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#139 Prophecy: The Jews Will See Signs of Terror in the Sky When the Great Monarch Arrives

Ecstasy Date February 28, 1882

Marie-Julie Jahenny: “In the sun, I read:

(Our Lord's words) 'My word is eternal. I have made My severe judgement. Now I tell My people, and when the time comes, I will move the world.'

I read:

'In My eternal wisdom, I have the design to reserve the life of an immense number of Jews because, from the day of My joy, I want them confounded. The wicked eye of all these souls will remain open, because I want it that they see My power. I reserve for them to see, with their eyes, the radiant star that (i.e. The Great Monarch) I will make to exit from the depths of exile, in a terrible storm of fire and under the signs of My anger. All the firmament will have similar traits to those that My Father launched over the world, when I offered to redeem My people.'   (I.e the day will resemble the signs that occurred on Good Friday.)

I still read:

'In the midst of this terror, everyone will be like the ant that comes out of his lair ... From everywhere, people will join with this perfidious group that, now, leads the things of the earth with a decision and iniquity that has no name … They will perish miserably at the hands of My anger or under the envoy of cruel diseases.

Then I will heal the wounds of the kingdom; I will render it fertile. After that the Saviour (The Great Monarch) will enter his reign, I will sanctify by abundant dew, the earth defiled, and penitence will efface the marks made by the feet of the wicked.' .”


(Observations: Marie-Julie receives this revelation in a 'mystic sun' in which she can 'read'. (See post #56 - Marie-Julie's mystic sun.)

 This text appears to be a repeat of an earlier revelation given to Marie-Julie regarding the Jews, or, a more detailed version of it.  (See post #125  The Conversion of the Jews and the Great Monarch – Rome will be Terrorized for Three and a Half Years  )

We note that Our Lord says he will astound the Jews with the signs He will send – of fire and anger. He describes them as having a 'wicked eye', obviously for remaining obstinately blind to the fact that He is the Messiah. In other prophecies given to Marie-Julie Jahenny, it was revealed the evil ones who will attempt to stop the Great Monarch and his armies will be 'blinded' and will not be able to stop him, but here, it says the eyes of the Jews will 'remain open' to see him. We can assume therefore that the King's enemies may not only be spiritually blinded regarding the time of his arrival, but also literally blinded, except for the Jews so that the glory of Christ may be revealed in his royal servant.

The Signs Christ will send when it comes time to cleanse the earth and announce the arrival of the Great Monarch will resemble that of the day of the Crucifixion, the Day Christ offered Himself to redeem His people. The Sky grew dark, the earth shook, and the dead arose and appeared to many. A 'blood moon' also appeared. However, Christ said these signs will also band the evil ones together, they will join with the 'perfidious group' that NOW leads things of earth. However, Christ has promised all will be restored through the Great Monarch who is destined to bring the Age of Peace.


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#138 Do Not Trample Upon the Cross – The Great Monarch will Come After Marie-Julie Jahenny's Death – He Will Come to La Fraudais -- He Will Renew the Kingdom

Message to Marie-Julie Jahenny (Febraury 2, 1882).

"My children, I ask you never to trample upon the Cross, not to follow the example of a huge crowd that will prefer to damn its soul to save its body. Your refusal will soften your executioners."

(Observations: when the persecutions break out, many will abjure the Faith to save themselves, trampling upon the cross will be one of the conditions demanded. The Faithful are told never to desecrate a cross, instead, courageously refuse. Do not give up the Faith!)


Ecstasy date, February 4, 1882 (“The Breton Stigmatist”, p. 56)

Our Lord to Marie-Julie: "You will see from Heaven the triumph of the Church looming over the forehead of My real servant Henri de La Croix (Henry of the Cross-the name of the Great Monarch). His name is written in the golden Book." He then added, "After this triumph the faithful Pastor will place his consecrated hand on the head of the one of Heaven will have lead and brought in a miraculous manner."

