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#150 Secular Persecution of the Church in France - Bishops will Meet in France but only Three Will Remain Faithful – Many Priests will Follow the Evil Laws of the Government - RED REVOLUTION - AN APOSTATE SCHISM of the CHURCH LEADERS OF FRANCE: THEY WILL BREAK FROM ROME -The Apostates / Schismatics will not Favour the King of God's Choice

Ecstasy date October 12, 1882

Our Lord: "In several cities of France, they will hold meetings of many pastors about the subject of a call made by an impious and guilty law. My children, many of these apostles of France, I count but only three who will be absolutely worthy and who declare highly, publicly and with formal will, for the side that I want, despite the great opposition of men. The seed of the Faith will not be destroyed; it will remain ... The evil will have its complete triumph, but the good will rise again in all its thickness." (I.e during the Great Renewal / Age of Peace, good will rise again.)


Same day:

"My children, you will read many letters written by the priests of France, as not disapproving of the laws of the government. The Bond of the Faith, (i.e. the Pope) seeing the empirical sight of these bad luminaries, will make a call of Faith to the French clergy, as he told them:

"Take the Faith as a weapon and shield; with it, you will overcome all that is opposed to the ecclesiastical law.”

There are those who will respond to his call, but not all.  Many remain in the wrong way, and the true priests will be very small in number. My children, the Lord who sees an innumerable loss of Christian souls, is at this moment, making all effort to show the peril and the severity of the times (to) those will build on the rock of revolution.

And the Flame (of the Holy Spirit) adds: "red revolution."


Ecstasy date October 19, 1882

(Our Lord?) "My daughter, now I will make pass to My real people, before the great days without rest, the main facts to be published in France, in those places where they will find good and bad. I do not want to mix those announcements of the great days; it would be too late to warn My people."

(I.e. Heaven was at the time in 1882 giving these revelations even then to God's 'true people', those who will remain faithful to the Faith in the future, for if He waited to make these revelations, it would be too late to warn everyone. Church history has shown it takes time for prophecies to be accepted as authentic and to spread among the faithful.)


October 26, 1882 (“The Breton Stigmatist”, pp. 34-35)

The Lord announced a SCHISM of the Church in France which will break away from Rome - other bishops will follow:

"The heart of the diocese of (…) will revolt and will not be pacified. Its cries and menacing words will make the strong tremble. In the days when the gloom of the great vengeance will surround the people with struggles and conflicts, this pastor (The Bishop of...), like the others will not submit to orders of the Roman Pontiff. ... When the power of mortal men--soiled, corrupt men who are threatened with a terrible death--when this power will order a frightful religion in the whole Kingdom....I see only a small number enter this religion that will make the whole world tremble.... From the height of My glory, I see joining with alacrity this guilty, infamous, sacrilegious religion. I see Bishops joining... On seeing these many, many Bishops...Ah! My Heart is wounded to death--and the whole flock following them, all of it without hesitation, hastening to damnation and hell, My Heart is wounded to death as at the time of My Passion... . Others will follow these French Bishops... . If I tell you that to found this infamous and accursed religion, the Bishops and priests will not leave off at the second call. You may be sure, my children, that the bishops and priests will not be in favour of the one I have destined to raise up your country, there will be very, very few in favour of him... . They will be against the King...." (I.e these schismatics / apostates will not be in favour of the Great Catholic Monarch chosen by God.)



(NOTE: According to the context, this seems like a general description and explanation of an ecstasy from this date, either from Marie-Julie, an eyewitness, or, from the Sanctuary Website, it is difficult to discern which.)

"The crowd roars around the Vicar of Jesus Christ. A meeting of the Fathers of the Church will form his councils against the Father of the universe. It will be presented, at the hands of the governor to which the Holy Father, a piece written and worked on by hands that, many times, will hit the body of Christ. This written piece will include three things:

1) That the Pope leaves more liberty to the greater part of those over whom he rules with his authority of Pontiff. (i.e. They will demand a lessening of papal authority)

2) We have met (or, we have all united) and we have been of the opinion that if the mortal head of the Church makes an appeal to his Roman clergy to reform the Faith even stronger; if they want to force us to answer; if they declare in the face of the powers of the earth, that there must be obedience and submission, we declare we want to keep our freedom. We consider ourselves as free to do nothing more in the eyes of the people, that what we are now doing and that it is us who will do all.”

(Note: Basically, the bishops demand a lessening of obedience to the Pope, and that it will be they who will attempt to take control of the Church, and possibly, reduce him to a figurehead. When he calls for a reform of the Church, he will be ignored, and the bishops will continue making their liberal changes as they have grown accustomed to doing.)

Bitter and agonizing pain awaits for the Pope in front of insubordination and disobedience to answer the call of his heart. It will not be in person by which he will make the call, but in writing.  (i.e. Possibly an encyclical?)

The voice of the Flame (Holy Spirit) says that the third thing written will thrill the little people of the earth. It will come from the clergy that aspires to a broad freedom: the clergy of France, Italy, Belgium and many other nations that God reveals. This will get worse before the people who can be assured of the sign of His wrath. (I.e. The clergy will want more freedom, and the people will go along with it, because it is easier and convenient? It will get worse before God's wrath falls.)

The next call will throw consternation into the hearts where the the Faith still reigns. They want to break the unity between the Holy Father and the priests of the universe, to separate them from the Head of the Church, so that everyone is free to itself, and without any supervision ... A poster will be posted and will only mention this disunion and this separation of the apostles of God with the Pope. The people will be invited to lend support and their agreement to the authority so guilty of that time. "

(Note: again we have another revelation that shows Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies do NOT support Sedevacantism, for unity to Rome and the Pope is stressed. It will be the break from Rome urged on by the secular 'red revolutionary' government(s) that will show the Apostasy / schism is taking place.)