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#133 WOE to Traitor Priests – SEAL OF CONFESSION Will be BROKEN – The Bloody Civil War Hatched by Conspiracy – IT IS TIME TO CHOOSE SIDES

Ecstasy Date September 19, 1881

Our Lady: "I (shall be?) crucified (with my Son?) once more, and the Church in tears will again hear its knell of agony .... My victim, it is the priests, almost all of which were the first to call the wicked men who govern the Earth. The priests went into hiding to bring their voices to the revolutionary side. They are not hidden from Heaven. My Son's eyes followed them. 

(I.e, the revolutionary side is the anitroyalist, republican / Masonically influenced government contrary to the Absolute Monarchy of France favoured by God. These traitor priests refused to support the ascension of Henry V to the throne.  For more information about this revelation, see post #37“Reveleation of the Third Republic of France – God's Displeasure”  Also, because the French have rejected Henry V, they have BROUGHT ABOUT THE COMING CHASTISEMENTS- see post #130 "Rejection of Henry V Opened the Way for the Chastisements.")

The ecstasy for September continued -  Our Lady:

“My Heart in tears could not touch for them the Heart of an angry Judge. More than ever the number of priests known as true ministers of God is very small. It is so small. If I named the extent of them, you would shudder from sadness ... I can tell you that there are many priests in France and outside of France who have no shame, in the days of terror, to violate the secrets of the confessional to spoil the Faith, to defile the Church. I will reveal that a priest can do a thousand times more evil than a man in the world ... .

At the moment, there are those working under the veil waiting until they leave their priestly garments to better throw out horror and abomination among the people "…

(i.e. They cannot wait for the time when they will no longer be obligated to wear their habits in order to bring these revolutionary plans about, which will be a horror and an abomination, and, they will also willingly commit horrors and abominations themselves.)


Ecstasy date September 20, 1881

Our Lady: "My people, demand (from God) for the Centre, (Paris) grace and mercy. The shroud of death is prepared; there is no casket to enclose the remains of the unfortunate people. In very little time, there will be few people. Men will be so clear (spread thin?) that it will take leagues to meet a single soul, especially in the south, in big cities, in the Centre (Paris). There will be little more than a few souls that have hidden underground to escape. (See the previous post to know the exact number that will escape the destruction of Paris, click here.) The earth will be desolate, poisoned with corpses, all filled with the blood of Christians.

A 'Miserere', My people, for the Centre (Paris) to the south to Lyon, Toulouse. A 'Miserere' for the soldiers, the children remaining on the land of exile between life and death. For My priests, My servants and My servers; a 'De Profundis' for the poor souls who expire there, without priests, without the sacraments. This is what God demands from you for His dear souls that He has redeemed by His Blood!"

(Observations: this must be the during dreadful civil war that will start in Paris. It has been foretold the churches will be closed, Christians persecuted, and the sacraments will no longer be readily or easily available.)


Also September 20, 1881:

Marie-Julie: “In the sun, (i.e the mystic sun that showed her her visions) I see graces. Our Lord knocks at this moment at the door of every heart to enter with His benefits. By knocking, I hear His complaints high and sad from His adorable mouth.”

'I have,' said Jesus, 'created all hearts to love Me, to serve Me as a throne and loving home. Most hearts raise towards Me swords, spears, hammers and, with all these outrages, they do not want My presence, more signs of My power, more works of My love,' Jesus says in a tone of voice that cuts through the soul with pain and anguish.

After the complaints in the sun I see the Flame that projects its rays as if to mark His language and His divine word.

In the sun, the Flame (Holy Spirit) says:

'For the Earth, there is no more hope of triumph, there must come first (before the triumph over evil in the Age of Peace) that the triumph of the enemies of good is in full power on all that God has created, on the world; it will arise on the Church to bury it in some way, under fire, under the violence of evil, profanity, insults, passions that the world has never seen on Earth.

Friends of God, victims, servers and servants, it is time,' said the Flame, 'to declare to the Eternal God that you want to live and die in the Catholic faith; it is time to look up to Heaven because in all the corners of the Earth YOU WILL FIND THE ANTICHRISTS, AS IN THE TIME OF THE LAST JUDGEMENT, that will travel the whole world to pervert, to weaken by their threats the faith of Christians.'

