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#176 Reminders of the French Revolution to Come and the Persecution – FLEE PARIS – After the Bloodbath and Punishments the Great Monarch's Reign (Age of Peace) will last 25-30 Years

Ecstasy date July 23, 1925

The Blessed Virgin: "I love you, children of my love, I love you in the test, I love you in pain, I love you bent under the weight of your cross but courage, the blessed hour advances that will bring you happiness, consolation after so many trials. Little children, this time of deliverance and health comes with the great and terrible evil hour that will purify the Force. My little children, I assure you that the vengeful rod (sword?) of My Divine Son is sharpened. It is ready to hit the Earth."

Marie-Julie Jahenny to the witnesses near her: "There, dear little sisters, is a sadness that is not so good on the face of the Virgin Mary."

The Blessed Virgin: "My little children, you will be under my protection at the hour of danger, at the hour of justice so often predicted, so many times announced. Ah well! My little children, it is the last period of offences, of outrages, crimes of all kinds which take place on Earth by the enemies of My Divine Son, and also yours, because they hate a soul of faith, they insult the beauty, the faith in our dear Christian children.

At this moment, there are dark conspiracies, there are betrayals, there are frightening plans against all that is faith, against all the holy Religion. In addition there is a frightening current that leaves the room of Hell (Chamber of Deputies in France), men of wicked laws with well-known enemies who at all costs want to destroy my kingdom, my poor France. For she is guilty.

(NOTE: again this is a warning of the 'Red Revolution' we see several times in Marie-Julie's prophecies - the anti-clerical persecution that is being planned in France and which will introduce a great schism and apostasy. )

My little children, you are the victims who suffer and atone to repair many outrages, infamous betrayals that will be committed. There will never have been such a time of fear and the wrath of Heaven will soon roam the Earth in its full extent. (i.e. The great chastisements.)

Little children, yet remain in peace. I will warn you to get out of Babylon (Paris?) where crimes irritate Heaven, more than ever before where souls are lost, faith decreases, charity is trampled, our good Christians are despised, but my little children, do not tremble.

The first blow of Heaven will be the destruction of these wretched souls who intend to be victorious, who intend to govern as they wish by laws more infamous than ever before, do not be frightened by these maternal words. (i.e. The first strike of Heaven's punishments will be against the evil men who pass these evil laws.) The murdering enemy that has so destroyed poor human bodies allied himself (if I say " ben"Good Mother, 'said Marie-Julie,) (?) with a multitude of human reinforcements drawn from across all the realms. They send their circulars asking aid and force, aid and strength (said 2 times).

(NOTE: this is a warning on the Second Crisis period of the Red Revolution when the government of France will call in foreigers to aid in their carnage.)

If you saw this populace (corrupted by?) human blood, but they themselves will suffer the punishment first, the early rigours of Justice. My little children, that time will be terrible but not very long. Your prayers, your suffering and your crosses will shorten it. After my kingdom will be purified. There will remain in countries very few, very few people. The Justice will mow down a multitude but the righteous will be preserved.

Little children, I say these words:

'My France plunged into the crime will be resurrected in glory. The reign of peace will be extended always to 25 or 30 years, under the direction of a soul that the Divine Heart reserves for Its faithful, saved by His grace and loving kindness.

(NOTE: this is the promised Great Catholic Monarch).

My little children, the rising of this Prince who will become King of my new France, purified, ennobled and beautiful in my eyes, there will be a struggle that will not be long. The Great Archangel, (St. Michael) defender of my children with the standard of the Divine Heart (will turn?) this little battle of a blessing where the Divine Heart will radiate a shining glory for the eyes of His children. (i.e. There will be miracles)

My little children, the poor earth sprinkled with graces, the land of France, my kingdom, you will repopulate. There will be many wonders -everything will happen at once.

The reign of the Divine Heart, Divine Royalty of the Divine Heart of my Son: it will be of great blessings my little children, and you will have your large share of blessings reserved for that epoch not far away, not far away."

