Wednesday, 29 January 2020

#177 Jesus Wants His People Warned – Jesus Lets Marie-Julie Jahenny Feel the Glory and Fire of His Divine Love and Calls for Souls to Love Him – HELL IS ALREADY ON EARTH - The Devotion to the SACRED HEART will be a SHELTER When the Wars and Chastisements Come

Ecstasy July 30, 1925

(Not revealed who is talking- apparently Our Lord):

"I want them to expect everything, I want that nothing surprises them."

(i.e. Heaven wants its people to be warned so it is not caught unawares by the coming chastisements.)


Same Day:

Marie-Julie Jahenny: “Oh! Jesus, what a burst of glory Your Divine Person is surrounded!”

Jesus: “At the last day that will end on earth where I called you, the veil of splendours will disappear and My glory will appear.”

(NOTE: it appears Our Lord has given her a taste of the glory that will surround Him when He comes on the Last Day -the sight of this glory and to feel the extend of His Love makes Marie-Julie Jahnney feel an unusual l pain as the glory of God is almost to musch for a human soul to bear as we see from her reply-she asks Him to dim his glory).

Marie-Julie: "Oh! Jesus, from the beginning soften Your Love. The immortal soul has a great suffering and great pain to support it." (i.e., His glory and love is too great for a human soul to bear.)

Jesus: "I come to engulf you in My Divine Love, I come to tell you how much I love you, you are My true friends that I contemplate from Heaven because you love Me and you comfort Me, I want to set you ablaze in My Divine Love."

"I find so few souls who desire It! I find in your soul that burning desire to console Me and compensate Me, because you recognize that My love has done everything for you, and I send My Divine Heart to your noble hearts of faithful friends of My Divine Heart.”

"Oh, if you could withstand the fire of love which I would like to make you live and engulf you! But you would be unable to endure this on earth!"

Marie-Julie: "Divine Heart, we are not asking for Your fire of love on earth, but in Heaven You will burn our souls, You will give them the same fire of love that you fill Yourself!"

Jesus: "Little loving souls, because I love you with My love, because I love you for this beautiful faith you have, that you bear, that I light every morning each day to console Me. So many souls live without faith on Earth, I want that this faith becomes a sun, a double bond of union with My Divine Heart, and I attach (or, tie) this Divine link, My little loving souls. I will visit you with My graces, I will visit you with My tenderness, I will visit all yours and all the souls you love (said 2 times) and I will assist you when you call Me by My mother's heart. (i.e when we ask the Imaculate Heart of Mary to intercede for us). I will bring to you this divine answer:

'You have loved Me, My Love is stronger than yours, but I will take it to console My Adorable Love that is so little known, so little loved, so little adored.'

Yet it is from the Divine Heart that will come (for) you the salvation and peace of this poor land (i.e. France) that offends Me every day, attracts the rigours of My Justice. Oh! (It is hard for Me?), little loving souls to change My Love into Justice! (said 2 times) for so many souls who loved Me and that do not know how to offend Me!" (i.e., He finds it difficult to be strict with those who love Him.)

In My Divine Heart, I will give you a safe shelter when the wounding arrows come down
from heaven and announce mourning, tears, death, (i.e deovtion tot he Sacred Heart will be a shelter) ... It is My Divine Justice that will separate My friends from My enemies. I will preserve My friends to rejoice in the resurrection, in a great festival very pure and all full of love. "

"Small loving souls, fear not. Your love has made My Divine Heart incline towards the Earth and I reserve for all a place of love and peace, a place where Divine Justice can not climb, it (Divine Justice) is not for the righteous, but sinners."

"Little souls, do not be frightened, My righteousness will do great things that will strike your eyes shut; but all (sinners) will not come back, they insult Me when they see their lives of pleasure destroyed." (i.e. Our Lord is remidneding again that His Justice is about to strike the wicked.)

"My Divine Power formed all on Earth. Let nothing surprise you. I will give My love to strengthen you. My Divine Justice stirs the earth in all directions. I will do mighty and remarkable things. I am tired of the reign of crime. If I did not see you, faithful souls who love Me, I would have already washed the earth with all kinds of punishment or calamities. (i.e the sacrifices and prayers oft he faithful hold of God's Justice).

I do not enumerate them, you will learn of them, (i.e the calamaites to come) but you will not see them all and you will thank Me for My paternal protection, you will give Me thanks. Your pain will not resemble the punishment that I reserve for those souls who every day light fires of vengeance. I will give you some pain to atone for the crimes that sin has attracted.

