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#195 REMINDERS of the CHASTISEMENTS, Keep Your SACRAMENTALS OF PROTECTION CLOSE - A Reminder of the Promised Great Catholic Monarch to Come – A Possible CRYPTIC PROPHECY regarding the Feast day of the Queenship of Mary as a TIMELINE CLUE Regarding the Chastisements

Prophecies dated the Holy Octave of the Assumption 1920 

God's Justice and Mercy – also, a possible cryptic prophecy about the Queenship of Mary

The “Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny Association” had the following prophecies gathered and placed under the date “August 17, 1920” - the commentator on the Website said they were prophecies which they felt should be gathered together, rather than split them apart.


Note from the Sanctuary Website: We have grouped the following seven ecstasies under the same title. It would be arbitrary indeed to title each differently – save only to retain the details that separate them - because the teaching they give us is the same. It could give the reader of this compilation a sense of repetition, however, for those who can appreciate these revelations, it is not. We listen to these words as variations of the same theme, repeated and enriched over a single symphony. Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin reveal to us, by successive small steps, the economy of Providential action in the world.”

(My own personal NOTES and OBSERVATIONS: Some words are missing from the original texts, they were replaced by dots (...) by the 'Friends of Marie-Julie Association”. Also, since the Website has placed this text around August 20, and, Our Lady speaks of a Holy Octave, also about the bright day of “15”, we know these following messages took place sometime during the Octave of the Assumption in August in 1920 when Our Lady set aside her clothes of mourning she wore when giving a warning and came in glory for her feast day to give consolations.

We see from the context of the messages here she is lessening the sufferings of the victim souls since it is her special feast octave, but also admits she cannot do this all the time – Our Lord was complaining His mother is so merciful, she deprives Him of the sufferings the victim souls offer Him in atonement from the sins of the world!)


The Blessed Virgin to Marie-Julie: "My little children, I come (dressed) in all white for purity, all radiant with beauty, resplendent with virtues. I have brought you the gentle joys of heaven. My little children, in the Holy Octave there is no more sadness on Earth for my little children who love me. Every day is for my little children who love me a joy and every day is for Me in Heaven, a great joy to receive their prayers, greetings, full of grace, their sighs filled with blessings and also their joys and sorrows. My little children if you saw the number of immeasurable graces that I give you every minute, every second. Oh! My well beloved little children, your soul would break the weak bonds that hold your beautiful souls in your bodies. It is for this great grace that my Divine Son said these words:

'Mother, I give you leave to shine forth all your wonders on earth for My well beloved and dear spouses, for your beloved and dear children. My Mother,' Jesus said, 'who can and who could bear the brightness of so many wonders, the brilliance of so much glory, the glory of so much joy, the glow of so much sweetness? Oh, My Holy Mother, you (steal) all My souls from the Earth to Heaven and who supports for Me the weight of My justice, who atone for so many crimes, so many crimes in an age of perversion, destruction, crimes, blasphemy, impurity and all sorts of vile slander.'

(i.e., Our Lady and her glorious consolations lessen the sufferings of her followers so much, Our Lord has less sacrifices to appease His Justice and prevent it from striking the earth!)

Our Lady: "My little children, that is why I moderate my graces so sensitive, my wonderful miracles, my vivid tenderness, my boundless powers, my little children, but today I left the black veil of mourning for the dawn of the 15, (i.e. August 15) while all the octave I will bless you all white, pure and smiling, but after this Holy Octave I will take again the mourning veil ... My little children for the great days of terrible misfortunes do not be discouraged, they are not yet come. (i.e., at that time.)

My little children, I surround you with all my protection, I cover you with my white mantle that eliminates Justice, which returns the terrible punishment reserved for people who go unto ingratitude unto ingratitude.

Little children, I will send my wishes. Stay calm and confident in one who loves you dearly and that comes only to bless you and make you rejoice.

My children, if it were in my power to take away your pain, all suffering, oh my heart is happy and comforted.