(Important Observations and Reminders: earlier prophecies given to Marie-Julie Jahenny have already revealed the identity of the Great Monarch – he is Henri V, the one called the “Miracle Child”, which could be none other than Henri Duke of Bordeaux and Count of Chambord, also known as Henri V and the “Miracle Child” he was the legitimate pretender to the throne of France.

The important thing to note, he was ALIVE at the time of the earlier revelations, and also for this prophecy on February 4, 1882. Note it also states Marie-Julie would see his triumph FROM HEAVEN. She would not see his triumph until AFTER HER DEATH. She died on March 4, 1941.

In her ecstasies she was told that ALL the prophecies regarding the promised Great Monarch refer to the exiled “Miracle Child” - he was reserved for the great epochs – he would be 'RETURNED to his subjects' amidst signs and wonders that would not be seen again until the Day of Judgement, and the signs of his return will resemble the day when Christ died on the Cross. As we know, the sky darkened, the earth shook, and the DEAD AROSE AND APPEARED TO MANY. She was also told France would 'resurrect', there would be many 'resurrections', the 'lily' would 'resurrect', and in one instance the King was also called the 'lily'. See Marie-Julie Jahenny and Henri V, the Great Catholic Monarch, click here.)


February 9, 1882 (“The Breton Stigmatist”, pp. 56-57)

Our Lord: "My design is that after he (the Great Monarch) has received the holy blessing he goes with My noble defendants carrying the white banner to the place where the messages of salvation came from (i.e. the cottage of Marie-Julie). The chosen one of My power will set down the white banner, the sign of victory."

(Observations: the Great King will come to La Fraudais and set down the White Banner. Where is La Fraudais? Click here.)


Ecstasy date February 9, 1882

Our Lord: "According to the longings of My power, you will come, from time to time, sustain the hope of My apostles and my servants; until the man of their desires will finally lift the veil … I will send occasionally, the good news.

From the heights of Heaven, you will descend just to the middle of My servants who have to work twice that of today.

(Observations: Apparently, Our Lord has promised that Marie-Julie will be permitted to come back to earth after her death and grant consolations to those who await the coming of the Great Monarch. Possibly, these faithful servants will have to work “twice as hard” because the faith will be persecuted and it will not be as easy to practise the faith as before during her time on earth.

It is not unlike Pharaoh's harsh command to the Jews When they were approaching the end of their centuries of bondage, he declared that straw would no longer be brought to them and they had to search for their own straw to make their daily tally of bricks, plus the number had to be the same, thus increasing their workload and hardship. He did this so they would have no time to go and make sacrifice to God or believe Moses' “lying” words.

Therefore he (Pharaoh) commanded the same day the overseers of the works, and the taskmasters of the people, saying: You shall lay upon them the task of bricks, which they did before, neither shall you diminish any thing thereof: for they are idle, and therefore they cry, saying: Let us go and sacrifice to our God. Let them be oppressed, with works, and let them fulfil them: that they may not regard lying words.” (Exodus 5: 6-9)

We can learn a lesson from this: when the times of persecution come from those in the world who are more interested in building a worldly kingdom, praying and sacrificing to God will seem “useless”, an “idle” occupation, including the most important sacrifice, the Mass! The world will try and keep us so busy, either with frittering away our time with the latest fads and amusements, or overloading us with work just to survive that we end up having no time for God. It is interesting that an article entitled “Thoughts of God Make Us Slackers, A Study Suggests” from by Jennifer Welsh (October 29, 2011) appeared on Yahoo News declaring that certain “studies” indicate people who think of God are “lazy”, and yet, they can readily withstand temptation.


Ecstasy date February 14, 1882

Our Lord: "From Heaven, you will see the triumph of the Church hovering over the forehead of My true servant Henry of the Cross, (The Great Monarch) He will comfort the destitute, renew the devastated priesthood, weakened and fallen like a branch under the saw of the worker. His charity will renew the priesthood, he will raise the statues of My Mother, he will remount the crosses (that were) insulted and cut into pieces."

