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#152 Prophecy: The Workers Will Revolt – The Civil Unrest In France will be MANUFACTURED BY THE GOVERNMENT

Ecstasy Date November 23, 1882

(Our Lady?) to Marie-Julie Jahenny: "All the workers, whose employment provided a daily occupation that prevented them from engaging in evil. The designs of those who rule France have resolved to remove from the worker all work, all employment."

"My children, there will be no more rest. Night and day, the riders (les coureurs), (agitators) are engaged in evil: fire, horrible murder. They will use the violent powder to reduce into shreds the strongest walls ever built on the earth."


(Observations: This could be a prediction of the 1930s Great Depression that led to WW II, however, this also sounds very much like the economic crisis and civil unrest of today, beginning 2008 that destabilised the world economy which has never fully recovered, especially in Europe.

Note that the 'violent powder' is mentioned – this could be a prophecy of the violent Red Revolution that will first break out in Paris with the 'violet' or 'violent fire' that will be used by conspirators to destroy the walls. See post # 41, click here. For other prophecies on the conspiracy and the 'spark' that will start the fire, see post# 133, click here.

Now, in the prophecy mentioned above, it appears the conspirators will provoke the civil unrest by purposely destroying the economy and eradicating jobs. Is it possible the Yellow Vests and their protests are the beginning of this unrest?  Only history will tell.)


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#151 Prophecy of a WARNING APPARITION in Amiens – Prophecy of a Great Land Collapse in Paris - The Great Monarch and the Soldiers of the Cross – Great Blood-Signs in the Heavens and a Star of Victory will Appear

Ecstasy date November 16, 1882

In the land of Amiens, the Mother of God is about to set a new holiday (I.e, a new feastday?) (The original French says: fixe un nouveau se´jour), to go with the Infant Jesus in her maternal arms, and warn the people, mixed everywhere. There will be a sign in heaven ... the voice of a little child will announce, by divine permission, the terrible misfortunes that await the Fatherland; He will announce in a very a short time before these projects are awakened. This child will speak about 27 minutes with, in a voice, with sobs that will move just the tops of the grass. The announcement, terrible for France, will be universal."  (I.e this warning will not only be terrible for France, but will also be a universal warning for all nations.)



There will be major collapses, especially in the Centre. (Paris) All these rich palaces where the benefits of the nation are produced, all that, the Lord will destroy it with a terrible chastisement in the form of a collapse of land. All these tall buildings that are part of the bread of France, will collapse. (The banks? The businesses?) God will surprise those who work without thinking of Him, nor of His power that gives everything on earth." (i.e.)

(Observations on this prophecy: at the time of this was revealed, old medieval Paris had just been completely gutted and rebuilt as a new a modern metropolis, the Paris with its wide tree-lined boulevards and classic architecture we have now all come to know and admire. It was the pride and jewel of Europe, but here we see God see the greed and corruption and moral decay that lies behind it all: it had also become the capital of loose morals where 'anything went', the 'New Sodom' as Heaven revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny. Those in Paris who have grown rich on the luxuries of the city and feed their vices do not realise that everything comes from His Divine Providence, and they will be chastised without warning.

Of interest, the BBC World News presented in August 2011 a segment featuring the extensive tunnels under Paris that are thousands of kilometres in distance, old gypsum mines which are no longer quarried out, the famous catacombs shown to tourists are only a small part of this huge maze under the city. Badly made tunnels collapsed in the 1700s, a whole city block disappeared, and King Louis XVI had to have them surveyed and shored up. Tunnels are still collapsing to this day, which is one of the reasons why large building are not allowed in certain central ares of Paris. If there ever was a huge earthquake, the whole centre of the city could collapse. Also, see this interesting article on the subject complete with an underground mine map of Paris, click here.)


Ecstasy Date November 22, 1882: The Armies of the Great Monarch, SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS, will cross France with GREAT BLOOD-SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS, a STAR OF VICTORY, and a Great WHITE SIGN starting from the west of France -

Our Lady: "The army of the just, the soldiers of the Cross, mixed with other brave (people), will cross over through most of France, under the fire of the signs of God. It will come out of Brittany to go back just up to the river where the Saviour of the earth must arrive with his own army (the Rhine): (Note: apparently, 'the Rhine' has been a clarification added by the 'Sanctuary Website', ). They will join together, under the star of victory.