My little children My Divine Son said:

'Oh, My Good Mother, you want to remove the merits of My beautiful little soul-spouses, (i.e the sufferings of the victim souls and those who make sacrifices) it is they who console Me, they are lightning rods for the Earth where My Justice will not pass because I will fill with happiness the little faithful souls when I sieve out of the world the unrepentant sinner, soul perverted, the guilty soul I will make it into dust and his body will become a stench on Earth. My little soul-spouses, I will send after the great flood, a dew fruitful and powerful to cleanse the Earth, which will disinfect the dust of bodies corrupt and impure.'

(NOTE: this must refer to an earlier revelation that God intends to strike the evil with such a plague they will be turned to dust, and, a dew will come cleanse the earth of all their corpses. Also, a flood will hit through tidal waves during the chastisements, possibly a reference to the huge month-long earthquake that will lead up to the 3 Days of Darkness. More about the 3 Days of Darkness, click here.)

The Blessed Virgin: "My little children, I am frightened by this terrible disaster. With what admirable patience, My Divine Son, is still awaiting the return of souls. With what guilty blood and what pure blood! All these blows (i.e. the chastisements up until then) have not touched the hardened hearts, have not brought back the beautiful faith of the past, all these blows have not brought back the souls into His grace or His love.

Little children, the Earth is guilty, it will pay its debt well broad and deep.

My little children, all the earth will not be destroyed. We will protect our children, we will keep them to repopulate the Earth, to raise the faith, to preach the sublime doctrine of charity, unity, fraternity."

"My little children, I assure you that among the blows of Justice there will be for you, my little children, great signs (said 3 times) of graces, protections and wonders all divine. (i.e. great signs and miracles to console the few faithful left.)

My little beloved children I want to calm you, I want to reassure you. Always keep close your objects of protection, your blessed candles, your medals and other objects from which flow all the blessings of Heaven, blessings of protection, blessings of all heavenly favours, blessings that keep far (from you) the cries of Satan running through the air and the earth, blessings that will calm the storm unleashed by the Luciferian voices."

(i.e. Our Lady obviously means our rosaries, sacramentals, and the new sacramentals of protection revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny, as will as the 100% blessed beeswax candles. For more info on all these,click here.)

Marie-Julie: "I do not know that word, I always fear of being wrong and doing wrong." (i.e of imparting the message incorrectly).

The Blessed Virgin: "No, do not worry. My little children present understand my motherly language of protection and salvation. My little children, there (you?) will not be, in this storm, of the cries from hell, (when) there will be all the lost souls of the earth, all those souls who give themselves to Satan by offending my Divine Son, all those souls who live in sacrileges and spells. I am the mother of light.

My little children, understand me clearly. My dear children I give you all the warnings that are most needed in the Holy Octave of my Immaculate Ascension, my little children, the soul must renew the whole earth by my poor kingdom. "(3 times)

(NOTE: yes, the word 'ascension' is used in the original French text, but with the passage of time, this turns out to be not to be a theological error: the term 'Immaculate Ascension' along with other clues in the text of 'Holy Octave' may not be referring directly to her Assumption itself – this could be a cryptic prediction hiding in the text regarding the year 1969 and mean something quite different. Marie-Julie often is given very cryptic prophetic clues about future events that are ot clear until the events themselves unfold. See the Observation footnote below marked “###” for an explanation.)

Marie-Julie: "Dear little sisters, (i.e., to the spiritual spouses) there are great sighs in the heart of the Virgin Mary when she said three times: "My poor kingdom. "

The Blessed Virgin: "My little children, this great servant and King will come out of the Divine Heart. (i.e. the promised Great Catholic Monarch who will restore all.) He will have the faith of Saint Louis, his emblems as King will be the Lys, (i.e., the Fleur de Ly of the absolute monarchy of France) not like today. (i.e. his government will not be like those of today, aka, democratic.)

