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#182 The Sacred Heart Requests us to Pray to Him - “Salve Nos Perimus, Domine”

Ecstasy date October 27, 1931

The Divine Heart:

Say to Me again:

"Salve nos perimus, Domine" (3 times) Save us loving Father, full of love for us just ones, because we perish without the assistance of a marvel of goodness on Your part and that of Your mother.”


(NOTE / Observations: the context of this prayer is not included, however, it seems that when we are in need of the Sacred Heart's assistance during the troubled times, to pray both the Latin part of the prayer and the rest three times, asking for assistance from Our Lord and Our Lady.

'Salve nos perimus, domine' means 'Save us Lord, for we are perishing', a quotation from the Gospel passage when a storm broke out on the Sea of Galilee and the Apostles were afraid the boat would sink:

And behold a great tempest arose in the sea, so that the boat was covered with waves, but he was asleep. And they came to him, and awaked him, saying: Lord, save us, we perish. And Jesus saith to them: Why are you fearful, O ye of little faith? Then rising up he commanded the winds, and the sea, and there came a great calm. (Matt. 8: 24-26)


And he was in the hinder part of the ship, sleeping upon a pillow; and they awoke him, and said to him: Master, doth it not concern thee that we perish?” (Mark 4: 38)

Yes, it does concern Him – however, we must not be of little faith when the storm of life are grave, we must pray for assistance.


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#181 TRUST in the DIVINE MERCY – Priests Must Preach on the Divine Mercy – Pray for Priests to Become Inspired by the Holy Spirit – There is No Love Without Suffering and No Suffering Without Love

Ecstasy date March 28, 1931

Our Lord said to Marie-Julie Jahenny: "Oh My daughter, I am a God of trust and love. I am a Father of Mercy and of holy abandonment.

I have many priests, they never preach on My Love or My goodness or My Confidence, nor on My Mercy.

Preach Trust by My Will. 

Make known My goodness, I am not loved because they do not preach all that is beautiful in Heaven that would make them love Me.

Pray for the priests so that the Holy Spirit (becomes?) their breath that they may make Me loved.” (i.e. Note, an odd phrase that is difficult to translate. Obviously it means we must pray for priests that their preaching is inspired by the Holy Spirit and they teach about trusting in the Divine Mercy.)


From the Ecstasy on the Same Day:

The Divine Heart: “I have so much love, I do not know (anymore)

who to give it to. I give it to My little souls in suffering, those who want to do My Will.

There is no suffering without love, there is no love without suffering.

When we complained Jesus said:

If there had been no misery, there would be no Mercy, as I am good with a sweet smile that seems to say – you understand Me?”

Apparently the scribe who wrote down the ecstasy, or the webmasters of the 'Friend of Marie-Julie Association' that have made the following comments after this:

In Holy Communion Marie-Julie has sometimes has transports of love, but generally, of ice. It is Our Lord who made all these states (in the soul) of coldness, aridness or love. - There is no one but God worthy to receive a God, why torment yourself?”

(NOTE /Explanation: The commentator notes that Our Lord did not always allow Marie-Julie to feel great love or consolations when she received Holy Communion but also transports of dryness and even coldness – this sense of her imperfections was also a suffering she could offer up in love as Our Lord explained there is no love without suffering, and suffering without love.

This is a 'misery' we can offer up: that eventhough we may be in the state of grace we will feel a sense of our imperfections that we are not able to receive Our Lord as 'worthily' as we would like. No one is worthy to receive God but God Himself, and, that He despite this He wants us to receive Him in Communion, therefore, we should not let thoughts of our unworthiness torment us and keep us from going to Communion.

Our Lord says there is 'no misery without Mercy present', and we can also see that this is connected to the message of September 24, 1925, (Post #178, click here) in that Our Lord said His Mercy blows away our imperfections – He doesn't take away all our imperfections and the misery they make us feel as it adds to our merits – hence these miseries such as dryness in spirit and even a sense of coldness when receiving Communion which causes us pain when we would like to be better are a great Mercy as we are granted merits through them. We must persevere despite all the dryness in spirit and dark night of the soul and the miseries we feel.


