Table of Contents of Marie-Julie Jahenny's Prophecies

Table of Contents / Prophecies in Order 

All prophecies have been taken from the book "We Are Warned: The Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny". (NOTE:  additional sources when found will be mentioned in the individual posts).

(Yes, Marie-Julie Jahenny was approved by her local bishop in 1875, Bishop Fournier of Nantes.)

Note: this blog is a work in progress!  If you can't wait to  read all the prophecies you can download your free copy of the book -click here ...

  ..but you might find interesting historical background on some of the prophecies  here on this blog not included in the book as well as additional observations and recent corrections. Please check back in for posts / updates, etc.


* About Marie Julie Jahenny, the 'Breton Stigmatist' - Brief Biography

* Is Marie-Julie Jahenny Approved by the Church?


* NEW  - A Defence of Marie-Julie's Revelations against the online attacks of ''.


* PRAYER to Obtain a Grace through the Intercession of Marie-Julie Jahenny and for her Beatification.

* About the Texts on this Blog

* WHERE TO FIND La Fraudais - Home of Marie-Julie Jahenny




Texts in Chronological Order:

#1 Marie-Julie Jahenny's Lament for Sinners

 #2 Pray for the Pontiff

#2 B - Marie-Jule Jahenny Offers Herself to Save Souls - She will Begin with Calvary

 #3 Pray for France

 #4 Prayers to Deliver France and the Angelic Pontiff - the Arrival of the Great Monarch HENRY V

  #4 B -  Who the Great Catholic Monarch will NOT be ... 

#5 DEMOCRACY - Straight from HELL

 #6 Our Lady's Triumph through the Great Monarch

 #7 Sacred Heart warns of Time of Bloodshed before the King

 #8 St. Aloysius Gonzaga  and Marie-Julie Jahenny

 #9 Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the "White Flag"

 #10 Sacred Heart announces the Vision of the Dove 

#11 Vision of St. Anne, mother of Our Lady

 #12 Angelic Pontiff Prophecy recorded by Abbé David

#13 Vision of St. Louis IX, King of France Loved by Jesus as a Pure King - St. Louis will be Instrumental in Crowning the Great Catholic Monarch - SPECIAL PRAYER REVEALED IN HIS HONOUR

 #14 A Cry to France: Revive your devotion to the Blessed Sacrament!

 #15 St. Michael will Triumph, Unfaithful Priests will be Slain

 #16 The Path of Henry V: Three contenders will vie for the Crown

 #17 Liberation of the Angelic Pontiff - France First


 #19 WARNINGS before Paris is Struck

 #20 Great Monarch - King in Exile

#21 Mystic Recognition of Saints Relics

#22 France: Eldest Daughter of the Church in a Tomb - OUR LADY  Will Declare the TIME of VICTORY

#23 Prophecy: 14 Days of War

#24 Prophecy of a Revealed Prayer to Liberate France

 #26 I WANTED TO WARN MY PEOPLE - France will see the Chastisements Begin

 #27 France to be Punished First - Call of the King- the THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS

 #28 Prayer of Love to Console Jesus


#30 Marie-Julie Jahenny Speaks of Her Death

#31 SECRET REVELATION about the Sacred Heart - a Prophecy for Paris - The THREE DAYS OF DARKNESSS 

#32 Detachment from the Earth - Death Sweet for the Just


 #34 The Gold Nail - Mystic Union to the Sacred Heart

#35 St. Catherine of Siena visits Marie-Julie Jahenny

#36 Marie-Julie Jahenny - Among the Highest Elect of the Sacred Heart

#37 Revelation of the Third Republic of France - Our Lord's Displeasure



#40 St. Michael - France and the Divine Wrath


 #42 St. Michael, Our Lord and Our Lady - THE CIVIL UNREST - Why There Must Be the Great Chastisement

 #43 Mystic Vision of France- the Eldest Daughter of the Church has become Haughty, Faithless and Disobedient

 #44 - Prophecy of the Papacy - A Pope in Prison

 #45 Heaven Laments over France - PRAY to ST. MICHAEL - "If You Knew My Power!"

