Marie-Julie Jahenny - The Great Catholic Monarch Prophecies of Henry V "The Miracle Child"

For centuries saints, mystics and learned theologians have foretold that near the End Times, God will raise up a mighty monarch to restore Catholicism that will be ravaged by a great apostasy and persecution.

This Great King will also become the last Holy Roman Emperor, establish the last and greatest militant order of the Church called the 'Cruciferi', the 'Cross Bearers', and will restore order from the West to the East in union with an 'Angelic Pontiff'.

The multitude of Christian churches will convert from their various schisms and heresies and unite once again into one Holy Catholic Church under the Pope. Many Jews and Muslims will convert. He will establish a glorious Age of Peace under the Cross, the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This reign will last for about thirty years. Only when the King's reign ends will the Antichrist finally appear and the End Times commence. 

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According to tradition, St. Remy (438-533 AD) who baptised the first king of France, Clovis I, received a vision wherein he was shown that in the distant future the last monarch of the kings of France would be specially revealed to the world and re-establish the Holy Roman Empire at the end of time. Of interest, it was foretold many times by the true mystics of the Church that the Great King and Emperor to come would be the last and greatest of the French monarchs, there would not be another like him, nor would another king rule after him.

The interesting detail that emerges when placing the Great Monarch prophecies together is that certain mystics such as St. Francis of Paola and Bl. Catherine Racconigi reveal the King will come in the mid 1800s - while other prophecies reveal he will come after the great chastisements sometime in the late 20th or early 21st century.

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Marie-Julie Jahenny is perhaps one of the most important messengers regarding the coming Great Monarch: for not only has she been granted the greatest amount of revelations concerning the time and manner of his appearance, and where the Great Shrine of the Cross will be situated, but was also given the remainder of his identity:

Our Lady confirmed to Marie-Julie (March 25, 1874) he was ‘Henry V’.

Our Lord then declared: (March 22, 1881)This flower is the lily, O King, miracle child, do not prepare to come from exile under a thick dust stirred up by the fury of the murderers of your country.” (The Great Monarch will come from his exile, which is also part of past ancient prophecies.)

St. Michael then added much later: (September 6, 1890) “The one who waits, it is the one that they call the “MIRACLE CHILD”. This kingdom has not yet known his name, but much later it will know the depths of his heart. He is reserved for the great epochs."

Furthermore, this could be none other than Henri V, the Count of Chambord, the last direct descendant of the Bourbon line, who technically was king of France for only a week as HENRI V and was called "The Miracle Child" and "The Gift of God" by his supporters. He was exiled twice, and, suffered a limp after a riding accident as the ancient prophecies said he would. And, no other pretender to the throne of France has ascended that throne since his death - he truly is the last of his line.

He was as St. Michael said, the king the country did not want then, but ONE DAY would accept him, for he was 'reserved for great epochs'

Therefore Marie-Julie Jahenny was graced to disclose the identity of the chosen King who would come in the 1800s that would RETURN at a later epoch as the Great Monarch prophecies of the saints and mystics also foretold.

Why was the King rejected in her time? Because he insisted on the country accepting the White Flag of the Absolute Monarchy of Catholic France rejected by the Masonic French Republican Revolutionaries. Of interest, the restoration of “White Flag” features in many of Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies,and will one day come to pass amidst miraculous events the like of which we will not see again until Judgement Day.

Henry V: The Once and FUTURE King?