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#180 Reminder of the WARNINGS that Will be Seen in the Sun – The Sky will also be Streaked with Coloured Bands Representing the Fight Between the Evil Armies and the Great Monarch

Ecstasy date Oct 4, 1929

Our Lady: "Do not be alarmed yet. You will receive the warning precisely by the appearance of spots (or marks) in the sun ...

I said before ( i.e. In an earlier revelation given to Marie-Julie.) … You will see the firmament streaked with bands.

There will be a white band that will contain the protection of our right.

There will be a red one to envelop the chastisement of the wretches who insult their Creator.

There will be a black one where they will struggle with Satan and his army. It will be wider, because Satan has more souls to serve him than my Divine Son does to comfort It (His Heart) and dry His tears. "


EXPLANATION: Our Lady is reminding everyone here that the great civil wars and the arrival of the Great Monarch and his army will be announced by signs in the sky, here Our Lady gives details there will be marks in the sun, and reminds them about the colured bands in the sky.

The signs were explained to Marie-Julie in an earlier visions:

(*) The Call of the Great Monarch: About two hours to the day when God 'lifts the veil', i.e. the secret is revealed and He calls the King, a miraculous sign will appear under the sky that will also summon the friends of the King who too will rise up. The friend will carry a 'Holy Benediction' to the King who will be prostrated, forehead in the dust, humbly bending with all his court under the call of God. He will arrive in front of his friends, and they will go to meet him. (July 8, 1882) The 'servants and victims' will bring him the unsullied White Banner - these virtuous servants and fellow conquerors with the King will also be honoured - their names will be on his banner and all France will honour them in future ages. (July 8, 1882)

(*) The Signs in the Sky: the Soldiers of the Cross will enter out of Brittany and meet up with the King and his armies as they enter France.
The will join together under a miraculous fiery signs in the sky - there will be frightening bloody red signs in the sky which will appear on a Friday. Then a white light more beautiful than the dawn will pierce the grooves of blood and lead the Soldiers of the Cross to the King who will be waiting at a river. The light will represent the battles of good and evil - this white light will happen at nightfall to the west of France - an enormous white sign to the West of France, surrounded by a curtain of diamond fringes, the space of three quarters of an hour. "Your homes will be lit up as if by the sun." The streets will be as clear (bright) as on an ordinary day. After half an hour, a red bar will be formed, to the west, in the form of branches; and drops of blood will escape it. This red bar will surround the whiteness of the sign and will invade the brightness of its light (symbol of the attack of evil). My children, from the west, this sign will rise up a little, and then the red bar will dissipate, as by the victory of the whiteness (symbol of the triumph of the Great Monarch). It will be a Saturday, between 5 and 6 hours ...” The Soldiers of the Cross and the armies of the King will then unite under the STAR OF VICTORY. The star will be square in form and will miraculously show a crown and sceptre in the middle which will be distinguished by all the people of the earth. (Nov. 22, 1882)

However, in this new vision in 1929 – Our Lady gives additional details that spots or marks will also be seen in the sun as a warning, and, that there will also be a third coloured band in the sky along with the red and white – a black one representing Satan and his followers and how they outnumber the good. Nevertheless, we know the Great Monarch will triumph.


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#179 Our Lady Calls for Sacrifices – Evil Will Become Worse and God will be Forced to Increase the Punishments – Sacrifices Appease His Justice and Lessens the Punishments – Honouring Our Lady Consoles the Heart of Jesus – Abandonment to the Divine Will is Better than Desiring Heaven

Ecstasy date August 14, 1928

The Blessed Virgin: “The Divine Heart needs victims of sacrifice, of expiation, there is a need for them everywhere. It is the sacrifice in souls, in the hearts, in the body, in the affections and in the Holy Love which loves souls, love that I love so much!”

Marie-Julie Jahenny: “Good Mother, still, relieve so much suffering!"

The Blessed Virgin: “My little children, at this moment and in increasing it will be planted everywhere. There must be suffering, there must be abandoned souls (i.e., who abandon themselves to the Will of God and accept suffering), wounded hearts are needed, there is a need for victims for the Divine punishment, (so that) the just chastisement of the Divine Justice of God does not increase!

The evil will become worse, the crimes will accumulate and the Justice of the Lord in many ways, will more noticeably affect the earth. For this justice not to increase, it is suffering, works, prayers, sacrifices, immolations, works, many works.

