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(Note these are all the ecstasies publicly released or published for the year 1884)


January 4, 1884 (“The Breton Stigmatist”, p. 44)

Our Lord; "I have done everything for My people. I sent My mother on earth. Very few believed
her words. My voice was heard everywhere through the victims I Myself had chosen and on whom
I worked marvels and prodigies. They were despised and persecuted...."
Same Day:

January 4, 1884 (“The Breton Stigmatist”, p. 44)

Apparently, about the Three days of darkness:

"The earth will become like a vast cemetery. The bodies of the wicked and the just will cover the ground. The famine will be great...Everything will be thrown into confusion...The crisis will explode suddenly, the punishments will be shared by all and will succeed one another without interruption..."


Same Day, January 4, from the “Sanctuary Website”

Our Lord: "There will be three days of physical darkness. For three days less one night, there will be a continual night. The blessed wax candles will be the only ones that give light in this terrible darkness: only one will suffice for three days, but in the homes of the wicked, they will not give any light.

During these three days and two nights, the demons will appear under the most hideous forms. You will hear in the air the most horrible blasphemies. The lightning will enter your homes, but will not extinguish the candles; neither wind, nor the storm can put them out.

Red clouds like blood will ride across the sky. The crash of thunder will shake the earth. Sinister lightning will cut across the dense clouds, in a season when they never occur. (In winter, or the end of March?) The earth will be shaken down to the foundations. The sea will rise thundering waves that will spread across the continent (Tidal wave).

Blood will flow in such abundance that the earth will become a vast cemetery. The corpses of the wicked and the righteous ones will litter the ground. The famine will be great. Everything will be in turmoil and three-quarters of men will perish. The crisis will break out suddenly. The chastisements will be common in the world to swell up and will succeed one another ceaselessly.

When My people have fallen into indifference, I have begun to threaten him. Today, it deserves My justice. I came on earth; they want Me out, take away My Holy Tabernacle, reversing My Cross and ignoring My Power.”

O Lord,” said Marie-Julie Jahenny, “have mercy!”

Our Lord: “Yes, I will pity the good people, but the others, I will swallow. The earth will open
and they will disappear forever."


(NOTE: the candles must bee 100% pure wax, beeswax, or they WILL NOT LIGHT. We must remember not to look out during those Three Days, or we will be struck dead. See more on how to prepare, click here.)


More on the evils that will lead up to that great chastisement- APOSTASY:

April 24, 1884 (“The Breton Stigmatist”, Book, p. 32)

Our Lord: "Priests will separate themselves from the voice of authority in greater numbers.  A
scandalous freedom of disunion, of levity, will spread in all the dioceses of France."


November, 14, 1884 (“The Breton Stigmatist”, Book, p. 32)

Marie-Julie Jahenny: "Our Lord showed me the number of apostasies at the time of the fatal event...It will be the ministers of God, who will be the first to begin, not all of them... This punishment will open the Heavens and the God of vengeance will appear with a display of justice....Never had I seen from so close the anger of God.....


December 24, 1884 (“The Breton Stigmatist”, p. 32)

"In all the past centuries, not one will resemble this epoch."


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