(Observations: again, another prophecy that the Great Monarch would come after Marie-Julie's death, judging from the words “from Heaven you will see”. The Great King will renew the kingdom torn apart by civil war and religious persecution.)


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#137 Basilica of Sacre Coeur will be Used by the Impious - Church of Our Lady of Victories will be Spared – Our Lady of Victories – Marie-Julie Jahenny and the Link to Fatima

Ecstasy date January 27, 1882 (“The Breton Stigmatist”, Book, p.32)

Message to Marie-Julie:  "But woe to the pastors who abandon the flock."

Same Day

January 27, 1882, (“The Breton Stigmatist”, p. 50)

Our Lord: "My Montmartre Sanctuary (i.e. the Sacre Coeur basilica) is already destined to serve as a theatre for the impious and all those involved with human laws." Also, "It would not be long before the place of prayer of Saint Geneviéve would become a theatre for dances and the most infernal crimes..."

Our Lady of Victories further told Marie-Julie: "The sanctuary of Our Lady of Victories would resist the cannon-balls, the gun fire of the instruments of the world and that the miraculous protection of Heaven would preserve it in the midst of the debris."

(Our Lady of Victories, Paris.)

(Interior, altar dedicated to Our Lady, the Refuge of Sinners).


I believe it would be apropos to include here the history of Our Lady as Our Lady of Victories, and why this shrine will be protected as a sign of Her maternal care.

The History of Our Lady of Victories

Victory will come from Devotion to the Rosary

and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The first chapel ever dedicated to Our Lady of Victories was built by Simon de Montfort, 5th Earl of Leicester after the Battle of Muret, September 12, 1213. Simon de Montfort, a Christian Crusader, defeated King Peter II of Aragon (now in Spain), thus uniting the Languedoc region to France, (the county of Toulouse). Obviously, Our Lady was forming the Kingdom of France at an early date.

However, the title of Our Lady of Victories was not instituted until centuries later. During the 16th century, the Muslim Ottoman invaders marched as far as Vienna, had taken over lands as far as the Danube, and were threatening to invade the rest of Europe. They had the most fearsome fleet on the Mediterranean; after the fall of Cyprus, it was feared they would next invade Italy and France.

Pope St. Pius V promoted the Holy League to fight against the Turks, a coalition of the major European maritime forces. Led by John of Austria, they engaged in battle off the coast of Western Greece on October 7, 1571 and defeated the Ottoman fleet, they had not been defeated at sea in over a century.

On that day as the battle took place, St. Pius the V held a rosary procession at St. Peters, and the Holy League attributed the victory to Our Lady.

(Image: St. Pius V and his vision of the Battle of Lepanto)

In thanksgiving, St. Pius V instituted in the Feast of Our Lady of Victories. In 1573, Pope Gregory XIII changed the title of this feast-day to "Feast of the Holy Rosary". This feast was extended by Pope Clement XII to the whole of the Latin Rite, inserting it into the Roman Catholic calendar of saints in 1716, and assigning it to the first Sunday in October. Pope St. Pius X changed the date to October 7 in 1913, as part of his effort to restore celebration of the liturgy of the Sundays.

Hence, the celebration of Our Lady of Victories is on the Feast of the Rosary, and the Feast of the Rosary honours Our Lady of Victories. Our Lady seemed to strengthen this association with regards to Fatima … .

Fatima and Our Lady of Victories

      Not many Catholics are aware that centuries before Our Lady appeared as Queen of the Rosary in Fatima, an unusual event happened at the Cova da Iria. 

In 1383, when King Fernando I of Portugal died, he left no male legitimate heir to the throne, only his daughter Princess Beatrice, who was married to King John I of Castille. Hence, Portugal was on the point of losing its sovereignty to Spain. The Portuguese nobles decided it was better to defend the sovereignty of their country and elected Fernando's illegitimate brother to the throne, John, Master of Aviz. St. Nuno, a valiant knight, supported this decision, and was made Commander of the King's Army and the Third Count of Ourém. The Spanish began to press their rights and war ensued.