My beloved little children, let yourselves be guided by the Divine Will where are all the lights and the right ways that please the Divine Creator of all things. "

Marie-Julie: “Thank you, dear Mother. "

The Blessed Virgin: “And tomorrow, I will listen to your praises, Heaven will answer you, I will hear your prayers, Heaven will bless you, I will listen to your sighs and the Divine Heart will look into your soul and say:

'I am consoled in the glory that you give to My Holy Mother.' ”


Ecstasy Date August 23, 1928 - Surrendering to the Holy Will of God is better than Desiring Heaven

Blessed Virgin: - To surrender to the Holy Will is better than the desire for Heaven. By this abandonment, you amass much and your riches will be eternal. Continue, O souls, still a little suffering in the will is what the heavenly Bridegroom wants for Himself, to compensate, to repair, to soften the many outrages that tear It (i.e His Will). Surrender to the Holy Will. Remain in it, suffer in it, hope in it and you will fall asleep in it. (i.e., pass from this life in God's Will.) As long as you have a lowly body, you will suffer, but it is a very short hour. Your suffering is of great value for the salvation of souls.”


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#178 Be Instruments of Christ's Mercy – Christ Chooses Victim Souls Everywhere – Devotion: How to Convert 1,000 Sinners with Each Holy Communion – Christ Allows Sufferings and Our Imperfections so we Gain Heaven and Merits – Our Lord is Content with Our Great Desires to Love Him and Our Good Will

Ecstasy date September 3, 1925

Our Lord: "I unite you, little souls that I love and I choose to do much good, to sow much peace in souls and still much merciful love of mercy (said 2 times), love of Mercy. I give you this grace to be at the painful epoch of true mercy-bearers for many souls. You save Me souls by the all divine gifts that I give you today in My tenderness. Oh, I love you.”

"I love you so that I leave you in My goodness where I want you, My little apostles of My Divine Heart, of My Cross and My Mercy for the guilty souls who no longer know Me. My little spouses, you replace My priest who will be lacking in many places. Beautiful mission invented by My Divine Love and My Divine Mercy." (2 times)

(NOTE: it appears Our Lord is reminding the 'Friends of the Cross', i.e. the laity who are followers of Marie-Julie and her messages, especially those of the latter times, that they are to be the bearers of Mercy at the time of the chastisements when the faith will be persecuted – it will be up to the laity when priests will be hard to find to keep the faith alive and to make sacrifices and pray for sinners. We are to begin to help Our Lord save souls NOW while we still have the Blessed Sacrament before the chastisements strike – see the devotion revealed below.)


Same Day: -Convert 1,000 SINNERS with this FIVE MINUTE Eucharistic Devotion

The Divine Heart:

I take in the best families little victims for the salvation of souls that I want to redeem. I have everywhere the families of the little souls of salvation for sinners.

(I.e. Our Lord knows which families from which to choose victim or suffering souls to save sinners – by 'best families', he probably means those most pious and closest to Him and understand the graces attached to pious selfless suffering.)

The Divine Heart: “Come to Me in the Holy Eucharist, I love so much the beautiful Heaven of My little souls. I rest Myself, I become identified in My love. I am (at large?) because the noises of the world do not resonate in My little souls. I will make to you after Holy Communion this request, tell it to My little spouses, tell them to rest five minutes on My Heart throbbing with love. Think only of Me by this simple word:

"Thank you, my Beloved, You live in me and I live in You."

You see the sweetness you will taste and how you will give Me consolation.

Ask of Me, in the fifth minute the conversion of a thousand sinners.

It will be a great joy for My Divine Father, for Heaven, I ask you the same favour. I will be there, inside you, infinite goodness, the splendour of all beauties. Only five minutes thinking about Me and asking Me at the fifth minute the salvation of souls. My Divine Heart is overflowing with joy at this request of graces and I will also grant it.

(How to do this Devotion: the minute you receive Holy Communion, begin to meditate on the Sacred Heart and His Love for us, also, making an Act of Love for Him by saying the prayer: "Thank you, my Beloved, You live in me and I live in You."  
Do this for four minutes – in the fifth minute continue to meditate but ask for the conversion of 1,000 sinners. Our Lord promised He would grant it. Reminder, you must be in the state of grace before you receive Communion. Think of how many sinners could be saved if every Catholic in the state of grace did this at every Mass!

