Friday, 12 April 2019

#152 Prophecy: The Workers Will Revolt – The Civil Unrest In France will be MANUFACTURED BY THE GOVERNMENT

Ecstasy Date November 23, 1882

(Our Lady?) to Marie-Julie Jahenny: "All the workers, whose employment provided a daily occupation that prevented them from engaging in evil. The designs of those who rule France have resolved to remove from the worker all work, all employment."

"My children, there will be no more rest. Night and day, the riders (les coureurs), (agitators) are engaged in evil: fire, horrible murder. They will use the violent powder to reduce into shreds the strongest walls ever built on the earth."


(Observations: This could be a prediction of the 1930s Great Depression that led to WW II, however, this also sounds very much like the economic crisis and civil unrest of today, beginning 2008 that destabilised the world economy which has never fully recovered, especially in Europe.

Note that the 'violent powder' is mentioned – this could be a prophecy of the violent Red Revolution that will first break out in Paris with the 'violet' or 'violent fire' that will be used by conspirators to destroy the walls. See post # 41, click here. For other prophecies on the conspiracy and the 'spark' that will start the fire, see post# 133, click here.

Now, in the prophecy mentioned above, it appears the conspirators will provoke the civil unrest by purposely destroying the economy and eradicating jobs. Is it possible the Yellow Vests and their protests are the beginning of this unrest?  Only history will tell.)