal schism.  He died at Vannes, Brittany, France.  Feast Day, April 5.

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