An idea: God want us to be smart with spiritual graces - if you have anyone whom you wish converted such as family members, etc, ask Our Lord to include them in the number converted and persevere with this devotion and your prayers for them.)


Ecstasy Date September 24, 1925 – Mercy blows away imperfections

The Divine Heart: "My little souls, I leave you much misery, to make you merit, if I remove them all what is there that I will give you in Heaven since the imperfections is the work of Divine Mercy! O what a great work, this Mercy."

"I form the diadem of your immortal crowns and the waste of your imperfections, the breath of Mercy blows them away. There will not remain the smallest particle, nothing but Mercy united to love and love to Mercy. "

"I have come to tell you how much I love you and fill you with My most tender peace, and assure you of the beauty of your souls."

(NOTE / EXPLANATION: for those who suffer, especially when striving to eradicate their faults and imperfections - Our Lord says he doesn't take away all our sufferings, or even all the struggles to overcome our faults as the suffering in attempting to gain mastery over ourselves even in the little things allows us to earn Heaven and gain merits. Hence, these sufferings are a Mercy as we gain merits, Our Lord beautifies our souls We must persevere. His Mercy in the end will blow away these sufferings and imperfections.)

Marie-Julie: "Enough Divine Heart of Love. Your love is a great pain because we cannot (love), to the depth in which it crucifies us in the desire to love."

The Divine Heart: "My little souls content yourself with the desire to love Me. I am content with your love, your good will. I am content with the desire to love Me and all of Heaven has its share of jubilation, and all of Heaven sings hymns of love while waiting for you."

(NOTE: Marie-Julie Jahenny says Christ's love for her and us is also a 'pain' as well as a great beauty because we are unable to love God as great as we would wish in return, or as much as He deserves, because we are poor faulty sinners. No doubt this is one of the imperfections and the interior sufferings Our Lord was talking about above. Our Lord consoles her by saying if we are unable to love Him with as great a love as He has for us, or as much as we wish we could – the holy desire to love Him and our good wills are enough to content Him.)


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#177 Jesus Wants His People Warned – Jesus Lets Marie-Julie Jahenny Feel the Glory and Fire of His Divine Love and Calls for Souls to Love Him – HELL IS ALREADY ON EARTH - The Devotion to the SACRED HEART will be a SHELTER When the Wars and Chastisements Come

Ecstasy July 30, 1925

(Not revealed who is talking- apparently Our Lord):

"I want them to expect everything, I want that nothing surprises them."

(i.e. Heaven wants its people to be warned so it is not caught unawares by the coming chastisements.)


Same Day:

Marie-Julie Jahenny: “Oh! Jesus, what a burst of glory Your Divine Person is surrounded!”

Jesus: “At the last day that will end on earth where I called you, the veil of splendours will disappear and My glory will appear.”

(NOTE: it appears Our Lord has given her a taste of the glory that will surround Him when He comes on the Last Day -the sight of this glory and to feel the extend of His Love makes Marie-Julie Jahnney feel an unusual l pain as the glory of God is almost to musch for a human soul to bear as we see from her reply-she asks Him to dim his glory).

Marie-Julie: "Oh! Jesus, from the beginning soften Your Love. The immortal soul has a great suffering and great pain to support it." (i.e., His glory and love is too great for a human soul to bear.)

Jesus: "I come to engulf you in My Divine Love, I come to tell you how much I love you, you are My true friends that I contemplate from Heaven because you love Me and you comfort Me, I want to set you ablaze in My Divine Love."

"I find so few souls who desire It! I find in your soul that burning desire to console Me and compensate Me, because you recognize that My love has done everything for you, and I send My Divine Heart to your noble hearts of faithful friends of My Divine Heart.”

"Oh, if you could withstand the fire of love which I would like to make you live and engulf you! But you would be unable to endure this on earth!"

Marie-Julie: "Divine Heart, we are not asking for Your fire of love on earth, but in Heaven You will burn our souls, You will give them the same fire of love that you fill Yourself!"

