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About Marie-Julie Jahenny, the Breton Stigmatist

Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941): Stigmatist, Visionary, and Victim Soul

Details of her biography are from “The Breton Stigmatist”, written by the 'Marquis' de la Franquerie

Marie-Julie Jahenny, the eldest of five children, was born on February 12th, 1850 in Blain, close to La Fraudais in Brittany, France. Her parents, Charles and Marie Boya Jahenny, were pious, hardworking peasants; little did they know that their first child would be chosen by Heaven for a special mission: to spread the love of the Cross, to make sacrifices and suffer for the salvation of sinners, to prepare the world for the prophesied chastisements, and to announce once again the coming of the Great Monarch and the Angelic Pontiff who would restore the glory of Christendom in an unprecedented and miraculous manner.

Apparently, the first signal grace she received was at a very young age when she heard an interior voice while at church: “Stay a little longer with Me.” From that time on, she was always drawn to the tabernacle where Our Lord resided in the Blessed Sacrament and would spend long hours in prayer with Our Lord, or she would withdraw to a quiet place just to be alone and meditate.  However, to please her brother and sisters, she would play with them when they demanded it, and when she was old enough, she would help her mother with the housework. One can only imagine how joyous a day it was for her when she could receive Holy Communion for the first time: in those days, First Communion was not given to children. When she was older, desiring to grow in spiritual perfection, she eventually entered the Third Order of St. Francis. She was described as a model for the parish, always punctual for service, very modest, and is said to have approached the altar with the devotion of an angel when receiving Holy Communion. It was not until 1873 that she received the stigmata.

On February 22nd, 1873, she grew seriously ill, the Blessed Mother appeared to her with the news that she would have much to suffer. Obviously, Marie-Julie had made a complete offering of herself to God and He had accepted her. On March 15th, Our Lady appeared again and asked if she would be willing to suffer the same agonies her Son had endured to save mankind, and Marie-Julie affirmed that she was willing. Our Lady then replied that she would be given the Five Wounds, and the stigmata began on the 21st of March. Heaven was just beginning to send her the Wounds of Christ. The Crown of Thorns appeared on October 5th, the Wound in the left Shoulder where Christ carried the Cross was received on November the 25th, on December 6th the scourge wounds appeared on her back, and on January 12th, 1874, she received wrist-wounds representing where the Hands of Our Lord were bound. She also received on the same day as the wrist-wounds, a wound over her heart. On January the 14th, additional scourge-stigmata appeared on her ankles, legs and forearms, days later she received two scourge stripes on her side.

Apparently, the local Church authority, Monseigneur Fournier, Bishop of Nantes, did not waste a moment in setting up an investigation to verify the authenticity of these miracles. Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyre, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Clermont-Ferrand was called to examine the appearance of the stigmata and to ascertain if this was the effect of hysteria, or was indeed of an inexplicable, divine origin. When he asked Marie-julie what she saw when she received the stigmata, she replied:

“When I received the stigmata, Our Lord appeared to me with radiant wounds; it was as if a sun surrounded them. A luminous ray came out of each wound and struck my hands, feet and side; at the end of each ray there was a drop of red blood. The ray that left the side of Our Lord was twice as wide as the others and was shaped like a lance. The pain I felt was great, but it lasted barely one second.”

On February 20th, Our Lady announced to Marie-Julie that she was to become the spiritual bride of Christ. A wound appeared around the ring finger of her right hand: a special mark showing that she had been chosen as the Spiritual Spouse of Christ.


Left: Photo of Marie-Julie Jahenny when she was younger, stigmata in the hands and the Espousal ring are visible.  Right: drawing of Marie-Julie based on the photograph.


 Immediately, her spiritual director, Father David, wrote to Dr. Imbert-Gourbeyre to inform
him what had happened:

“Praise be to God! DEO GRATIAS! Yesterday (date?) we had the most consoling day possible. Everything that was announced in April has taken place... . I had organized everything according to Monseigneur's (the Bishop's) orders: fourteen men as witnesses. Three from Nantes sent by the diocese... . At 8:30 we saw that the wounds were dry; that the ring finger of the right hand was normal, pale as death and no trace of a ring. After 9 o'clock, bleeding of all the wounds. Towards 9:15 we noticed the finger swelling and reddening under the skin. Towards 9:45 blood flowed above and below the finger, and little by little we saw the ring taking shape. It is now well marked for all her life ... Monseigneur (the Bishop) is enthusiastic.”