#46 - Recording the Visions- Our Lord is Pleased - I WANT MY PEOPLE WARNED

 #47 Eyewitness Account - Marie-Julie Jahenny Suffering the Passion

 *) Devotion to the WOUND of the SHOULDER -- NEW PROMISES

#48 France and Beyond will Suffer - JESUS WILL NOT BE MOVED BY PITY until JUSTICE is DONE

#49 Prophecy of the Four Crosses

 #50 MORE SECRETS REVEALED about the SACRED HEART and St. Margaret Mary


 #52 Our Lady Speaks of LA SALETTE to Marie-Julie Jahenny

 #53 Satan Desires to CRUSH THE LILY

 #54 St. John the Evangelist visits Marie-Julie Jahenny

----   #54 B -  Marie-Julie's Prayer of Complete Surrender - Jesus is Pleased and Reveals He has Placed Secrets in her Heart that will be Witnessed by the World One Day 


 #56 Marie-Julie Jahenny - Mystic Gifts are Increased - the Mystic Sun

 #57 - Prophecy - LA FRAUDAIS - The SANCTUARY of the CROSS

 #58 - Prophecy of "BLOOD RAIN" - Burning - A Persecuted Pope

#59 St. Joseph - WARNINGS: A GREAT APOSTASY - Strange Lighting ,Thunder, Plagues


 * Marie-Julie Jahenny and the Holy Novitiate of the Cross -What is It? * HOW TO LOVE YOUR CROSS

 #61 St. Alphonsus Liguori - The Love of Suffering - Our Lady's Sorrows

#62 St. Bonaventure - True Friends of God Have the MOST CROSSES


 #64 Revelations of the Life of St. Titus - The Secret of Sanctification

** New Sacramental: The PURPLE SCAPULAR **

 #65 St. Francis de Sales - Christian Perfection - The "Persectution of the Enlightened" - and more.

#66 St. John of the Cross - How to Suffer Well - Suffering a Sign God Loves Us - Importance of the Morning Offering


* New sacramental: The CROSS of PARDON *

#67 St. Vincent Ferrer - the PLAGUE of DEGRADATION - Pastors will be Punished by Scandal - Inner Peace Amidst Crosses

#68 St. Thomas Aquinas Returns - Sufferings Perfect - True Happiness - Peace Amidst Sufferings

#69 St. Paul - Suffering Opens Heaven - Persecutions from Slander and Envy gain us the most Merits - "Friends of the Cross" wll suffer Persecutions- Slander and Envy Horrible in God's Sight

 #70  St.John-Francis Regis – Sufferings of the Cross in these evil times Worthy of Holy Envy – Slanderers: how they behave – the Mortal Danger of Slander - Unless God Intervenes Slanderers Will be Lost 

 #71 St. Gregory the Great - PROPHECY Echoing Leo XIII's vision to Come - CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE CHURCH

#72 St. Benedict of Nursia - God Getting Ready to Strike – WARNINGS of Numerous False Visions and Miracles – The Signs before the Chastisements

 #73 Our Lord, Our Lady and an Unidentified Saint – an INTERIOR WARNING Will be Given

+++ DIVINE MERCY Revelations given to MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY +++

#74 St. Lucian - Time of Chastisements AFTER Marie-Julie's Death – Christ is Crucified by Corrupt Clergy – A WARNING – Victims and Children of the Cross will be Protected

#75 St. Nestor of Magydos - – Lessons on Trust in God Alone - Seek No Consolations other than God – Attachments to the Earth Prolong a Painful Existence

#76 St. Abraham (of Kidunaia?) - The Beginning of the True Love of God is Inner Silence and the Spirit of Detachment - God is Displeased When We Let Our Inner Peace be Disturbed 

#78 St. Lambert of Maastricht - Defender of the Sacrament of Marriage- Answers why God Overwhelms Us with Crosses at Times

#80 St. John I, Pope - We Are ALL Martyrs in a Land of Exile – Courage and Blood Needed to Save the Church in Peril

 #85 St. Pantaleon - Without the True Faith Man is Always Unhappy – The Difference between Souls Influenced by God or by Satan

#88 St. Primus - Prophecy of a BLOODTHIRSY CENTURY of Diabolical Inventions 

#89 St. Deusdedit – Prophecy of Pius IX's Canonization: it will save the 'Roman City' from calamities – a Warning to Pope Leo XIII and an Angelic Pontiff Prophecy 

