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#167 B - Our Lord speaks of the Treasures of the Cross – the Cross and Sacred Heart will Work Warning Miracles Announcing the Chastisements



Our Lord speaks of the Treasures of the Cross – The Sacred Heart and the Cross are One – Devotion to Both Repairs the Outrages against Christ – the Cross and Sacred Heart will Work Warning Miracles Announcing the Chastisements


Ecstasy date September 13, 1917 - (Source: Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique," Henri Boucier, pp. 113 -115.)

Our Lord: “By My Cross, it is I who lives in you, it is I who breathes in you, it is I who loves Myself in you, it is I who gives Me thanks in you, it is it is I who make you all shine in (her) beauty, all of you shine in (her) goodness, all of you shine in the mysteries of My divine Cross. My little souls, by espousing My divine Cross, I bequeathed to (her) My immense loves, My treasures of grace, My divine breaths (i.e inspirations).

(NOTE: I have kept the French reference to the cross in the feminine as Our Lord is specifically pointing out His cross as His mystical Spouse here).

It is Love which made me choose the Cross, it is Love that formed and wove it. This adorable Divine Cross, it seemed so beautiful and resplendent to Me that I chose it. I espoused her and, in espousing her, I chose a little bit of her for each of you. This parcel has passed through all My loves: love of peace, love of purity, love of sacrifice, love of all tenderness and the love of knowledge.

My little souls, I invite you, come to My feet. The Adorable Cross is planted in My Sacred Heart.

Come and listen to Its delightful language. Come learn of the divine knowledge of a generous love that surpasses all sacrifices. Come listen to Its enchanting appeal, come study Its great and sublime knowledge, knowledge that rises to the summit of the highest mysteries and the most admirable wonders.

What does My Divine Heart say? It is Love that invented the Cross. It is the generosity of the Divine Heart that formed it. It is the light of My Sacred Heart which made the study of knowledge, of elevation to the most sublime mystery, which reveals Itself before Its splendor, becomes Its beauty and all Its glory.

Oh! (My) little beloved souls, listen to the wonderful language of the Cross. She will teach you the wonders of Love. Each marvel has its divine language to operate, to melt, to sanctify the soul in love. I forget the offenses. I forget the insults, I forget the ingratitudes, while I speak to your souls, I speak only of love, only of soft and sweet delights. See how deep your love for Me goes, it makes Me forget the insults, forget My Justice, forget the continual contempt that rises from the earth to My Divine Heart.

I want you to celebrate with Me the glory of My Holy Cross. Cross despised, cross rejected, cross insulted and rejected by so many souls who loved her and who today despise her.

In heaven, when you are with Me, your Divine Spouse, (note: obviously speaking to Marie-Julie here), I will give her to you as a palm, My Cross purer than gold, My Cross, the marvel of prodigies, My Cross, the bed lined by suffering, My Cross, the lightning rod of My Justice, My Cross, the rebirth of a new, purer and more Christian love in living faith.”

(NOTE: apparently, at the same ecstasy Our Lord also said):

I want to tell you that in the mercy reserved for the earth by my tender goodness, this resurrection of a very guilty world will only come through My Divine Heart. This resurrection will be joined to the great resurrection that My Sacred Heart has in store for you.

The Sacred Heart and the Cross will operate miracles, astonishing prodigies, a few hours before the great fatal blow where souls fall into the abyss through their sins. For so long I have warned the sinner who does not want to change his life; I will rise in My Justice and in a second millions of souls will be harvested after many warnings. My patience has borne everything, My goodness has given to the just and to the sinner My blessings, My light, health, life; My little souls, yet I get weary. It is you who prolong the existence of grace, the life of the guilty by your love for Me.”

(NOTE: Our Lord is speaking of the Age of Peace, which will only come through the Sacred Heart. It will come after the great chastisements to cleanse the earth, which will terminate with the Three Days of Darkness. However, Our Lord said to Marie-Julie in another ecstasy, He does not wish to send the chastisements as a great multitude of souls still obstinate in their sins and who have ignored all warning sings will be lost, therefore, He wishes the time of MERCY before it to be prolonged in the hope the world converts, which is only done through prayer, repentance and sacrifices. Here, we see Our Lord at the time accepted the sacrifices, it was helping to Him forget the insults and outrages of the world, and thereby hold off the chastisements. Devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Cross, a life of sacrifice and penance help hold off His justice and prolong the time of mercy. 

 But note: He warned even then He was getting weary by the outrages. The chastisements will eventually come as the sins of the earth will become too great, and, Our Lord warned in another ecstasy devotion to the Sacred Heart will wane, and even be terribly attacked. Our Lord foretold His Cross and Sacred Heart will warn the earth by various miracles a few hours before the chastisements break forth.)

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