Finally, she receive one special stigmata, which apparently seems to be the first of its kind in the history of approved stigmatists. For well over a month, Marie-Julie foretold she would receive a  special mark on her chest and then revealed the date a week before it happened. On December 7th, family and witnesses present were stunned to see a cross and flower appear on her chest with the words : O Crux Ave, (Hail to the Cross) accompanied by the most extraordinary perfumes emanating from her body. When the ecstasy was over, the sign remained for the witnesses to examine.

The stigmata bled every Friday, then later, only on Good Fridays, but the pain of the wounds always increased, especially on Fridays. On some occasions, the wounds were miraculously transformed on dates that were announced beforehand. For instance, on one date years later, May 1883, the family could hear the singing of angels. On All Saints, 1884, Our Lord announced He would envelop her in a coat of bright light. At midnight on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8th, Our Lord fulfilled His promise and her family saw a stream of light about the size of a pea emanate from the wounds in her hands, which lasted for ten minutes.

It did not take long to arrive at a conclusion when the examinations began: Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyre wrote to the bishop, declaring that, “he possessed a young woman with a genuine stigmata. That there was no fraud at La Fraudais.” The Bishop Monseigneur Fournier also agreed, for he wrote to the doctor on June 6th, 1875:

“The reports that I receive daily on Marie-Julie show me more and more the action of God on this soul. He grants her graces of an obvious supernatural order. At the same time she grows in virtue and noble sentiments. The natural and human disappear in her, and she often speaks to people she sees or who are referred to her giving instructions which are not in keeping with her normal state. Therefore be confident, dear Doctor, the time will come when Marie-Julie herself will be the proof... . She is sincere: what she manifests is supernatural. I see nothing but good, edifying and in conformity with the principles of spirituality. Therefore it is God who favours her; you may be sure it will turn out well.”

The doctor continued his observations for years afterwards, and Bishop Monseigneur Fournier would remain one of her staunch supporters up to the time of his death. Her wounds followed all requirements for the appearance of stigmata to be declared authentic:

• The stigmata appear where Our Lord received the Five Wounds. (While scientists, historians, and archaeologists declare the Romans crucified criminals through the wrists, mystics like St. Catherine Emmerich have seen Our Lord crucified through the palms, His arms were tied to the Cross thus supporting His weight.) Those who are hypnotised to produce a stigmata never exude blood where the wounds of Christ are traditionally held to have been inflicted.

• The wounds and sufferings of the Passion occur on times and dates significant with the Crucifixion of Christ.

• The stigmata never heal despite all medical treatments, and may last for years at a time. However, they never fester or become infected, the blood that flows remains pure. If the stigmatist receives a natural injury, that retains all the characteristics of a natural wound and can become infected.

• The stigmata produces copious bleeding: the first days of bleeding appears natural, but the continual flow days afterwards remains inexplicable. The copious nature of the blood flow that does not harm the health of the stigmatist is also inexplicable. The stigmata are generally on the surface of the body and not close to major blood vessels or arteries, and yet, they bleed abundantly.

• Finally and most importantly, to establish divine authenticity, that the stigmata have been given to those individuals who practise the most heroic virtues, especially people who display a great love of the Cross and the Passion of Our Lord. 

( Image: Monseigneur Fournier, the Bishop of Nantes who declared
all that happened to Marie-Julie was of a supernatural and divine origin.)


It is important to note that it is not necessary to have formal approval from the Vatican todeclare a stigmatist or mystic as authentic, affirmation from the local bishop with full canonical jurisdiction from the Church is sufficient for a formal declaration of approval.

Bleeding Objects

Miraculous occurrences were not confined to the appearance of the stigmata. Pictures and crucifixes in her room would miraculously shed blood. One day Marie-Julie requested her spiritual director, Fr. David, to bring her a picture of the Crucifixion. He readily fulfilled her request and blessed the picture before giving it to her. She was immediately attracted to it and would meditate with it several times a day. On January 21st, 1877, Our Lord appeared to her during an ecstasy and said:

"Oh, you who love Me, see how I suffer ... I pour out My Divine Blood to pay for the sins of France... . The picture where I am crucified before which you meditate, will remind you of My suffering. The Divine Blood of My Five Wounds which has just flowed on My Cross, will flow on the five wounds of this picture ... . Tell your Father to collect It....and now come back to earth: you will find My Five Wounds bathed in Blood."

(Image: the picture that bled.)