"My daughter, mark well this word: it will be under the signs of heaven similar to the blood of Christians. Amid these bloody signs and frightening, there will be a white light that will surpass the beauty of the dawn. This whiteness will split the grooves of blood and it will go before you, on the edge of the river. This whiteness has crossed the blood the day of the memories of the Passion of my Son.

Marie-Julie Jahenny: Yes, good Mother, a Friday.

My children,” said the Virgin Mary, “so that you do not doubt, I described to you the sign that My Son will reveal to you at nightfall, a true proof .., a white sign to the West of France, surrounded by a curtain of diamond fringes, enormous, the space of three quarters of an hour. Your homes will be lit up as if by the sun. The streets will be as clear (bright) as on an ordinary day.

After half an hour, a red bar will be formed, to the west, in the form of branches; and drops of blood will escape it. This red bar will surround the whiteness of the sign and will invade the brightness of its light (attack of evil).

My children, from the west, this sign will rise up a little, and then the red bar will dissipate, as by the victory of the whiteness (triumph of the Great Monarch). It will be a Saturday, between 5 and 6 hours ...”

After these words, the Blessed Virgin falls to her knees at the feet of the Eternal Father, and these are the words of the Heavenly Father:

"Very worthy Mother of God, My Eternal Son wishes to manifest the sign of the mortal Saviour (The Great Monarch) and turn His Power on the side of the foreigner. All eyes, in France will be able to contemplate this favour in its regard.”

"It will,” repeated the Blessed Virgin, “as an ornament in the sky, in the form of a square star, bearing in its middle a scepter and a crown, that will be well distinguished (by) all the peoples of the earth.

"And,” she adds: “Since my Son cannot convince His people of that happy day that will surprise them in the midst of their bad and guilty ideas, He will commence by placing under the firmament the announcement of the predictions made in past centuries and to this present century. It cites the secrets entrusted to St. Margaret Mary, Sister Mary of Jesus Crucified, Sister St. Pierre, Marie Estelle and that have never been published."


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#150 Secular Persecution of the Church in France - Bishops will Meet in France but only Three Will Remain Faithful – Many Priests will Follow the Evil Laws of the Government - RED REVOLUTION - AN APOSTATE SCHISM of the CHURCH LEADERS OF FRANCE: THEY WILL BREAK FROM ROME -The Apostates / Schismatics will not Favour the King of God's Choice

Ecstasy date October 12, 1882

Our Lord: "In several cities of France, they will hold meetings of many pastors about the subject of a call made by an impious and guilty law. My children, many of these apostles of France, I count but only three who will be absolutely worthy and who declare highly, publicly and with formal will, for the side that I want, despite the great opposition of men. The seed of the Faith will not be destroyed; it will remain ... The evil will have its complete triumph, but the good will rise again in all its thickness." (I.e during the Great Renewal / Age of Peace, good will rise again.)


Same day:

"My children, you will read many letters written by the priests of France, as not disapproving of the laws of the government. The Bond of the Faith, (i.e. the Pope) seeing the empirical sight of these bad luminaries, will make a call of Faith to the French clergy, as he told them:

"Take the Faith as a weapon and shield; with it, you will overcome all that is opposed to the ecclesiastical law.”

There are those who will respond to his call, but not all.  Many remain in the wrong way, and the true priests will be very small in number. My children, the Lord who sees an innumerable loss of Christian souls, is at this moment, making all effort to show the peril and the severity of the times (to) those will build on the rock of revolution.

And the Flame (of the Holy Spirit) adds: "red revolution."


Ecstasy date October 19, 1882

(Our Lord?) "My daughter, now I will make pass to My real people, before the great days without rest, the main facts to be published in France, in those places where they will find good and bad. I do not want to mix those announcements of the great days; it would be too late to warn My people."

