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#144 MORE Secret Prophecies given to St. Margaret Mary now Revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny - FRANCE TO SUFFER FIRST- Liberals who call themselves Christians Will Go After Souls - WARNING of THUNDER AND LIGHTNING – MASACRES and PLAGUES

The Sacred Heart reveals to Marie-Julie Jahenny more secret revelations He gave to St. Margaret Mary concerning future events.

Ecstasy date June 15, 1882

The Sacred Heart of Jesus lets escape rays so numerous that their number exceeds that of the stars of the firmament.

The Lord says: “My children, there are as many rays as souls enshrined in My Divine Heart and called to find a refuge, at the hour when there will echo on earth the blows of the great evils. (i.e the Lord explains the meaning of all the rays shinging from from His Heart. They are souls called to find a refuge in devotion to His Sacred Heart for when the chastisements hit)  

The time is not far off when My people will send out a new cry of distress. This will be the overture to the first of profound engulfments of the good, and who must then march to see terrible destruction that heaven and earth have never seen pass.

The storm will burst over France where I wanted to manifest the wonders of My Divine Heart and uncover its secrets. My children, it is France who, first, will be bruised, torn, persecuted. When I showed this divine sun to Blessed Margaret Mary, I dropped from My lips these words:

The land that saw you born, and that in which you will expire, will be terribly threatened, after the time of 80 to 83 especially. I let it be understood by My humble servant, the third would be painful.

(Note: Our Lord explained to Marie-Julie Jahenny in other ecstasies the chastisements would come in three stages or time-periods. The third will be the worst / hardest to bear. See post # 142, click here.)

(Our Lord): There would be swords, as apostasy and violations in the companies of those people who are devoted to Me, some by the priesthood, others by the religious life. Bad Christians will not be content to be lost. (i.e., they will not be satisfied with their own rebellion and the loss of thier own souls.) They seek to hunt souls; they will tend, by all means, to make them sin against all that is the duty of the Christian … (i.e. a prophecy of the attacks of liberal Catholics living contray to the Faith?)

(Our Lord): My children, the Church has not many years to remain without pain which today is growing, but (will be) many times more terrible. In this pain, there will be no limit or stop. I keep the Church in a shelter, until the day when the earth becomes a desert and the world a wasteland, on
a desolate earth.'.”

The Lord brought (France) amidst the blood and water from His wound.

"My children, she (France) left with joy from My Divine Heart, she will only return there as amidst blood and tears." (i.e., France joyfully followed His enemies and their lies that lured her away from Him, now she must suffer in order to bring her back.)

The Divine Heart says again.

Soon, the era marked out, there will not remain standing, in France, any religious house, not a monastery to escape the tyrants of the epoch. There will be an attitude (or a mindset for) of massacres, from the Centre (Paris) to Lyon, in Lyon to the south and to the shores of Brittany it is still Catholic, but as before. The generation of the faith is everywhere.

In these massacres, in the cold months, the earth will become a deluge of blood, as in Noah's time (when) it became a deluge of water. All those who are not in the arch of My Heart will die, as in the time of the flood. (i.e. this will happen during winter - those NOT DEVOTED TO THE SACRED HEART WILL DIE.)

I told (her) again:

Myself, I will choose; I will name the true consoler of My people and the Church (i.e the Great Catholic Monarch): one that will rebuild My temples burned in the violence of a great civil war, although it (the war) will not be long. I can not,” He says, “call it anything other than civil war, the war in which France will be delivered.

My children, how the soul of My servant was saddened by My words so sorrowful! She (St. Margaret Mary) answered Me only with a sigh:

"Lord, I pray for this France, in the house where You have introduced me to You."

My children, now so few souls ask Me for My love, so few hearts serve Me faithfully. Until the cloisters, I find indifference, forgetfulness and weakness. I complain bitterly. If good Christians are so cowardly, they will be as the guilty who will want to destroy everything and to overthrow My Eternal Reign.”

The Sacred Heart of Jesus says again:

There will rise suddenly over France great plagues and calamities that nothing can stop or reduce. There will pass, on France, countless deaths that the world has never seen and diseases that are unknown. Above all from the Centre (Paris) will this deadly mortality launch its plague. It will strike down just up over the parish which is yours, My children, but fear not, My Heart will will be a shelter to protect you.” (i.e. Brittany will be protected from this.)

Marie-Julie Jahenny: “I remember this Divine Heart of Jesus.”

Our Lord : “My children, those who make war against Me for over 60 years, war that has increased after 11 years, they will not be attacked by the plague of death. I will attend them in another manner also wrathful.

I warn My people of that which follows of the number of evils in France, the first ones are not far off, and will be followed by many others, I warn you that one day there will be found - and it is marked - where there will be little sun, no stars and no light to make one step out of the houses, the refuges of My people.   The day commences to grow; it will not be at the height of summer or in the longest days, still short. It will not be at the end of a year, but in the first months that I will clearly give My warnings … (In the first part of the year when it is still winter but not yet spring.)  The day of darkness and lightning, it will be the first that I will send to convert the wicked, and to see whether many will return to Me before the big storm that will follow closely. That day, my children it will not reach all of France, but part of Brittany will be tested. The side where the land of the Mother of My Immaculate Mother (i.e. where St. Ann is honoured at the shinre of d'Auray, Brittany France. See post # 11, click here) will not be obscured by the darkness to come, only to you and, beyond that, on the (level of?) the sunrise. Everything else will be in the most terrible fright. After the night (dawn) to just until night, a whole day, the thunder will continue to scold; the fire of lightning will do much harm, even in private homes where they will be in sin … (i.e those not in the state of grace will suffer.)

My children, that first day does not detract (or take away) from the other three marked and described.  (i.e., we must still expect the Three Days of Darkness. So, this warning of strange thunder and ligthing could be that which St. Joseph warned about, see post # 59, click here, or, it is part of the Two Days of Darkness that will come before the Three Days of Darkness --these Two Days are part of the warnings that will come in the beginning of the year, see post # 120, click here.)

Our Lord: “This particular day (of warning) was revealed to My servant Catherine in the apparitions of My Holy Mother, under the name Mary conceived without sin. (St. Catherine Labouré of Rue du Bac) This day is noted in five rolls tightly closed (of or by) the sister of Saint Pierre Tours. This roll remains (hidden) in secret, until the day when a person of God brings her predestined hand on what the world has ignored, to the inhabitants of that monastery …" (I.e. This could be a secret revelation given to St. Mary of St. Peter of Tours to whom Our Lord revealed the devotion to His Holy Face and who wrote the 'Golden Arrow' Prayer of reparation against blasphemy. The scroll will be discovered when the time of the warning is near.)