My little children, they are armed with death, bloody armies, armies who only know how to handle ...the persecution against the Holy Religion ... "

"My little children, I will give you my Divine Son, and the whole court of heaven a blessing for all your intentions, a blessing of holy and gentle death, a blessing of protection in danger, a blessing to be protected from sudden and unexpected death, and a blessing of peace and union, in a word, my little children, a blessing to all your desires, to any object presented in front of me. My children, I gave you my lights (spiritual illumination) and now I go back to Heaven, Heaven, where your loved
ones rejoice always smiling and happy. They are all at my feet, richly rewarded. They say, 'Oh! Good Mother, comfort those we have left (behind on earth).'


(###) OBSERVATIONS: There is an interesting phrase used in the text, 'Immaculate Ascension' – people could jump to the conclusion this is a theological error as we know Our Lady was assumed into Heaven, she didn't ascend herself, HOWEVER, we seem to have a new qualifier added here with the word 'Immaculate' - she mentioned this passage three times as if to say 'pay attention' - and, Our Lady keeps mentioning the 'Holy Octave' of August, the 'end of the Octave'.  Note how this particular text was combined with a reminder of the Great Monarch to come, so in all we see a 'royal message' attached to 'Immaculate Ascension' of August in the 'Holy Octave'.

Of interest, the traditional Octave day of August after the Assumption was REPLACED in the NEW CALENDAR. In 1969, Pope Paul VI moved the feast day of the QUEENSHIP OF MARY to August 22 in the Octave in order to emphasize the close bond between Mary's queenship and her glorification in body and soul next to her Son. The Second Vatican Council's Constitution on the Church states that "Mary was taken up body and soul into heavenly glory, and exalted by the Lord as Queen of the universe, that she might be the more fully conformed to her Son" (Lumen gentium, 59)

Therefore, she was not incorrectly referring to the Assumption by using the term 'Immaculate Ascension' – we see a cryptic reference to her Queenship, for when one claims a throne, they ASCEND the throne, and she is Queen by virtue of being the IMMACULATE Mother of God. She may be referring therefore to her Immaculate, Heavenly ascension to the throne as Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Since these messages came within her Holy Octave of August and the Assumption in 1920, it is possible she was cryptically foretelling to Marie-Julie the future change of the date of the Queenship of Mary feast day to August 22, which happened in 1969 right at the time of Vatican II. 

 She said this time she would give her WARNINGS – or, a hint we would be entering the times we were warned about. Interestingly, she noted she would be returning to her clothes of mourning after the 'Octave was done', i.e. a cryptic hint that when the date of her Queenship was changed to the end of the Octave, things would get worse on earth from then on.  This is not to say she didn't approve of the change of date for her feastday in 1969, the Church can move feastdays, like it did with the feast of Our Lady of Victories which became the Feast of the Holy Rosary, and the date for that changed too.  So, this seems just to be an indication that we are to watch the signs of the times from 1969 onwards. 

Marie-Julie's prophecy also coincides with the “St. Jacinta prophecy” regarding the year 1972: the little saint of Fatima received a private revelation from Our Lady warning if the earth did not repent, it would get worse from that year onward and the earth would eventually be chastised, in particular, by a frightening supernatural chastisement from the sky.

In all, this cryptic referece to the 'Immaculate Ascension' is another amazing indication of a real prophecy from Heaven as how could anyone in 1920 know the date of the Queenship of Mary was going to be changed from May to August when the feast did not even exist then?  The feast of the Queenship of Mary was originally created by Pope Pius XII on 11 October 1954, which is 34 years before this revelation was given!

This is not the first time Marie -Julie has given an amazing cryptic prophecy on this level -  for instance, she foretold that Pope Leo XIII's 'footprints at the foot of the altar' would be 'reduced to ashes by the flames of Hell',  i.e. obviously predicting the Leonine Prayers would be removed from the Mass- and she predicted this several years before Pope Leo XIII even had his famous vision that inspired the composition of the prayers in the first place.  (See this prophecy, click here.)

Only a real mystic could make prophecies like this.