(I.e. Heaven was at the time in 1882 giving these revelations even then to God's 'true people', those who will remain faithful to the Faith in the future, for if He waited to make these revelations, it would be too late to warn everyone. Church history has shown it takes time for prophecies to be accepted as authentic and to spread among the faithful.)


October 26, 1882 (“The Breton Stigmatist”, pp. 34-35)

The Lord announced a SCHISM of the Church in France which will break away from Rome - other bishops will follow:

"The heart of the diocese of (…) will revolt and will not be pacified. Its cries and menacing words will make the strong tremble. In the days when the gloom of the great vengeance will surround the people with struggles and conflicts, this pastor (The Bishop of...), like the others will not submit to orders of the Roman Pontiff. ... When the power of mortal men--soiled, corrupt men who are threatened with a terrible death--when this power will order a frightful religion in the whole Kingdom....I see only a small number enter this religion that will make the whole world tremble.... From the height of My glory, I see joining with alacrity this guilty, infamous, sacrilegious religion. I see Bishops joining... On seeing these many, many Bishops...Ah! My Heart is wounded to death--and the whole flock following them, all of it without hesitation, hastening to damnation and hell, My Heart is wounded to death as at the time of My Passion... . Others will follow these French Bishops... . If I tell you that to found this infamous and accursed religion, the Bishops and priests will not leave off at the second call. You may be sure, my children, that the bishops and priests will not be in favour of the one I have destined to raise up your country, there will be very, very few in favour of him... . They will be against the King...." (I.e these schismatics / apostates will not be in favour of the Great Catholic Monarch chosen by God.)



(NOTE: According to the context, this seems like a general description and explanation of an ecstasy from this date, either from Marie-Julie, an eyewitness, or, from the Sanctuary Website, it is difficult to discern which.)

"The crowd roars around the Vicar of Jesus Christ. A meeting of the Fathers of the Church will form his councils against the Father of the universe. It will be presented, at the hands of the governor to which the Holy Father, a piece written and worked on by hands that, many times, will hit the body of Christ. This written piece will include three things:

1) That the Pope leaves more liberty to the greater part of those over whom he rules with his authority of Pontiff. (i.e. They will demand a lessening of papal authority)

2) We have met (or, we have all united) and we have been of the opinion that if the mortal head of the Church makes an appeal to his Roman clergy to reform the Faith even stronger; if they want to force us to answer; if they declare in the face of the powers of the earth, that there must be obedience and submission, we declare we want to keep our freedom. We consider ourselves as free to do nothing more in the eyes of the people, that what we are now doing and that it is us who will do all.”

(Note: Basically, the bishops demand a lessening of obedience to the Pope, and that it will be they who will attempt to take control of the Church, and possibly, reduce him to a figurehead. When he calls for a reform of the Church, he will be ignored, and the bishops will continue making their liberal changes as they have grown accustomed to doing.)

Bitter and agonizing pain awaits for the Pope in front of insubordination and disobedience to answer the call of his heart. It will not be in person by which he will make the call, but in writing.  (i.e. Possibly an encyclical?)

The voice of the Flame (Holy Spirit) says that the third thing written will thrill the little people of the earth. It will come from the clergy that aspires to a broad freedom: the clergy of France, Italy, Belgium and many other nations that God reveals. This will get worse before the people who can be assured of the sign of His wrath. (I.e. The clergy will want more freedom, and the people will go along with it, because it is easier and convenient? It will get worse before God's wrath falls.)

The next call will throw consternation into the hearts where the the Faith still reigns. They want to break the unity between the Holy Father and the priests of the universe, to separate them from the Head of the Church, so that everyone is free to itself, and without any supervision ... A poster will be posted and will only mention this disunion and this separation of the apostles of God with the Pope. The people will be invited to lend support and their agreement to the authority so guilty of that time. "

(Note: again we have another revelation that shows Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies do NOT support Sedevacantism, for unity to Rome and the Pope is stressed. It will be the break from Rome urged on by the secular 'red revolutionary' government(s) that will show the Apostasy / schism is taking place.)


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Ecstasy Date October 5, 1882

Our Lord: "My people, My people, My people, your eyes will see the beginning of the terrible hour, when the wheat is not the third node of growth.