Jesus: "Little loving souls, because I love you with My love, because I love you for this beautiful faith you have, that you bear, that I light every morning each day to console Me. So many souls live without faith on Earth, I want that this faith becomes a sun, a double bond of union with My Divine Heart, and I attach (or, tie) this Divine link, My little loving souls. I will visit you with My graces, I will visit you with My tenderness, I will visit all yours and all the souls you love (said 2 times) and I will assist you when you call Me by My mother's heart. (i.e when we ask the Imaculate Heart of Mary to intercede for us). I will bring to you this divine answer:

'You have loved Me, My Love is stronger than yours, but I will take it to console My Adorable Love that is so little known, so little loved, so little adored.'

Yet it is from the Divine Heart that will come (for) you the salvation and peace of this poor land (i.e. France) that offends Me every day, attracts the rigours of My Justice. Oh! (It is hard for Me?), little loving souls to change My Love into Justice! (said 2 times) for so many souls who loved Me and that do not know how to offend Me!" (i.e., He finds it difficult to be strict with those who love Him.)

In My Divine Heart, I will give you a safe shelter when the wounding arrows come down
from heaven and announce mourning, tears, death, (i.e deovtion tot he Sacred Heart will be a shelter) ... It is My Divine Justice that will separate My friends from My enemies. I will preserve My friends to rejoice in the resurrection, in a great festival very pure and all full of love. "

"Small loving souls, fear not. Your love has made My Divine Heart incline towards the Earth and I reserve for all a place of love and peace, a place where Divine Justice can not climb, it (Divine Justice) is not for the righteous, but sinners."

"Little souls, do not be frightened, My righteousness will do great things that will strike your eyes shut; but all (sinners) will not come back, they insult Me when they see their lives of pleasure destroyed." (i.e. Our Lord is remidneding again that His Justice is about to strike the wicked.)

"My Divine Power formed all on Earth. Let nothing surprise you. I will give My love to strengthen you. My Divine Justice stirs the earth in all directions. I will do mighty and remarkable things. I am tired of the reign of crime. If I did not see you, faithful souls who love Me, I would have already washed the earth with all kinds of punishment or calamities. (i.e the sacrifices and prayers oft he faithful hold of God's Justice).

I do not enumerate them, you will learn of them, (i.e the calamaites to come) but you will not see them all and you will thank Me for My paternal protection, you will give Me thanks. Your pain will not resemble the punishment that I reserve for those souls who every day light fires of vengeance. I will give you some pain to atone for the crimes that sin has attracted.

Little souls, I give you My warnings, that nothing surprises you, that you will not be surprised, that what I want for so many guilty souls who offend Me is terrible, frightening for them: it will be the ruin of souls and one part of this great justice that moves towards the earth … not for My just that I will test beforehand by illness, pain ... because I do not want My faithful souls to have the same fate as the guilty souls who offend Me in the holy religion, in the faith. There is nothing in those souls of God's creation." (i.e. He does not want the faithful souls to suffer the same fate as them).

Marie-Julie: "Oh Divine Adorable Heart, before converting sinners, sinners who have half a good will, pluck them from the clutches of the enemy."

Jesus: “Little loving souls, I take all your sufferings, your sacrifices, and often I remove my Love (as a sacrifice), it is a great pain not feeling It, but I will double the extent of My coverage to assure you complete peace of mind, spirit and body.” (I.e. Our Lord loves us, but removes the consolation of this feeling His love and often sends dryness of spirit and a Dark Night of the Soul as a sacrifice, but He promises to send spiritual peace in the midst of this trial.)

"My little loving souls, in a moment there will be most unjust laws, more and more heinous crime just for My …" (text missing?) (NOTE: reminder of the evil anticlerical laws that will be passed in France just before the chastiments come in earnest.)

"Oh, little loving souls, I approach you and I say: Listen, little souls, I am your boat of peace. (i.e as in an ark) At the entrance to the boat you climb the three steps which are the three great virtues of My Holy Mother, you have small sacrifices that will cost you, but beyond that it will be resplendent with the Divine Heart, kindness, trust, love and peace. The soul is more than body and the soul needs stronger support, your souls are Mine, I feed them with faith and confidence. I will support in the boat peace and tranquillity, everything that will be. There will be loud bursts of thunder announcing the storm of Justice." (i.e another reminder of the sings of strange thunder and lightning that will announce the chastisements-in particular, the TWO AND THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS).

"I want them to expect everything, I want nothing to surprise them. I will watch with My Blessed Mother over the families and friends."