(i.e we are now being asked to choose sides – are we Catholic, or for the side of evil? We must now choose by which we wish to live and die. During the persecutions, the Holy Spirit warns we will have precursor antichrists that will attempt to weaken and destroy the faith during these evil days.)

Flame says:

My Father, take your souls because men have at their choice an hour to overthrow the world and declare the immense pain. Friends of God, your heavenly Father will speak, will tell. The manifested sign of My warnings touch the hour that opens the hour, visibly, in the eyes of the world to warn and prevent the hour of men following closely the warning of God. It will be the time that the universal call of God to His people is close to Earth, because of the triumphant entry of evil. The people could no longer fulfil its duties so rich, so full of blessings. The Lord left to His people time to pray in peace and fulfil the great act in peace. (i.e. A period of mercy and peace to declare your Catholic faith and live according to its precepts before the trouble starts?)

In the sun, (i.e Marie-Julie's mystic sun) the Flame says:

Do not worry, but pray for those to whom I promised to bring to Me before the hurricane is unleashed on Earth. My power will come quickly; in an hour, I can show thousands of wonders; in one day, I can do more than My people in a century.

My victims, all the servants, the time is near when unexpected doors will open for the glory of many, the confusion of many. Look,” said the Flame, “the works leading up to their summits where are attained all the glories, the wonders of the Lord who gives food to the Earth. Friends of God, as a result of these works, the (breasts?) oppressed by evil (are) also ready to crack to leave vengeance explode: they are men of power,” said the Flame.

(Note: the literal translation of the text “the breasts oppressed by evil are also ready to crack to leave vengeance explode” sounds like cryptic code for an age like the 1800s that wouldn't understand what was being foretold but would be understood in later times – could the Holy Spirit be referring to suicide bombers and the explosive suicide vests strapped to their chests?)

The Flame: “Dear friends of God, as soon as they are going to have thrown the spark which will produce a so sprawling fire as the land of the kingdom that must be subjected to this terror, they will retreat to shelter from the storm and will leave all the doors of France open; all will be able to penetrate there without a defence (to stop them?) since it is going to be delivered at the mercy of all people, at all those who will want to take the power of the French land.

(Note / observations: It seems an evil government will take over France, and clandestinely cause some trouble to break out, then flee the country, 'to shelter from the storm' they created, leaving it open to the mercies of its enemies, perhaps those to whom they caused the trouble in the first place. In other words, France will suffer a manufactured civil war at the hands of its own government- this has already been stated in an earlier post. See post  #38 "PARIS - CITY OF SODOM - DESTRUCTION by CIVIL WAR" which even gives the months this will happen.

     In this ecstasy, the Holy Spirit mentions a 'spark' that will start a sprawling fire - this may also refer to an earlier prophecy about 'conspirators' that will start 'violet' or 'violent' sparks under Paris - see post #41 PARIS- INFERNALLY INSPIRED CONSPIRACIES to START THE REVOLT - a VIOLET FIREwe could be seeing prophesies of the terror attacks on Paris, and that there are more to come - the civil war may be started by terror attacks via suicide bombers, or 'red flag' events like them to cause the war.)

The Flame: “Dear victims, all the servants, the hour is on the last point before which was made all the declarations against everything that has been mentioned so many times in the sun. (Marie-Julie's mystic sun.) When they go, these so guilty men, when having declared all, all handed over, they will then be as if they were never there. It is at that moment when the ominous sound will come out of the centre, (Paris) it will be from the voices cheering the bloody hour.

The Flame says: “During the course of several days, these cries will resound there, in the centre. (Paris) Once the sound has travelled throughout France, there will be a great movement, it will be that the whole of France is delivered to these evils, or rather, will fall into an abyss as unfathomable as the evil that has increased it. There are no more foundations, they are shaken. Dear friends of God, do not build a house in France because it will be thrown over.  Do not take refuge there, remain under the skies of Brittany, although many evils are reserved for there, they are not comparable to those of the kingdom.”


The 'Friends of Marie-Julie / Sanctuary Website” offers the following
observations on this last ecstasy:

Taken only in its literal sense, it seems this last warning is exclusively directed to Britons for whom the instructions are simple: stay in Brittany, nowhere else would you be better off and, above all, do "not take refuge in France", "do not build a house."

Brittany is definitely one of the blessed places as the Blessed Virgin said: "the Justice of my divine Son, will but graze the surface of the Earth."