On their way to the decisive Battle of Aljubarrota (August 1385) they passed through the Cova da Iria. St. Nuno suddenly stopped the King and the army, declaring that something marvellous would happen there in the future. Of course, we now know it was the apparitions of Fatima. The King and St. Nuno knelt at the spot and promised Our Lady that if she would grant them victory and save the kingdom, they would each build a monastery in her honour. They won the battle, and King John began the Dominican monastery in the town of Batalha (Battle) in 1386 and dedicated it to our Lady of Victories, (about a fifteen minute drive from Fatima), while St. Nuno built a Carmalite monastery in Lisbon, which he entered after giving up all his wealth, lands and titles. Sadly, Nuno's monastery was destroyed during the great earthquake in Lisbon, 1755.

Our Lady of Victories Monestary, Batalha 

St. Nuno's statue is to the right

The Battle of Aljubarotta (August 14, 1385)

St. Nuno is not widely known outside of Portugal. He is often called the “Precursor to Fatima” because of his great devotion to Our Lady, the Rosary, and the Brown Scapular. We recall Our Lady also appeared in Fatima as Our Lady of Mount Carmel with the Brown Scapular. Of interest, St. Nuno is the founder of the House of Braganca, the Royal House of Portugal, he is the father of Kings! The House of Braganca survives to this day.

(Image: St. Nuno after entering Carmel)


 (Image: Our Lady of Victories statue at Batalha).

Our Lady of Victories, Queen of the Rosary, therefore shows her powerful protection over nations and especially monarchies.

Not satisfied with showing the association between victories and her Rosary, Our Lady also wanted devotion to her Immaculate Heart to be made known and charged Sr. Lucia of Fatima to spread devotion to her Immaculate Heart and the practise of the Five First Saturdays. Compare this with the history of Our Lady of Victories Shrine in Paris:

Our Lady of Victories Shrine in Paris (Notre Dame des Victoires) 

In 1619 the Discalced Augustinians (colloquially referred to as the "Petits Pères") established their convent, Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, on three hectares of land they had purchased, the Bourse (Market) located at the intersection of the Place des Petits-Pères and Rue de la Banque.

On December 8, 1629 the foundations were blessed by Archbishop Jean-François Gondi. The next day, King Louis XIII himself laid the cornerstone in the presence of the Court's 'seigneurs' and the city officials. Remembering the Battle of Lepanto, King Louis XIII promised to fund the construction on the condition that it be dedicated to his victory over the heretical Protestants at La Rochelle, which he attributed to the intercession of the Blessed Mother.

The first church being too small, reconstruction commenced in 1656 according to the plans of Pierre Le Muet. Libéral Bruant, Robert Boudin, and Gabriel Leduc oversaw this work. The new church, not yet completed, was consecrated in 1666. Work was finalized in 1737 under the supervision of Sylvain Cartaud. He oversaw the expansion of the nave, the construction of the façade as well as the construction of the transept's striking spherical roof. The sanctuary is graced by several paintings by the French painter Louis-Michel van Loo (1707–1771).

However, it was seized during the various political Masonic upheavals in France, the church was converted into the home of the national lottery and a stock exchange during the Directory. A large garden and a double-cloister existed at the site until the Revolution. At that time, they were confiscated and fell into disuse. Although the church had been returned to a place of worship in 1809, the remnants of the monastery were destroyed in 1858 and a police station as well as an office for the mayor of the arrondissement were constructed in their place.

In the 1830s, the task of re-establishing parish life in the church fell to Fr. Charles Eléonore Dufriche Desgenettes. However, due to its location in a business district, it attracted few parishioners which resulted in, among other things, financial difficulties. Having very few parishioners attending Mass, Fr. Charles thought he had failed in his ministry and wanted to resign his functions in Our Lady of Victories when on December 3, 1836, he heard a voice as he was about to begin Mass: "Consecrate your parish to the Holy and Immaculate Heart of Mary." At the time, this devotion was only just beginning, and he was sceptical. However, he heard the voice again after Mass, and decided he had better pay heed to the message.