Little souls, I give you My warnings, that nothing surprises you, that you will not be surprised, that what I want for so many guilty souls who offend Me is terrible, frightening for them: it will be the ruin of souls and one part of this great justice that moves towards the earth … not for My just that I will test beforehand by illness, pain ... because I do not want My faithful souls to have the same fate as the guilty souls who offend Me in the holy religion, in the faith. There is nothing in those souls of God's creation." (i.e. He does not want the faithful souls to suffer the same fate as them).

Marie-Julie: "Oh Divine Adorable Heart, before converting sinners, sinners who have half a good will, pluck them from the clutches of the enemy."

Jesus: “Little loving souls, I take all your sufferings, your sacrifices, and often I remove my Love (as a sacrifice), it is a great pain not feeling It, but I will double the extent of My coverage to assure you complete peace of mind, spirit and body.” (I.e. Our Lord loves us, but removes the consolation of this feeling His love and often sends dryness of spirit and a Dark Night of the Soul as a sacrifice, but He promises to send spiritual peace in the midst of this trial.)

"My little loving souls, in a moment there will be most unjust laws, more and more heinous crime just for My …" (text missing?) (NOTE: reminder of the evil anticlerical laws that will be passed in France just before the chastiments come in earnest.)

"Oh, little loving souls, I approach you and I say: Listen, little souls, I am your boat of peace. (i.e as in an ark) At the entrance to the boat you climb the three steps which are the three great virtues of My Holy Mother, you have small sacrifices that will cost you, but beyond that it will be resplendent with the Divine Heart, kindness, trust, love and peace. The soul is more than body and the soul needs stronger support, your souls are Mine, I feed them with faith and confidence. I will support in the boat peace and tranquillity, everything that will be. There will be loud bursts of thunder announcing the storm of Justice." (i.e another reminder of the sings of strange thunder and lightning that will announce the chastisements-in particular, the TWO AND THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS).

"I want them to expect everything, I want nothing to surprise them. I will watch with My Blessed Mother over the families and friends."

Marie-Julie: "Oh! Divine Heart of Jesus, close our eyes before the Justice arrives, our bodies are unable to see it, our hearts could only halfbear it. What a pain, seeing the poor souls of hell bound cost so much to you! "

Jesus: Small loving souls, this abyss is on the earth, the king of hell with his tongue of fire and lightning strokes. (i.e. HELL IS ALREADY ON EARTH) Bearing in his features eternal damnation, out of his nostrils comes forth sheaves of fire, a flood of misfortunes, of disorders, faith is lost and while faith is being lost the enemy takes the place of the Divine Heart, he leads to the fire that devours and never ends. He (the Devil) says,

"You belong to us, you do our works, you listened in our schools, seeded crime and impurity, come to us."

And Jesus (says to those about to be lost): "You have done evil against souls, you have fed guilty pleasures, you have fled the call of grace, you do not know Me, I do not know you."

Marie-Julie: "It is to the soul he speaks."

Jesus: "My little loving souls, I veil Myself to your eyes, but at the last day the veil of splendour will disappear and I will be visible."

Marie-Julie: "Oh Jesus, moderate Your love. The human mind has great difficulty to overcome It."
(i.e., His love is too great to bear.)

Jesus: "I want to tell you how much I love you.

Marie-Julie: "I have not heard that word there."

Jesus: "You are going to understand it well: when you have a sheep that passes on into another field, they put up an (obstacle)." (i.e., the sheep is prevented from moving away?)

Marie-Julie: "I understand that word."

"O Divine Heart, I love Your sweet talks, but when You talk of Justice ... (I do not like the justice / punishment)."

Jesus: "They will be sweet in these bonds of union that I foresee in Heaven, this Love of union of souls, so sweet, that attaches to My Divine Heart, a beauty like My beauty, because I am spotless. Love with all its tenderness, its Divine workings, its words burning as I communicate what I want. I give the intimate communication in the soul, that is where I operate and where I place My love, I invoke the souls to come to rekindle body and soul.

You say I am cold little souls! (i.e. we cannot feel this action in our souls se we feel that God is far away and He is 'cold' to us.) But this poverty does not prevent Love to move in you, to make roads full of clarity where there is no night.”

Marie-Julie: "Heart of Jesus, they are still much better when we are over our bodies to worship You, to understand You and love You." (i.e., when we can control oursleves and can overcome our weak flesh – we can love and understand Our Lord more.)