#90 St. Vitus – You Are Not Alone – A Warning About Those Who Place All Their Trust in Science without God (Atheists)

#91 St. Distérique – God's Love for Us – Sufferings Grant us Merits - God Consoles – God Controls All

 #92 St. Paulinus of Trier - How to Attain a Pure Love for God – Love for the Cross – Pride Mars this Pure Love

#93 Our Lady Visits – She Speaks on the Holy Novitiate of the Cross – A Preparation for Great Things to Come 





#106 Prophecy of the ABANDONED CHURCH


#108 War Against the Church – Crime Carried to the Altar – Messages Continued by the Sacred Heart and St. Michael

 #109 St. Thomas Aquinas - Marie-Julie Jahenny's Mystic Sun and the Doubting Priest

*** Marie-Julie Jahenny and the "Great Catholic Monarch" Prophecies: Henry V, "The Miracle Child" is the Chosen One  ***

#111 St. Joseph Asks for Our Love ~ Marie-Julie Jahenny Pesters Him for Graces First! Perseverance in Prayer!

#112 Prophecy of the “Black and Blue Rainbow” and “Blood Rain” ~ A Miraculous Cross will become a Sign of Terror


#113 Prophecy - ATTACK Upon the DEVOTION to the SACRED HEART


*Extra post:   The Miraculous Medal and the Great Catholic Monarch * 


#114 The Chastisement of Rome: Prophecy of the bleeding Crucifix and Miracle of St. Peter's Chains




#117 Prophecy of a 'Burning Plague' – Only One Remedy Available if Taken in Time


***  NEW UPDATE ADDED (May 12th 2020)   regarding the List of Remedies for Chastisement Plagues and Diseases revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny *** THERE are SPECIFIC PRAYERS that MUST BE SAID over the herbal remedies -  (ALSO a CORRECTION to the Book "We Are Warned" regarding the 'ground ivy' herbal remedy).




#120 The Persecution – More about the “Burning Plague” - Revelation of the TWO DAYS OF DARKNESS


UPDATE - #120 B - Marie-Julie Jahenny's Prayer at her First Communion - (Post added August 21, 2021)


 #127 The “Miracle Child” and “Exiled King”, Henry V, once more CONFIRMED to be the Great Catholic Monarch - The Murderers of France will Raise a 'Thick Dust' Against Him

#128  Various Prophecies: God's Promise to Brittany – Heaven's Praise of the Great Monarch – Punishment of the "New Nineveh" – England Betrayed by a Queen

#129  Prophecy of a 'Horrible Religion' Resembling Islam will Lead Many Astray - Many Bishops will Enter the New Heretical 'Christian' Religion


#131  Churches will be Abandoned – The Sacrifices will take an INFERNAL FORM - Also, a Hidden Prophecy of 'Pride Flags' in Churches?

#132 - Deadly War and the Future Destruction of Paris – Very Few Will Survive - Only 88-  A Corrupt Clergy Will be Punished


#132 B - France is Guilty – No One Heeded the Warnings of Our Lady's Apparitions – No One Has Quenched the Thirst of His Sacred Heart Regarding the Salvation of Souls – Graces and Blessings Will be Given those who Meditate 5 Minutes on the Passion


#133  WOE to Traitor Priests – SEAL OF CONFESSION Will be BROKEN – The  Bloody Civil War Hatched by Conspiracy – IT IS TIME TO CHOOSE SIDES- PRECURSOR ANTICHRISTS WILL ROAM THE EARTH -Sacre Coeur will Become a Rendevous for Evil Conspirators

  #133 B - We Must Suffer to Gain Merits – Everyone Has A Mission as a Member of the Church – Forgive those who Hurt You - St. Jerome Gives the SECRET on HOW TO LOVE JESUS – Abandonment to the Holy Will


#134 Various Prophecies - Killer Plagues – The 'Three Times' of Persecution –  Catholic Schools, Hospitals and other Institutions Need to be Privatised – Prophecy of the Film Industry and Modern Art? -  Evil Books – Satan Will Rule Everything for a Time

#135 The TWO DAYS of DARKNESS Before the Three Days – Destruction of Paris – Apparitions of Devils – Crime of Abortion – The Genocide of Christians - Return of the Guillotine? 


