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Post #164 The Tribulations of the Church – Sacrilege Upon Sacrilege - La Salette and the Fallen Priesthood – EXPECT THINGS TO ONLY GET WORSE until Christ Steps in with the Chastisements – At one point PRAYER IS ALL WE WILL HAVE

 (Image: Our Lady tells Marie-Julie Jahenny the secrets of La Salette were about the priesthood, the secrets were hidden by rebellious pastors because of it.
  Our Lady warns again holy priests are very few and that rebelliously hiding the secrets won't stop the chastisements.)

May, 10, 1904 (“The Breton Stigmatist”, p. 40)

Our Lady: "They will not stop at this hateful and sacrilegious road. They will go further to compromise all at once and in one go, the Holy Church, the clergy and faith of my children..."

According to the author of the “Breton Stigmatist”, Our Lady announces the "dispersion of the pastors" (bishops) by the Church itself, real pastors who will be replaced by others formed by hell, initiated in all vices, all iniquities, perfidious, who will cover souls with filth....New preachers of new sacraments, new temples, new baptisms, new confraternities..."

(NOTE-a word of caution interpreting this one: as this is only a snippet from a text with added commentary and interpretation, as there is much text missing, it's hard to tell if this is a prophecy of the modern changes due to Vatican II, or, the Great Apostasy that was foretold to Marie-Julie Jahenny when an evil government will take hold and form a state church. Many bishops will apostatise and follow the anti-Catholic state religion and persecute the true Catholic Church.   In a past prophecy she was told this 'new religion' will resemble Islam and many bishops will enter into it.)


Ecstasy Date August 4, 1904

(Our Lady speaks upon what she revealed at La Salette-what is necessary to be a holy priest, but so few live that way):

"These last lines are all on the subject of the priesthood, and because it is myself who have spoken, who has proven, self-love is mortified, I show how it is with My Divine Son in Holy Orders and how one lives at all times in His priesthood. How you want Heaven to bless the Earth. I do not speak for all pastors, all the priesthood, but the number that I (make an) exception is very small.

(I.e she speaks about what she revealed on how to be a holy priest, mortification of self-love and to live as a living victim-examples of Christ and His virtues. There are very few who live like this she sadly points out.)

Our Lady: “They already let all souls go adrift, they are occupied with but little of their salvation. They like rest, good food, well-being. My dear victim priests, the real number are very few. They no longer love but with indifference (to) the Holy Tribunal they ascend the Holy Altar because they are forced to accomplish this act but you will soon see joy for no longer ascending the Holy Altar; the joy of being relieved of souls and their forgiveness. (i.e., we will see priests and religious very happy to be relieved from their sacred and paramount duties, they will find them a burden, useless?) What light words, what conversations that displease many in Heaven. What will become of them on that great day, what will they be like at that harmful and unforgettable epoch? I do not repeat the evil that you know in my secrets on the Holy Mountain. "


Same Day: August 4, 1904

Our Lady: “Lately I have suffered. When holy Pastors (and?) priests wanted the last lines of my secrets, on the mountain of pain, (i.e. La Salette) to let them be known to all my people, other pastors have rebelled.

I had the pain of seeing put away, under seals, these pages that should have been delivered to the world. (i.e. the secrets of La Salette.) This is because there is much question of pastors and priests that rebelled, and they folded up the last pages of this divine secret. How do you think the punishments will not fall on the earth? (i.e., by these actions, hiding the secrets, how can you think this will avert the punishments?)

They will wrap up my last words on the holy mountain and make them disappear. Just to cause suffering to those who have dedicated themselves to this holy cause, with the joy of glorifying me in this solemn prediction. This is because these lines are all about the priesthood - and it is myself that I pronounced and revealed them - and that I show how they are to be my Son in holy orders and how to live His priesthood.”


Same Day, August 4, 1904.

(Excerpt from “The Breton Stigmatist” pp. 42-43.)

EXPECT THINGS TO GET WORSE until Christ Intervenes

Our Lord: "I sustain My elect, I am their strength, I put them to the test now to console them later at the time of desolation, of abomination. At that time, I will uphold them...I will be their King, they will be My subjects. Do not expect improvement, on the contrary, you will see evil growing continuously, unjust disorders multiplying...until the time that I rise up in My turn."


Ecstasy date, September 16, 1904

(Excerpt from “The Breton Stigmatist”, pp. 49-50)


Our Lady: "...Half the population of France will be destroyed. After the punishments, there will be villages left without a soul. Four towns of France will disappear...I have no more power, I can no longer hold back My Son's arm...My Children, the decision of My Divine Son is to let everything carry on until the end. There is only prayer left. If my Divine Son and I were to work miracles greater than all the ones in Judea, than all the miracles of the past, all these marvels would be scorned, they would further insult My Divine Son and His Holy Mother. In short, it is a blindness.    It is an infernal veil woven by the enemy jealous of the marvels and power of my Divine Son. In place of marvels, blows will be necessary, decimation, yes, a terrible decimation..."

(NOTE: This is frightening food for thought: Our Lord said that only an evil and an adulterous generation seeks for signs as they are without faith and need to test God's existence, (see Matt 12:39) but the latter times will get so bad, that miracles will not even work to bring about conversions, only the decimation of the greater part of men, hence the great chastisements.)


October 11, 1904 (“The Breton Stigmatist”, p. 40)

Our Lady, "The just are in the sieve of Jesus...but they are certain of the joy of seeing Him and of forming His glorious Court. I can do nothing more. Pray, this is the only remedy, which will be the strong food of souls."

On the same day,

(Our Lord says He needs victim souls. This next text suggests there will be many made during or an account of the chastisements):

Our Lord: "My Heart is breaking. I seek pure souls to transpierce with the swords that pierced Mine at the first Passion. All these swords will pierce one by one all the victims of Jesus. Suffering is necessary, crosses are necessary. (It will be terrible) that it will be unbearable to live on the earth. Martyr after martyr, cruelty after cruelty, tyrant after tyrant, stake upon stake, tyranny upon tyranny."