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#115 VARIOUS PROPHECIES * Promise of the Great Monarch * PLAGUES on Wheat and Animals * The Works of the Church will Cease for a Time and be in Darkness * Satan will Spread an Invalid 'Communion Service' * Satanic Apparitions and Revelations will Abound

VARIOUS PROPHECIES * Promise of the Great Monarch * PLAGUE against Wheat and Animals + REMEDIES for this  * The Works of the Church will Cease for a Time and be in Darkness * Satan will Spread an Invalid 'Communion Service' * Satanic Apparitions and Revelations will Abound

These are various texts taken from a combination of the “Friend's of Marie-Julie Jahenny Association” website, Marqui's de Franquerie's book the “Breton Stigmatist”, and a new addition from the book 'Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique, by Henri Bourcier.   Notes are my own personal observations.


May 12, 1880:

Our Lady speaks on the "dawn of the beautiful morning when the transparent sky will allow to be seen coming from afar the one destined by God," the "just one", the "man of God", the "peace and salvation of His people," the "one France will place on her heart", as Our Lady and Her Divine Son say in other apparitions.”

(Note: this is a reminder of the promise of The Great Monarch to come who will restore the Church. The next prophecies foretell how the works of the Church will be changed, suppressed and heresies introduced.)


(The Wheat Plague, and the Plague to strike the animals + REMEDIES for these plagues.)

Ecstasy May 24, 1880. (Source: 'Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique' by Henri-Boucier, pp. 294-295)

Marie-Julie: “The mystic Sun (i.e. the sun in which she saw her visions), makes me see that Divine Justice threatens everything in the lands in front of us, in the South. It declares itself there like an insupportable plague which attacks the Christians and which falls back on the animals. The Sun manifests the shining proof that will triumph over the lands of the North in perpetuating its cruelty and its ravages.

The Lord gives the great St. Benedict the power to appease this great calamity: a respectful procession of his statue (must be) made without fear and without doubt (in order) to stop this plague.

In the mystic Sun, I read again that in the vicinity, the ear of wheat will blacken and that the harvest which is sown at the end of the month of May and at the beginning of June, to be harvested at the end of August and in September will go into flower and stay there for a considerable time, producing no grain and no crop showing which will be nil. As a remedy, sow the medallion of St. Benedict in the shape of a cross.

I read again in the Sun that this plague must extend to our lands and to here (i.e to the north up to Brittany), but not quite the tender harvests which are not of use to Christians, but to animals. To protect them from this plague, a medal of St. Benedict will have to be tied around their necks.

(NOTE / OBSERVATIONS: she seems to be saying that while the wheat will blacken and not produce grain in the south, perhaps even southern countries like Italy(?) up in the north non-Catholics will face a plague on their animals? The remedy given against the blackening of the wheat is to make dignified procession with his statue, and, to sow blessed St. Benedict's exorcism medal into the ground of the fields in the shape of a cross. To protect animals from the coming plague, to place a blessed St. Benedict's exorcism medal on their necks. The plague that will strike the animals is not described, but when the wheat crops are stricken, we can assume this is the warning to protect the animals.)


June 1, 1880 (“The Breton Stigmatist”, p. 39)

"All the works approved by the infallible Church will cease to exist as they are today for a time. In this sorrowful annihilation, brilliant signs will be manifested on earth. If because of the wickedness of men Holy Church will be in darkness, the Lord will also send darkness that will stop the wicked in their search of wickedness..."

(Note: a prophecy that the Church will be suppressed. Persecuted. However, it is only 'for a time'. God will send 'darkness' to punish the wicked who send the Church into darkness, and this sounds like another reminder of the Two and Three Days of Darkness.)


June 3, 1880 (“The Breton Stigmatist”, p. 39)

Our Lord describes how Lucifer will proceed. He (Satan) will address priests:

"You will dress in a large red cloak...We (devils) will give you a piece of bread and a few drops of water. You can do everything that you did when you belonged to Christ...."

"But," says Our Lord, "they do not add, Consecration and Communion."

And Hell added: "We will permit you to say it in all houses and even under the firmament."

(Notes / Observations: Apparently, Satan and his demons will invent another type of service and either introduce it into the Church, or perhaps cause another schism with 'novelty' rites.

Signs to watch out for: the 'vestments' become a red cloak. The wine is removed from the sacrifice of the Mass, perhaps only the server / minister is allowed to receive the 'piece of bread'. Our Lord says a service of this type will not be a valid consecration. They will be able to celebrate this 'service' everywhere, out in the open under an open sky, outside consecrated buildings, and 'in all houses'. 'All houses' could mean in the homes of people, or, all houses of worship no matter what the denomination, i.e., an ecumenical-based service that is 'watered down' so it is made acceptable to everyone and can be celebrated by all Christians.

We must be wary of all forms of worship that do not follow the norms of the Holy Catholic Church and try to 'come down' to the level of other denominations. We must remember there is only One, True, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith, and no service however 'nice' and 'charitable' to other Christians can ever be compared to the Holy
Sacrifice of the Mass. The Mass is not a symbol! It is a true sacrifice where the Passion and Death of Christ takes place in an unbloody manner.)


June 28, 1880

"In those years,” says Satan, “I will make many revelations. (I.e., False revelations through apparitions that are actually demonic.) It will be impossible to expose my language. I will imitate all too well the words of Christ and His revelations. By loading these souls, I want a lot of pious priests to be lost, to mislead them deeply into all these things. I also want to lose many souls (the same way) who are not priests.

If I can not lose these souls, I will (make them) lose their reputation at least, I will make them charges of heavy slander, I will make them denounce up to the point of counsels of human laws."

(Observations / Notes: in the years when Satan creates great confusion in the Church,
he will cause many false apparitions to occur to mislead even the zealous and faithful with high-sounding mysteries. It will be difficult to tell the difference between a false message from the true ones as Satan will mimic how Our Lord and Our Lady speak.

The demon will try to mislead the faithful by several ways. First, by the false messages of course, but also by having us waste precious time trying to discern which are the true apparitions from false ones, when we should be concentrating on the true messages already given and approved that always say the same thing: stop sinning, go to confession, change your life, pray for sinners, pray the rosary and go to Mass. Basically, stop being Catholics in name only and live your faith. The real messages are very simple, we should not be looking for novelties and trying to discover “new secrets” of heaven.

Satan will also create confusion as those who believe the false messages in faith, not out of malice, will defend them, and in the process, further the confusion. They will either destroy their own reputations, or those of others who try to oppose the false apparitions. Satan is very crafty and knows how to manipulate people and create disunity.)