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#86 St. Marius - PLOTS AGAINST the FAITH - Martyrdom is Coming - How to Offer 'Pearls' to God

St. Marisse – Warns of PLOTS AGAINST THE FAITH – A Time of Martyrdom is Coming – How to offer 'Pearls' to God – The Children of the Cross are Protected

Ecstasy of October 14, 1878

I am Saint Marisse (Marius / Maurice?), martyr. I was martyred for defending and supporting the Holy Religion and the Fathers who preached this great doctrine. I supported their cause and defended their innocence before the judges and immediately I was judged worthy of death and I rejoiced. I was tied and I suffered terrible treatment. They twisted my members (of his body) and they tore me to shreds. My wounds were filled with poison. The executioners put the Cross under my feet, but my love for my God did not let me do anything (so) treacherous. My body was placed on an instrument and it was gripped by a type of screws so that it was bruised, battered. I was forced to listen to horrible blasphemies against the holy religion, the temple of God and His Apostles. They managed to pull my heart through a large opening ... I was thrown on the pavement, my body in shreds. In the dead of night, they sent someone to collect my flesh and put it in the cemetery of the Christians.

Now a word on behalf of the Lord.

We are in the land of martyrs, some by the sword, others through trial and patience. But the treasures of God are so great for the soul that serves generously! The old days were terrible for shedding the blood of Christians. The Christian faith was firm and steady, as it is still among faithful Christians. Our Lord, with His Divine love, gives Christians the strength and courage to persevere in the midst of sorrows and anxieties. The time that is (being) prepared is also a preparation that will lead a great number of souls to martyrdom and martyrdom will be on the field, because the Faith is almost extinct in many hearts that await for a time not far off to satisfy their fury and rage (i.e., against God and His people)... But God's plans are also prepared. The power of God is also prepared and man, in his projects, will find a misleading weakness. He thinks he has arrived at the edge of his victories, but God, the Infinite Wisdom, has also prepared everything ... Attacks and treacherous plots are roughly pushed against the Holy Temple of God. But it will resist for God defends the Church and protects it and it will endure as long as her children. (Basically, the Church will last until the end of time, and there will always be faithful left on earth, no matter how small the number.) Let us arm ourselves with courage, also our weapons for combat, as the voice of God is not far.

Marie-Julie: “Good saint, for us, these are the weapons: prayer and the Cross.”

St. Maurice: “The Cross is invincible and everywhere however it has many outrages to undergo. We live assured under the power of God and we have nothing to fear. Our life on earth is a life of merit, suffering and tears. But Heaven is so beautiful that it is a beauty one cannot define. The thought of Heaven revives us and strengthens us. Let us love God and dedicate ourselves to God alone and His Cross. Seek God in all things and trample under foot the rest … We are on earth to learn life (Obviously, he means the way to Eternal Life). Each day we enter a new novitiate, either of pains, joy, or happiness.

All our life on earth is like a shell. It is Our Lord who takes away all that is in the shell, the pearl, for us to put in more. (I.e. when we offer all we do and all the sufferings we receive to God for His honour and glory it is like a shell producing a pearl. The Children of the Cross must continue to give generously.) Fear neither insults nor contempt, or slander, take no notice. It is the means to enrich the property of God and His Graces. This is how the children of the Cross (are): They are all standing, praying to God with fervour. The enemies launch their (arrows) towards them to attain them, (I.e., win over them), but God puts a circle of force around them and what is launched against them does not hit; and the blows fall on those who give them. God defends the flowers of His garden.

Courage! The Cross is your portion. It has always been the portion of the elect. This is the best, the richest. Be proud of the glory! ...


Notes: It is difficult to pinpoint which saint this could be. The “Sanctuary / Friends of Marie-Julie” Website proposes St. Marius who died in 270 AD, a Persian nobleman who travelled to Rome with his wife Martha and his two sons, Audifax and Abachum to venerate the tombs of the Apostles. While in the city, they undertook the charitable duty of burying the bodies of the martyrs under the persecution of Claudius. However, Marius died by beheading according to tradition, while this heavenly visitor described a different martyrdom to Marie-Julie. There are a number of saints who are listed with a name similar to Marisse. This could be St. Maurice of the Theban Legion (d. 287, Feast Day Sept. 22), who with a large number of Christian soldiers, was martyred for refusing to sacrifice to the false gods before battle. (Another tradition declares they refused to kill innocent people.) Or, this could be St. Maurice who died with Leontius and Daniel and companions, a group of forty five martyrs who suffered at Nicopolis in 329 AD under the Emperor Licinius. (Feast Day July 10.)


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