Monday, 4 February 2019

#141 Prophecies: Decimation of the Christian Population – Anti-Church Revolution to Hit when the French Army is Deployed Abroad and Security Forces Reduced in France – Warning Signs in Nature

(Image: Our Lady of La Salette)

Ecstasy Date, March 29, 1882

Our Lord, “I have repeated many times the secret of the humble daughter of the mountain. My Holy Mother carried the instrument of My passion. (In reference to La Salette?)

She said

The Christian plants (i.e. souls / believers) will be so sparse that the earth will resemble a desert than a land inhabited by Christians, who are so numerous however. There will be so few people remained in these parts that many churches will no longer be occupied, even by a single soul.  This will be according to the regions and according to the progress of iniquity.”


Ecstasy Date, April 20, 1882

(Note: The Friends of Marie-Julie / Sanctuary Website has 'lumped' many sentences together under this date. I am unsure if the first paragraph is an observation offered by the Sanctuary webmasters, but I will leave the text as found on their site.)

"The military will be removed from France, (in the East and the Arab lands) and the security forces will be reduced. It is during this troubled period, infamous laws will be enacted, that among other things, establish a control of power over religion, the enslaving the clergy to the revolutionary power, persecuting all opposition, cutting all hierarchical ties with Rome.  Revolutionaries will introduce the implementation of a totalitarian regime with its expeditious justice of the opponents, surveillance, denunciations, etc this on top of famine due to the deficient crop and the calamities. (Earthquakes, epidemics on men and the animals). Torrential rains drawing away big delays in agriculture will be one of the signs / forerunners of this revolution."

(Observations by the Sanctuary Website? The rest are sentences from Marie-Julie's prophecies.)

"I will advise my friends through signs of nature. I will warn them."

"The civil war and epidemics will make many victims, especially in big cities." (i.e civil war is to strike France, then spread.)

"The enemies will fight between them!"

"This infamous law will come out with many others.  No one can escape it, or death at the bottom of the prisons. This law will work on whatever is most sacred."