Her entire family witnessed the miracle, Fr. David kept the miraculous picture. The curate of Blain, Fr. Lequeux, also witnessed a similar miracle on the Feast of Corpus Christi, May 27th, 1880 with a different picture and two crucifixes. He wrote the following account to Fr. David:

“On Thursday I was at La Fraudais at about eleven-thirty. While I was addressing a few words to Marie-Julie on the love of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, she went into ecstasy, then all of a sudden exclaimed: "The Crucifix at the end of my bed is bleeding." I turned at once and saw on the picture a gush of blood of about two centimetres. I called Angèle, (Marie-Julie's sister) who like me saw the prodigy. While I was occupied looking at the picture I noticed that Marie-Julie had her lips glued to her crucifix and seemed to be drinking. I approached her and clearly saw red blood on the Crucifix and on the lips of our dear victim who said to me as she stretched out her hand: "Father, give me quickly my other Crucified Love, your Crucifix." I gave it to her and she at once drank in the same fashion. After a few moments, she added: "My Jesus tells you to purify the two crucifixes with your consecrated fingers." With a blessed cloth I then purified the two crucifixes that were all red with blood. Then Marie-Julie said to me: "My Jesus wants you to purify my lips reddened with His Adorable Blood." I then took the cloth by each end and pressed it on the lips of the seer. Six weeks previously, 16th of April, I was at La Fraudais assisting at one of Marie-Julie's ecstasies. At a certain point, she put the following words in Our Lord' mouth: "A Little later, when I give Myself to your soul, I will let flow on your lips a few drops of red blood which will be My Precious Blood."

Obviously, this is a message to us that only the consecrated hands of priest should hold the
Precious Body and Blood of Our Lord.


Total Fasts

As with other mystics, she experienced periods of complete mystical abstinence without food or water, and yet remained perfectly healthy. Her sole means of bodily as well as spiritual sustenance was Holy Communion. The first time this happened was on April 12th, 1874 and lasted for 94 days. Like her other miraculous occurrences, she announced it beforehand, including the second period of total abstinence that began on December 28th, 1875, and lasted for five years, one month and twenty-two days. Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyre recorded that “during the whole of this period there were no liquid or solid excretions.”

Her Ecstasies

While she was in ecstasy, which occurred on a regular basis, the normal reactions of her senses ceased, her soul was completely united with God. She remained insensible to the point that she would not make the least movement when burned, pricked with pins and needles, or when bright lights were flashed in her eyes. Some of her ecstasies featured levitation where her body was miraculously raised up. She had the gift of recognizing blessed objects from ordinary unblessed things, and could tell Consecrated Eucharist Hosts from unconsecrated hosts. Often she would give unexpected information about an object or relic. She was once presented with a relic of the spear that pierced the side of Our Lord, and she confirmed it was a piece of the spear, furthermore, that it held a fragment of Our Lord's Heart. Apparently, the Franquerie family still have this priceless treasure in their possession. She could also understand different languages while in ecstasy that she had never learned and could recite prayers or sing hymns in these different languages. For instance, she was often given the order in Latin to return from her ecstasy, and she promptly obeyed, despite the fact she could not speak or read Latin. The Bishop of Nantes, Monseigneur Fournier, accompanied by the Superior of the Jesuits and his secretary witnessed this first hand on July 17th, 1874. It was further observed that when her spiritual director or a religious with canonical authority gave her the order to interrupt her ecstasy and come back to ordinary life, she immediately followed the virtue of obedience, whether she was ordered by them mentally, vocally, or in writing.

Marie-Jule (centre) with Monsieur and Madame Cluzeau,
who recorded her ecstasies in the latter years of her life.


Victim Soul

In addition to the marks and pains of the Passion, she also suffered inexplicable maladies and painful conditions for the expiation of sin and for the salvation of sinners. Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyre recorded this example in 1880:

“Since the beginning of June 1880...Marie-Julie had had to endure extraordinary suffering during the ecstasies on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays of every week. At
each ecstasy there was a new scene, her manifold sufferings were announced during the
preceding ecstasies; what is even more remarkable is that they were described and as it
were commented on during the ecstasy by Marie-Julie herself... .