He received approval from the Archbishop of Paris and publicised the consecration Mass for eight days later, December 11, 1836. Not expecting more than the usual 40 attendees, he was surprised to see 500 people arrive!

Encouraged by the response, that same day he constituted the Association of the Holy and Immaculate Heart of Mary for the conversion of sinners, an association which became an archconfraternity in 1838 by the decision of Pope Gregory XVI.

The numbers of parishioners and pilgrims continued to increase, the Shrine became the powerhouse of prayer during the 19th century as evidenced by the thousands of ex-voto offerings.   Many of the famous French Catholics of the period maintained a connection to the Church. These included Marie-Alphonse Ratisbonne, Ven. Francis Libermann and the refounders of the Holy Ghost Fathers and a whole host of Foreign Missions seminarians and priests, including St. Theophane Venard. Saint John Henry Newman went there to give thanks for his conversion, which had been the subject of prayer there. Later, the young Therese Martin (St. Therese of the Little Flower) prayed before the same statue for Our Lady's help in realising her vocation. As we have seen above, Marie-Julie was told this shrine would be spared during the destruction of Paris.

Our Lady had promised that the Rosary was the weapon that would drive back enemies, root out heresies, and protect the faithful. It is inextricably linked to her Immaculate Heart and to her title as Our Lady of Victories. In union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, she is Protector of Catholic nations and absolute monarchies, we have heard through Marie-Julie, Our Lady will help restore Catholic France and the monarchy under the Great Monarch.

It is interesting that Our Lord revealed to Marie-Julie that His IMMACULATE Mother will decide the time for the appearance of the Great King, and, that Our Lady revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny in 1904 one of the blasphemies against Her Immaculate Heart a little over 20 years before the revelation of the Five First Saturday devotions to Sr. Lucia of Fatima in 1925.  Sr. Lucia was later told the precise blasphemies by Our Lord in 1930.

   Marie-Julie Jahenny learned what would be known later as the Fourth Blasphemy - the blasphemy of little children not taught to love the Immaculate Heart of their Mother.

On February 9, 1904 Our Lady to Marie-Julie Jahenny:

 " My beloved children, all is engaged in an irreparable loss, I mean the salvation of souls of children. The nourishment of these poor little souls should be for them the bread of love of their Immaculate Queen, the Queen of Heaven. (That is, children are no longer given this 'bread of love', they are not taught to love her.) I suffer to see these souls as pastures delivered to the enemy of the salvation of souls; it is the goodness of my Divine on that Satan takes to himself and to appropriate it, (i.e. Satan takes advantage of God's mercy to the earth) he has his supporters in every corner on the Earth. I despair, yes, I despair of saving those souls without immense peril and multiplied souls and bodies.

Marie-Julie intercedes and the Blessed Virgin answered:

“After the delivery of young adolescent souls to Satan, the enemy of souls, I mean to say that most of these children have entered the path of corruption and these souls have not received a drop of this perfume of my virtues of purity; it is in very immense pain, because if you saw the number, you would be frightened and even struck as if by a mortal blow.

The frightening part is Marie-Julie was told that during these evil days children will be set on the path to perdition before they reach the age of reason because parents have failed to raise their children in the faith and to love Our Lord and His Mother.

Marie-Julie Jahenny was also told that the devotion to Immaculate Mary would be one of the 'Three Shelters' that would protect faithful souls during the times of the chastisements, and that during the Three Days of Darkness, being close to an image of Her would also help lessen the terror we will experience in those days, no doubt a sign of our devotion to her Holy images will be in reparation for the Fifth Blasphemy as well. (See more about the Three Days here.)

As we know, Our Lady told Sr. Lucia of Fatima that the Age of Peace and the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart will not occur until devotion to her Heart spreads and reparation made for the blasphemies committed against Her Immaculate Heart via the Five First Saturdays. The prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny and the visions of Fatima are therefore interlinked – as Our Lady said to Sr. Lucia,  the Age of Peace would come AS SOON AS A SUFFICIENT NUMBER of people were DOING WHAT SHE ASKED.