At the moment when My people will only have Faith and Hope to arm itself, still in the hard season, lasting for four hours - from 12:00 to 4:00 in France - in those hard days still, the sun will be like a veil of mourning; it will be darkened, without light. Never could anyone on earth believe in the blackness of this darkness. The earth will have nothing more. The eye will be veiled, without it being able to see any object.

My people, this will be the beginning of My punishment of Justice. The sun will announce these sorrows: the sky will cry, unable to be comforted, because it will be the entrance of the time when souls will be lost, the entrance, in a word of the terrible misfortune.

My people, this darkness will cover Brittany in the space of four hours, but there will not be any hurt (or evil) … simply a small fright."   (i.e. to warn us, this darkness will not cause destruction like the Three Days of Darkness will– this four-hour darkness is to announce the greater chastisements are coming.)


Observations: On September 20, 1880 (See post #120, click here) Our Lord said He would send His warnings via nature at the beginning of each year, and since He declares in this revelation that the wheat would not reach the third node of growth before this four-hour darkness comes, and, it would still be in the 'hard season', this could be winter wheat He is referring to, meaning this may happen circa February or March before Spring begins, depending when the winter wheat is planted.


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#148 PLACES OF SATANIC WORSHIP WILL BE RAISED – A Mystic Near Tours Will Announce the Great Monarch's Arrival in the Time of Terror – Trouble for England, Iran, Jerusalem - The Division of England into Four Parts - Germany will Also be in Trouble – Scientists will Shake Paris – The Church will be Vacant During the Crisis

Ecstasy date August 22, 1882

Our Lady to Marie-Julie Jahenny: "Before the punishment of my Adorable Son falls over the land of France, there will be many souls who will lose the Faith. This land will be covered with masses of guilty men who, from the bottom of the lodges, will work to glorify Satan, to raise him places of worship in the greater part of France. "

(Observation: 'bottom of the lodges'- obviously, the Masonic Lodges are being referred to here.  Freemasonry will be responsible for the great loss of Faith in France, (and elsewhere throughout the world).   St. Michael revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny in another prophecy that when the chastisements come, he will wipe out the Freemasons and reduce them to ashes, see post #53, click here.   Also, he will exterminate all that has to do with Freemasonry, see post #84, click here.)


Ecstasy date August 25, 1882

"It is near the time when the oracle will continue to foresee, during a few weeks, but in a loud and raised voice, and give the people who live in the country of Marmoutier where Saint Martin lived, (the abbey located 3km from Tours, founded by St. Martin in the fourth century - not to be confused with Marmoutier in Bas-Rhin) and crossing, through the struggles and revolutions, only for this region of Touraine. The number of poor there is immense. The number of good there is reduced to a very small value. (i.e. small number)

After a woman has spoken for the people of Touraine, her voice will change. A piercing scream will escape from it. She will see from this place the first fight to rise up on the Center of the Kingdom (Paris), never to run dry at the hour when will come the Called One of God, the Rejected and the Abandoned by the great part of men, (i.e. the Great Catholic Monarch). It is at that moment when the voice of God will call him that the Kingdom will eventually finish its terror." (i.e. this will announce that the time of genocidal persecution is coming to an end with the arrival of the King.)


Ecstasy date August 25, 1882

(Possibly Our Lady speaking to Marie-Julie Jahenny): "My children, even before, perhaps the first crisis of the Eldest daughter of the Church is begun (i.e. in France), there will be painful news about these people: England, Persia (Iran), Jerusalem. All will have been subject to great wrongs.

My children, I foresee that at the exit of this disorder (or trouble) , there will be a new reign for the English land and a choice will be, when, suddenly, death will come to strike those who have in hand the helm of this kingdom. For this land, it will become very hard and it will be divided into four parts, because their wills will not be in agreement. The choice of Catholics will be rejected."

(Observations: interesting the words 'exit of the disorder' is used, a new leadership will take place, a 'choice will be' which sounds like a reference to a democratic election or referendum. One is almost tempted to think of 'Brexit'! Then those who are in power will suddenly die. Apparently, the democratic choice of the Catholics will not win the vote and the country will end up divided into four parts. Already, the UK is splitting, and, it also sounds like the current divisions happening regarding the Brexit crisis. Might be related to the prophecy that England will be betrayed by the influence of a 'queen', see post #128, click here.)