Marie-Julie: "Oh! Divine Heart of Jesus, close our eyes before the Justice arrives, our bodies are unable to see it, our hearts could only halfbear it. What a pain, seeing the poor souls of hell bound cost so much to you! "

Jesus: Small loving souls, this abyss is on the earth, the king of hell with his tongue of fire and lightning strokes. (i.e. HELL IS ALREADY ON EARTH) Bearing in his features eternal damnation, out of his nostrils comes forth sheaves of fire, a flood of misfortunes, of disorders, faith is lost and while faith is being lost the enemy takes the place of the Divine Heart, he leads to the fire that devours and never ends. He (the Devil) says,

"You belong to us, you do our works, you listened in our schools, seeded crime and impurity, come to us."

And Jesus (says to those about to be lost): "You have done evil against souls, you have fed guilty pleasures, you have fled the call of grace, you do not know Me, I do not know you."

Marie-Julie: "It is to the soul he speaks."

Jesus: "My little loving souls, I veil Myself to your eyes, but at the last day the veil of splendour will disappear and I will be visible."

Marie-Julie: "Oh Jesus, moderate Your love. The human mind has great difficulty to overcome It."
(i.e., His love is too great to bear.)

Jesus: "I want to tell you how much I love you.

Marie-Julie: "I have not heard that word there."

Jesus: "You are going to understand it well: when you have a sheep that passes on into another field, they put up an (obstacle)." (i.e., the sheep is prevented from moving away?)

Marie-Julie: "I understand that word."

"O Divine Heart, I love Your sweet talks, but when You talk of Justice ... (I do not like the justice / punishment)."

Jesus: "They will be sweet in these bonds of union that I foresee in Heaven, this Love of union of souls, so sweet, that attaches to My Divine Heart, a beauty like My beauty, because I am spotless. Love with all its tenderness, its Divine workings, its words burning as I communicate what I want. I give the intimate communication in the soul, that is where I operate and where I place My love, I invoke the souls to come to rekindle body and soul.

You say I am cold little souls! (i.e. we cannot feel this action in our souls se we feel that God is far away and He is 'cold' to us.) But this poverty does not prevent Love to move in you, to make roads full of clarity where there is no night.”

Marie-Julie: "Heart of Jesus, they are still much better when we are over our bodies to worship You, to understand You and love You." (i.e., when we can control oursleves and can overcome our weak flesh – we can love and understand Our Lord more.)


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#176 Reminders of the French Revolution to Come and the Persecution – FLEE PARIS – After the Bloodbath and Punishments the Great Monarch's Reign (Age of Peace) will last 25-30 Years

Ecstasy date July 23, 1925

The Blessed Virgin: "I love you, children of my love, I love you in the test, I love you in pain, I love you bent under the weight of your cross but courage, the blessed hour advances that will bring you happiness, consolation after so many trials. Little children, this time of deliverance and health comes with the great and terrible evil hour that will purify the Force. My little children, I assure you that the vengeful rod (sword?) of My Divine Son is sharpened. It is ready to hit the Earth."

Marie-Julie Jahenny to the witnesses near her: "There, dear little sisters, is a sadness that is not so good on the face of the Virgin Mary."

The Blessed Virgin: "My little children, you will be under my protection at the hour of danger, at the hour of justice so often predicted, so many times announced. Ah well! My little children, it is the last period of offences, of outrages, crimes of all kinds which take place on Earth by the enemies of My Divine Son, and also yours, because they hate a soul of faith, they insult the beauty, the faith in our dear Christian children.

At this moment, there are dark conspiracies, there are betrayals, there are frightening plans against all that is faith, against all the holy Religion. In addition there is a frightening current that leaves the room of Hell (Chamber of Deputies in France), men of wicked laws with well-known enemies who at all costs want to destroy my kingdom, my poor France. For she is guilty.

(NOTE: again this is a warning of the 'Red Revolution' we see several times in Marie-Julie's prophecies - the anti-clerical persecution that is being planned in France and which will introduce a great schism and apostasy. )

My little children, you are the victims who suffer and atone to repair many outrages, infamous betrayals that will be committed. There will never have been such a time of fear and the wrath of Heaven will soon roam the Earth in its full extent. (i.e. The great chastisements.)