 #136 A CALL to PAY ATTENTION to the Messages from Heaven - Prophecy of the Beatification / Canonization of King Louis XVI - Promise of The Great Catholic Monarch and Protectors for the Kingdom


#141  Prophecies: Decimation of the Christian Population – Anti-Church Revolution to Hit when the French Army is Deployed Abroad and Security Forces Reduced in France – Warning Signs in Nature


#142 - THREE EPOCHS of CHASTISEMENTS: First FRANCE  then THE CHURCH in ROME – The Great Monarch will Arrive During the Third Crisis


#143 Prophecies: An ENEMY FROM  IRAN – the King of Spain aids the Great Monarch – the Bishop who will Crown the Great Monarch - France Must be Cleansed by Chastisements - A Martyr Pope Amidst the Uprisings of Rome


 #144  MORE Secret Prophecies given to St. Margaret Mary now Revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny - FRANCE TO SUFFER FIRST- Liberals who call themselves Christians Will Set Go After Souls - WARNING of THUNDER AND LIGHTNING –  MASSACRES  and PLAGUES


 #145   The Three 'Periods' – Contenders for the Throne of France - the Great Monarch will Come in the Third Period -  The Messages of Marie-Julie Jahenny will Spread Worldwide in the Time of Crisis – One Day the Blessed Sacrament will No Longer be Available


#146  – Arrival of the Great Catholic Monarch – The Coronation – The Great Monarch will Give Thanks at the Sanctuary of the Cross


#147 Visitation of St. Anne – Prophecy of the Jesuits -  Religious Shall be Ordered Out of France – The Great Monarch will Visit St. Anne's Shrine – Brittany Shall Suffer but Be Protected – The Guillotine Will Return – Weak Bishops will Cause the Damnation of Souls 

#148   PLACES OF SATANIC WORSHIP WILL BE RAISED – A Mystic Near Tours Will Announce the Great Monarch's Arrival in the Time of Terror– Trouble for England, Iran, Jerusalem - The Division of England into Four Parts - Germany will Also be in Trouble – Scientists will Shake Paris – The Church will be Vacant During the Crisis




#149 B - A Witness Account of Marie-Julie Suffering the Passion – A Miraculous Communion – Predictions of the Torments She would Suffer next in Reparation for Sacrilegious Communions

#150 Secular Persecution of the Church in France - Bishops will Meet in France but only Three Will Remain Faithful – Many Priests will Follow the Evil Laws of the Government -  RED REVOLUTION -   AN APOSTATE SCHISM of the CHURCH LEADERS OF FRANCE: THEY WILL BREAK FROM ROME -The Apostates / Schismatics will not Favour the King of God's Choice



* BONUS Post: The 'Prophetic Prayer Card' of Paris on Fire - where did it come from?


#153 The First Chastisement Began with the Death of the Count of Chambord – Prophecy: the BLESSED SACRAMENT will be DESECRATED



#155 One Minute Devotion of Love Before a Crucifix 


  #155 B - Christ Speaks of His Mystical Body - His HEAD is in ROME


#156 St. Michael - a Revelation about the Chosen Great Catholic Monarch – he is STILL the one called the Exiled 'Miracle Child' – He will come during the Crisis – Our Lady will Protect Him as Her Own Son


 #158  France will become Indifferent to God's Laws then the Great Chastisements will Strike – Jesus Looks with Displeasure on the French Republic - France will be Invaded – The Great Catholic Monarch will be Raised up to Stop the Invaders – The Direction His Armies will Come


 #159 Our Lady Reminds Marie-Julie Jahenny and Us of the Immense Power and Grace of the Mass


#160 Our Lady Weeps that the Secrets of La Salette were Kept Hidden – The Pastors / Bishops will Grow Corrupt and Lead Souls Astray as they Search for Answers–The Earth will be Chastised – Then the Great Catholic Monarch will Come and Restore All


#161 A DIRE WARNING from Our Lord – Another Prophecy of the NEW MASS?




