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#161 A DIRE WARNING from Our Lord – Another Prophecy of the NEW MASS?

Ecstasy date November 27, 1901. (NOTE: Other sources say this prophecy was given in 1902)

Our Lord to Marie-Julie Jahenny:

I give you a warning even today. The disciples who are not of My Holy Gospel are now in a great work of the mind to form as the second facsimiles when they will make to their idea and under the influence of the enemy of souls, a Mass that contains words odious in My sight.

When the fatal hour arrives when they will put to the test the Faith of My eternal priesthood, it is these sheets that they will give to celebrate in this last period. The first period, it is that of My priesthood which exists since (or after) Me. The second, is the period of persecution when the enemies of the Faith and of Holy Religion have formulated - and they are strongly enforced - these sheets as the book of the second celebration, these infamous spirits (or, infamous minds) are those who crucified Me and who are waiting for the reign of the new Messiah to make them happy."

"Many of My holy priests will refuse this book sealed with he words of the abyss. Unfortunately, (they) will be the exception, it will be used."


Personal observations on this prophecy:

Many believe this is a prediction of the “Ordinary” Vernacular Mass
instituted under Pope Paul VI in the 1960s and 70s.

Our Lord declares those who institute this “second book”, will be of the same spirit and mind of those who crucified Him, i.e. they will be like the unfaithful Jews and Pharisees in the Temple who had Satan for their father, and ignored Our Lord's Gospel, desiring a Messiah according to their own wishes and not as God had promised.

In the New Ordinary Mass, many beautiful prayers had been eliminated and new Offertory prayers added: the Marquis de Franquerie, author of “The Breton Stigmatist” has noted that these new Offertory prayers in the New Mass may be the words that are “odious” to Our Lord, for they are very similar to words used in a Jewish rite dating from the 1600s and based on Cabala, which is Jewish occult mysticism. Franquerie notes the words from the Jewish Rite:

Jean Bustorf, in his “Synagoga Judaica”, the 1661 edition, page 242, gives the following words:

For the Bread: ´Benedictus Tu, Domine Deus noster, mundi domine qui panem nobis a terra produxisti.' (Blessed art Thou, Lord our God, lord of the world who brought forth bread from the earth.)

For the wine: 'Benedictus Tu, Domine Deus noster, mundi domine qui vineae fructum
creaveris.'.” (Blessed are Thou, Lord Our God, lord of the world who created the true fruit of the vine.)

The first changes to the Mass came into effect March 7, 1965: use of the vernacular was permitted; the priest was allowed to face towards the congregation, if he wished, throughout Mass; there were some textual changes, such as omission of the Psalm Judica at the beginning, and of the Last Gospel and Leonine Prayers at the end. Already, it was predicted to Marie-Julie that Pope Leo's 'footsteps' would be effaced from the altar and it would be an act from Hell, i.e. the removal of the Leonine prayers said at the end of Mass said for the protection of the Church? (See post # 116 about the removal of the Leonine Prayers, click here).

The second changes to the Mass came into effect with the 1967 document “Tres abhinc annos”, the second instruction on the implementation of the Council's Constitution on the Liturgy, made changes to the text, and simplified the rubrics and the vestments. Concelebration, and Communion under both kinds had meanwhile been permitted.

By October 1967, the Consilium had produced a complete draft revision of the liturgy, and this revision was presented to the Synod of Bishops that met in Rome in that month. The bishops attended the first public celebration of the revised rite in the Sistine Chapel. When asked to vote on the new liturgy, 71 bishops voted placet (approved), 43 voted non placet (not approved) and 62 voted placet iuxta modum (approved with reservations). In response to the bishops' concerns, some changes were made to the text. Hence, this second batch of changes could be the 'Second Book' Our Lord warned about!

It is interesting to note their concerns listed against the New Mass at that time:

On 25 September 1969, two retired cardinals, 79-year-old Alfredo Ottaviani and 84-year-old Antonio Bacci, wrote a letter with which they sent Pope Paul VI, the text, "Short Critical Study on the New Order of Mass", which had been prepared the previous June by a group of twelve theologians under the direction of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. The cardinals warned the New Ordinary of the Mass “represented, both as a whole and in its details, a striking departure from the Catholic theology of the Mass as it was formulated in Session XXII of the Council of Trent."

The study that they presented declared that on many points the New Mass had “much to gladden the heart of even the most modernist Protestant.”

Paul VI asked the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the department of the Roman Curia that Ottaviani had earlier headed, to examine the “Short Critical Study.” The Congregation responded NEGATIVELY to the observations made against the New Mass on 12 November 1969, saying that the document contained many affirmations that were "superficial, exaggerated, inexact, emotional and false". However, some of its observations were taken into account in preparing the definitive version of the new Ordinary of the Mass.

So, those who attempt to point out the dangers of the Ordinary, or New Mass will be seen as “superficial, exaggerated, inexact, emotional and false,” while here in the prophecies Our Lord expressly tells Marie-Julie this Mass was written by disobedient sons under the influence of Satan and that it contains words “odious” in His sight!

For now, the Lord apparently permits the New Mass as one of the prophecies about the New Mass given to Marie-Julie indicates His Sacred Body will still be present despite the sacrileges happening, meaning consecrations are still taking place. Also, Eucharistic miracles are still taking place during Novus Order Masses, but no doubt we are being put to the test.

Since we know the Latin Mass is more pleasing to God, especially as so many added abominations are being committed during the New Mass, such as 'sacred dancing', Eucharistic minister and Communion in the hand abuses, and other diabolical oddities, we must be willing to make an effort and attend a valid Latin Tridentine Mass whenever possible rather than a Mass that offends Our Lord, unless it is your only way to fulfil your obligation regarding the precepts of the Church to hear Mass on Sundays and days of obligation. If you must attend a Novus Order Mass, please try to find a conservative parish that keeps the Mass reverent with no sacrilegious 'add-ons'.


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