Little children, yet remain in peace. I will warn you to get out of Babylon (Paris?) where crimes irritate Heaven, more than ever before where souls are lost, faith decreases, charity is trampled, our good Christians are despised, but my little children, do not tremble.

The first blow of Heaven will be the destruction of these wretched souls who intend to be victorious, who intend to govern as they wish by laws more infamous than ever before, do not be frightened by these maternal words. (i.e. The first strike of Heaven's punishments will be against the evil men who pass these evil laws.) The murdering enemy that has so destroyed poor human bodies allied himself (if I say " ben"Good Mother, 'said Marie-Julie,) (?) with a multitude of human reinforcements drawn from across all the realms. They send their circulars asking aid and force, aid and strength (said 2 times).

(NOTE: this is a warning on the Second Crisis period of the Red Revolution when the government of France will call in foreigers to aid in their carnage.)

If you saw this populace (corrupted by?) human blood, but they themselves will suffer the punishment first, the early rigours of Justice. My little children, that time will be terrible but not very long. Your prayers, your suffering and your crosses will shorten it. After my kingdom will be purified. There will remain in countries very few, very few people. The Justice will mow down a multitude but the righteous will be preserved.

Little children, I say these words:

'My France plunged into the crime will be resurrected in glory. The reign of peace will be extended always to 25 or 30 years, under the direction of a soul that the Divine Heart reserves for Its faithful, saved by His grace and loving kindness.

(NOTE: this is the promised Great Catholic Monarch).

My little children, the rising of this Prince who will become King of my new France, purified, ennobled and beautiful in my eyes, there will be a struggle that will not be long. The Great Archangel, (St. Michael) defender of my children with the standard of the Divine Heart (will turn?) this little battle of a blessing where the Divine Heart will radiate a shining glory for the eyes of His children. (i.e. There will be miracles)

My little children, the poor earth sprinkled with graces, the land of France, my kingdom, you will repopulate. There will be many wonders -everything will happen at once.

The reign of the Divine Heart, Divine Royalty of the Divine Heart of my Son: it will be of great blessings my little children, and you will have your large share of blessings reserved for that epoch not far away, not far away."

"I tell you, almost in tears that the hour of the great judgement of the ungodly and the biggest culprits is near, it will be a great flood and many souls will be lost. A multitude will fall, precipitated into the abyss without happiness, never again any peace, never to enjoy the beauty of their Creator."

Marie-Julie Jahenny: "Oh! good Mother."

The Blessed Virgin: "My little children, you will see in a short time fighting, the holy Religion in battle, the priest of the Lord trampled upon, its consecrated spouses (nuns) dragged, insulted, my little children, the full force of men will appear as they say:

"Let us efface God forever, efface His power, we do not believe. Efface up to His Name, we do not love Him. We are stronger than the governor who believes he is still in power. We will just put it all out.' "

My little children, I assure you that this time is not far, but do not be frightened. You have for your shelter the Divine Heart, you have for your protection the Adorable Cross, you have for your tent my maternal heart, my white mantle will serve you as a tent, a shelter and strength where you will have no fear because the earth will split, a terrible earthquake will shake the earth, by making it shake up to terrible heights. The sinners will fall into the abyss and will be buried in that tomb, which will close. There will be other places a plague of one minute. It can destroy thousands of bodies, but my little children, you have your little flowers of hawthorn, (i.e., the remedy for the 'Burning Plague'-this plague will break out in the midst of the First and Second crisis periods of the Red Revolution in France) you have your blessed crosses, you have your medals, where all our graces fall like heavy rain, in addition you have your promises of truth and peace." (i.e the Miraculous Medal, crucifixes, plus the CROSS OF PARDON and the MEDAL OF OUR LADY OF BONNE GARDE).

Marie-Julie: "Thank you my dear Mother. Dear little sister, the Virgin Mary is sad and her heart is choked by painful anxieties. She raised her eyes towards the throne of her Divine Son, adorable Jesus, who replied with these words;

The Divine Heart now speaks: "My Immaculate Mother, I repeat My broad protection for My little faithful souls, Mother I repeat: My Justice will break in pieces the body of the sinner. Above all for the infamous laws passed by so many souls in the empire of Satan, My Mother, I will reduce them to dust, to leave the pieces of their horrible bodies, it would be a deadly plague for My beloved to whom I pledge My protection. (I.e. Our Lord will pulverise the bodies of the wicked so they do not leave a plague behind). I will renew, tested souls. Peace will return (to you), afflicted souls, afflicted bodies. The sovereign remedy I hold in My hands and All-powerful and Divine. I will establish peace where there existed disorder, the enemy and pain.