This warning would have then a narrow scope? It would be surprising, the "friends of God" who live in France being the most immediately affected by the threat. Curiously, the danger is not shown in the fact of living in France, but "to build a house."

Therefore, besides the literal sense, it may be appropriate to recognise a figurative lesson.

We could understand it well: do not try to find a place in this society, it is not there that we will find a safe haven, "Do not take refuge there." France is currently dominated by the Revolution; the city of men, rebellious to God, is called to be overthrown by divine Justice, we must not be settled (there) if we do not want to be drawn into its ruin. (i.e do not find your 'shelter' or think you are secure in the liberal society of this world.)

Note the similarity in the terms with the Gospel warning: "Whoever hears these words of mine, and do not put them into practise is like a fool who built his house upon the sand. And the rain descended, the floods came, the winds blew and beat upon that house, and it was thrown down, and great was its fall "(Matt. VII, 26-27). The main principles of the Revolution on which society sits is only sand, "your maxims are proverbs of sand" said the holy man Job (Job XIII, 12). (Note: This is probably a French translation of the verse.)

Brittany from this perspective represents the City of God, the Kingdom of Mary, that is where we need to seek shelter or reside. At Marie- Julie's home, three shelters have been proposed: the Sacred Heart, the mantle of the Blessed Virgin and the Cross.

By using these shelters, "dear friends of God," friends of Marie-Julie, you have taken up residence in her home and, consequently, have become Bretons by adoption.

Not to build a house, it is that we also be considered as exiles in this world. On March 19, 1878, Saint Joseph said to Marie-Julie:

Despite the curses which are reserved (for France), my Son accorded the gift of protection to several families who behaved charitably in the faith and in recognition of divine grace; they will be protected but in flight, they will have to do as I when I fled to Egypt.”

Marie-Julie: “But St. Joseph, we do not have Egypt, us.”

Here, it is not off our topic to read what Bossuet writes about the flight of Saint Joseph in Egypt:

"Strange fate as that of a poor artisan who is suddenly banished, and why? Because he is placed in charge over Jesus, whom he has in his company. We cannot (have) Jesus for nothing; it is necessary to participate in the cross."

(End of the Sanctuary's observations.)


Ecstasy of September 21, 1881

Marie-Julie Jahenny says: “As with our Lord who leaves escape bitter complaints against His people, especially on His apostles that no longer respect Him, who have outraged him and who make the Holy Church suffer, He showed me a deep wound in His Divine Heart and He told me:

Sacred Heart: "The Holy Church is wounded by a similarly large number of them that should comfort her and (but) are only making it sad."

"If you did not want to accept for them your immense sufferings, I would have weighed down My arm charged with punishments. Your charity has sustained them, (i.e Marie-Julie's sufferings, sacrifices, and those of her followers staved off these punishments), but the chastisements when the time comes will be no less great; they force Me to strike. They lose their respect for the confessional; they leave the rules that the Church orders them and they are the cause of many of the offences that (they?) make."

"Woe to the priests who do not think about the immense responsibility they will have to render to Me! They are the cause of an evil beyond measure. They are fierce against the good that I operate on the Earth to awaken the Faith, to excite souls to serve Me more faithfully."

"Soon, they will be punished terribly."

Marie-Julie: "I tried to implore mercy."

Our Lord: "I am listening, but for a very little time."

And with a loud voice, He added:

"And the pastors of the Church, how are they in their faith? (Or, where are they in their faith?) The largest number is ready to give up his faith to save his body. The Church weeps; the pain they cause will never be repaired. In a short time, the pastors of the Church will have spread scandals all over and they will give the last spear thrust to the Holy Church. Let this (message?) go so that the Church knows how I suffer in the person of my priests and that she has compassion for My pain. They put Me in their hearts amidst great and terrible mistakes. Their responsibility will be terrible." (i.e., priests also receive the Blessed Sacrament unworthily?)


Ecstasy of September 29, 1881 (From the 'Breton Stigmatist'):

Marie-Julie Jahenny: "Our Lord tells me that: The Sanctuary of Montmartre (Sacre Coeur) would become in a short time the house of their counsels (i.e., the evil government) and of their treacherous organisations for the final destruction of the chapels, religious men and women, and also the closing down of the places of apparition, the violation of the laws of the Church to a point that no-one could imagine."