We will not have the Age of Peace and Victory of the Cross via the Great Monarch until we pray for it, pray and help spread devotion to the Rosary, as well as spreading devotion to the Immaculate the Heart of Mary, and make reparation for the five blasphemies committed against Her Immaculate Heart, especially through the Five First Saturday Devotion. Learn more about the Five First Saturdays Devotion, click here.



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#136 A CALL to PAY ATTENTION to the Messages from Heaven - Prophecy of the Beatification / Canonisation of King Louis XVI - Promise of The Great Monarch and Protectors for the Kingdom

(Image: King Louis XVI)

Ecstasy in 1882 (Date missing.)

Marie-Julie Jahenny: "For me, they that bring His divine words, true Christians, servants of God, all together, hear the prophetic voice of the invincible eternal Light; it is God, the Master of all things."


Ecstasy January 5, 1882 (“The Breton Stigmatist”, Book, p. 49)

Our Lady weeps over the future ruins of Paris, but on four different occasions announces the Unknown Saviour (i.e., the Great Monarch), and the glorification of Louis XVI, under the reign of the future King.

(Note: this is a summary of prophecies: France will be delivered after the destruction of Paris by the promised Great Catholic Monarch.     Of interest, the Great King is called the 'Unknown Saviour' - very rarely in Sacred History to we find anyone given the title 'Saviour' in except for Our Lord and a chosen few others destined with a great mission.  Obviously, the promised king will be great indeed!  Also, Marie-Julie says King Louis XVI of France, who was murdered during the French Revolution, will be beatified / canonised.)


Ecstasy of January 23, 1882

"Faithful people, do not despair ... There is in Heaven a Saint Louis to whom Heaven reserves a great mission (that is) imminent. The immensity (greatness) of Divine Mercy has reserved protectors, but, children of victory, they must be paid by sufferings and counted (with) sacrifices."

(Note: we do not know who gave this prophecy to Marie-Julie Jahenny, but it reiterates others that have been given to her: 1) that St. King Louis IX in Heaven will help restore France See Post # 13, click here,  and 2) that the promised Great Monarch will be like a new St. Louis. See Post #41, click here. The Great Monarch is destined to restore the Church and Christian civilisation. Here in this prophecy for 1882, it is also mentioned there will be protectors of the kingdom that God has reserved, possibly a prophecy of future saints that will be raised up as God always fortifies His Church through dark times by the saints He gives to them, however, there must be much suffering and sacrifices before such graces may be granted.)


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#135 The TWO DAYS of DARKNESS Before the Three Days – Destruction of Paris – Apparitions of Devils – Crime of Abortion – The Genocide of Christians - Return of the Guillotine

Ecstasy November 28, 1881

"The sun shall be darkened before, looking ahead to the REAL darkness that will arrive 37 days AFTER the signs of the darkening of the sun and of signs of the earth and the announced storm."

(Note: Apparently, the Two Days of Darkness and the Three Days shall be about 37-40 days apart from each other. To learn more about them, click here.)


Ecstacy, Same Day:

"If the Centre (Paris) does not convert, it will be burned. The stones that close up the homes will no longer be preserved, because the fire of revenge that will reduce them (making it) impossible to build the new walls."

(Note: another warning of the complete destruction of Paris due to its sins.)


Ecstasy December 14, 1881

Our Lady "The time of crimes has begun...the devil will appear in the form of living apparitions....woe to those who dare to make pacts with these personages who appear in diabolical visions... My victim, many souls will be possessed a few months before (the crisis)...the world will be mad with fear and in this madness, the devil who is everywhere on earth, will make them deny their baptism and the cross."

One the same day, Our Lady also announced: "The times of crime have begun. Many mothers will be heartless for their own fruits, still innocent, flowers in heaven." (Abortions.)


