Friday, 16 November 2018

#135 The TWO DAYS of DARKNESS Before the Three Days – Destruction of Paris – Apparitions of Devils – Crime of Abortion – The Genocide of Christians - Return of the Guillotine

Ecstasy November 28, 1881

"The sun shall be darkened before, looking ahead to the REAL darkness that will arrive 37 days AFTER the signs of the darkening of the sun and of signs of the earth and the announced storm."

(Note: Apparently, the Two Days of Darkness and the Three Days shall be about 37-40 days apart from each other. To learn more about them, click here.)


Ecstacy, Same Day:

"If the Centre (Paris) does not convert, it will be burned. The stones that close up the homes will no longer be preserved, because the fire of revenge that will reduce them (making it) impossible to build the new walls."

(Note: another warning of the complete destruction of Paris due to its sins.)


Ecstasy December 14, 1881

Our Lady "The time of crimes has begun...the devil will appear in the form of living apparitions....woe to those who dare to make pacts with these personages who appear in diabolical visions... My victim, many souls will be possessed a few months before (the crisis)...the world will be mad with fear and in this madness, the devil who is everywhere on earth, will make them deny their baptism and the cross."

One the same day, Our Lady also announced: "The times of crime have begun. Many mothers will be heartless for their own fruits, still innocent, flowers in heaven." (Abortions.)


Ecstasy December 23, 1881

"Suddenly it will rise a tearing result of blasphemy that, from the Centre (Paris) of all the evils, all will sound. Suddenly, from the midst of the Centre, there will be voices, shouts and hateful songs, confused cries and the poor people will not have time to escape. The streets will be closed, the passages blocked, a painful massacre in the midst of the expanse of the disaster. The true apostles, known by the energy of their courage, it will be on those whom they want to avenge themselves with rage and fury, the two-days, storm of heaven and earth, the claps of thunder will come before their time (winter). Their lightning will be on the earth of the kingdom during the two days where there will rise the terrible thunderstorm. (No) more repose in the middle of the Centre, nothing to deliver it during these two days. They will slice the heads of a few with the weapons of death, (i.e. with the guillotine?) and will make Christians die by bullets. For two days and two nights, no repose, nor sleep (will be). Many people will perish. "

(Note: it is interesting the guillotine is mentioned here – capital punishment with the guillotine was still in operation back then in 1881 until a hundred years later in 1981 when capital punishment was abolished in France, so why mention it in this prophecy and warn about it - unless these horrors will come at a time after the guillotine will have been abolished? It appears it will be put back into use during the genocide / red revolution?)


Ecstasy, Same Day:

Maire-Julie Jahenny: "I understood that the angels would carry away many tabernacles from the churches to shield the Holy Sacrament from the outrages."