Saturday, 9 February 2019

# 142 PROPHECIES: THREE EPOCHS of CHASTISEMENTS: First FRANCE then THE CHURCH in ROME – The Great Monarch will Arrive During the Third Crisis

Ecstasy date May 4, 1882 – the first 'epoch' of chastisements will strike France, the second 'epoch' will strike the Church / Rome.

Our Lord to Marie-Julie Jahenny: "The first epoch is the extent of the evils of the eldest daughter of the Church, of France. The second (epoch) is the Church invaded, and the beginning of the terrible struggle in the Eternal City. This struggle, in the Eternal City, will languish five months, without the sad consequences to (the point of) death, only worse."


Ecstasy date May 9, 1882 - apparently, more details on the first 'epoch' that will strike France.

Revelation to Marie-Julie Jahenny: "The great awakening of the slumbering epoch is not going to defer throwing its first brightness, the beginning of a victorious march which will put to death the people of the one that no longer has the hope of rising again, except the day when the one whom is called its Saviour, places his foot on the throne assigned by Heaven. (i.e the Great Monarch chosen by Heaven). The great universal revolution, the beginning will come out first in France: it was she who, from the first, will march to the abyss and also the resurrection." (i.e. A repeat of the warnings that the great chastisements will begin in France before the Great Restoration by the Great Monarch.)

"First crisis in France. Some time ago, the Lord has marked three months of fatal and terrible punishment. He cut short a lot. (i.e Our Lord will cut short many of the punishments France deserves.) The beginning of the next deadly revolutionary crisis will last four weeks, but the extent will be immense. The number of those called 'murderers of the people' will be of an inconceivable immensity. (i.e. There will be a terrible punishment of three months, apparently a respite, then, another revolutionary crisis will break out and last four weeks.)

In this terrible hour, foreigners, whose desire is filled with a violence that is uncontrollable, will be masters in France. Upon the news of the fatal event, their ears will not be deaf! During the first fight in the whole extent of France, there will be freedom for all. (i.e. liberty to commit all kinds of atrocious acts.) There will be no captives held in for crimes." (Complete anarchy? Genocide?)

(Note: this warning of various stages of chastisements caused 'violent foreigners' that will rampage throughout the country sounds very similar to the warnings regarding the 'dust of the foreigners' that will cause France harm.   See posts #122 here, and # 127 here)


Ecstasy date May 9, 1882 - the countries surrounding France will aid the foreigners to destroy it.

Revelation to Marie-Julie Jahenny: "To the measure it will extend in France, the persecution will receive much help from the powers that surround it, (i.e. bordering countries/ governments) from all those who are similar to those who, in France, will deliver up all, without pity, to fire and to blood."


On the same day (May 9) - the THIRD Crisis to strike France – a contender will be placed on the throne, not the Great Monarch of God's choice, but the True King will Triumph

"Towards the end of the third crisis they will bring one who has little hope, who is hardly pleasant or comforting. His name will pass in the sun, quickly, like lightning, so that the people know that he is not the true king who must ascend the throne. (A contender.) It is there his friends walk against the new Saviour to strike down those of his entry, and prevent him from reaching the throne that is destined for him. (i.e. The contender and his allies will try and prevent the true King and his followers from entering France.)

The true King will come from the side of the Levant. (The Levant is an old French word for “east”, and usually refers to the eastern Mediterranean littoral between Anatolia and Egypt) (He will take the help of foreign friends and angelic forces.) Two leagues from the Centre (Paris) he will find reunited the armies of governors of today, it is there, in a big city, that God waits to give His grand marks and blind those barbarians who will oppose the future Saviour. (i.e. God may literally blind the Great Monarch's enemies so they cannot fight and he can easily pass through them,)

Others will go further to wait for his entry, of others more numerous than those who have been struck by the blindness of Justice. (i.e a larger army than those who will be blinded will then be waiting to stop him.)

The King has already made ten or twelve leagues (A league = 4km) to the land of France, towards the throne. This is where God wants His true friends to rejoice in His great sign. The white flag will be raised in this place whose name will be said. He will pass, despite the wall that will oppose him, and his real fighters will not fear anything, because over them will hover protection. He will march, trampling on his enemies that the blindness has reversed. He will come to the throne, before the fight is over. (I.e he will be crowned before the battle is even over). He who had been designated, (i.e. The contender), will descend in shame to the confusion of those who placed him."