Ecstasy date August 25, 1882

Our Lady: "My children, pray for Germany, which goes, from day to day, more guilty for the people bordering these regions: this people are digging and are preparing in the abyss a terrible future following these two lands that I have mentioned already. Soon it will be terrible and the blood flow for six months and ten days."

(Note: I am unsure if this a prediction for WWI, WWII, or some other catastrophe involving Germany that has not happened yet and will happen during the time of crisis.)


Ecstasy date September 5, 1882

Marie-Julie: “The brightest moment will be that when Christian ministers, who were all scattered by the teeth of the tigers, will return by frightful paths, for the solemn day. Among the ministers of the Lord, friends of the King, (i.e. the Great Monarch) I saw only four bishops.”

(i.e. the time of bright hope will happen when the clergy who were scattered during the persecutions will return for the time the King comes. However, there will be very few, for the Great Monarch will only have four bishops to support him on his return).


Ecstasy date September 28, 1882 – More on the evil times that will take over Paris before the arrival of the King - Scientists will rock Paris – More on the Armies that will Invade

St. Michael: “A very short respite will follow this great entry into the evil that will be complete, especially in the Centre (Paris) and the surrounding area. May 24, it will happen between the people who call themselves winners and elevated in science, a brightness that will shake this Big City where blood has so often reddened the pavement and this motion will not appease them. You know the number 14 has been chosen by me."

(Observations: will men of science create a new weapon of destruction and launch it over Paris? The word 'brightness' it is tempting to think of a nuclear weapon of some kind. Or they will announce a new scientific discovery, a 'brightness' in the realm of worldly knowledge, but it will be diabolical against God's order of Creation and shake up the city morally speaking?)

St. Michael: "The second and violent crisis will commence and go up to 45 days. France will be invaded to the diocese where Brittany begins. The strongest army will fall on Orleans and invade areas of land that I cannot restrict. With one stroke, they will reach the vicinity of the Great City. (Paris) They will penetrate there only in the middle of the crisis. "



Ecstasy Date September 29, 1882

Marie-Julie Jahenny: "The Church will have its seat vacant for long months ... (...) There will be two successive anti-popes that will reign all this time over the Holy See …"

(OBSERVATIONS ON THIS REVELATION: we have to be careful not to jump to conclusions – the “Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny” have not released the whole text for this date, so it would be easy to take this prophecy out of context.  It appears from the warnings received before and after this date, the vacancy in the church will happen during the Third Period of terror and crisis, the growing persecutions and bloodshed – and it will only happen for 'long months', not for a long period of years per se, as in decade after decade.   

 Of importance, an earlier prophecy reveals this vacancy will happen when a pope suffers a martyrdom, and the 'holy pope', possibly the 'Angelic Pope', will be difficult to find amidst the ruins of Rome, which will suffer civil strife and uprisings and bloodshed, see post  #143, click here. 

So, this and the rest of Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies in NO WAY supports the current movement of Sedevacantism that proposes the Seat of Peter has been left vacant for many decades.


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#147 Visitation of St. Anne – Prophecy of the Jesuits - Religious Shall be Ordered Out of France – The Great Monarch will Visit St. Anne's Shrine – Brittany Shall Suffer but Be Protected – The Guillotine Will Return – Weak Bishops will Cause the Damnation of Souls

Ecstasy date July 25, 1882

Marie-Julie Jahenny: “I honour the glorious mother, St. Anne, accompanied by the Blessed Virgin.

Saint Anne said: "Every year, my children, I come from heaven to bring you my word, on the eve of my feast, at a time when they come to my feet to ask for favours. When I see, every year, the pilgrims come and kneel at my feet, (i.e. At the shrine of St. Anne at d'Aurayin Brittany, see post # 11 for more info), from the bottom of my mother's heart, I say to them these words in silence:

I also, I prepare for Brittany my last blessings. The calvary of sorrows which, outside of Brittany, awaits France, it will not happen for years before it is raised up... Already, there is little time, the religious that inhabit this land, the sons of St. Ignatius (i.e. the Jesuits)... My pain is immense at the sight of the beginnings of sorrows that will not stop. (Prophecy of the resurgence of persecution against the Jesuits in France?)