Ecstasy December 23, 1881

"Suddenly it will rise a tearing result of blasphemy that, from the Centre (Paris) of all the evils, all will sound. Suddenly, from the midst of the Centre, there will be voices, shouts and hateful songs, confused cries and the poor people will not have time to escape. The streets will be closed, the passages blocked, a painful massacre in the midst of the expanse of the disaster. The true apostles, known by the energy of their courage, it will be on those whom they want to avenge themselves with rage and fury, the two-days, storm of heaven and earth, the claps of thunder will come before their time (winter). Their lightning will be on the earth of the kingdom during the two days where there will rise the terrible thunderstorm. (No) more repose in the middle of the Centre, nothing to deliver it during these two days. They will slice the heads of a few with the weapons of death, (i.e. with the guillotine?) and will make Christians die by bullets. For two days and two nights, no repose, nor sleep (will be). Many people will perish. "

(Note: it is interesting the guillotine is mentioned here – capital punishment with the guillotine was still in operation back then in 1881 until a hundred years later in 1981 when capital punishment was abolished in France, so why mention it in this prophecy and warn about it - unless these horrors will come at a time after the guillotine will have been abolished? It appears it will be put back into use during the genocide / red revolution?)


Ecstasy, Same Day:

Maire-Julie Jahenny: "I understood that the angels would carry away many tabernacles from the churches to shield the Holy Sacrament from the outrages."


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#134 Various Prophecies - Killer Plagues – The 'Three Times' of Persecution – Catholic Schools and Hospitals Need to be Privatised – Prophecy of the Film Industry and Modern Art? - Evil Books – Satan Will Rule Everything for a Time

Ecstasies and prophecies of October 1881.


October 5, 1881 – Warning of PLAGUES in France.

(Sacred Heart?) to Marie-Julie Jahenny: "There will be epidemics of the South, Valence, Lyon, Bordeaux, everything after this land coming to the Centre (Paris). Very few people can escape. The corpses will spread a stench that kills.

I will protect all of mine. I have placed the ladder leading from earth to My Heart, a road prepared for the unhappy times. The time will not be very long, but it will be terrible in three different times (or reprises)."

(Note: this could be the 'Burning Face' Plague Marie-Julie was told about. Also, the 'three times / reprises' in the 'unhappy times' could be a reminder of the three waves of persecution that will come before the Three Days of Darkness. See post # #122 'Our Lady Arrives in Black– Religious Houses will be Persecuted – Deadly Plagues - THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS and THREE YEAR FAMINE AFTERMATH – The 'Dust of Foreigners' Will Enter France, click here'.)


October 11, 1881

Advice on how Catholic Institutions Should Prepare for the Coming Anti-Catholic Persecutions

(It is unclear who is speaking to Marie-Julie here.): “This is the time when the Lord's dear priests, nearly all also will experience and suffer great pains about Christian education and from the masters of institution. If these dear apostles do not buy, at their expense, these houses where they teach, men of power will seize them freely and place them under their power and it will not be possible to have religious souls to develop the germ of religion in young children that Heaven has called on the Earth. Remember, faithful people, that these powerful of the Earth are inflexible and do not return anything. If it were possible to have all the houses for healing (i.e hospitals) and Catholic schools, acquired at the price of gold itself, the assurance would be more complete, the worry less intense.”

(Observations: here we see some solid advice that should have been taken – the Secular State, especially during the foretold anti-Catholic persecution, will interfere with Catholic teaching and also with regard to healing the sick – notice how euthanasia and legalised abortion is sweeping across the world. We were warned the worry of godless State control would be less intense if these intuitions were held privately in Catholic hands.)


October 11, 1881 – Degrading Entertainment and Art Will Reveal the Corruption and Depravity of Mankind

You will see, my people, with your living eyes, terrible spectacles, (i.e as in shows), paintings that are most dreadful and most revolting. My people, the poison is most hideous, the most seasoned of all other cursed odours, realise that this poison will come powerfully out of the Centre (Paris) and will run everywhere without exception. If you could conceive the wickedness that will be brought back with the beings that Heaven threatens (I.e, with its punishments?) and will stop them in their progress, you shudder with fear, you would go so far as to say:

'How can man contain so much corruption, so much disorder, so much iniquity?'