 #164 The Tribulations of the Church – Sacrilege Upon Sacrilege - La Salette and the Fallen Priesthood – EXPECT THINGS TO ONLY  GET WORSE until Christ Steps in with the Chastisements – At one point PRAYER IS ALL WE WILL HAVE





 #172 Those Who Love the Sacred Heart will be Rewarded – A Good Will Suffices if you are Distracted During Prayer - Warnings: Evil Plots Hatched – God is Holding Back the Chastisements that Souls May Convert - When God Finally Strikes the Mountains will Entomb Many – Mary will Shelter Her Children with the Graces of Mercy and Peace


#173  Events Leading to the DAYS OF DARKNESS: when there is NO PEACE or JUSTICE Not Just in the World but AMONG the FAITHFUL the Purification is Coming - Plots are Hatched Against the Church which is Sold Out – The Evil Ones Hunger for Blood and Flesh but Christ will Strike the Most Malignant Evil Sinners by Lightning and Darkness - the Age of Peace is Coming


 #174 God is Granting Mercy for Now but will Eventually Strike – France is Sold Out by Traitors: Satan Is Bringing this About through the National Assembly- Predestined Souls that Live through the Chastisements Will be Called to Rekindle the Faith – The Importance of Pure Sacrificial Suffering

 #175 Have CONFIDENCE in the DIVINE MERCY – Jesus is Easy to Please – - TRUST IN HIS MERCY - He Asks to be Invoked as “FATHER OF MERCY”



#177 Jesus Wants His People Warned – Jesus Lets Marie-Julie Jahenny Feel the Glory and Fire of His Divine Love and Calls for Souls to Love Him – HELL IS ALREADY ON EARTH - The Devotion to the SACRED HEART will be a SHELTER When the Wars and Chastisements Come



#181 TRUST in the DIVINE MERCY – Priests Must Preach on the Divine Mercy –Pray for Priests to Become Inspired by the Holy Spirit – There is No Love Without Suffering and No Suffering Without Love


 #182 The Sacred Heart Requests us to Pray to Him in the Time of Trouble - “Salve Nos Perimus, Domine”


#183 The Tests of Dryness of Soul: Our Lord Hides Himself so We Search for Him – Interior Sufferings Gain Us Merits

  - #183 B - A Duet of Love between Our Lord and Marie-Julie Jahenny


 #185 The TWO and THREE DAYS of DARKNESS – Those Devoted to Our Lady will be Protected


* UPDATE!  Various LITANIES Revealed to Marie-Julie Jahenny






PART TWO:  Texts / Ecstasies with mixed dates or lacking dates 

(In some cases, dates are given, but difficult to tell which text belongs with which date.  May contain texts repeated earlier.)


***NOTE: updates are also listed here when texts are found and added into posts.





#188 PROPHECIES: Sacre Coeur will be Used by the Wicked – Religious Instruction will be Forced out of Schools – Economic Crisis – France will be Swamped with Unemployed Seeking Asylum - Agitators Will Cause the Workers to Revolt – Corrupted Youth will Revolt Against the Church – Our Lady will Appear Again Near La Salette and in the North of France to Give Another Warning - God will Strike with Famine, Earthquakes andThunder – The Earth will Eventually be Greatly Depopulated after the Chastisements 




+ (Additional Info):  in her prophecies on the destruction of Paris, Marie-Julie Jahenny repeated on various occasions that the conspirators would set violent sparks under the walls, and, it would destroy the 'strongest walls ever built' - which walls of Paris did Marie-Julie Jahenny  refer to when she predicted the conspirators would blow them up?  From insights gained from the 'Great Monarch' astronomical prediction of Rigord of St. Denis (c. 1150- 1209), the walls she means may be those built by King Philip II 'Augustus' in the VERY HEART OF PARIS, and includes the LOUVRE  See more about Rigord of St. Denis and his prophecy, click here.)