My grace will change everything because that which is prepared has never passed on Earth, graces without measure, but a boundless justice; it is not limited, it will spread wherever the chastisements are deserved. It will spread everywhere.

My little soul-spouses, the whole Earth, before My beautiful reign, will struggle, blood will flow, the people will rise against each other; for (those?) people (...) I do not have as abundant graces as for you. These people have loved Me (the) least, many have no faith.

My little spouses, I repeat again: I will fill you with My greatest gifts. I will do wonders, great wonders to make you rejoice in the wake of My great Justice and the recompenses will shower down like rain ... It is a fine rain, multiple, I promise you ( said 2 times) and My word is truth, My word is Divine, My word is I with all My power."

The Divine Heart: "The biggest killer of souls has arrived to his last degree of evil, of perversion, of crime, it is the final infamous race. He will sink down to its depths, and all the evil spirits that spread in the souls will follow. A great peace will be reborn with grace. It comes, it comes this time of peace ... it has been revealed by holy souls high in Heaven before the great flood of Divine Justice and there is much suffering on Earth, many crosses multiplied, many afflicted souls, many families involved in the tests and that all this suffering would be a blessing to the Earth, together with the blessings of Heaven. "

"Divine Justice will pass almost everywhere, it will leave the just standing praising the Creator. It will mow down all those who despised His goodness, His ministers and the souls of faith."



Sunday, 19 January 2020

#175 Have CONFIDENCE in the DIVINE MERCY – Jesus is Easy to Please – TRUST IN HIS MERCY - He Asks to be Invoked as “FATHER OF MERCY”

Ecstasy date July 23, 1925

Jesus: "It is so easy to please Me: a good will suffices Me, your trust in My mercy will erase everything, pardon all, there remains nothing but love as a beautiful white flame that rises and descends, the Beloved visiting His beloved, it is His beloved visiting its Beloved. Here is for Me My Heaven on earth: your beautiful souls who make reparation and compensate Me in receiving Me and visiting Me. (i.e in the Blessed Sacrament)

My little spouses, do you know what name I love so much? That on which I smile and My Heavenly Father is happy:

"Father of Mercy": it is My joy.

You delight Me. It is My Name that I love because I am only Mercy. It is a joy for all of Heaven.

Ask of Me under this beautiful name "Father of Mercy, grant me, accord me."

You will feel in your souls a very sweet and penetrating grace, and I will add a sweet consolation."

Marie-Julie: (To another spiritual spouse of Our Lord): "Dear little sister, it was not long ago that this desire is expressed by our dear Spouse and in His presence I have never once invoked it (i.e. His Divine Mercy) that I did not feel a benefit, an emotion, a force, a gentle patience. I have tasted it, I found it ... and it is such a great comfort to our beloved Jesus, so forgotten and so helpless in His Holy Tabernacle.”

Jesus, The Beloved: "I unbosom Myself as a wide sea, like a sea of tenderness in your beautiful souls. It is a delicious bread for My Divine Love that is always hungry for love. O! How I love to come to you to speak of My Love, especially of the one I love you and that one (with which) you love me. You love Me in My love. Mine is yours and yours is Mine. I will stop, I will bless you with all the grace that I have."

The Blessed Virgin: "My little children, I will bless you with all the drops of myself. I make dew drops of graces and all these drops are a blessing that I spread on you and your souls, for all your loved ones and your families a blessing that will give a sweet and holy death, a blessing that will touch the heart of the sinner before entering into eternity, a blessing that will give strength in suffering and the sweetness in the trials, a blessing the fruits of which will fall on so many thousands of abandoned souls in Purgatory, groaning yet subjected in desire to see me face to face, a special blessing of protection that will be the forerunner of grace of the great blessings at the time of (my) justice, terrible, full of rigour for the guilty, a blessing of strength and of courage in suffering.”

(NOTE- possible mistake on who is delivering the last paragraph: “The Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny Association” website has Our Lady saying these last words, but it could have been a typo and Our Lord may have said them as the last sentence says 'My' justice'.