My children, these men, who lead the eldest daughter of the Church (France) to the abyss, will have to dip their pen in the ink of hell to a make a summons.

(Marie-Julie) : I do not know what it is.

St. Anne: “My servants know that word ... a summons of all, against those who sought refuge in non-religious homes, offered by the charity of good people. (i.e. The persuction will rise via a state-engenerred anti-relgious perseuction – bishops will be forced to make an offical summons for relgious to give themselves up, also those who sought refuge in people's homes). My children, each of the pastors of the dioceses of France (the bishops) will be much obliged to answer, as he can and in his thoughts, good or bad. Woe to those who are not on the side from where the glory and the salvation which will come forth!

It is they who will be forced to pass these addresses to all the religious of France. Very shortly after these envoys, the masters of the times will raise their powerful voice, and pronounce that all religious are to embark on vessels, (boats, to get) out of France. (I.e. Once they have come forth, the religious will be ordered to leave the country.) Nothing is going to bring them back to sentiments of pity for pastors and the religious.

My children, I believe I can tell you that the Bishops of France will be called to testify, and through the laws of today. (i.e. The bishops will be forced to do this through evil laws passed.) Never, never will they undo all the demands and the laws that the governors of France will impose on them. (i,e they will not be able to fight all the laws passed.) Religion will crumble in France.

My children, they do not know what to do in their hypocritical and dirty reign: they will go after the head of the Church, (i.e the pope) and the rest will follow easily. The little people will be forced to submit to laws that are more and more odious and profane, but not all. The good and brave people, who will not submit to government orders, they will have much to suffer, grace from Heaven has designated their step and their way, they will win.

My children, Brittany loses her faith, and the evil in the kingdom has reached unto her. I count a considerable number who will not refuse to submit willingly. (I.e despite Brittany submitting to point, there will be a considerable number there who will resist.) If, everywhere, the Lord, before the march to the abyss, will make to germinate souls for the final salvation of His people, (i.e God will raise up holy or strong people to stand against the evil of the times) this land I inhabit, this land will not be the last to give the beautiful stem that encloses the grains the word of salvation and hope; the one that is of the side desired by the children of religion.

My children, just here I have been consoled by the number of the children of France that I have seen at my feet. (i.e. At her shrine) I await the King before the altar where I stand. I will listen to his prayers and I will pour out the graces of my heart. (i.e the Great Monarch will visit the shrine of St. Anne in Brittany.)

I will bless the time when the superhuman forces will march at the head of the faithful supporters.  All will need a superhuman aid.

Thousands of offenders will have devastated the Center (Paris) and its inhabitants. They will not even by stopped by the Justice of Heaven, at the blow of the coming of this faithful servant (the Great Monarch). This is where the Lord will make His own rejoice, and confuse those who ever had the ambition to conquer the seat of the kingdom, and to enthrone their friends there.

From heaven, I will keep Brittany. I have promised, but it is destined to suffer many ills. I repeat that it will open for the passage of the barbarians who will cross between five and nine miles from here, to go merge on the north side. There, they will have prepared the instruments that cut off the heads of Christians, those instruments of old that they remember when, over this place, they performed this painful execution, in this crisis that marched over its centenary. (i.e. prophecy of the return of the guillotine.)

My children, it is over Rennes. On this side, there are good people, but also very bad, and the hand of the Lord will not manifest itself over these places at the last minute.

If the world knew the approach of the hour of God, they would prepare; they would feed on the faith that is the weapon of combat. My children, there is nothing more (left) but prayer.

My children, what weakness resides in the apostolic men! The times, which affects a very unhappy determination for them, will show the little faith of these apostles. They will be the cause of damnation of a multitude of souls who will be lost by the examples of their guilty weakness.

My children, the times that come will not be any (more) happy than those of today when all works are under overwhelming persecution.