(Observation: Heaven is obviously outraged with the development of modern art and the entertainment industry, spewing out its filth and worldly maxims contrary to purity and every other commandment. Notice how more depraved the entertainment industry has grown in the last few years alone! Of interest, cinematography and moving pictures were invented in France and first shown in Paris, therefore, this could also be a prediction that 'moving pictures' would bring about the 'terrible spectacles' that would spread about the world with no exception ~ the movie camera is generally recognised as an invention of the Lumière brothers (1895), their first public films were shown in Paris, December 1895.)


October 25, 1881 – Warning once again of a Corrupt Clergy that Rejected God's Plan to Restore the Absolute French Monarchy via Henri V.

Our Lord: “I announce with fear a terrible punishment for those whom I dressed in a sacred character and filled with graces. (i.e., Priests and bishops ordained by God?) It is close, (the punishment) I will achieve (or reach) them. They persecute My Church. They are guilty, not all but many. The majority is not on the royal side."

(i.e., Many of the clergy and the faithful were not in favour of restoring the absolute monarchy at the time contrary to God's wishes, see post #133 WOE to Traitor Priests – SEAL OF CONFESSION Will be BROKEN – The Bloody Civil War Hatched by Conspiracy – IT IS TIME TO CHOOSE SIDES, click here.)

Marie-Julie: "My Jesus, they do not do it purposely, they believe they do well."

Our Lord: "I know their intentions, I know their thoughts. I see the weakness seize My priests to a frightening point ... I see them fall to the side that plants in this poor country the standard coloured with blood and terror. (I.e. They are supporting the Republicans / Revolutionaries symbolised by the red flag of rebellion.)

You will be in a few months scandalised by several books. Religion will be counterfeited, attacked and instead of this beautiful religion (i.e., Catholicism), there will be infamous writings. This is the schism entering France. All will be filled ... and they will spread with abandonment plenty of stenches and abominations."

Our Lord: "The most heinous sins they will commit without shame or regret, the great number of the priests who turn to the side of evil."


Also October 25, 1881 (From the “Breton Stigmatist”) -

Our Lady continues: "More than ever the number of priests that one calls real ministers of God is very small, it is really small... There are many priests who will not be ashamed, on the day of terror, to violate the secrets of the confessional... There are some who work undercover while waiting to discard their priestly vestments to better cause horror and abomination amongst the people.... There will be scandals...You must expect all kinds of things. The heart of the Church is now only a bleeding wound. Today crime is brought to the foot of the altar."

Marie-Julie did not want to repeat this, but Saint Michael replied, "The Lord desires it...I tell the friends of God to prepare themselves and to redouble their prayers because everything is on the point of very great suffering, but God's friends are forewarned. They can now only wait in the silence of their generous faith... All the friends of the cross have a special protection reserved by the Holy of Holies and His beloved Mother."


Also October 25, 1881:

The devil cried out to Saint Michael:

"I will attack the Church, I will overthrow the Church, I will rule the people, I will dispose in their hearts a major weakening of the Faith. There will be a great betrayal. I will become, for a time, the master of all things, I will have all under my empire!"

On the same day, Saint Michael warned us of the danger and assured us of help.

"There has never been an epoch like this. We must be attentive and to prepare so as not to be surprised ... (i.e taken unawares). All the demons will reassemble. Many in the form of man.


Same Day October 25, 1881 (from the 'Breton Stigmatist'):

Saint Michael(?): "You are about to see those who govern the their lives and their strength to those who will establish a fatal government...they will close the sanctuaries...and surrender to the disorders of Hell..." (i.e. the Great Persecution).


October 25, 1881 (“The Breton Stigmatist”):

Our Lady: "The WORST SINS will be committed WITHOUT SHAME OR REGRET...the great number (of priests) will turn to the side of evil...."