"I tell you, almost in tears that the hour of the great judgement of the ungodly and the biggest culprits is near, it will be a great flood and many souls will be lost. A multitude will fall, precipitated into the abyss without happiness, never again any peace, never to enjoy the beauty of their Creator."

Marie-Julie Jahenny: "Oh! good Mother."

The Blessed Virgin: "My little children, you will see in a short time fighting, the holy Religion in battle, the priest of the Lord trampled upon, its consecrated spouses (nuns) dragged, insulted, my little children, the full force of men will appear as they say:

"Let us efface God forever, efface His power, we do not believe. Efface up to His Name, we do not love Him. We are stronger than the governor who believes he is still in power. We will just put it all out.' "

My little children, I assure you that this time is not far, but do not be frightened. You have for your shelter the Divine Heart, you have for your protection the Adorable Cross, you have for your tent my maternal heart, my white mantle will serve you as a tent, a shelter and strength where you will have no fear because the earth will split, a terrible earthquake will shake the earth, by making it shake up to terrible heights. The sinners will fall into the abyss and will be buried in that tomb, which will close. There will be other places a plague of one minute. It can destroy thousands of bodies, but my little children, you have your little flowers of hawthorn, (i.e., the remedy for the 'Burning Plague'-this plague will break out in the midst of the First and Second crisis periods of the Red Revolution in France) you have your blessed crosses, you have your medals, where all our graces fall like heavy rain, in addition you have your promises of truth and peace." (i.e the Miraculous Medal, crucifixes, plus the CROSS OF PARDON and the MEDAL OF OUR LADY OF BONNE GARDE).

Marie-Julie: "Thank you my dear Mother. Dear little sister, the Virgin Mary is sad and her heart is choked by painful anxieties. She raised her eyes towards the throne of her Divine Son, adorable Jesus, who replied with these words;

The Divine Heart now speaks: "My Immaculate Mother, I repeat My broad protection for My little faithful souls, Mother I repeat: My Justice will break in pieces the body of the sinner. Above all for the infamous laws passed by so many souls in the empire of Satan, My Mother, I will reduce them to dust, to leave the pieces of their horrible bodies, it would be a deadly plague for My beloved to whom I pledge My protection. (I.e. Our Lord will pulverise the bodies of the wicked so they do not leave a plague behind). I will renew, tested souls. Peace will return (to you), afflicted souls, afflicted bodies. The sovereign remedy I hold in My hands and All-powerful and Divine. I will establish peace where there existed disorder, the enemy and pain.

My grace will change everything because that which is prepared has never passed on Earth, graces without measure, but a boundless justice; it is not limited, it will spread wherever the chastisements are deserved. It will spread everywhere.

My little soul-spouses, the whole Earth, before My beautiful reign, will struggle, blood will flow, the people will rise against each other; for (those?) people (...) I do not have as abundant graces as for you. These people have loved Me (the) least, many have no faith.

My little spouses, I repeat again: I will fill you with My greatest gifts. I will do wonders, great wonders to make you rejoice in the wake of My great Justice and the recompenses will shower down like rain ... It is a fine rain, multiple, I promise you ( said 2 times) and My word is truth, My word is Divine, My word is I with all My power."

The Divine Heart: "The biggest killer of souls has arrived to his last degree of evil, of perversion, of crime, it is the final infamous race. He will sink down to its depths, and all the evil spirits that spread in the souls will follow. A great peace will be reborn with grace. It comes, it comes this time of peace ... it has been revealed by holy souls high in Heaven before the great flood of Divine Justice and there is much suffering on Earth, many crosses multiplied, many afflicted souls, many families involved in the tests and that all this suffering would be a blessing to the Earth, together with the blessings of Heaven. "

"Divine Justice will pass almost everywhere, it will leave the just standing praising the Creator. It will mow down all those who despised His goodness, His ministers and the souls of faith."