Woe to the times that come, when the Lord will no longer be enclosed in Heaven, but visibly appear on the premises of the earth, with glory, to reward those who have suffered. Courage, a little more, and heaven will reward for all the evils.

The Lord's servants will not be spared. There must be suffering to alleviate eternal evils and merit the salvation of France. (i.e. God will need the sacrificial sufferings of the just to pour out His grace.)

I shall stop and I promise my assistance to all the children of the Lord of whom I am also a mother."


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#146 – Arrival of the Great Catholic Monarch – The Coronation – The Great Monarch will Give Thanks at the Sanctuary of the Cross

Ecstasy date July 7, 1882

"It is easy to see that they want less than ever before, of him (i.e. the Great Monarch) that Heaven has a plan to send under a sky laden still with clouds of combat of his enemies and his friends."

(Observation: the people did not want Henry V when he was alive, and here we see a prophecy the earth will want the Great Monarch even less than before when God prepares to send him with the terrifying miraculous signs announcing his arrival.)


Ecstasy date July 8, 1882

Our Lord; "But when, about two hours to the day when I will lift the veil, there will begin to appear, under the sky, the call of friends and brothers of the Saviour, (i.e something miraculous in the sky will call together the friends and supporters fo the King),  in My love and in My Power, My victims will also rise in their turn, without abandoning those who have worked on My work and they will carry the Holy Benediction to him who returns, forehead in the dust, bending under the call of the Lord with all his court. He arrives in front of My friends and his own are invited to go to meet him.

These dear servants and victims will bear the flag unsullied, that decorates the Lily of My Heart, that by returning to the Seat, because his Majesty, instructed in designs of the Lord, will punctually obey His divine orders. My Divine Will will permit that the brilliant names of the French, My apostles and disciples, be imprinted on the white flag of the Saviour, who will remain with him, in his home, on his throne. In future ages, France will repeat the honour and the glory of the illustrious conquerors of the King chosen and elected by the Saviour of his people …

It will be only after a few days of rest that the dear victims and known friends and those present will be joined together under My adorable eye, to celebrate, in thanksgiving, the Majestic Mysteries in My Temple dethroned and impoverished by the dreadful devastations of the times that commence. (i.e the times that were comencing during this ecstasy would usher in the devestation of the Church and the world that would happen before the Great Monarch arrives. The Great Monarch will come to celebrate in thanksgiving for the victory given to him.)

Under this blessed roof, the faithful Apostle (i.e. This could be either the Bishop destined to crown the Great Monarch king of France, or, the Angelic Pontiff destined to crown him Holy Roman Emperor), will pose his consecrated hand on the head of him that Heaven will have led and brought by a miraculous way. It will be difficult to find great pastors now, because the vacuum will be so deep that a great part of the earth will be as uninhabited. (After the great chastisement?) After receiving the very Holy Benediction with his companions and My noble defenders, their desire and My designs are that they carry with joy, bearing the white banner to the place where I have clearly stated the time of his coming, where I have sent the messengers bearing the news and hope of salvation. At the Sanctuary where My gifts are already at the height of glory and consolation, will rest the sign of victory, the white banner. And the Chosen, with tears, will praise My goodness, and imitating the king Saint Louis, will strike his breast and will place his face against the ground.

My people, wait for the light without a shadow the things most complete in My immense work; It will be beautiful, the triumph of the earth, the coming of the Exile to the Seat of the Cross... (i.e it appears the Great Monarch will come to the Sanctuary of the Cross that will be built on the spot of Marie-Julie Jahenny's cottage. He will give thanks there, and bring the White Banner.)

This desired festival, acclaimed, will no longer be to delight your eyes, but (something) more higher, seeing the joy of noble families, seeing the splendour of My glory clothe them, the sublime desire of your soul; those of the earth, they would come back to share the joy. But My plans are written far more deeply. Not a heart, soon will doubt."

(i.e. the festival of the return of the King and nobility will not be to 'delight our eyes', an earthly spectacle of joy filled with ostentation, more importantly, it will be a spiritual one. Soon, no one will doubt Our Lord's plans.)