During the Way of the Cross, the preceding Friday, Our Lord has said to Marie- Julie who repeated His words during the ecstasy, which were taken down by a secretary;

'On Monday, to expiate the culpable offences that I will receive and that I have already received this month, I will oppress you in a different way. All your limbs will shrink, I will reduce you to being so small that you will have no freedom in any limb; your head will be fixed to your bones, and you will be like the worm that I destroy. In this pain your sufferings will be very violent, all your joints will suffer. With this pain you will have a burning fever. Your tongue will be swollen, very large. There will be a visible swelling at all the joints of your bones and this will show how strong the pain is.' All this prophetic programme was to take place before my eyes. This took place on Monday 27th of September 1880. ... A few days after having assisted at these extraordinary sufferings, I heard Marie-Julie announce in front of me in profound ecstasy that she would soon have a new and long illness. In the preceding six months, she had often said that God had asked her for the complete sacrifice of her ears, eyes, speech and movement. She accepted everything...”

On December 19th, Marie-Julie was told by revelation that her ordeal would begin two days later. That following Tuesday, she lost her ability to speak and her sense of hearing. She knew that three days later she would become blind, and it came to pass. It was noted that her inability to speak was accompanied by strange conditions: her tongue was immovable, as hard as a rock, and completely pushed backward with the tip bent under, completely blocking her throat. Her mouth then closed shut, and her lips remained motionless, she could no longer be heard praying. However, it would seem her tongue was loosened at one point so she could reveal the next stages of her sufferings on February 10th, 1881:

Our Lord: "Do you want to suffer again?"
Marie-Julie: "Yes, my Jesus."
Our Lord: “Well from next Monday, you will no longer be able to stay on your stake...all your limbs will become disjointed, but without changing position. All the limbs on your left side, from the soles of your feet to the top of your head, will no longer move."
Marie-Julie: "I am willing, my Jesus."
Our Lord: "You will stay in your armchair, there, new crucifixions of sufferings will come to keep you company, one by one."

This mystical dislocation of her joints began a period of martyrdom that would last for years. Marie-Julie's body temperature became ice cold. One night, her family wanted to move her to the bed to try and make her comfortable, but they could not lift her from her chair, she became heavier than stone, it was as though she was cemented to the spot. Marie-Julie then made them understand that they would only be able to move her at one in the morning. When the time announced came, she inexplicably became as light as a feather. Although she had become deaf through this time of torment, she could hear the priest when he spoke in Latin. She had been rendered blind, but she could still witness Heavenly visions while in ecstasy as demonstrated by her expressions. Our Lord told her she would be able to speak during her ecstasies, which occurred. After she had spoken, her tongue would resume its strange, hardened appearance as before. She was paralysed, but every Friday at 9 AM, she regained her mobility so the linens could be changed and that she could make her customary Way of the Cross at 1 PM. As soon as her ecstasy of the Cross was finished, the paralysis returned. Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyer declares: “The illness of Marie-Julie lasted almost four years, coming to an end gradually. First the hemiplegia disappeared, then in succession the dumbness, the deafness and the blindness.” Furthermore, the doctor emphatically declared this was not a case of hysteria:

“The extraordinary sufferings of Marie-Julie were accompanied by a dominant symptom, contracture, which plays an important role in neurosis. All the circumstances of this symptom (in Marie-Julie's case) prove that it is was not of a hysterical nature. Besides, who has ever seen ... a contracture that ceases regularly every Friday for several hours, to allow the subject to talk and walk in ecstasy? The observation of the Breton virgin dispels all the observations of known hysteria. It is enough to be a doctor to understand.”

Why does Our Lord ask for this suffering? Many argue it is difficult to believe that an All- Loving God could demand this much agony and sacrifice, but people forget or are not aware that sin has a price attached to it. Christ came and suffered on earth to open Heaven to us, but every sin we still commit must be paid for, either in this life, or the next. It is not enough to simply believe, faith alone is not enough as St. James the Apostle declared:

“What shall it profit, my brethren, if a man say he hath faith, but hath not works? Shall faith be able to save him? And if a brother or sister be naked, and want daily food: and one of you say to them: Go in peace, be ye warmed and filled, yet give them not those things that are necessary for the body, what shall it profit? So faith also, if ithave not works, is dead in itself. But some man will say: Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without works; and I will shew thee, by works, my faith.Thou believest that there is one God: Thou dost well: the devils also believe and tremble. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?” (James 2:14-20)

As recorded in Matthew (11:12) “The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent bear it away.” St. Catherine Emmerich was shown that after the Fall of the Angels, the vacant thrones of Heaven must be earned by strife: “It was made known to me that God in His judgement, in His Eternal sentence against the rebel angels, decreed the reign of strife until their vacant thrones are filled. (…) The strife will, however, be upon the earth. There will be no strife above, for God has so ordained.” (Ed. Carl E. Schmöger, C.SS.R., The Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations, From the Visions of Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich, as Recorded in the Journals of Clemens Brentano, Vol. I (Tan Books and Publishers, 1986) p.3)

