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#139 Prophecy: The Jews Will See Signs of Terror in the Sky When the Great Monarch Arrives

Ecstasy Date February 28, 1882

Marie-Julie Jahenny: “In the sun, I read:

(Our Lord's words) 'My word is eternal. I have made My severe judgement. Now I tell My people, and when the time comes, I will move the world.'

I read:

'In My eternal wisdom, I have the design to reserve the life of an immense number of Jews because, from the day of My joy, I want them confounded. The wicked eye of all these souls will remain open, because I want it that they see My power. I reserve for them to see, with their eyes, the radiant star that (i.e. The Great Monarch) I will make to exit from the depths of exile, in a terrible storm of fire and under the signs of My anger. All the firmament will have similar traits to those that My Father launched over the world, when I offered to redeem My people.'   (I.e the day will resemble the signs that occurred on Good Friday.)

I still read:

'In the midst of this terror, everyone will be like the ant that comes out of his lair ... From everywhere, people will join with this perfidious group that, now, leads the things of the earth with a decision and iniquity that has no name … They will perish miserably at the hands of My anger or under the envoy of cruel diseases.

Then I will heal the wounds of the kingdom; I will render it fertile. After that the Saviour (The Great Monarch) will enter his reign, I will sanctify by abundant dew, the earth defiled, and penitence will efface the marks made by the feet of the wicked.' .”


(Observations: Marie-Julie receives this revelation in a 'mystic sun' in which she can 'read'. (See post #56 - Marie-Julie's mystic sun.)

 This text appears to be a repeat of an earlier revelation given to Marie-Julie regarding the Jews, or, a more detailed version of it.  (See post #125  The Conversion of the Jews and the Great Monarch – Rome will be Terrorized for Three and a Half Years  )

We note that Our Lord says he will astound the Jews with the signs He will send – of fire and anger. He describes them as having a 'wicked eye', obviously for remaining obstinately blind to the fact that He is the Messiah. In other prophecies given to Marie-Julie Jahenny, it was revealed the evil ones who will attempt to stop the Great Monarch and his armies will be 'blinded' and will not be able to stop him, but here, it says the eyes of the Jews will 'remain open' to see him. We can assume therefore that the King's enemies may not only be spiritually blinded regarding the time of his arrival, but also literally blinded, except for the Jews so that the glory of Christ may be revealed in his royal servant.

The Signs Christ will send when it comes time to cleanse the earth and announce the arrival of the Great Monarch will resemble that of the day of the Crucifixion, the Day Christ offered Himself to redeem His people. The Sky grew dark, the earth shook, and the dead arose and appeared to many. A 'blood moon' also appeared. However, Christ said these signs will also band the evil ones together, they will join with the 'perfidious group' that NOW leads things of earth. However, Christ has promised all will be restored through the Great Monarch who is destined to bring the Age of Peace.


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