#195  - REMINDERS of the CHASTISEMENTS, Keep Your SACRAMENTALS OF PROTECTION CLOSE - A Reminder of the Promised Great Catholic Monarch to Come –A Possible CRYPTIC PROPHECY regarding the Feast day of the Queenship of Mary as a TIMELINE CLUE Regarding the Chastisements


#196 -Accounts of Marie-Julie Jahenny and the Assaults of the Devil



#198  Details about the State of Italy During the Crisis and Civil Wars –Prophecy of 'Archel de la Torre' - England will be Converted after the Great Chastisements – England will Receive Help after France and Italy are Secured First


# 199 A Canticle of Prayer and Love by Marie-Julie Jahenny – Also, the Merits and Graces Earned from Persecutions


#200 Our Lady confirms She is the Mediatrix of Graces – Meditate on the Passion and Offer it to Our Lady for Three Minutes for the Salvation of Sinners – Our Lady is Our Powerful Intercessor – Make a Simple Act of Love to Atone for Those who do not Love Our Lord and to Comfort Him


#201 Revelations onthe Chastisements – the Great Catholic Monarch Arrives when Paris Burns, He will Liberate the Holy Pope – King Louis XVI will be Beatified, Raised to the Altars


#202 Places in France that will be Relatively Protected or Shielded during the Coming Civil War / Invasions / Chastisements


 #203 How to Worthily Receive Holy Communion in Union with Our Lady - Marie-Julie's  Daily Act of Union with Our Lord – An Evening Offering Before the Tabernacle – Graces of the 'Hail Mary' – Pray to Our Lady for a Happy Death – Willingly accept the 'Bitter Bread' of the Divine Will


 #204 NEW PROMISES for the Devotion of the Precious Wound of the Shoulder – Various Texts


#205 Revelation - What Happened to the Last Drop of Precious Blood on the Holy Spear


#206 The Cornerstone of Sacre Coeur and the Procession at Paray-le-Monial -“France is Saved!”


#207 Prophecies of the Future Sanctuary of the Cross at La Fraudais – The 'Order of the Cross'


 #208 Continuation: More Revelations on the Future Sanctuary of the Cross -The Mission of the Cross


#209 – The Sanctuary of the Cross – More Revelations Regarding the Holy Healing Spring and Other Graces – The Mission Will One Day be Given Approval 


#210 Continuation: Sanctuary of the Holy Cross – Graces of the Black Cross – From Simple Beginnings to a Great Site of Pilgrimage - the Sanctuary Will Rise When Religion is in Danger and the World is Corrupt – THAT MOMENT HAS ARRIVED

#211 – Continuation: Sanctuary of the Cross Visions – A Secret Revealed: The Foundation Stone Blessed by Bl. Pius IX - The Mission of the Cross will be a 'Second Calvary' Constructed during Great Suffering


#212 Continuation: Sanctuary of the Cross – Prophecies: Marie-Julie Jahenny will be Found Incorrupt – No One Will be Killed during the Construction of the Sanctuary – Members of Her Family Will Also Die before the Work Starts

#213 Continuation: The Sanctuary of the Cross - The Mystical Vision of the Fourteen Stations

  #214 The Fourteen Miraculous Communions of Marie-Julie Jahenny

#215 - Our Lady of the Lillies - The Blessed Lily Petals


 #216 - A Day in the Prayer Life of Marie-Julie Jahenny

 #217 Revelations of the Rosary of the Holy Wounds to Marie-Julie Jahenny


 #218 Marie-Julie Jahenny's Prayer to Christ the King


 #219 Marie-Julie Jahenny's Obedience to Unjust Church Authorities


 #220 Marie-Julie Jahenny's Spiritual Education - God Loves Her Childlike Ignorance


    #221 - KEEP WATCH and PRAY: The Wrath of God is Coming – Pray the Rosary, Offer the Precious Blood to Appease God – The Punishment has been Held Back so far Thanks to Our Lady's Intercession - Pray for Priests, Many Are Delaying Our Lady's Work instead of Helping Her


  #222  WOE to Those who Leave the True Faith for the 'Modern Movements' of the Times – However, Do NOT Judge Weak Priests as God is Their Judge


  #223 Recap of the Early Days when Marie-Julie Jahenny Received her Mission of the Cross and the Various Stigmata


New text added above in the Chronological section - #120 B - Marie-Julie Jahenny's Prayer at her First Communion


 New text added above in the Chronological section: - #183 B -  A Duet of Love between Our Lord and Marie-Julie Jahenny

 #224 - Messages of Our Lord regarding Brittany imparted by St. Raphael – The Coming Civil Wars in France and a Description of the Evil Leaders


 #225 A Prayer to St. Joseph by Marie-Julie Jahenny


  #226 Prophecy regarding Henry V the Promised Great Monarch and the BEATIFICATION / CANONISATION of Marie-Julie Jahenny 


 * UPDATE (added May 15, 2022) -  dated text added to  # 148 above -- After her death Our Lord promises Marie-Julie will still be reflected on earth through her 'friends', i.e. devotees.