This 'violence' and 'strife' has always been understood as violence against our selfish human passions, and the requirement to combat our sinful desires. Hence the need to withstand the flesh, the world and the devil via penance and the requirement of accomplishing corporal and spiritual works of mercy to atone for sin and to draw graces down on hardened sinners that they may convert. As Our Lady pronounced so often, as at Lourdes and Fatima; we must pray and make sacrifices for sinners, so many go to Hell because there is no one to pray for them. More often than not, our prayers and sacrifices are not enough, therefore God chooses special victim souls to make expiation and who are willing to make this supreme act of charity.

Attacks from the Devil

Marie-Julie also suffered numerous physical assaults from the devil, which occurred right at the time she first received the stigmata. Our Lady warned her repeatedly to expect his attacks, one final warning came on April 26th, 1874, but Our Lady promised she would never abandon her during these trials. Fifteen minutes after Our Lady had given her warning, the devil came on the scene. He would beat Marie-Julie to where she was covered in bruises and lesions, but they never became infected and healed quickly with an application of holy water. The demon would cause religious pictures to fall off the walls, throw her crucifix to the floor or shake her religious relics to the ground. He would break her rosaries, steal her precious religious objects, rip up her humble straw mattress, and if people were witness to the event, on some occasions, he would knock them to the ground as well. Other times he came to her in his usual hideous form, or in the disguise of an animal, threatening that he would eventually damn her soul. He did everything to frighten her into rejecting her mission to save souls. When terror did not work, he would appear as a young man of great beauty and promise her cures, wealth and all the vain trappings of the world, but to no avail. Other times he appeared as saints or angels to try and trip her up in her mission, but she would make a thorough investigation of each mystic visitor during her ecstasies, and his disguise was always discovered since he was not permitted by Heaven to mimic the saints or angels in every detail. St. Michael appeared with all the objects Satan had stolen from her, and she experienced a period of respite until January 1875. This time, the demon tried a myriad of fearful tactics. He appeared in the form of priest, but she recognised him as he did not have a cross on his stole. The devil wanted to give her a host, but she refused. We can only image what he was attempting to poison her with, for he would try to compel her into swallowing many disgusting objects. One time he forced grass into her mouth, then a phial of poisoned blood after which he caused her to clench her jaws, she could not open them until Fr. David recited the Rite of Exorcism over her. Attacks like this became a common occurrence, another means to offering up suffering as a sacrifice, and to also purify her own soul. On some occasions, she sent him away using holy water.

Miraculous Holy Communions

Marie-Julie had the privilege to receive Holy Communion in a miraculous manner similar to that which would occur later to the three children of Fatima. The same witnesses appointed by the Bishop of Nantes Monseigneur Fournier saw the wondrous events several times, also Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyre. The first miraculous Communion occurred on June 4th, 1874, then on three separate occasions that year. The next period of Communions took place from May 1876 to January 29th 1877; there were thirteen miraculous Holy Communions during her Friday ecstasies, these events were witnessed by over two hundred people. Marie-Julie also predicted beforehand when they were about to take place.

In 1877, the Bishop of Nantes, Monseigneur Fournier, one of the greatest supporters of her cause, passed away. Suddenly, Marie-Julie fell under persecution of the diocese; a little under a month after his death, the Chapter of Curates gave the order that she be deprived of the sacraments — she could not receive the Blessed Sacrament from the Church. This decision was upheld by Monseigneur Lecoq, the new Bishop of Nantes. Nevertheless, Heaven would not see Marie-Julie deprived of the Bread of Angels. The minute the order had been issued, she once again received Holy Communion miraculously every Sunday and on certain feast days between 6 and 7 AM.

Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyre wrote to Bishop Lecoq, explaining his predecessor had ruled everything pertaining to Marie-Julie was of a supernatural origin with credible witnesses to prove his judgement, also describing the earlier miraculous Communions, but to no avail. This period of persecution lasted for eleven years. Finally, Pope Leo XIII made an inquest into the situation, entrusting the task to Reverend Fr. Vanutelli. Obviously, it was ascertained she had been unjustly deprived of the sacraments, and by order of the Holy See, the ban issued by the Chapter of Curates was lifted.


