Thursday, 20 February 2020

#180 Reminder of the WARNINGS that Will be Seen in the Sun – The Sky will also be Streaked with Coloured Bands Representing the Fight Between the Evil Armies and the Great Monarch

Ecstasy date Oct 4, 1929

Our Lady: "Do not be alarmed yet. You will receive the warning precisely by the appearance of spots (or marks) in the sun ...

I said before ( i.e. In an earlier revelation given to Marie-Julie.) … You will see the firmament streaked with bands.

There will be a white band that will contain the protection of our right.

There will be a red one to envelop the chastisement of the wretches who insult their Creator.

There will be a black one where they will struggle with Satan and his army. It will be wider, because Satan has more souls to serve him than my Divine Son does to comfort It (His Heart) and dry His tears. "


EXPLANATION: Our Lady is reminding everyone here that the great civil wars and the arrival of the Great Monarch and his army will be announced by signs in the sky, here Our Lady gives details there will be marks in the sun, and reminds them about the colured bands in the sky.

The signs were explained to Marie-Julie in an earlier visions:

(*) The Call of the Great Monarch: About two hours to the day when God 'lifts the veil', i.e. the secret is revealed and He calls the King, a miraculous sign will appear under the sky that will also summon the friends of the King who too will rise up. The friend will carry a 'Holy Benediction' to the King who will be prostrated, forehead in the dust, humbly bending with all his court under the call of God. He will arrive in front of his friends, and they will go to meet him. (July 8, 1882) The 'servants and victims' will bring him the unsullied White Banner - these virtuous servants and fellow conquerors with the King will also be honoured - their names will be on his banner and all France will honour them in future ages. (July 8, 1882)

(*) The Signs in the Sky: the Soldiers of the Cross will enter out of Brittany and meet up with the King and his armies as they enter France.
The will join together under a miraculous fiery signs in the sky - there will be frightening bloody red signs in the sky which will appear on a Friday. Then a white light more beautiful than the dawn will pierce the grooves of blood and lead the Soldiers of the Cross to the King who will be waiting at a river. The light will represent the battles of good and evil - this white light will happen at nightfall to the west of France - an enormous white sign to the West of France, surrounded by a curtain of diamond fringes, the space of three quarters of an hour. "Your homes will be lit up as if by the sun." The streets will be as clear (bright) as on an ordinary day. After half an hour, a red bar will be formed, to the west, in the form of branches; and drops of blood will escape it. This red bar will surround the whiteness of the sign and will invade the brightness of its light (symbol of the attack of evil). My children, from the west, this sign will rise up a little, and then the red bar will dissipate, as by the victory of the whiteness (symbol of the triumph of the Great Monarch). It will be a Saturday, between 5 and 6 hours ...” The Soldiers of the Cross and the armies of the King will then unite under the STAR OF VICTORY. The star will be square in form and will miraculously show a crown and sceptre in the middle which will be distinguished by all the people of the earth. (Nov. 22, 1882)

However, in this new vision in 1929 – Our Lady gives additional details that spots or marks will also be seen in the sun as a warning, and, that there will also be a third coloured band in the sky along with the red and white – a black one representing Satan and his followers and how they outnumber the good. Nevertheless, we know the Great Monarch will triumph.