 # 227 -  Prophecy Regarding Marie-Julie Jahenny's Heart after Her Death and on the Last Day


* UPDATE (added May 16, 2022)   new text dated fragment added to post #107: - (God has planned great miracles regarding her heart.)


* UPDATE (added May 16, 2022) new dated text #155 B - Christ Speaking of His Mystical Body - His HEAD is in ROME.


* UPDATE (Added May 18, 2022), new dated text #2 B - Marie-Julie Jahenny Offers Herself to Save Souls - She will Begin with Calvary


 *UPDATE (Added May 22, 2022), additional dated text regarding the CIVIL WAR in France:  added to post number #38, click here 

 * UPDATE (added June 1, 2022) - additional text regarding the WARNING PLAGUES on the WHEAT and ANIMALS + the REMEDIES needed) --added to post  #115, click here


 * UPDATE (added June 3, 2022) - Christ gives encouragement regarding trials and crosses - the BLESSED SACRAMENT will give strength during trials. -- added to post  #166 , click here.


* UPDATE (added June 5, 2022) -  Post # 132 B, France is Guilty – No One Heeded the Warnings of Our Lady's Apparitions – No One Has Quenched the Thirst of His Sacred Heart Regarding the Salvation of Souls – Graces and Blessings Will be Given those who Meditate 5 Minutes on the Passion


* UPDATE (added June 9, 2022):  Post # 133 B - We Must Suffer to Gain Merits – Everyone Has A Mission as a Member of the Church – Forgive those who Hurt You - St. Jerome Gives the SECRET on HOW TO LOVE JESUS – Abandonment to the Holy Will

NEW  Post #228 - PROPHECY: The Height of Marie-Julie Jahenny regarding her Spirituality and Revelations – She will become a DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH

NEW (added June 26, 2022) -  Post # 171 B -  Marie-Julie is Beloved by the Sacred Heart, she Converts 1,000 Sinners Each time She Kisses the Crucifix – Marie-Julie Jahenny's Love and Suffering has Merited the Great Monarch for France, but we also need to PRAY HE BE SENT – A WARNING REGARDING BRITTANY: ITS GRACES OF PROTECTION ARE CONDITIONAL: It will LOSE the Graces of Preservation Reserved for it if it Continues to Fall into Sin, but there still will be Shelters for Devout Souls


*  UPDATE (added to Post # 154 on July 3, 2022)  - an ecstasy dated October 30, 1884 - (Marie-Julie Is Strengthened by the Blood of Christ- She Sees the Suffering Christ and Renews Her offering as a Victim Soul for the Church, the Pope and Sinners as Christ is Outraged – The Days of the Sacrileges Against the Cross and the Blessed Sacrament Have Begun)


* UPDATE (added to post #130 on July 10, 2022) - additional information revealed on July 14, 1881, Bastille Day: Marie-Julie Jahenny Suffers More In Expiation - Christ Denounces Bastille Day, the Celebration of the Masonic Revolution that transformed France from a Catholic Monarchy into a Secular Democratic State – Bastille Day is a Day of Blasphemy Against Christ and His Church – Christ Complains Friday Fasting and Abstinence is no longer Observed – Apparently the Government's Attack on the Church will be Initiated on a Bastille Day before Signed into Law - Punishment is Coming

* UPDATE (added August 11, 2022: ) New dated post September 24, 1882 added above:  Post #149 B -  A Witness Account of Marie-Julie Suffering the Passion – A Miraculous Communion – Predictions of the Torments She would Suffer next in Reparation for Sacrilegious Communions


* UPDATE (added Sept. 13, 2022)  New post added - An ecstasy dated September 13, 1917: #167 B - Our Lord speaks of the Treasures of the Cross – the Cross and Sacred Heart will Work Warning Miracles Announcing the Chastisements


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