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#140 B: Prophecy Marie-Julie's Work will be Brought to Light – Prophecy of the Heavenly Cortège of Mystics that Will Accompany the Great Monarch to the Walls of the National Assembly




Ecstasy March, 21, 1882. (Source: “Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique”, Henri Boucier, pp. 95-97)

(NOTE: Jesus and Mary spoke to here in this ecstasy, but Herni Boucier leaves out this part of the ecstasy, unfortunately. He continues straight to a message given by the Holy Spirit Who comes in the shape of a Dove.)

Marie-Julie: “At the foot of the throne of Jesus, I adore my Savior from the depths of my soul. Now, I listen to the Dove of the Holy Spirit speak to repeat all his words well.”

The Dove: “Dear friends, a little more patience on earth, and all will enjoy profound peace altogether! For you, Marie-Julie of the Crucifix, spouse of Jesus, receive the light you need to faithfully accomplish the designs of the Lord! Dear friends, in His infinite wisdom, the Lord has gathered His faithful instruments. He intends for them to keep His words in silence, before the voice is given to all the hearts present in a day that must not be long (in coming?). Do you consent, my daughter, to change your painful thorns with those that I offer you and which are different in their pain from those of today?”

Marie-Julie: “Divine Holy Spirit, the crown that you offer to the gaze of my soul seems to me to have been so great that all that I have suffered may not be enough to efface them.”

(i.e. from the context, it seems she is saying all her sufferings are not enough to erase the crown of thorns she is currently wearing, the new crown shown to her by the Holy Spirit is too beautiful. She deserve the thorns.)

The Dove: “Contemplate well this precious offering which you will carry only a short time, but enough to let the heavenly ones see the glory and the reward that there is in this divine gift. This crown is not comparable to the one you wear for the love of Jesus. I have a part in all the divine works, but in this one particularly. I make myself the Director, the Comforter. In a word, it was I who gave these lofty instructions. To the crown that I bring today, I want to add a more distinguished radiance, various pendants and finials. This crown, I place it straight on the middle of the forehead, with a fairly visible trace and marked in width.”

(NOTE: there are times when Heaven exchanged crown of thorns Marie-Julie wore, and the change in the stigmata on her head was always announced in advance. People could witness the stigmata of the crown of thorns changing to the shape of the new crown she was given to wear.)

Marie-Julie: “Holy Spirit, I'm not commanding you, but I wouldn't like our dear interlacers to see it. May it be only for our dear friends!”

(I.e. Odd literal translation, Marie-Julie in her humility does not want this new change in the stigmata to be made to the general public, but only to those close to the holy mission.)

The Dove: “My daughter, I speak to you in front of the souls present, under the eyes of these men of merit who are helping to move everything forward at this moment.”

Marie-Julie: “Divine Holy Spirit, I willingly submit to your wishes.”

The Dove: “My dear friends, the Lord has plans for His victim. Her tongue will no longer be sealed with the bond of stillness, and the people who have never seen or heard the story of so much pain and immolation for the work of Calvary, this people will see with their eyes a new creature born of the love and wounds of her God. The dear friends could say: a new creature was born by the gifts by which He took away all resemblance to serve the joy and the good of His people, God has transformed, formed and reformed (her).

(i.e. an odd phrase that I'm finding difficult to translate, but basically, Our Lord is saying in the future people who had never heard of her sufferings will see their fruit – He is removing her former resemblance, and through her victim-sufferings is making her a 'new creature', completely renewed and transformed spiritually.)

(The Holy Spirit): Dear friends, the Lord deposits in her what He wants to let fall in hearts and on the world to save and protect it. Now take a rest, before entering the Book of gold!

Loyal victims and servants (I.e a reference to the designated victims souls suffering for the Work of the Cross and the scribes taking down the messages), you waited until the midst of the pain, the transformation of the earth....This time has existed for nine years under the empire of my power. I activate with fire the beautiful ripening, in the middle of spring.

(NOTE: Bourcier notes this indicates the years 1873 to 1882, but the 'nine years' could refer to some other time period as a prophecy is now about to be shared).

The Dove: “There must be a procession of spouses who have prayed for the reconciliation of this land lost without Me, a procession of spouses who go in triumph to seek the illustrious saviour (I.e the Great Catholic Monarch, Henry V) and lead him to the walls which form the hall of hell. (I.e the National Assembly of France). It is he who will make good and Christian families, children and old people happy. The procession of spouses is made up of Mélanie de La Salette, of Louis Lateau, of Sr. Oliva Marie du Christ-Roi, of Marie Martel, of Estelle Faguette. Of course, of Joan of Arc and St. Teresa of the Child Jesus, and hundreds of others.”


(OBSERVATION: this is an astounding prophecy, if the scribe transcribed the text properly and assuming Henry Bourcier printed the text correctly. A heavenly procession will go forth to meet and then accompany Henry V, the promised Great Catholic Monarch, as he makes his way to Paris to fight the enemy, he will go to the National Assembly. This procession or cortège will feature spiritual spouses of Our Lord, saints, and those who are mystics or to whom Our Lady appeared to. In several cases, this text to Marie-Julie seems to be added proof that the several of the mystics who were in question at the time are indeed authentic.

Mélanie of La Salette of course needs no introduction, and also Estelle Faguette is also not completely unknown, her vision was approved under the title of Our Lady of Pellevoison.

Louis Lateau from Belgium (1850-1883) was a mystic and stigmatist, and while she was deemed authentic, that her stigmata were not fake, and she is listed on the Miracle Hunter's site as 'authentic' under Marian apparitions, on March 5, 2009, strangely, the Vatican gave a negative answer to an inquiry wishing to further the cause for her possible beatification. However, this prophecy given to Marie-Julie seems to point out she is indeed authentic, and her cause will be made known by Heaven in the future.

Another interesting mention is Marie Martel, the main visionary of the Apparitions of Tilly: of the date of Marie-Julie's ecstasy is correct, 1883,  this set of visions which occurred in 1896 was predicted a good decade before they occurred!  The case of Marie Martel and these visions strangely was left to stagnate by the local bishop of the time who apparently did not want to cause trouble with the French government, but was never officially condemned, even if not officially approved. St. Pius X himself believed in this apparition, and so did officials at the Vatican, but were disappointed in how the bishop handled the case, which left it stymied. So it is still unapproved but not officially condemned. If this prophecy given to Marie-Julie is true, then the visions of Marie Martel are indeed authentic , again, foretold a decade before their occurrence.  No doubt this is a sign her case will also one day be cleared up. (Click here to read more about the Apparitions and prophecies of Tilly.)

The most surprising mention is Sr. Oliva Marie du Christ-Roi, a mystic from Brittany, who, similar to Marie Martel, her case was left to stagnate. Oliva Danzé was born in 1906 and she died in 1968. If this ecstasy attributed to Marie-Julie was accurately transcribed as dating from 1883, then that means she made a prophecy regarding Sr. Oliva before she was even born. Her case regarding the apparitions of Christ the King was not officially condemned, but strangely, she was continually persecuted eventhough she was received favorably by the Archbishop of Paris, and Pius XII was personally favorable to her visions and gave orders she be permitted to return to her convent. Again, Marie-Julie's ecstasy would point out Sr. Oliva is indeed an authentic mystic and she too will be vindicated when the Great Monarch comes. (Click here to read more about Sr. Oliva Marie of Christ the King and her prophetic visions.)


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