Her Visions and Prophecies

During her ecstasies, Marie-Julie received an astonishing number of heavenly visitors and was foretold events that were to come until the time of her death in February of 1941. She discovered she had been granted more than one guardian angel, and received many of the early saints of the Church who told her details about their missions and martyrdoms. Sometimes they revealed special devotions to her, gave her spiritual direction, but most importantly, Our Lord and Our Lady were constant visitors, granting her heavenly consolations in the midst of her sufferings, also warning the Church, France and the world through her about the bleak time of punishments that awaited the earth if they refused to convert and submit to His Will. Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyre writes:

“The ecstatic discourses have two principal characteristics: infused science and the prophetic spirit. We have assisted several times at Marie-Julie's ecstasies: what a surprise, to hear this simple peasant woman without any instruction, speaking of divine things like an accomplished theologian giving mystical instruction, disserting admirably on God, Jesus Christ, the Eucharist, the Cross and the Priesthood; telling the life story of a great number of saints she could not have known, quoting in Latin texts from Holy Scripture, reproducing entire passages from the Holy Fathers, making numerous revelations and sometimes rising to an incomparable literary style.”

Apart from predicting the miraculous occurrences that were happening in her own life, she foresaw historical events. On September 15th, 1879, she predicted Bismarck's 'Kulturkampf'.September 15th, 1881 she announced in detail the death of Melanie Calvat, seer of La Salette, which occurred on December 15th, 1904. She predicted the catastrophic eruption of Mont Pelé in Martinique, and then described the horrific scene as it was taking place. In 1881 she foresaw the Transvaal War, announcing it would take place at the death of Queen Victoria, which happened in 1901. On the death of Pope Leo XIII and a few days before the opening of the conclave, she announced his successor: "The Adriatic Cardinal is chosen by God, His reign will be that of Christ. He will not last very long and will be called Pius." She foretold the French would lose the colony of Algeria in a war to the Arabs and that the priests of that country would suffer terrible trials. She also predicted WWI and WWII. In addition, Our Lord showed her how certain leaders of France who seemed perfect heroes in the eyes of the world were traitors to their country and to the Church. For instance, Christ said of Charles De Gaulle: “His lies and his conceit do not deceive Me.” Of interest the 'Marquis' de la Franquerie has this to say about Our Lord's comment to Marie-Julie on General Charles de Gaulle:

“Zeller, the former Grand Master of the French Freemasons, in his book 'Trois Points, c'est tout' page 320, relates the reception De Gaulle gave to the delegates of the Grand Lodge of the Grand Orient of France in Algiers in 1943. The General, a'temporary' title, declared: 'I am going to give back the Republic to France, I can also give back the Freemasons'. This is what he did. Held by occult power for his desertion in 1917, he had to keep his word. In fact, during the advanced defence at Fort de Vaux, he raised the white flag without being wounded and gave himself up to Captain Albrecht of the Reichswehr.”

According to Our Lord, as revealed and compared with the other prophecies of Marie-Julie, De Gaulle was a criminal to his country as he upheld the Masonic ideals of the Republic, rejecting the absolute monarchy of France. Throughout the prophecies, Marie-Julie continually announced Our Lord and Our Lady were preparing the coming of the Great Monarch and Angelic Pontiff, which many saints and mystics had announced centuries before her. St. Michael promised Marie-Julie he would one day come and smite the Freemasons from the face of France with his flaming sword. France would once again by governed according to the rule of government favourable to Christ and restore Catholicism, raising it to a new height of unprecedented glory on earth.

However, Heaven warned of terrible chastisements that were coming if the world did not convert, especially France, which would suffer first. Violent weather, pestilences, plagues, civil wars, the destruction of Paris, plus, a new list of chastisements that seem to be predicted to Marie-Julie for the first time, a period of Two Days of Darkness that would fall before the famous chastisement foretold of the Three Days of Darkness, a 'blood rain' that would fall for seven weeks, diseases that have never been seen before and will kill thousands in a rapid incubation period. However, Heaven also gave her remedies in surprising detail to counteract the chastisements and protect the faithful.  Of particular note is Our Lord's urgency during several of Marie-Julie's ecstasies when the chastisements are described: “I do not want My people to be surprised,” that is, taken unawares. “I want My people to be warned.” We also know that these punishments and the Great Renewal are very close, we do not have centuries left, maybe not even decades.

If you wish to continue and read her prophecies, remember:

Marie-Julie Jahenny's grave in Blain Cemetery, Brittany France.