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#119 Marie-Julie Jahenny Sees Our Lord's Ascension – Satan Also Demands a Kingdom – Satan Granted a Period of Time on Earth

Ecstasy date August 30, 1880

Marie-Julie: "I see that at the moment Our Lord ascended into heaven, He took possession of the Eternal Kingdom, at that moment, Hell became the Kingdom of the Enemy. Our Lord took possession of His earthly kingdom and said, "I am established as the Eternal King." ("Je suis établi Roi Éternel")

Satan, furious, seeks for some way around to maliciously extend his power. He demands a part. ("Un partage", or a share or portion in the earthly realm?)

The Lord says to him: "You will be subjected to Me, you cannot do what you will according to the Eternal Law. I leave you the power to tempt all men, to make them suffer to a certain measure, but I will be present... In the beginning, you will not do many prodigies, they will serve you to do evil. I leave you permission to tempt My people, but I will never permit you to take the Divine form, nor of veritable figures."

Satan said: "I will turn all into a worktool against You, I will place revolution, war, division everywhere. I will overthrow the temple of Your prayers, I will establish the idols we worship. I will break everything."

Jesus said: "I will crush you under the lightning of heaven, all of yours will be given to Hell. I will restore (or re-establish) My people, I will preserve the plagues, I will raise up (restore) the ruins. I will cast you into the abyss, but only after you have used the powers that I leave you for now .... In the darkness, there will be many conversions, many who are lost will return to Me by repentance."


Another text dated August 30, 1880 from the “Friends of Marie-Julie Association” with more details of this particular vision.

Marie-Julie: “I see in the sun (i.e. her mystic sun) the moment when the Lord ascended into heaven, took possession of his Eternal Kingdom, at that moment hell became the kingdom of the enemy. 

The Lord took possession of His earthly kingdom and said:

I am established as the Eternal King.”

Satan, furious, searches for a few round about ways to maliciously extend his power …

The Lord said to him: “Thou wilt be under submission, you will not do but what is permitted you by My eternal law.”

Satan asked to bear the name of 'prince' and that the finger of the Lord engrave this name under the eyes of us all.

Our Lord: "Yes, you have all the names. The name of prince: prince of darkness, prince of the abyss.”

Do not put limits to Your power,” responds Satan, “let me free to extend as largely as You must extend until the end of time.” (i.e., give me freedom to extend my kingdom on earth as much as You are going to do until the end of time.)

Our Lord: “I will remain as King over all that you do, all that you possess. I will be over (it all) and I will command.” (i.e., Satan will not be completely free to do as he wishes.)

Satan rebelled. Yet he had his portion, but the Lord also took enjoyment of His possessions. The Lord said to him:

Prostrate yourself at My feet and adore My wishes.”

Satan: “I bow my knee, but on one condition. Leave me liberty,” Satan said with authority, “to use, like You and at my pleasure, the power over death, to be its master.”

Our Lord: “I leave you the power to tempt all men, to make them suffer to a certain measure, but I will be present.” (Satan's power is still limited, obviously his request to command death was refused.)

Satan also demands the power of working miracles. The Lord does not leave this to him entirely, but He gave him something so that, we might merit more. (i.e., by rejecting Satan's wonders and temptations, we gain more merits.)

In the beginning,” said the Lord, “you will not do a lot of wonders, they will be a small number. They will serve you to do evil.”

Satan protests that this portion (of the earthly kingdom) is not fair.

A time will come, far off,” the Lord replied, “where you will possess in the world a multitude so great that your portion will exceed Mine. You will become a great conqueror for a space of time that will be too long and which, however, will be very short. While you will make the conquest of multitudes, I will operate bright wonders and earthquakes, when the world is ready to perish, when thou will triumph with a victory without measure when almost all parts of the world, the whole of Europe will rise against each other. In the darkness, there will be many conversions, many of the lost will return to Me in repentance.”

(I.e. the peak of Satan's reign will be shown in the great but short civil war that will break out in Europe and the churches will be closed and desecrated, infernal ceremonies will take place, children will be corrupted. See the previous post #118 Persecution of the Church -the Coming Desecrations and Martyrdoms, click here. It is possible WWI and WWII were also precursors, for Marie-Julie Jahenny was told in another vision she would live to see the 'spark' that would start the chastisements.)

When they are about to separate, to return each to his kingdom, Satan asks for the authority to take on all forms, to go anywhere.

I leave you permission to tempt My people,” says the Lord, “but I do not permit you ever to take the form of divine nor of true figures.”

Satan then hints of his desire to be on familiar or equal terms with the Lord. (But Satan is rebuffed.)

Our Lord: “Respect Me, on behalf of My Eternal power.”

Yes, Satan replies, “one day, far away from where we are today, you will seem to say to me that I am a mighty conqueror. You put no limits to the ravages of which, already, the desire consumes me.”

Marie-Julie asks the Flame of the Holy Spirit if the epoch is fixed, where Satan must reign as such a great master. The Flame says that it is set in the designs of God and the Devil hastens the time, without knowing (it) exactly. "It is this (age) in which you are now, God's children," said the Flame.

Satan continues.

In the beginning of that time,” he says, “I will use all profanities and all unjust things to the destruction of Your Kingdom. I will transform all into a working tool against You. First I dig this place where the greatest number live.”

Do not ignore what he is,” said the Flame (Holy Spirit), “I dig this place on which you will fall like lightning. You will destroy first, and, I after you, I will finish everything, I will make ruins as has never before existed.” (That is, the Holy Spirit warns we must not forget Satan is still a powerful angel, although fallen. The Holy Spirit will cause Satan to fall like lightening once more. Satan will destroy first,but then God will send His powerful chastisements.)

I will cover My own with a tender protection,” says the Lord.

I will throw in a revolt between yours and mine,” responds Satan, “I will move all the kings, I will put in a division that will lead to a civil war in the universe.

For My part,” the Lord continues, “I will send My Justice: punishment, miracles, death, plagues, pests, unknown diseases.”

I will overthrow the temple of your prayers,” Satan claims, “I will establish the idols we worship. All that is, in times of peace, that resides in Your temples will be broken, dragged out, reduced to dust by mine.”

I will show,” says the Lord, “that I am the Eternal King. I will crush under the lightning of heaven, all that will be given to you to hell. I will restore My people; I will preserve (Mine) from the plagues, I will raise up the ruins. I will cast thee into the abyss, but only after you have used the powers I leave you for now.”

The Flame (Holy Spirit) said that the pain is about to enter the hearts and Hell is ready to sing the great song of its victory.”


Further observations: Again, Marie-Julie predicts the “Age of Satan” before Pope Leo XIII received his famous vision October 13, 1884 in which he saw Satan would be given 100 years of freedom on earth to do his worst. Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich also saw this “Age of Satan” and said the devil would be loosed 50 or 60 years before the year 2,000, however, he would begin to prepare for it a 'time and a time' long before then. Sr. Marianna of Quito Ecuador, another approved mystic, also saw this diabolical age, and that the late 19th and early 20th centuries would bring about the age of degradation. This confirms what the Holy Spirit says to Marie-Julie Jahenny, that even in the 1880s the Age was already upon us.


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